Jrs V08 I34


JRS V8:#34:08.07.04

Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 8, Issue 34
August 7, 2004

This JRS comes to you live from the Burning Man staff meeting in San Francisco – our last full meeting before we too begin to filter, one by one, off to the desert to join the staff who are already in Gerlach preparing the way. It’s funny to realize that we’re all starting to get that same familiar itch to get out from behind our computers and into the dust. You ever feel that way? Like, right now?

This week’s got your typical flurry of news for the playa – we’ll get right to it since it’s all great stuff. For those who wonder about the sound policies at the event, or how to find a rideshare, or just what the heck is up with this year’s theme art, it’s all there in BRC News, along with other important info. We’re also pleased to announce the Burning Man Regional Network and fill you in on what it’s all about. Plus, volunteer calls invite you to contribute to many great projects, and Hot Wheels camp from Reno invites participation to help enhance the playa experience for disabled burners. You can help the Earth Guardians, the Census, the Pagoda of Infinite Reflection, Celestial Golf Club, and other fascinatingly-named projects (think how great they’ll sound in your “What I Did This Summer” essay this fall).

So let’s get started… 27 days….

We’d like to remind you (and will remind you again) to drive carefully and slowly on your way to and from the event. BRC will still be waiting for you when you arrive a couple of minutes later because you observed the posted speed limits!

=========TABLE OF CONTENTS=========

Introducing the Burning Man Network
Join the First Black Rock Arts Foundation Theme Camp
Sound Policy – No Foolin’
Rideshare Board on Burningman.Com
Theme Art Update
Earth Guardians’ Leave No Trace Tips #2
Truck Loading: Even Weight Is Pretty Great
Playa By Southwest
Plan Now for the SF Decompression – Sunday, October 10th!

Count Me In – Census Needs Volunteers
Burners With Disabilities – Ready To Participate!
BRC Animal Control Needs Animals
Bring Your Fun To Playa Prom!
The US Potsal Service Camp Needs Postcard And Stamp Designs!
Cinemasports: The Iron Chef Of Filmmaking
Wednesday Pagoda Burn Needs Woodbearers
Um, Y’all Should Talk To Them Pagoda Types (Wood Available)
Keyhole Experience Needs Key Helpers On-Playa
The Love Ho’s Want You!
Tool Donations Needed For Ecological Restoration Projects
Calling All Grandmothers!
Celestial Golf Club Needs Metal
Paddy Mirage Ready To Band Together
Survey Says

Opulent Temple in SF, August 7
Clan Destino’s Pavement’s End II in SoCal, Aug 7-8 – Location Change
Snuggletown’s Rapture In Portland, OR Aug 14
Call For Art/Save The Date – Reno AfterBurn Sept. 17


========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======

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As many of you know, Regional Contacts now serve dozens of Burning Man communities throughout America and around the world. Over the last few years, these individuals and groups have stepped forward to lead and coordinate year-round activities inspired by our annual event in the desert. Their primary mission is to help our community communicate with itself. If you have used a local Burning Man Internet list to announce an event, solicit resources or coordinate your efforts with those of other groups, you will know what I mean. In some cases, these Regional Contacts have also helped to organize large-scale regional gatherings and other public events that perpetuate the spirit and the unique ethos of Black Rock City. Like the members of the Burning Man Project, these folks are facilitators. Their job is not to co-opt individual expression and creativity, but to invite participation. Within the culture of Burning Man, we like to say, anyone at any time can be leader. Because of such efforts on the part of our Regional Contacts, the Burning Man event has become a movement that is causing many to rethink the way they lead their ordinary lives.

What many of you may not know, however, is that we’ve worked very hard throughout 2004 to create an even larger cooperative network that will link our regional communities to one another. In order to achieve this, we have enrolled our Regional Contacts as affiliates in what we call the Burning Man Network. Our central purpose is to help each regional community to learn from the experience of others. For some time now, all of Burning Man’s Regional Contacts have shared a common email discussion list, and they‘ve engaged one another in a series of lively debates. In many cases, Burning Man Project staff members have been able to contribute much needed advice. After all, we have already experienced many of the challenges that regional communities will face. However, in many other instances – perhaps, even the majority – we have preferred to observe while people have shared insights that they’ve gained from their immediate experience. This is how community, at any scale, is formed. We learned much, and they have learned much — but this was only a beginning. Three months ago, we joined together to formulate the basic architecture of the new organization that will allow us all to work together to create a larger and more meaningful community.

