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JRS V8:#29:06.18.04

Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 8, Issue 29
June 18, 2004

With 77 days left, the office is pumped full of energy (and volunteers!) Hard at work on the upcoming Fire Arts Festival (see “BRC News”) in addition to full-blown playa momentum, we’re all smiling that smile. We bet you are too – theme camp registration closes on July 1, and the camp maps and cleanup plans are flying in. Next week you’ll find Larry Harvey in New York for a panel discussion with Reverend Billy and Rabbi Arthur Waskow at the 14th Street Y on the 23rd. (“Events and Happenings” has all the info.)

The tips, tricks, advice, and information is rolling in, and we continue to roll it out. Planning meetings are buzzing, work parties are being planned, and teams are being built, so check out “Participate”

We’ll be back next week with more news. Meanwhile, here’s plenty to keep you busy:

=========TABLE OF CONTENTS=========

Major Fire Arts Festival In Oakland July 7-11 w/Burning Man and Crucible
2004 Playa Calendar/What, Where, When Now Accepting Listings
Observatory Art Unveiled
Theme Camp Deadline – July 1!!
Participation Poll On Burningman.Com
No Trespassing
More Press Around The West!

David Best Seeks Temple Guardians
Burndir Offers Walkie-Talkie Channel Phone Book
Café Art, Décor And Lighting – Craft Party 6/26/04
Wire Donkey (Community Bikes) Offers Bikes Delivered To The Playa
Help Cafe Performance Team Build Their Stages

Reminder: Larry Harvey at 14th Street Y event, NYC, June 23
Headless Point Benefit in SF – Sunday June 20
Pacific Northwest Regional Burn June 25-27
Flight To Mars in Seattle – July 10
Apogaea Dreamtime in Colorado – July 16-19


========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======


A landmark event! The most spectacular assembly of fire and light art off-playa!!! Burning Man and the Crucible Present:

July 7-11th
at The Crucible
1260 7th St, Oakland, CA 94607

An incendiary exhibition of spectacular fire and light artistry at The Crucible arts facility and 100,000 square foot outdoor Fire Arts Arena! A wealth of workshops, classes, lectures, exhibits and demonstrations culminating in one night of artist lectures and THREE unique nights of mind-blowing art and DIFFERENT ground-breaking performances each night!!

ART and PERFORMANCES BY: Burning Ideas, Capacitor, Michael Christian, Paul Da Plumber, Mark Deutsche, Fire Arts Collective, Fire Conclave, Flaming Lotus Girls, Wally Glenn, Bob Hoffman, HypKnowTron by Gaspo, Infinite Kaos, Kabari, Scott Kildall, Kook Troupe, Le Fiebre featuring Fyrstorm, Marisa Lenhardt, Light Fantastic, Mutaytor, Phoenix Rising, RELartivity, Christopher Schardt, Jack Schroll, David Sloves, Nate Smith, Charlie Smith, Kal Spelletich of Seemen, Michael Sturtz, Sun Brothers, Therm, Vau de Vire Society, Buzz Volker, DJ Vordo, Kasia Wojnarski, members of Xeno, and more!

See more info on the Burning Man website at burningman.com and thecrucible.org


WED: Desert Art & Fire Art Preview – artist lectures. 7pm-10:30, FREE, all ages. Meet some of the artists and hear them speak first-hand about their work!

THURS: GALA BENEFIT for The Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) and The Crucible, 6:30-10:30, $125, 21 and over Sumptuous foods and wine, premier performances, welcome by Larry Harvey, announcement of the 2004 BRAF grant recipients, a bronze pour, procession and sneak preview of the Fire Arts Arena. This limited ticket, mostly indoor event is expected to sell out!!! Please reserve your tickets in advance by calling 510-444-0919 x20 or e-mailing rsvp. All proceeds support interactive art off-playa and the art programs of the Crucible.

FRI afternoon: Youth field trip. Contact The Crucible to schedule.

