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JRS V8:#21:3.12.04

Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 8, Issue 21
March 12, 2004

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Boy, spring can really hang you up the most. Fantastic bay breezes… that big,warm ball of light up in the sky… the days, getting longer. The playa can’t be far away!

We’re gearing up our planning for Volunteer Recruitment Town Meeting on April 3, and getting more excited each day about the year ahead. We’re also excited about the new website for “Beyond Black Rock: Documenting a Year with Burning Man”, which you can read about in the BRC News, below. Squinting into the sun at lunch, on the roof of the Burning Man offices (hey, it’s Friday) I could almost close my eyes and pretend we were on the playa (…but, OK, like, 30 degrees cooler, and with road construction sounds instead of music and laughing. And seagulls.)

We’re told that our New York correspondent was just stepping off the stage at a story slam the other night when the emcee yelled, “Hey! you’re the Burning Man guy! Who here has been to Burning Man?” And a buncha hands went up. And it was great! But that’s not the point. A few people came over afterwards and said “There’s a Burning Man newsletter? How do I get it?” So just a reminder, if you have campmates or other pals you think ought to be getting the JRS, tell them to send an email to bman-announce-subscribe and they’ll be all with it.

PPS The Man Burns…in 175 days.

=========TABLE OF CONTENTS=========

Ticket Update
New Website for “Beyond Black Rock: Documenting a Year with Burning Man”
BMan Donations to Pershing Get Press
Stock up in Reno with GWally’s New GMapLarry Harvey Interviewed by ZeD

Volunteer for the Artery!
Bring Reverend Billy to Your Town!
Eggchair Seeks Polka
Mystik Krewe Seeks Mystik Videoe
Longtime Burner Pepe Ozan Goes Public in San Francisco
Quote of the Week (1986)

Confessions of a Burning Man in Mariposa and Oakland


========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======

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Greetings from Ticket Land!

Things are moving along at a race in the land of tickets.

$165 and $185 tickets are SOLD OUT! The $200 tickets are selling fast!

The amazing crew at InHouse Tickets has been working around the clock to take care of all of your questions and issues that came up when tickets first went on sale. They are caught up, if you still have an outstanding ticket issue related to tickets purchased, *now is the time to get in touch with InHouse.*

If you have any questions or issues with an order placed, please contact us online at:

Many of you may be wondering about Ticket Outlets! Outlets will begin selling a limited number of $200 tickets on April 1st. Stay tuned for more information on Outlet Locations and details… Coming soon to a JRS in your inbox!

A word about online payment options. We prefer you use Direct Account Debit or PayPal to purchase tickets.

Why the push to use Direct Account Debit and PayPal? Using these payment methods instead of credit cards helps to keep the Burning Man cash flow steady throughout the year. Ticket sales are our primary source of revenue. It is vital that we have access to funds in order to plan and build Black Rock City. Using credit cards can put us at the mercy of a 3rd party who may hold a portion of our funds. Direct Account Debit and PayPal allow us to avoid using that 3rd party and keeps funds flowing throughout the year so we are able to move full steam ahead with the planning and building of Black Rock City 2004.

Direct Account Debit operates the same way an e-check or a debit card works. Funds are withdrawn directly from your bank account. There is no set up required or additional fees on your end. You simply enter your bank account information instead of credit card info when purchasing tickets. Your Bank Routing and Account Numbers are written on your checks. If you need help finding them, call your bank to verify before using this option. You can use either a checking *or* a savings account. It does not matter if you don’t have a debit card or a checking account, you can also use a basic savings account for this method of payment. The transaction occurs on a secure server with all information encrypted while you purchase. Your information is not shared or stored and only the amount of the transaction is withdrawn from your account. We will collect your driver license information for your protection, of course it is encrypted everywhere.

PLEASE NOTE THIS METHOD OF PAYMENT WILL NOT WORK WITH NON-US BANK ACCOUNTS!! ALL US BANK ACCOUNTS WITHIN THE US WILL WORK. There will be a $15 charge for insufficient funds fee if you attempt to use this method without enough money in the account.

PayPal has a new feature that allows you to buy online using a credit card *without* having to sign up for a PayPal account. This will not work if you have a pre-existing PayPal account. To use this option, select PayPal as your payment method at checkout, you will be prompted from there on how to proceed.

For additional information about tickets to Burning Man go here:

See y’all on the playa!

The Ticket Team

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The producers of “Beyond Black Rock: Documenting a Year with Burning Man” are proud to announce the launch of a brand-new website for the film: beyondblackrock.com.

Be sure to check out the Production Journal for updates — there’s a walkthrough of the new site, which includes all the information about the film, plus great features like the “Editing Room”, where you can check out an ever-changing series of short scenes from the film. Plus, join their mailing list and keep up-to-date about the latest news on the release of this very exciting Burning Man documentary. We all can’t wait to see it!

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The following article on BM donations to Pershing County came out last week, but it is now available online. Check it out!

