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JRS V8:#23:04.01.04

Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 8, Issue 23
April 1, 2004

A reminder to all – The Volunteer Recruitment Town Hall meeting this Saturday (burningman.com…townhall.html) will be the happening place to connect with participating in this year’s Burning Man 2004. BRING A DISH TO SHARE! I hear the Kitty Cat/Jack Rabbit is bringing cupcakes. (And I’d better figure out how I’m going to cook that morning while wearing a silver corset…)

This week, readers, it’s time to talk Mutant Vehicles. We’re excited to announce that pre-registration has begun, and you can find a whole slew of very important news on the latest changes and updates to the Mutant Vehicle policy. Check out the first news item under “BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS”, and… well, I almost said “start your engines!” Pun averted.

As reported in the JRS, Reverend Billy will be tearing up the West Coast this April, and we’ve got the rundown of his tour dates, below, plus a link to streaming audio of his Penn State speech on Tuesday, and a great essay we thought you might find enlightening.

Also, we’re pleased to announce a new DVD series…well, someone was pleased to announce it. We’re amused.

However, do check below for important information about our heavy decision under pressure to not allow large scale sound art at Burning Man this year. But we won’t let that stop our good time, right? In BRC News.

155 days!

=========TABLE OF CONTENTS=========

Mutant Vehicle Pre-registration Has Begun!
Last Minute – DMV Social in SF TONIGHT!
BM Emergency Services Needs Your Help
Gone Off Deep Production Update
Large Scale Sound Art banned

BRC Post Office Organizing Day Laborers
Reverend Billy in California!
Why Give?

Playa Del Fuego, Memorial Day Weekend in Delaware
Flipside is SOLD OUT!
RIPE in Atlanta, May 15
Nothing Without You Premieres in April
Reno Burning Man Party, April 3
Gifting It in Reno, April 17


========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======

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Greetings, fine Burners! Grits and the DMV Hotties here with an announcement — 2004 Mutant Vehicle pre-registration has begun!

You last heard from us back in November, when we announced some changes to our licensing criteria and process. Since then, we’ve been working on developing the infrastructure to support our new process. Read on for some highlights, and for a link to more information.

What’s a Mutant Vehicle?

Larry Harvey likens Mutant Vehicles (formerly known as Art Cars) to “sublimely beautiful works of art floating across the playa like a Miro painting.” I call them a surreal contribution to the visual quality of Black Rock City. Whatever their description, Mutant Vehicles are core to the culture and community at Burning Man. If you’ve ever ridden on Pepper Mouser’s Living Room, watched Tara Packard’s Rubber Ducky cruise by at night, or basked in the warm glow of Tom Kennedy’s Whale, you know what we’re talking about.

How Do I Get Licensed?

In order to be eligible for a Mutant Vehicle license, you must fulfill these five criteria:

1. Think about, and tell us, WHY you want to bring a Mutant Vehicle to Burning Man.
2. Comply with all DMV pre-registration guidelines and deadlines.
3. Include safety in your design considerations.
4. Honor your Black Rock citizenship and keep your commitments.
5. Fulfill your intent – create a Mutant Vehicle that is a highly participatory, visually stimulating, and whimsically beautiful/surreal contribution to Black Rock City.

Where Do I Start?

Pre-registration is the first step in the licensing process. Remember — it’s mandatory! We can’t consider your vehicle for a Mutant Vehicle license without this step.

For the lowdown on our new licensing criteria and process, check out the new DMV Web pages:


From there, you can access the Mutant Vehicle pre-registration form, as well as BRC vehicle protocols and some information on vehicles in general at Burning Man.

As always, if you have questions, ping us at: dmv.

We’re looking forward to a stellar Burning Man 2004, and some incredible Mutant Vehicles!

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The SF City Car Club/Burning Man DMV is hosting its first Mutant Vehicle Social on Thursday April 1st. We will have representatives from the Burning Man DMV to cover regulations for 2004 and experienced MV/”art car” creators on hand to answer your “how to” questions. Followed by “social” time car club style music, BBQ and renegade performance artists.
For more info visit: citycarclubsf.com/Events.html

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Hello Burners! We are the Medical Branch of the Burning Man Emergency Services Department, and we have a need that someone out there may be able to fill. Here’s the situation: We need to borrow or to rent (1) or (2) Polaris Rangers or Kawasaki Mules or John Deere Gators for the duration of BurningMan 2004.