I invite all of you to inspect the result of this effort at regionals.burningman.com/network_intro.html. The Burning Man Network is an organization designed for the purpose of mutual aid. A complete rationale for doing this is laid out in the first document you’ll encounter, a letter I addressed to every Regional. The second document is a statement of ten basic principles. These are not literal rules, nor are they intended as doctrine. They are philosophic ideas that are meant to express an ethos, a way a life, that has naturally emerged from 18 years of shared experience and effort that began in the Black Rock Desert. At the very least, they form a starting point from which a future dialectic can emerge as we discover, as a living culture, what we really are, and are becoming. A third section details the duties and responsibilities of both the Regional Contacts and the Burning Man Project. The final document is the legal contract to which all parties have subscribed. I ask you all to match this instrument against those principles and goals it’s meant to serve. Lastly, let me invite all of you to drop by the Regional Information Center that will be located in Central Camp this year at 6:00 just off of our main plaza, across from Playa Info and next to Recycle Camp. This is your chance to learn more about activities in your region.


Larry Harvey

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Are you looking for a place to get involved on the playa this year? Why not help out at the Black Arts Foundation Theme Camp! Bring your metaphorical fire – your passion – to the first annual BRAF Theme Camp and be a volunteer! Help educate participants about BRAF, while relaxing under our shade structure and eating snacks and drinking cocktails.

Volunteers are needed to help set up Sunday, August 29th, and tear down Sunday, September 6th. We also welcome anyone who would like to hang out at the BRAF Camp to field questions about BRAF and interactive art. Most importantly we want to meet as many people as we can!! Please stop by when you make it to Center Camp. We will be manning camp 10:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Saturday.

BRAF Camp Wish List:
3 Couches
2 Tables
4 Sturdy Chair
One Dynamite Piece of Interactive Art

If you are interested in volunteering at BRAF camp, if you can make a contribution to the wish list, or know an artist who would like to have their work front and center of BRAF Camp, please contact Molly at molly. Please swing by camp for cocktail hour times! We look forward to seeing you on the playa!

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Be a Good Neighbor… Know and Respect Burning Man’s Sound Policy

OK, by now you probably know that theme camps that include large scale sound systems are mapped on the radial streets of 2:00 and 10:00, right? We arrange the city that way so that everybody can live harmoniously… people who live for the thump can get their thump on, and those who like it a little more quiet can enjoy their (relative) peace and quiet, right? Right.

Now, here’s where things get sticky. Many camps either aren’t aware of the policy, or don’t care, or… whatever. They will unwittingly or, worse, wittingly, camp in the heart of the city, forklift their speakers up onto the top of their trucks, plug in their amps, and crank it up 24×7, much to the consternation of their neighbors. People ask for the music to be turned down… people ignore ’em… people get pissed… people get the Rangers involved… you know the drill. This ends up sucking for everybody involved.

This year, the sound policy will be strictly enforced, and if you’re cranking music where you shouldn’t be, you will likely find this out. But at Burning Man, the best things happen when the community takes care of its own problems, rather than having rules created and enforced. Right? Right. This is where you come in.

Please, if you have a large scale sound system and want to play loud music, camp either on or near as possible to the 2:00 and 10:00 edges of our city. If you are playing music in the heart of the city, please be respectful of your neighbors and their needs. If there’s a conflict, talk with your neighbors to work out a reasonable compromise. If you’re driving a loud Mutant Vehicle, be respectful and turn down your volume when approaching populated areas or art installations. Finally, know the sound policy (burningman.com…sound_systems/policy.html) and live by it.


