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Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 8, Issue 11
December 4, 2003

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Whew! December already? November flew by in a flash and now, suddenly, it’s December for real, and the Winter Town Meeting is just two weeks away. We hope those of you in the Bay Area will endeavor to join us, and those who are not, we’re webcasting, so you can join us too!

Also this week, a poll (would you like to see the date of Burning Man change?) and a whole spate of photos from NYC Decompression — which, by the way, was a terrific event, and our congratulations to all who made it possible… over 1600 people had a blast at “Boundless”, including yours truly, who becomes an even bigger fan of NYC with every visit (hello, 4 AM egg creams!)

The great thing about December is that it means we’re 1/3 of the way back to BRC. So, with 275 days left… let’s have the news!

=========TABLE OF CONTENTS=========

Reminder: Town Hall Meeting in SF 12/13 (email addy fixed!)
Poll: Would You Change the Date of Burning Man?
Burning Man Marketplace – Payment Type Changes
BM2003 on BBC4
Burning Man Saves! (Screens)

New York Decom Photos
Sphinxter Photos Needed
Guy in an Orange Fireproof Suit with an Eight-Foot Fire Bullwhip Photos Needed
Burner Heads to Iraq

Camp Roller Disco in Oakland, December 13
– Club Lite Brite in SF, December 13 (heading only)


========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======

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(Note: the email address on the website to submit your questions for the Town Meeting was munged, but we’ve fixed it, so please submit your questions to townhallmeeting2003 or townmeeting2003.)

12:00 PM to 3:30 PM (doors open at 11:00)
Sunday, December 14th, 2003
San Francisco County Fair Building Gallery

Located at the entrance to the Strybing Arboretum
9th Ave and Lincoln Ave, inside Golden Gate Park

Public transportation is recommended. Muni: 16AX, 16BX, 71, 71L, 44, N-Judah, 43, 6, 66 are all within two blocks. Parking will be difficult on Sunday.

Our Winter Town Meeting is a moderated question and answer forum focused on tackling the areas of concern and interest of our community. We will web cast our event for those that can not be with us in person. Questions will be taken live from the audience and off the internet. The Burning Man Senior Staff and Board look forward to brainstorming with you about our future. Send questions to be submitted in advance to: townmeeting2003
Bring food to share!

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Burning Man has traditionally been held the week before Labor Day. For many, this takes advantage of a much-loved extra day of vacation; for others, it interferes directly with the start of school, or with their alternate holiday weekend plans. While this year’s event is still scheduled for the traditional Labor Day week, we’re curious what burners have to say about the possibility of moving the event to earlier in August in future years.

What do you think? Make your voice heard in this week’s BRC Poll:


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The Burning Man Marketplace is offering a new payment method for those who do not wish to use credit or debit cards!

The new method is directly from your BANK ACCOUNT (US Banks only). To purchase something using this method, you do not need a credit card or a debit card. The amount of your purchase will be debited directly from your checking or savings account. All transactions are on a secure server and your information is not shared with anyone. Please note that some banks and accounts will not work with this form of online payment. If your bank or account does not work with this system, please use another method of payment.

Check out our Marketplace below.


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Click the link below to hear “Big Fire at Black Rock”, which aired last week on one of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s radiowave outlets. It’s a hoot!

“At the end of the summer thousands of pilgrims assemble in one of the remotest parts of the USA to take part in the ritual known as Burning Man. What started off as one man’s personal symbolic gesture 18 years ago has become a week of extravagant excess in the middle of the desert. Peter Day travelled to Black Rock City to take part in it.”


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The Burning Man Screen Saver Project is on the web with the inaugural installment of screen savers. Anyone that would like to download screen savers for “The Floating World” should go to the following link, bmscreensavers.com Downloads are currently available for Windows format machines. (We’re looking for Mac support volunteers!) In addition to being able to download screen savers you can learn how to submit material for the “Beyond Belief” project, as well as volunteer to help with next year’s project.

The Floating World Screen Saver is a compilation of 403 pictures, from 17 photographers, randomly taking viewers on a journey into their playa past. With that many pictures, if you were there, you might be in one!

The web site is set up for the sole purpose of making Burning Man screen savers and related participation information available to you and all who want it. Best of all, it’s free! Nothing but a gift! Enjoy!!!

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Decompression happened in New York City on November 22nd – over 1,000 people came out to our fabulous indoor/outdoor space. We had a blast! Here are some photos of the assembled in all their finery:

and here are some more!

Ticket duty: tinyurl.com/waow
Fire spinners: tinyurl.com/wap0
People: tinyurl.com/wap2

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Hank writes: If anyone has any photos of our traveling Sphinxmobile (affectionately known as “The Sphinxter”) they would be most appreciated. We only got a few photos of it, and didn’t get any decent night time photos at all. The Sphinxter had a large Egyptian Sphinx head at the rear of the vehicle and legs that reached toward the front of the vehicle that were large bench seats for people to sit on. It had large red lighted eyes and was covered with tiny white lights. It was built from a Plymouth Voyager minivan and the head was over the motor and we drove everywhere in reverse. (So the front of the Sphinxter was the rear of the minivan) The driver stood in front of the Sphinx head and controlled the vehicle with the steering wheel in his right hand and a large cobra brake lever in his left hand.

If you happened to get any photos of us, especially night time photos please let us know or send them directly to racerx. Thank you very much!

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Andreas writes: Hello all out there in BM land. I performed as part of fire concalve this year at the burn. I used an 8 ft fire bullwhip. I was wearing an orange fire proof suit and a white hood. Does anyone out there have footage or photos of me? It would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, I am at andreas0

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Boulder Creek burner Karen Oeh (best known at BM for her work on the Yahoo Education Project) just left the US with a a one-way ticket to Iraq. She will be working in the northern city of Erbil, teaching the local Kurds how to exhume mass graves and identify victims so they can be returned to their families. She’ll then move to the southern city if Sumawa where she will help exhume the grave sites. To keep tabs on her travels, read her blog at mountaingirl.blogs.com or catch it through Burning Beach at burningbeach.com.

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All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check it out to find (or post!) upcoming events in your city. burningman.com/calendar/yearround/

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We are the Black Rock Rollers. We were born out of Camp Roller Disco. Camp Roller Disco has been a part of Burning Man since BM 2000. Benjamin James (CoolNeon) along with Paul Schiessl (Skate Pro Sports), Dan Filner and Howard Cohen (Fishmobile and Desert Nose) created the roller disco. This year we combined the Tom Jones Panty Hut with the roller disco and became the Tom Jones Roller Disco. We are already planning our camp BM 2004 as “The Black Rock Roller Disco” and a brand new new skate club called “Black Rock Rollers” .

Come join in with us and get your skate groove on with the Black Rock Rollers at the Black Rock Roller Disco Party on Sat. Dec. 13, 2003. The event takes place at the Dry Ice Roller Hockey Arena at I-880 and Hegenberger in Oakland, Ca. from 8:00 P.M. to midnight. The dress is 70’s roller disco style.

We are going to have a fantastic time. We plan to honor Benny, Paul, Dan and Howard at the event as well as others who help make our lives so much fun. (don’t tell ’em) The cost is $15.00 per person. $10.00 per person if you have a costume. Reply to this message if you have some art you want to display at the party.

You can find more information at
cora.org/rollerdiscoparty.html Check out our Burning Man Video at cora.org/TomJonesRollerDisco.html

Keep Rollin’,

D. Miles Jr.
The GodFather of Skating

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