FRIDAY night: FEATURED NIGHT: Outdoor Fire Arts Arena & Featured Performances! 8pm-Midnight, $20 in street clothes; $15 costume (illuminated costume encouraged)

SAT day: Open House at The Crucible 1pm-3pm. Fire Arena showing 3-5pm: FREE

SATURDAY night: FEATURED NIGHT: Outdoor Fire Arts Arena & Featured Performances! 8pm-Midnight (doors open 7:30), $20 in street clothes; $15 in costume

SUNDAY: Classes & Workshops; 11am-5pm

To purchase tickets in advance on-line and to see nightly schedules, watch: tinyurl.com/37bnr

For info on classes, see thecrucible.org

Note that we are doing this event with the full support of the City of Oakland, The Oakland Fire and Police Departments and The Oakland Museum of California. It’s fantastic that we are finally able to showcase the work of fire and light artists in our own backyard and recognize the artists working in these mediums!!!

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Attention Attention! The Burning Man 2004 Playa Calendar is ready for your submissions! The playa calendar is our online calendar of events that happen on the playa. We take these submissions and turn them into the What, Where, When Guide, which is printed up and handed to every individual who comes through the gate. If you want to publicize your playa event, parade, party or what-have-you, please take a moment to visit the Burning Man website and enter your event: burningman.com/calendar/playa

We can’t wait for your events, so hurry and add them soon. The sooner the better!

~Spanky & the Nurse

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


We are pleased to present ten diorama designs that we have chosen for the Observatory stages:
If you find a world you would like to inhabit, and in which you want to create interactive theatre, please read through our Off-Planet Theater page:
and then contact us at off-planet by JULY 15.

We have selected nine projects for the interior Observatory walls, and you can learn about them here: tinyurl.com/34ame. We are still looking for one more project; please read the Vault of Heaven text at burningman.com…bm04_theme.html and contact mad-scientists with ideas by JULY 1.

We are looking for artwork – drawings, paintings, sculpture, light art, etc. for the Artery, our on-playa artists’ headquarters in center camp. If you would like to display something here at the event, please contact ladybee. Images attached as low-res jgs appreciated.

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Theme camp registration is almost over!

Now’s the time – fill out your questionnaire and get your map and cleanup plan in to us by July 1st for placement in Black Rock City 2004.


Don’t miss the deadline!! July is just around the corner!

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


How do you plan to participate this year?

Let us know by clicking through to the Current Poll at burningman.com

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While you’re in the area of the Black Rock Desert, you may be tempted to explore the wonders of the surrounding area. While there are many gorgeous public areas to discover, we remind you that there are many private properties that are not open to visitors. Therefore, we must ask that you PLEASE observe posted “No Trespassing” signs in the area!

A tip that we just learned: when posts at the entrance of a road or property are painted orange, that’s considered a sign that the area is private and unwelcome to trespass. Stick to the public lands and help keep Burning Man from being a nuisance to the people who call this desert their home. Thank you!

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Some nice articles (as opposed to annoying) on our event in newspapers around the West this week:

Burning Man Festival is a Year-Round Pursuit for Many Local Artists Seattle Post-Intelligencer tinyurl.com/32y3z

Local Team Hopes to take Circular Car for a Spin at Burning Man Seattle Post-Intelligencer nwsource.com…176753_burningside.html

Box People a Burning Man Experience
AZ Republic azcentral.com…0610visual10.html

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Calling all Guardian Angels! David Best is returning with yet another masterpiece and it’s going to be much grander in scale and design than any of his previous temples. The Temple Guardians, the wonderful league of Guardian Angels who keep watch over David’s temple at night, are once again looking for new members. As a Temple Guardian you’ll be entrusted with safety of the temple denizens, and the temple structure, for a mere 3 hours. Bring along your friends, better yet, sign them up as Guardians too, and make it an unforgettable night of interaction and participation with a living, breathing, art work like no other.

To learn more about the Temple Guardians, or to receive and invite to join our exclusive yahoo club where you can sign up for a shift of guardianship, email: w_izdum_b

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BurnDir Is Back and Kicking Bottom! Walkie-Talkie Directory ready again…

Just in time for the Playa, BurnDir is back with a brand new database ready to be crammed full with the yummy details of all you merry burners. BurnDir is a web-based walkie-talkie directory service that lets people announce the radio channels they intend to use on-playa, pre-playa. It allows people to store and search for Talkabout channels, camps and addresses of people they want to find at Burning Man. Burners can register their contact info and have BurnDir automatically notify their friends by email. BurnDir can also suggest unused channels for you to help avoid cross-channel interference.

