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Hey all, thought it was high time to post a JRS from the keyboard of the main Rabbit. Short and sweet with useful information. That’s the way uh huh uh huh we like it, uh huh. Sorry. Got carried away.

We’ve created a San Francisco Announcement list for Burning Man and interested participants. We launched the list about 2 weeks ago. The intent of the list is to provide information to San Francisco-based (and Bay Area if you’d like) Burners. The list will typically include event announcements and other important posts (including city issues and politics) of interest to San Francisco-based individuals.

We believe the Burning Man should avoid direct political involvement unless it involves the survival of our event or our culture. In the case of the recent San Francisco Mayoral race we feel the future Mayor of SF could help or hurt arts and entertainment in SF. Larry Harvey has recently made a personal endorsement of a candidate, but the Burning Man Project has stopped short of doing so as an organization. You’ll see a post below of a voter registration event this Saturday directly related to the upcoming election. There will be a lot of Burning Man participants at this event in Dolores Park. And, it should be a fun day if the sun keeps on shining!

For those who can’t participate in the park with us on Saturday you can at LEAST fill out the latest Survey (different from a Poll in that it’s more complex) about Tickets, see below also.


To join the San Francisco Announce List:

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C’Mon Out Burners. Have fun,

Saturday, November 22nd
1-4 PM
Dolores Park
San Francisco

Spend the afternoon mingling with a diverse crowd of stiltwalkers, marching bands, mime troupes, puppeteers, and other San Francisco performers (like Xeno xenodrome.com). Enjoy live music, machine art, kinetic sculpture robots, (you all know the Seemen, right? seemen.org) speakers like John Hell liberationradio.net (who by my estimation was the sexiest voice ever on Radio Free Burning Man in ’95 when I experienced my first Burn), and more!

Register to vote for the run off election for Mayor of San Francisco.

For updated information and performers, visit voterstration.com


Typically Burning Man starts selling tickets at the end of January. We have on more than one occasion started selling tickets as late as March. This year we have a little breathing room and don’t feel the same pressure to start selling tickets before the end of January. We don’t know when we’ll start, but we are very actively meeting and strategizing on ticket prices, allotments and method of sales. We have been struggling with the issue of the fact that the demand for the cheapest ($145 in 2003) tickets outstrips the supply. Overages in the first level allotment put us into the position of either sending back thousands of requests or digging into allotments from other tiers. Neither solution is ideal. Additionally, the deluge of mail is hard on our office infrastructure. It took over 8 weeks to process last year’s mail-in requests for tickets. Only an all internet purchase process would solve this problem, but we aren’t sure we want to go there. Reading the personal notes, receiving gifts for the office, posting the envelopes in our hallways, and making the tickets accessible to those without a credit card are all part of the motivation for taking in requests by hand via the U.S. Mail. We could use a little feedback from you about payment options and the lottery style of the early tickets before we pick a start date and determine whether to change the methods we use now.



The deadline for resumes and cover letters for the Executive Project Manager position is today, Friday, November 21, 2003. As of Thursday morning we had received 134 resumes/letters. I know more have come in since then. We wish to thank everyone who’s taken the time to apply. The resumes have been varied and fascinating to read. It will be a very interesting job, and we’re really looking forward to filling the position. Volunteerism is one of the ways one can get a foot in the door at Burning Man, so if you’re really interested in helping make the event and culture happen please fill out a volunteer questionnaire and join a volunteer team doing things you like to do!


Don’t forget to check out burningman.com on a regular basis. The polls change every two weeks. If you have an idea for a poll, email: webmaster. Frequent visitors will also note that the image banner changes every few weeks also.

Cheers, have a good weekend everyone.

Happy Birthday to me: 11.26, Happy Turkey Day to the U.S. folks: 11.27, Happy Buy Nothing Day: 11.28 adbusters.org, Happy Every Day to Everyone.



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