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Our buddy Wally Glenn has just completed a Reno map for burners, with store locations and info. Take a gander, and feel free to send him additions if you like!


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Director Larry Harvey was interviewed by Canadian television at the event last year – and now, a condensed version of that interview is available online at their website (but we made you a tiny URL~)


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So you’re looking for something cool to do on the playa, and you want to help out the Burning Man community? Well, you came to the right place. The Artery, the full-service team dedicated to helping Black Rock City’s artists on the playa, is currently recruiting volunteers for 2004. Come work with our excellent team to help artists register art installations, take artists out to their playa locations (this is an adventure), and help them out with unforeseen problems. You’ll also field participants’ questions about the art, and help decorate the Artery.

We’d love to have your help! Find us at the Burning Man Town Hall meeting on April 3, and attend our monthly meetings at our San Francisco offices. If you’re interested, please email El Gato, our trusty volunteer coordinator at elgato.

Slave to the Art

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Reverend Billy and the Stop Big Boxes Gospel Choir will be back on the golden coast in April, preaching and singing their way from one Wal Mart parking lot to the next Starbucks, focussing a crazy spirit right at the point of purchase. This is the Neighborhood and Town Revival Tour, and if you want some “push praying on your main street” then contact us. We have some commitments now but aren’t full up yet. The choir, meanwhile, is burning hot, and full of Burners. If you need a parade, or a concert, or just help facing down evil at a construction site, we’re full of love and we’re pissed off. Bring us to your burg and put some hot sauce on your politics. You’ve got to hear our new hit “George Bush Does Not Come Back to Ground Zero, George Bush Cannot Come Back Here a Hero.” Or the gospel classic: “Lord, I Got Nike Swooshes On My Underwear.” Yes, you can get this and so much more. We’ll grace your stage and harmonize your rage. Twenty voices and a preacher in a bus. And then, after this strenous Holy Week, we’ll return to San Francisco for the blow-out conclusion at The Castro Theater, 1400 seats and an antique organ, join us and help us raise the roof. Change-a-luliah!

Rev Billy

PS We are especially interested in talking to burners in community defense groups from the Santa Cruz, Contra Costa County and the Rohnert Park/Petalumas areas.

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That’s right. The fine folks who brought you EggchairCamp and the Pyromid have combined to bring you a brand new themecamp for 2004, we proudly present The BlackRock-BierGarten (earthlink.net/~eggchairsteve/bier.htm). Put on your lederhosen and hat, bring your bratwurst and stein, we’re building a Bavarian-style open air biergarten complete with long picnic tables (What better way to contemplate the “Vault of Heaven”?) We’ll have a small stage to one side (for our nightly yodeling contests, of course) and we are seeking performers — perhaps someone knows of a Polka band who might like to play. We’re open to any other kinds of performers that might enjoy working a beerhall into a frenzy… Please email eggchairsteve


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New Orleans Mystik Krewe of Satyrs, who have been bringing us Mardi Gras style floats since 1997, is looking for video footage of their performances at Burning Man. These include: the Whale, 1997 – The Golden Calf 1998 – The Phoenix 1999 – The Dragon 2000 – Mothomorphosis 2001 – and The Golden Ram 2003. The last two performances included the Extra Action Marching Band, and involved a procession out to the deep playa with costumed satyrs and mermaids, flambeaux carriers, wine, mayhem and fire. If you have any footage or know someone who does, please contact Richard Valadie at satyrs. Thanks!

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Local artist and burner Pepe Ozan, who brought us the operas from 1997-1999 (burningmanopera.com) the Yoni and Lingam in 2001, and the Ark of the Nereids in 2002, has just had a sculpture installed in San Francisco.

“INVOCATION”, a public sculpture by Pepe Ozan, assisted by Morgan Raimond, has been installed at the little park on C. Chavez St. between Vermont St. and the ramp entering 101 North in San Francisco.

The piece represents an Eagle-Warrior, an institution that survived all of Mesoamerica’s civilizations throughout 2000 years until the arrival of the Conquistadores. The Eagle-Warriors were a corp d’elite who served as leaders in religious ceremonies as well as in the battlefield.

Congrats to Pepe!

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Overheard by Technopatra as we were transcribing some tape last week:

“It’s not that we have more freedom here than anywhere else; it’s that we are more aware of the freedom we already have.”
-random first-time Burner guy, body painted and fresh off the trampoline, BRC 1996

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All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check it out to find (or post!) upcoming events in your city.

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Confessions is playing this weekend in Mariposa, close to Yosemite, CA. The info is:

March 12 & 13th, 7:00pm, Sixth Street Cinema, 4994 6th Street Mariposa, CA 95338 6thstreetcinema.org

and then…

March 19-25th, Parkway Theatre, Oakland
1834 Park Blvd., Oakland, CA 94606
info line: 510.814.2400

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(Soundtrack to the JRS: Bruce Springsteen, “Ghost of Tom Joad”.)

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