Sign up on BurnDir at: burndir.sogroovy.com

Mr. Wizzard

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Aspiring Electricians!!!: If you have a knack for or interest in lighting large spaces please stop by to find out about new opportunities on our team.

NEW TIME: 1pm to 6pm

Feeling creative? Excellent! Come get your craft on and help us make the Center Camp Cafe into the fabulous oasis of splendor that does so much more than quench thirsts each year – anyone who likes to have fun, be creative and won’t run with scissors is invited to come on down for a reenactment of last year only with a NEW theme. We will provide food and beverages.

We always love donations such as extra hot glue sticks/glue guns, scissors, fabric, etc., but we have a few specific requests this time:

*Interesting looking washers, screws or small to medium metal thingies for decor. *Silk-like material in ORANGE, YELLOW and RED. *4 foot Florescent light tubes and fixtures. *Any amount of solid colored yellow, orange or red fabric. *Enamel paint in gallons, it’s Playa-Proof! (If you are interested in donating paint to the Café next time you go to Home Depot buy a gallon or two of the ‘mistake colors’ enamel paint they have for cheap!)

What: Cafe Art, Décor and Lighting Craft Party
When: Saturday June 26th, 1pm to 6pm
Where: Burning Man Headquarters
1900 3rd St @ 16th St (second floor)
San Francisco, CA 94107-2502

Directions to the office: burningman.com/officedirections
We have the parking lot between our building (1900 3rd St) and Sno Drift

Questions? Email cafe-decor-vols

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Community Bikes, a project of The Middle Way (run by veteran burners), a non-profit based in Sebastopol, California, will be again taking a truckload of bikes up to Burning Man. The camp name, Wire Donkey, means ‘bicycle’ in parts of Africa. (thank you to the anonymous participant from Sweden who suggested it).

We train and employ developmentally delayed adults and teens as bike mechanics. Using these skills they find new employment opportunities. Bikes are donated, lovingly refurbished and returned to the community at low or no cost. Everyone wins!

Seeing a need for bikes delivered to the playa for people who don’t have one or can’t bring one, we intend to have up to 100 bikes available. Last year our 50 bikes were spoken for in a short time. This is a fundraiser for us. All delivered bikes are reserved and pre-purchased.

We will transport your bike to the Wire Donkey Theme Camp, in Black Rock City, where it will be available for pick-up Monday thru Thursday between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm or by appointment.

At the end of Burning Man, If you don’t have the room, don’t want the bike at home, or just don’t want the hassle, you can donate it back as a tax deductible donation. Our clients will be grateful for the chance to clean it up and get it back into community use in Sonoma County. You do a good deed twice and have a “playa type” hassle- free bike experience at Burning Man.

To reserve a bike go to mollyguard.com/event/11967796

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Cafe Performance Team needs your help! Help us save money and time by donating to Burning Man. We have a few items we’d love to have donated rather than have to go out and buy. They’re small, but it all adds up. Drop us a note at cafe-performance if you can help us out. Here’s the list.

– power strips
– clip-on lamps (prefer gooseneck style)
– digital clock (no alarm necessary)
– toolbox/tacklebox
– tall halogen lamp (torchere style)
– clip on fans
– wooden stools
– small (college dorm style) minifridge

Being in or near San Francisco is helpful, so we can easily coordinate pickup of your donations and get them up to the playa. Either way, if you have any of these items you’d like to donate, we’d super-appreciate it! Thanks!

~Spanky, Cafe Performance Team

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*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *

All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check it out to find (or post!) upcoming events in your city. burningman.com/calendar/yearround

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


The Sol Goldman 14th Street Y

in collaboration with FEVA and thesticknyc.org present:

The Rabbi, The Reverend, and The Renegade – A Conversation 


Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Bill Talen and Larry Harvey will come together for the first time ever for a conversation on spirituality, activism and community.

The Rabbi – Arthur Waskow, Director of The Shalom Center

The Reverend – Billy Talen, Leader of the Church of Stop Shopping

The Renegade – Larry Harvey, Founder & Director of Burning Man


Wednesday, June 23, doors at 7:30pm


Angel Orensanz Foundation. The Angel Orensanz Foundation: Center for the Arts is located at 172 Norfolk Street b/w Houston and Stanton and can be reached by taking the F train to 2nd Avenue or Delancy Street.