-Playaquest (unrequited lover of the thump)

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This one time, at Burning Man? Someone asked about how to get a ride from San Francisco to the playa? And we thought it would be, like, a good idea to have a place where people ask each other, like, questions about rides? So we set up




and it was SO COOL.

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Whew!! We were flooded with last minute art questionaires over the weekend, and we now have 81 registered theme art projects, and 141 playa installations. We’d love it if next year you could get your questionaires in earlier than late July – as you can imagine we’re slammed right now.

We have lots of exciting theme art projects:

And check out the playa art, now on the website thanks to Web Team volunteer John Mosbaugh:

Our search for Jadu Beta interactive guides continues. The call goes out far and wide:

Caretakers Needed For Jadu Beta

Jadu Beta
(burningman.com…04_art_theme4.html#jadu) will be an incredible art installation in the deep playa, northeast of the Man. It’s an exceptionally beautiful, creative piece that looks like a huge alien organism made of synthetic pods. Now here’s the problem: it’s really really fun to play with. Like… really fun. Now, that’s usually not a problem, but in this case, it also happens to be a very delicate piece. If people are climbing all over it, it could get destroyed, ruining the experience for everybody, and basically flushing all the hard work that the artist (Saul Melman and his crew) did to create it for us down the proverbial porta-pottie.

We’re asking for two things:

First, we’re looking for people to help us guard it. Now, by guard it, we’re not talking about being cops and having to be a jerk to people. Instead, we’re looking for people who care enough about art to act as *caretakers* for the piece, and educate people about how it needs to be treated and why. It’s a different way to participate, and a wholly fulfilling one. If you’re interested in helping us out, please go to burn.zevie.com…email-recruitment.html for details on getting involved.

Second, we’re asking you, the community, to be aware of the piece and its special needs, and to tell your fellow burners about it, encouraging them to take care of it. If you see somebody vandalizing or treating it badly, engage them, talk to them… let them know.

We’ll all gain in the end.

And now for our weekly HOT ART TIP, also from PlayaQuest;

My Art Installation is ON FIRE!
If your playa art installation for 2004 will use fire, flame effects or other types of pyrotechnics, you’ll need to pass through our little safety gauntlet first. Yes, yes I know… more bureaucracy, but hell, we don’t want to see our wonderful participants incinerated (we leave that to the Man) or have the playa damaged. So before you bring it out and light it up, read up on our fire guidelines and fill out the flame effects section of our art installation questionnaire.

Our Fire Safety team (Dave X is a hoot… you’ll love him) will get in touch with you to talk about your plans, your safety precautions and the like, and they’ll make sure you’ve got everything in order before you get out to the desert.

Then when you get to the playa, check in at The Artery in Center Camp and let us know you’re including fire as part of your art. We’ll do a site safety inspection for you, and set you up with your propane needs.

-Playaquest, Art Slut

And finally, we have a lovely expression of gratitude from Paul da Plumber, who’s creating the Star Wheel, a large piece of mobile art, burningman.com…04_art_theme5.html#star. This is a Vault of Heaven grant project.

Paul writes: Star Wheel has been evolving. The team of people that have been working on the project have added so much. New ideas and and craftsmanship have made this wheel into something special. I would like to thank some folks who contributed. Jay Brommel and Anton Berteaux for helping with fabrication. Mike Estee for taking on the lighting. Verra St Johns for the amazing paint. Steve Cortney and the rest of the Fandango crew for their weekend warrior efforts. I really appreciate your work and support during the process of a Burning Man project. And special thanks to my wife Jessica Burdman and my daughter Callie Cesewski for making my life more fulfilling.

Watch for the large ferris-wheel powered starry wheel with three aliens at the helm – any of which could be YOU!!!

Merci beaucoups, the time is near!!!