We need these vehicles to transport our medical teams to emergencies and to transport people with minor injuries to medical care. We have used golf carts in the past, but they have proved to be unreliable in performing what we need them to do.

So… if you have access to these types of vehicles, are interested in helping out the Medical Branch, and are located in the Western US (transportation is an issue), please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Contact: seth_schrenzel


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Enjoy this week’s updates at beyondblackrock.com, including new Editing Room clips from Burning Man 2003, and a great (no, hilarious) interview with the film’s videographer, Rob Van Alkemade.

“Beyond Black Rock” will hit the screen for the first time at the Convergence Festival in Dublin on May 1, and at the May 7-8 Burning Man Film Festival in London! Watch the JRS for more information on these events.

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After pressure from participants and from government authorities at this year’s Cooperators Meetings, the Burning Man Project has determined that the most community-minded solution for 2004 is to ban Large Scale Sound Art, those camps usually found at the 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock locations in our city.

This decision has been arrived at only after careful deliberation, and we realize it may be seen as extreme, but ours is an extreme problem. Details will be forthcoming, but we wanted to let you know how to plan now. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Any questions? Please email aprilfools

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Do you want to volunteer but don’t know how or where?
Do you have the know how but don’t want to be tied to a schedule?

Short term volunteer opportunities are available. The Black Rock City Post Office (BRCPO), through the Immigrations, Naturalizations, and Socializations Services (INSS) can help you more fully participate in the community and receive a Green Card. For more information come to the BRCPO and ask about the INSS Green Card program.

Theme Camps, do you have a project that can use just a little help?

If you are a theme camp organizer and think you might need spontaneous volunteers at the event, please contact brcpomanagers pre-event.

Citizens build our community.

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Reverend Billy in California
East LA, Fresno, Santa Cruz, Arcata, Sebastopol, Cotati, Berkeley, Bernal Heights, The Castro and various impromptu points in between!

Reverend Billy and the Stop Big Boxes Gospel Choir sing and preach from LA to Humboldt County April 17 to 24th, performing for citizens, activist groups and union locals who are resisting the predatory influx of transnational chain stores. Fourteen events over the course of the week include a Los Angeles screening of Playloud! Productions documentary “Reverend Billy”, a live concert for tree-sitters near Arcata and the finale performance at the 1400 seat Castro Theater in San Francisco.

Some performances take place in theaters, others are “retail interventions” – unannounced, unpermitted appearances that take place in “contested space” supercenter lobbies, sweatshop dressing rooms and strip mall parking lots. Throughout its seven year existence the OBIE-winning Church of Stop Shopping has fought Starbucks, Disney, Wal Mart (to name a few) promoting independent businesses and gift, thrift and barter economies; encouraging the survival of our neighborhoods; and giving a voice to countless sweatshop workers worldwide.

On April 24th at 8 PM The Castro Theater welcomes Reverend Billy’s infamous Off-Broadway interactive play, a re-engineered church service, featuring a twenty five voice gospel choir, The Reading of the Word (never the Bible), Fabulous Sainthood, Credit Card Exorcisms and Thoughtful Mortifications with special guest Gospel diva Charlene Moore, Musical Director for Sylvester and Two Tons of Fun. Tickets -$10, available at outlets throughout the Bay Area and through the website
or 415 621 6120
429 Castro Street.

The Church of Stop Shopping will give a live radio performance on West Coast Live Saturday April 24th, at 10 Am. For further updates please see revbilly.com.

“Reverend Billy is the most pointed, courageous political theater in New York.” —-The New York Times

“The collar is fake but the calling is real.” —–The Village Voice

“A great preacher.” —- Mother Jones





The Audio/Visual team at Penn State archived Reverend Billy’s lecture on March 30; you can hear it anytime at

And there may be some footage of a performance at a Super Walmart in the archive. Email Michael with your comments or post directly to

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A Burner currently in Australia is working on an anthropology paper about gift economies – something participants certainly know something about. She has asked for anyone with thoughts on the question “Why give?” email her (JennY) at daisyrain82. Enjoy!

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All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check it out to find (or post!) upcoming events in your city.

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Playa del Fuego Spring 2004
Friday May 28 12pm – Monday May 31 12pm!
(Do not arrive early! Do not leave late!)

Playa del Fuego Spring 2004 tickets are now on sale! 500 tickets will be sold. When they’re gone, they’re gone, baby!