Advance $10 tickets are on sale now the 14th Street Y. Please call 212.780.0800 ext. 221. Tickets at door $15

The Rabbi, The Reverend and The Renegade – A Conversation – is funded by Jewish Below 14th Street and made possible by The Educational Alliance with funding from the UJA-Federation of New York.  

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Burning Sensation! The Headless Point Fire Benefit. June 20th @ MIGHTY 119 Utah Street in San Francisco 8pm-2am. Come join us as we support the Headless Point Studio which burned on April 21st. The very same studio that produced the art work – The One Tree, Anno Domino 2000, The Lucky Seven Ages of Man, the Rubber Ducky and much more! Enjoy a night filled with music and entertainment from Mark Growden, Luxxury, The Gun & Doll Show and more. Be sure to stop by our Red Light District filled with deviant diversions. Suggested Donations $10-$1,000 (no one will be turned away for lack of funds). For more information email: Ksea13

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


A celebration of friendship inspired by the life of Jay Muchhala!

Join us next Saturday for Sol System’s first event since PRIMITIVE SOL! ETERNAL SOL is the first of two pre-Playa gatherings to bring Sol System back to Black Rock City. This year, Sol System honors our sun and celebrates friendship. Help us kick off our 2004 journey on June 19!

Bringing BEATS for You and Your Friends by Adam Ohana (Get Freaky), J:Miah (Orangeage), JZ (Red Melon), Scottino Larsino (Camp hi!), Sunder (Sol System), Tafner (Sol System) – full performer list at the link below – and featuring the art of Jay Muchhala. Eternal Sol will be held at a beautiful, secure, underground SF location. Tickets and additional info: solsystem.org/eternalsol

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Critical Massive 2k4: The Inversion Theory
Pacific Northwest Regional Burn
Lake Bronson, Sultan, WA.
June 25th-27th

The new website has been updated, and now provides all your information! Visit massiveburn.org Click on critical massive and go from there. Please note tickets are on sale, and we have surpassed 250 tickets! There is a chance we may sell out, so buy your tickets now. All event information is found there, and if you still have a specific question or recommendation please feel free to write massiveburn.

The Critical Massive 2k4 Staff
PNW burner info line 1.888.556.9333

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


From the camp that brought you PROMiscuity in 2003,
FLIGHT TO MARS proudly presents:
SPACE BALL – A Glamorous Galactic Gala
July 10th, 2004 9pm-4am

We have rented the lovely and amazing Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA (they are in no way affiliated with this craziness) for a huge bash with more entertainment than we know what to do with. Featuring Das Rut with Reggie Watts, Marmalade with members of Nu Soltribe – Stingshark – and Piece, Fire by Ignis Devoco Industrial Fire Circus, Beats by DJ Wheels, Miss Jevious, DJML, Diem, Scott, Faux Faux, and Shapshifter, Burlesque by The Heavenly Bodies and so much more. With weird science exhibits and the butterfly garden open till midnight, 2am private laser show, Prom pictures you won’t show your mom, and the infamous Flight to Mars bartenders in two bars for your drinking pleasure. Attire: Sci-Fi Formal Freak Chic.

All this for only $20 advance tickets!!! How can you afford to pass it up? Heck, throw in $32 for your advance ticket and get a Flight to Mars t-shirt. ($25 door $37 door + t shirt) 21+ with ID. Tickets available at these fine establishments: Tost, Lower Level, Pretty Parlor, and Brownpapertickets.com. All proceeds go to benefit Flight To Mars, and ultimately you when you come visit us on the playa.

More info and tickets at flight2mars.com/spaceball

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Hey everybody! Want to try burning the Rocky Mountain way? Then come on down to Apogaea in Dreamtime July 16th-19th in Paonia, CO on private land above a beautiful mountain valley, only four hours from Denver, one hour from Grand Junction.

Apogaea is the official regional burn crew and Dreamtime is a local arts/music festival with similar visions. We’ve combined efforts to spread even MORE of the luv to wider and wider circles.

Please visit apogaea.com and dreamthefuture.org for all the juicy details. Tickets will be sold in batches of 200 at each price level: $20, $30, and $40.

Paypal tickets: $20 tickets go on sale through Paypal at apogaea.com & dreamthefuture.org

wet, sloppy kisses, from your Colorado kin.

Ms. Terious
Chief Instigator, Denver Cacophony Society
Regional Contact, Burningman Project

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