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Shifting gears, the folks at Earth Guardians have another set of information morsels to help you keep your camp (and the playa) clean and tidy:

-Pick an LNT MOOP Czar. You can start by identifying a Leave No Trace leader within your camp. This person will work LNT into your planning and preparing, help set up the camp so that it doesn’t blow away, help to plan your camp’s cleanup and break-down ahead of time, handle the question of stinky trash, gray water disposal, what to burn and what not to burn and generally keep people feeling good about how well they are treating the playa. In many small, practical ways, these efforts will make your camp easier and more pleasant to live in. earthguardians.burningman.com/tips.html

-Camp Structures and Shelters. Stake your tents and structures so they will stay secure in the heavy wind, rain, and dust storms that are sudden and usual on the playa. Consider using materials that can be reused or repurposed at home or at next year’s event. You’ll have less cost and less disposal headaches at the end of the event. You’ll also save money when preparing for next year.

-Do not dig holes in the playa. Small postholes (6 inches or less in diameter) used for structural support are the sole exception. When digging such a hole it is best to use an auger or a posthole digger, NOT a shovel. Refill the hole by carefully tamping the soil back into place. Repeat this process every few inches while dampening the soil. Experience has shown that larger holes used in the past to sound-insulate generators, or for pools, easily erode within a year’s time even when carefully backfilled. They leave a visible mark and create a serious safety hazard.

-Don’t bring cheap trinkets for gifts or barter. Thousands of these ‘gifts’ end up as trash. And feather boas, or ANYTHING that sheds, is a no-no; the trash fence tells us so. Try giving a smile, a helping hand or a joke. Help a neighbor set up camp. You are the best gift.

-Promote LNT neighborhoods. Be proud of your neighborhood: work together with your neighbors to keep your part of the city clean. Every year some camps get overwhelmed and need help. One principle of LNT is “be considerate of others,” which in our city includes helping neighbors to leave no trace. We all enjoy the generosity and gifts of our theme camps, artists, and fellow citizens. So look around and pitch in to help keep things clean: offer a tool, an extra hand, a gesture of thanks. And carry a MOOP bag and water as you walk around your part of the city.

-If it doesn’t come out of your body it doesn’t go into the Potty. Always use a potty for your body waste – not the playa. Only toilet paper, single ply, and human waste, can go in the potties. Everything must be pumped through narrow pipes before being trucked to the treatment plant.


*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Phoenix writes in (from the playa!):

Hey Rabbits – I was just thinking:

Lots of folks, when packing up to leave Black Rock City figure, “Hey, it took us four truck loads to get out here, we ate two, burned almost one. I think we can pack it down real well into just one truck, especially if we load all the bikes on top at the end. And we’ll save us all a lot of time, gas & money.”

Sure, and then perhaps spend some time in any number of ditches, hospitals or morgues. As we remember, several bad accidents between the playa and Pyramid Lake last year were due to over-packed trucks returning home. Keep It Simple Burners: Do Not Over-Pack trucks in either direction!

Even if you don’t over-pack, pack and re-pack wisely. You are more tired, you’ve been around folks whose brains are scrambled eggs and it’s rubbed off in ways you can’t yet fathom. Be aware of how weight loads are to be distributed in your particular vehicle and remember it for the way home! Your truck leaving Black Rock City? Well, it’s NOT the same weight even if you think it all goes back in the same spaces: some containers are empty, etc.

And you? You ain’t coming back the same weight in all the same spaces – either so be good to yourself and take on packing jobs like your life depended on it… it does!

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Gary, our fantabulous Regional Contact in Arizona, writes:
Hi rabbits – For people who come through Arizona and then up through Nevada on the way to Burning Man, we have updated our travel guide and now have it online. This new version also has a link to the PDF for Hoover Dam’s traffic guidelines, as well as a link to a website with Nevada gas prices.


Hope it helps!

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


This year Burning Man extends into September, and with the SF Decom just one month after, we are already planning our 5th anniversary HEAT THE STREET FaIRE Decompression!!!

We have already begun scheduling performers and speaking with theme camps and theme artists. And we want to hear from you!

To volunteer, bring your theme camp, playa art, or perform, E-mail: flambelounge TODAY!

…A friendly reminder that your playa art and theme camps can have a life after Burning Man–in San Francisco at BlackTOP City! So save a bit of this and that to add to the mix!

See you in Black Rock City… and then in BlackTOP City!