Advanced Pricing: (Paypal and money orders only)
$20 now thru May 1 (add $1 for Paypal orders)
$25 May 1 – May 24 (add $1 for Paypal orders)

$40 at the gate (cash and money orders only)

Children 12 and under are free when registered in advance, if not registered in advance they are $40 at the gate just like everyone else.

All tickets will be will-call at the gate, they will not be mailed. You will receive a Survival Guide in the mail. Please read this guide thoroughly and share it with all your friends!

Playa del Fuego is entirely volunteer-driven! Would you like to volunteer?
Check the volunteer page to find out what you can do:

Please carefully review all event policies:

Thank you! See you in Delaware!

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Tickets for Burning Flipside 2004 sold out faster than a rodeo steer could buck a glitter monkey off his back. There will be NO tickets available at the gate – please do not show up at the event unless you have a ticket in hand. If you are interested in attending the event, definitely put your request on Bob’s ticket list to see if anybody has any extras: burningflipside.com/Event/BobsList. Best of luck… and if you know of a property in Central Texas where we might be able to hold larger events, please let us know.

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The 2nd Annual RIPE Atlanta: A Public Art Festival Inspired by Burning Man

Saturday May 15, 2004

6 p.m. to 2 a.m. City View Sculpture, 650 Murphy Ave, West End, Atlanta.

RIPE Atlanta invites you to an unforgettable evening. Inspired by Burning Man, we will present a radically inclusive potluck of creativity under the sheltering sky. There will be fire performances, acrobatics, puppet shows, avant-garde theater, fire sculpture, kinetic sculpture, soundscapes, video jockeys and much more. Proceeds benefit the Metropolitan Public Arts Coalition, the most dynamic advocate for public art in Atlanta.

What is RIPE?

RIPE Atlanta is an art show, performance venue, costume dance party, transformative art space and interactive art happening. RIPE Atlanta is a forum for creative human endeavors. For one night we radically alter the nighttime urban environment with an event that is open to anything that you feel like doing… as long as it’s creative and doesn’t hurt anyone else. Attendance is optional, but participation mandatory. Leave your inhibitions and prejudices at home.

Advance tickets are available for $10 until April 15. Between April 15 and May 14, for $15. At the gate on the night of the event for $20. Tickets are available immediately online at ripeatlanta.com and will soon be available at Wax and Facts and Criminal Records in Little Five Points. A discount will be given for outrageous costume. No sponsors or commercial activity will be permitted. This is not a craft fair or commercial event.

City View Sculpture is located at 650 Murphy Ave. One block east of West End Marta Station. Go to the big round blue tower.

For more information visit ripeatlanta.com.

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Announcing the world premiere and upcoming festival screenings of “NOTHING WITHOUT YOU” a documentary film by Paul Kelleher and Ted Mattison

Ashland (Oregon) Independent Film Festival: ashlandfilm.org
April 1-5 Screenings on the 1st, 2nd and 5th
Phoenix Film Festival phoenixfilmfestival.com
April 1-4 Screenings on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th
Newport Beach Film Festival newportbeachfilmfest.com
April 15-25 Screening on the 17th
Artivist Film Festival artivistfilmfestival.org
April 22-27 Screening on the 24th

“Nothing Without You” tells the story of Ted Mattison’s “Nothing Without You” experiment in Center Camp two years ago, when he showed up at Burning Man completely naked, staked off a small square of playa, and, by the end of the week, created a camp, relying only on his ability to interact with others and their willingness to help.

We couldn’t have done it without you. Please come celebrate with us! Ted Mattison and Paul Kelleher
Co-Directors of “Nothing Without You”

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Saturday, April 3, 6 PM
Skoosh, Ink
120-F Woodland Avenue
Reno, NV

Party, performances, potluck, and fun with the Reno Burning Man community! This link to last year’s flyer has all the directions: home.att.net/~intermountainac/IMG002.pdf. Come at 5 PM if you’d like to help set up! Enjoy free screening of Burning Man art by the folks at Skoosh Ink, and more!

$5 donation. Funds after expenses will be donated to the Black Rock Arts Foundation

More info? reno

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GIFTING IT: “A Burning Embrace of Gift Economy”
Reno Screening
Saturday April 17th
8 p.m.
@ Stoneys
71 s.wells between 2nd / Mill
info: 828-4107
$ 5

any questions: d6

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