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JRS V8:#25b:05.11.04

While the bunnies are running around the world, here’s a teaser, in advance of this week’s full JRS!

Hop to it!

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We are looking for projects for our Vault of Heaven centerpiece, the Observatory.

Our 2004 theme, the Vault of Heaven, is explained in detail here:

We have created two more pages on the theme:
Alien Worlds, at

and Off-Planet Theater, at

After reading these, which will take some time, you can now go to a new page which explains how to participate in the Vault of Heaven, in three different ways.
This page contains only the instructions for submitting diorama designs, theater ideas and mad-scientist projects.

We welcome ideas for the Observatory exterior dioramas, the interior wall spaces and the mad scientist’s platform, and we hope you’ll be inspired by our theme.

The interior wall spaces in the Observatory present an interesting challenge: the creation of interactive installations within a 10′ X 10′ space with a depth of 24″, and power up to 300 watts. Sound tricky? Some ideas that come to mind are freestanding grids with responsive light or low-volume audio technology, vending machine type installations (ask the Universe your most puzzling questions!), metal cutouts, art with text or signage, video projections, shelves with objects, altered mirrors, etc. We also seek ideas for art/science experiments on the 12′ diameter central cylinder. These may involve a physical installation and will be performed to curious and appreciative crowds. They may not, however, include fire, sparks or anything that would create a fire hazard. Ten beautiful exterior stages await your diorama designs, which we will produce for you. We need these by June 1; instructions on How to Participate in the Observatory are at

Please take a look at the new page and send us your ideas. Mad scientists are standing by awaiting your brilliant schemes!!!

The Burning Man Art Department

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