– The Flambe Lounge & Decom Team

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*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


This is the third year of the Black Rock City Census and we want to make a big effort to get the word out this year. Our motto is “Count Me In!” If we can get each camp to send a representative to Playa Info to pick up census forms AND we canvas cars in traffic during the Exodus, this will make a real difference.

I am Megan Heller, the Countess. I am an anthropologist and a demographer looking for a few friendly census takers and organized individuals to help during the event. We will need volunteers to work at our recruitment desk at Playa Info, communicating with potential census takers, and passing out and receiving census forms. Folks who want to be recruiters can choose a part of the city to spread the word and find camps that have not yet participated. We will need lots of volunteers to help during the Exodus beginning immediately after the Burn on Saturday night through Monday. These folks will make sure that everyone has one last chance to be counted. We will also need folks to help count and sort incoming forms so we can keep track of our progress. It would also be great to find some thespians to help publicize the project.

Since this is a census, we would love to see everyone participate. Those who do not wish to fill out a questionnaire can still be counted by answering “no response” to all the questions. While we would prefer to receive completed forms, it is more important that the answers we do receive are truthful and elicited without coercion. We want everyone’s experience with the census to be fun and their participation to be rewarded when we share our compelling findings on the website.

If you are interested in any part of this project, please contact the Countess by emailing census

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Is your Themecamp, Art Installation, or Mutant Vehicle “wheelchair friendly”? Do you have a volunteer opportunity, service, or activity at BM 2004 that could be filled by someone using a chair? If you have any ideas, suggestions, or questions on making Burning Man more accessible to everyone, we’d love to talk with you.

If so, please contact me, Mr. Fixit: burningmanbiggianthead, (or send an email to wheelchairs). I am the camp host of Hot Wheelz Camp: groups.msn.com/HotWheelzCamp. We provide our Hot Wheelz Cartz with hand controls to Burners who use wheelchairs as an enhancement to their Burning Man experience. We are Burning Man’s Equal Enjoyment Opportunity Camp (EEOC)

We are compiling a list of opportunities for our friends to PARTICIPATE! We would love to add your name and contact information to our list.

Here at Hot Wheelz Camp, we offer the gift of mobility to fellow Burners who might have difficulty traveling to the far reaches of Black Rock City. It is our goal to expand and enhance the opportunities of our Themecamp guests to PARTICIPATE!

Mr. Fixit

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


We need help! Are you running a playa bar near the Esplanade? Want to host 30 minutes of performance art?

Black Rock City Animal Control will make daily collections of pesky playa creatures – those dressed as, or acting like, animals – running free in the city. These animals will be tagged and anesthetized by our officers. If our staff feels an animal has been reformed, it can then be adopted by a responsible Black Rock City citizen. Animals will be “auctioned” off to those who are able to show that they have a loving home to offer.

We want to host the adoption ceremonies at a different playa bar each evening around sunset. Are you interested in hosting us? We will be bringing a van load of Animal Control Officers (those people with red jumpsuits, bullhorns and nets), a plethora of animals, dancing, tunes, and a great show while we adopt-out our newly domesticated charges to suitably qualified individuals… or anyone who shows up. If you are interested, contact chris(at)simplemachine.com.

If you don’t own a bar, you can still participate by bringing your animal costumes. Give us the pleasure of tagging you, anesthetizing you and putting you up for adoption.

For updates on our adoption locations you can also check brcac.com.

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Area 47 is hosting the second annual playa prom. Last year’s was successful experiment in misdirection and confusion. You can read a review of last year’s event by Alexa Bauer at flight2mars.com/playaprom.

PARTICIPATE! To make the prom as interactive as possible, we encourage the whole playa to think of it as their party which happens to be hosted by Area 47 (9:30 + Esplanade). We encourage you to:

– bring your art! (decorations and installations welcome!)
– bring your peeps! (chaperone the event, bring rival social groups!)
– park your art vehicle across the Esplanade in the Make Out Zone!
– claim to be an authority figure!
– check out the newly revamped Flight to Mars and drink at the bar!
– storm the Space Virgins’ Parthenon!
– earn this years’ fimo pendant at the Alien Monkey Love Nest stage!
– prefunk in the afternoon with Camp Denile!
– stay informed with Radio Free Burning Man!
– crash the party!
– or whatever else you can think of!

