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Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 8, Issue 17
February 25, 2004

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Wow, it feels like months since this rabbit has spoken – and it has been! Business travel and computer problems have kept me from posting to you, but with Cabe back from his brief sabbatical, ticket sales starting in a week and a half (remember, all the info is at tickets.burningman.com), and me (hopefully) back up to speed, your friendly neighborhood JRS should return to a “normal” schedule in the coming weeks.

So what’s new in the land of the Burn? Well, there’s a screening of “Confessions of a Burning Man” this Friday at the Angelika Theater in NYC. (See “Events and Happenings” below.) In further big news in the world of film, there’s a new trailer available for the forthcoming film, “Beyond Black Rock” from Gone Off Deep. This trailer is a first peek for the community at this documentary, and we’re all very excited for this film… take a look: goneoffdeep.com (click the “Watch the Trailer” link and choose your format.) Watch this space for more information about these Burning Man movies!

Also, we’re excited to announce the Material Culture Archive – a beautiful photographic database of the gifts Black Rock City residents have made to share with one another over the years. Come browse gifts from previous years, or submit one of your own for the archive. See the first news item, below.

Plus, there are photo searches, a call for help from Emergency Services, and more, so read on… the season is gearing up fast, and there are only 191 days until we go home again.

=========TABLE OF CONTENTS=========

Material Culture Gallery Open Online
Burning Man Needs Telecon/Webcast Help!
2003’s Temple of Gravity Up In New Home
More Tales From the Playa
New Poll: Mutant Vehicles?
New Zealand Regional Feature at BMan.com

Playa Fairy Seeks Homecoming
Pic Requests

Confessions in NYC


========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======

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We’re excited to announce that the Burning Man Material Culture Archive is now online at pa.burningman.com.

The Material Culture Archive is a virtual museum of over 300 Playa Artifacts, including gift objects created by Burning Man participants throughout the years, as well as objects from art installations and theme camps. These objects reflect the Zeitgeist of Black Rock City and the Burning Man culture.

Of course, there are plenty more objects out there than we’ve been able to collect, and that’s where you come in! You’re welcome to add your own objects to the collection. Visit this link – the third FAQ has the instructions.


Before you submit something, please check the gallery to see if your item is already up there. The gallery now includes all items in our physical archives up through 2002. And before you start rooting through those playafied totes looking for your old playa gifts, please consider this. We’re looking for original playa gift items that have some specific reference to Burning Man. They don’t necessarily have to be handmade, but can’t be a generic item bought from a store without alteration. For example, a condom would not be appropriate, but a packet labeled “Playa Safe Sex Kit” containing condoms – bada bing! – would.

Commercially made items (such as matchbooks, lighters, etc.) printed with a Burning Man reference, and other manufactured items that refer to our event are fine. Ideally the item would reflect our playa culture. You can also submit a handmade object that doesn’t refer to Burning Man if it’s something entirely handmade by you as your gift to the community, or a historic/commemorative object not made as a gift, but representative of a theme camp, art installation, event or performance.

So, send us your objects, upload your pictures, and enjoy the collection. If you have any additional information about any of the objects in the collection, please email us at pa.

-Playaquest and LadyBee, your friendly archivists

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Here at the Burning Man office the Regional Network coordination team have been scratching our heads, trying to figure out the best way to conduct an important online conference with our 85 far-flung Regional Contacts. We’ve researched firms that specialize in such technologies, but we’re not satisfied yet with what we’re finding. We need an affordable telephone conference with a webcast component so that end users can view a stream of our presentation, and participate, asking questions, in real time. In an orderly fashion. On a Saturday. About two weeks from now. Eeps!

After we recovered from the sticker shock of the quotes we requested, we thought, “Hmmm…maybe someone out there has information or access to an existing service that we don’t know about yet.”

If you’re out there and you have conducted such a conference before, or you’re a professional in this field and you have suggestions, please email jackrabbitspeaks with “REGIONAL CONFERENCE” in the subject line. We’d love some guidance on this issue.

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This also from Playaquest:
I wasn’t particularly looking forward to spending Christmas in Palm Springs this year, so i was excited to learn that Zack Coffin’s Temple of Gravity had just been installed at a health and wellness center in nearby Desert Hot Springs. I was especially gratified to see the piece again, since I helped Zack and his crew place it on the playa this year. So, I took the opportunity to visit it with my mother, and we had a wonderfully peaceful time there, talking about belief, faith, knowledge and experience.

I was able to climb up on one of the slabs to give it a good swing, and was surprised to learn that when you swing one of the slabs, all the others swing as well. I certainly didn’t realize that at Burning Man, where it was next to impossible to get on the sculpture on your own.

The installation is located on private property, and the health and wellness center is a meditative retreat, so if people visit, it’s essential to respect the peace and privacy of the center’s staff and visitors. The piece will be there for 3 years, so there’s no particular hurry, but I definitely recommend checking it out.

Thanks again to Zack and his crew for their inspired work in putting the piece together.

Here are my pictures from the day:



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Our hot website feature “Tales From the Playa” has been updated with more stories of derring-do (and derring-don’t). Our poster recommends the one below, and there are many more where that came from.

Tiger Fur
By Pete Lee – Cat fight! These animals are definitely not under control.


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What do you think of the number of Mutant Vehicles at Burning Man… not enough, too many… or, “Why allow them at all?”

Give your answer here: burningman.com/polls/polls.php

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While you’re at our website, take a look at the latest Regional feature – Mark Stirling in New Zealand fills us in on his first attempt at a Burn down under, held on New Year’s Eve. Story and photos are yours at regionals.burningman.com…new_zealand_spotlight.html.


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During BM2003, Fairyland did the Playa Fairy Project – we had some participants create Playa Fairies and armed with a camera and a journal, the fairies were released onto the playa and their week recorded. For those who returned the cameras and journals, we put together coffee table books with the story of each fairy.

For one playa fairy, GYPSUM, we have no mailing address for the person who made the fairy and contributed to our experiment. If GYPSUM’s mum or dad can send their mailing address to SCOTTMBARNEY, they’ll get their copy of the book.


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For BM 2003, one of my alter egos was one I call “Duct Tape Man” where from head to toe, I wrap myself up mummy like with a huge roll of duct tape, and across the front of my chest I have a large “D” (super hero like) and written across my back is simply, “Duct Tape Man.” Well there were several people in center camp and around the outskirts of the city that took several pics of me, and I was wondering if anyone had one!! I did not have a camera w/ me this year and therefore don’t have any pics of myself!! Please help!! 🙂 Thank you!!! Please email brianzumwalt33.


Is it possible to put out a request for any photos or videos of our flying pig car from last year? It was a black car with a small squadron of 6 flying pigs, lit from the inside, that were flying above the car itself. Oh, and to the tune of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, which blared out of a speaker on top of the car itself. We didn’t really get many photos, and most were flash that didn’t get the effect of the internal glow. We’d love more if anyone has any. It did make many people burst out laughing! Thanks! Bob

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All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check it out to find (or post!) upcoming events in your city.

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“Confessions of a Burning Man” screens this week in NYC, at the Angelika Theater. Starting Friday night at 7 PM – come join us for the opening night! (You might spot Cabe or AG if you’re canny!)


Check out the website to see the dates for upcoming screenings in LA, Seattle, Portland, Yosemite, and more!

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