Playa Prom is Wed 9/1 at 9:30 and Esplanade.

We are also looking for others to help with a reception area, limo service, other entertainment and consumables. If you need space, resources, advice ,or answers to questions email juicebox at playaprom

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Last year, you may have seen us on Real Plaza, sent playa mail using our mailboxes placed around the Esplanade, or received one of the 1000+ cards sent through our system. You may even have helped us to deliver mail! This year, you can participate artistically as well! We need designs for a new crop of postcards and stamps. We will print these designs for everyone’s potsal enjoyment this year!

Please email your designs to potsmaster, or visit potsoffice.com for more info, including criteria and designs of last year’s cards. Design specs are 5.5″x4.25″ in B&W or grayscale for postcards, and .75″x1″ full color for stamps. Designs should be sent as either 300dpi TIFF images or vector art.

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Camp Videogasm hosts a 24hr film making project!

Cinemasports is the Iron Chef of filmmaking. Cinemasports starts with the announcement of “ingredients” at 2PM Wednesday. Teams have have until 8PM Thursday to complete a movie with those ingredients. Screening of finished movies start half an hour later.

For example, can different teams make a 4 minute movie that includes a lock of hair, a drag king, and a coversation about food preservatives? We explore how the same ingredients inspire different creative minds.

That evening’s screening parades raw creativity by different filmmakers interpreting the same constraints. San Francisco Magazine says: “The results can be crazed, but fascinating…” Anyone can participate.

For more info and to sign up: cinemasports.com questions? info

Cinemasports Black Rock City

Wednesday, September 1, 2004
2PM: Ingredients announced
The Man: 180 degree side – facing Center Camp

8:30PM: Screening of movies made on the Playa
Thursday, September 2, 2004
Location: Camp Videogasm @ Snowflake Village 8:00 and Esplanade

Remember that you must register your video camera! burningman.com…#guidelines

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


A month after “Beyond Belief”, some Silicon Valley burners got together and decided that:

1) We’ll burn a big wooden art piece on Wednesday near midnight at BM04 and hope it kindles the return of weeknight bonfires.

2) The art will include a giant propeller on top, spun by the wind and later the fire.

3) Something special will emerge from inside after the structure burns, and live on to tell the story.

Eleven months later, we invite you to participate in “The Pagoda of Infinite Reflection”, destined to be the third largest wood conflagration of Burning Man ’04. Made from 1,600 feet of 2×6 lumber, the Pagoda’s repetitive structure will form a giant 3D diffraction grating for the light of the sun and moon. Inside, a 15 foot high interactive mirror sculpture will help you fall into the sky.

Join us at the Pagoda Sunday August 29 after dark for an intimate dedication in honor of the pre- and post-event volunteers that turn the playa into Home and then leave no trace of it. Bring your light toys Tuesday August 31 for a final night of reflection on the infinity we connect within. At 11:30PM Wednesday night, join the processional of mutated humans, lantern carriers, fire spinners and other denizens that will emerge from Center Camp with the flame that will release the Pagoda into the Vault of Heaven. And no matter what, don’t miss the Pagoda’s flaming end Wednesday near midnight!

To ensure a BIG burn, the Pagoda Team has filled the last two storage units in Empire with staged firewood. We’re maxed at 5 cords and want to enable more wonderful burners to participate – so we’re putting out the call for 8-12 “Fire Angels” from places like the Sierra or Rockies that can each bring a quarter cord of wood or more to the Playa by Wednesday of the event.

A quarter cord is 4x4x2 feet in size and weighs about 800 pounds, so it ain’t a piece of cake! But if you can get it to Black Rock City, we can even pick it up from your camp, and you’ll enjoy this major and magical community burn knowing you made it brighter for everyone.

To sign up as an official Pagoda Fire Angel, please contact our fearless leader Wizzard at bobmarzewski. To find out more about the Pagoda of Infinite Reflection, see wizzard.com/bm2004/index.html. This year, come burn BIG with us!

The Burning Silicon Pagoda Team

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Burners – Need wood? A friend at Granite Construction (Sparks, NV) has to get rid of hundreds of wooden A-frame things. They were formerly used to mount traffic signs on, made of 2x4s, about 6 feet tall. They’re held together by nails and can be banged apart with a hammer. Considering what they were used for, they are well cured by the Nevada sun and would BURN very well. Could also be used for any number of playa construction projects. She (yes, she) asked me to put this out as she’d love to know that her wood is going to a good use – Burning Man.

So if you can use a bunch of 2x4s, call Micheline at Granite – 775-355-3424 – to make arrangements for pickup. Unless special arrangements are made, you’ll have to go by the Granite yard in Sparks (map here: tinyurl.com/4kovy) between 7am-4pm weekdays. -Marc

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


We’re building a beautiful swirling silo of star-gauzing delight – and we need YOU to help construct it. Specifically, we’re looking for folks who’d be available on the Playa from Thursday morning, the 26th, through Sunday the 29th. Construction experience will help but is not required. Check out the project at: virtual-lemonade.com/barn and please email me directly at michaeldolan if you’re interested. Thanks!

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


The Love Ho’s are part of an experiment that allows for the unusual – by comparison to normal society – use of real love. This experiment, now practiced at Playa del Fuego, NYC Decompression, and Tranformus, is soon to be carried out at Burning Man. It allows participants to sidestep the normal barriers to Love. In normal society, things have to go just right in order for someone to be able to be privy to all the benefits of love. The Love Ho’s aim to change that. The Love Ho thinks: you exist, you deserve to be loved.

Find out more at geocities.com/loveholovin

We are a virtual camp, so very little time commitment is needed if you wish to volunteer. We are looking for:
1) Love Ho volunteers
2) A Theme camp or village willing to host a short two to three hour “Love In” with the Love Ho Booth at your camp/village
3) Donations of use of material or equipment and/or tiny amount of cashola (we will still love you rich or poor, with or without a donation -Mwuuah!)

Contact Blue at ageefess Web: geocities.com/loveholovin

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Have some tools lying around that could be put to better use? Consider donating them to the Earth Guardians for restoration projects at Frog Pond and elsewhere around the Black Rock Desert. We are looking for heavy landscaping tools:

Shovels, pickaxes, McLeods
Chainsaw, pruning saws
Loppers, pruners, axes, machetes
Tarps, wheelbarrow, rope
Leather gloves

Bring donations to the Earth Guardians Pavilion at Esplanade & Orion’s Belt. We will be leading nature walks and restoration work trips from Tuesday to Saturday. If you’re interested in helping out with environmental stewardship and education, check out the EG section of the Burning Man webpage, or email restoration.

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Energymoney on Earth is putting out a call for any and all grandmothers to come together at Fire Muse Circus Camp (Center Camp) to create sacred theatre. Thursday at 11:11AM for tea and crumpets–whatever crumpets are. A couple of years ago I heard a moment of an interview on NPR. The interviewer asked a woman, “So, what do you think about our presidential situation?” The poet paused. She then began, slowly, “I believe that the body of the presidency should be composed of Nine Grandmothers.” I can’t get this out of my head. I’m developing a project called EIGHTY-ONE GRANDMOTHERS, a traveling band of elders which will emerge on stages all over the planet, chanting and thundering the wisdom and connection that our society is longing for in our quest to resanctify each and every time and space moment on our ailing planet organism. The root of the word “culture” is “to care for.”
Any Nine Grandmothers For President!


Many Thanks! -e.m.

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The Celestial Golf Club Project needs some artistic help for its musical completion, so it can be a celestial xylophone. I need people to make metal objects to hang on it; the size is based on your birth sign. The dimensions are on my web site on the bottom of the page. trailertrashman.com/CelestialGolfProject.html

To see what has been built trailertrashman.com/FabricationProgress.html I can also use a piece of green Astroturf to put under it and more LED Lights


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Thanks to everybody who responded to or last posting. It never ceases to amaze us the amount of people willing to help out… make sure to stop by to enjoy some of our hospitality! We are looking for help in sourcing two guitar amps, a bass amp, mic stands and a drum kit. The band travelling out with us from Ireland are loaded down with gear already and would be greatful if you could point them in the right direction to either borrow equipment or rent it. Hopefully somebody out there has some spares lying around… See you all on the playa! The Paddy Mirage crew… burntheirishbar.com

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Ages ago I wrote into Jack Rabbit Speaks to ask you to put out a notice that I was conducting a sex survey on Burners as part of my degree and I received many, many responses. I am so grateful for your notice.

I have at last compiled the results and put them into a format that works online. Would you be so kind as to put out a notice that the results can be viewed at the link below. I will also bring copies with me to the playa this year but I know the people who completed the survey were very curious about the results.


Thank you so much again!

Cheers- Chionesu aka Chris Eden

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All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check it out to find (or post!) upcoming events in your city. burningman.com/calendar/yearround

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Opulent Temple of Venus: A Pre-Playa Gathering (and fundraiser!)
A night of Sacred Dance, Saturday August 7, 9pm-4am.
(No entrance during midnight ceremony, 11:45-12:15, please arrive in time to participate)
@ La Terra: 511 Harrison St. @ 1st. $13 pre-sale, $20 door

Pre-sale link and more dets:

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Foiled again!!! Or so they thought… The original location for Pavement’s End II has run into permitting issues due to property building code issues. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s have notified Clan Destino that they will shut down our event if we proceed without permits. Luckily, we have secured a new location about 30 minutes outside of the Los Angeles area. This location is easier to get to, even for the Santa Barbara crowd, although a bit further for the San Francisco group.

As a condition of the new location, we had to cancel Friday night. The gate will open promptly at 6 pm on Saturday, August, 7. We’d like to get you in earlier, but this is also a condition of the ranch. However, we will be partying all through the night, and you may stay until darkness falls on Sunday night. Expect the same rocking bands and grooving DJs. And all of the spectacular performances and costumes you’ve come to expect from Clan Destino and the Burning Man Community.

The new location is located 25 miles outside of Los Angeles, near the junction of the 118 and 210 freeways, on a private 200 acre ranch. We will post directions the day before the event, so check back with us theclandestino.org/Pavement%27sEndII.htm. Also, look out for an email with the address and directions. If you’re not on our mailing list, get on it now!!!

Clan Destino sincerely thanks you for your continued support, and we hope this change doesn’t screw up your plans. We did everything we could to keep things from changing, but sometimes you must compromise. We’re just happy we can still invite you to our party.

See you at Pavement’s End II.

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~ Rapture ~ a Snuggletown! benefit ~

Located in Portland, Oregon.
Party Location Disclosed to our RSVP Guestlist.
Dancing starts at 7:00 and Doors close at 8:30,
Opening Circle and Dance Ritual at 9:00
DONATION: $15-20 ($10 with a snackluck item).

rsvp / info : lovetribe.org/rapture

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We’re reliving it again this year for our 5th(!) annual AfterBurn show. AfterBurn celebrates collective creativity and features art pieces, live performance art & art cars, lighting up Reno’s downtown alternative art gallery, Bleulion. The more bizarre the better!

If you have any art from the playa or know someone willing to show what they’ve made for the event, or even inspired by Burning Man, the more the merrier. We’ve had rockets and dragons and dust covered tent installations, photos, paintings and impromptu sculpture pieces as well as fire dancers and drum circles and just plain unexplainables. Start gathering your mementos, grab your costume and get down to Bleulion!

Drop-off times for artwork & stuff will be Tuesday and Wednesday Sept. 14th & 15th from 6-9pm – mark your calendar.
5th annual AfterBurn
Fri. Sept. 17th 7-11pm

Bleulion Art & Space
420 Evans Ave in Reno (just off of 4th St. behind Louis’ Basque Corner) for more info: call Chad @ 333-0894

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