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Gerlach, Nevada (about to be a suburb of Black Rock City)
Thursday, August 19, 2004: 5:45 pm
cloudy skies, rain on the playa. 75 degrees.

Hello JRS readers. Marian here from Gerlach where I’ve been since July 30th. I’ve been trying to launch a blog for 3 weeks, I have the photos contributed from 6 different DPW staff and volunteers, but the words aren’t coming easily. I’ll try to at least post photos shortly.

JRS sent while listening Morcheeba on Groove Salad (under Electronica in iTunes), Rusty Hodge’s Internet radio station: somafm.com. Rusty was the first tech-monkey for development of burningman.com (back when Brian B and Hyperreal hosted us). He won’t make it to the Burn this year as he’s preparing to be wed. Congrats, and thanks for the help through the years, and great music Rusty!

Man is there an anxious crowd out there. We keep getting questions about playa surface, weather and what’s the expected population. I think I’ll give you what you want and more including super deal on an hotel rate for Burners in Reno, read on.

Oh, and a shout out and soft playa kisses for Ra and Chris Brick who seems to have installed the most rocking spam filter on the bman.com mail server that we’ve ever seen. Thank you to all members of the sys-admin team for efforts on this behalf. Staff and volunteers with Burningman.com aliases thank you. If you’ve tried to reach us since yesterday and have bounced do try again. The white list is growing. AND, thanks to Taz and co. for making the internet connection from Gerlach to the Gate happen. The Will Call list (from Burner owned InHouse Ticketing servers in San Rafael) will be live. woo hoo.

THANK YOU TO every single person who has stepped up to help make Burning Man 2004 happen, and advance thanks to each and every one of you who has taken your share of responsibility for making this great city rise from the surface of the playa.

City Superintendent – Coyote says: “This city wants to be built”. It’s happening on autopilot because years of experience have brought us to a moment in time where individuals know we each need to do something to make the community and magic happen. In many cases those who are here have done it before and that makes all the difference in building this city like clock work. AND, we’re ahead of schedule. Those who are new to the set up are stepping up and rocking the playa.

Thank your DPW staff and volunteers when you see them. 1600 T-stakes around 7.5 miles of fence pounded into place in a record 5 hours including lunch. Cowboy Carl says: “That’s fucking amazing.” Only one more day to tie 7.5 miles of orange fence around the T-stakes. I’ve been helping tie fence for the past 2 years. This year I pounded 8 T-stakes, which means walking with 45 other people carrying Burning Man Metal Shop hand-made 25-40 pound “stake pounders” as we hop scotch around each other to pound one in then walk and walk and walk to the next available stake. It hurt so good. WOW to Bean who was the only woman to make it the entire 7.5 miles and received congrats from the men who had worked beside her all day. Franimal was a close second.


How many people do we expect at Burning Man 2004? I get this question every single day. My response varies depending on ticket sales. And, peak population is always less than overall ticket sales. At this point, we’re looking at something near last year (2003 was just under 31,000), probably a little more. I’ll be surprised if we have more than 35,000. The rumors of 40,000 are WAY out of the ballpark. We’d have to sell a butt-load of tickets in the next 10 days to reach that mark.

Overnight stay in Reno? At the…

Now, if you’re on your way to Burning Man via Reno you might be contemplating a stop either on the way in or out. Back when I was a participant with fewer responsibilities I used to stop overnight on the way out for a good long shower. Ten years ago in 1995 and ’96 you could get a “motel-6” type place for 19.95. (motel 6 in Reno right now lists for $42.95). I remember staying at a crazy flea-bag place in 1996 and walking around dazed in Reno. Talk about culture shock, but it was a blast. Ever had the .99 cent breakfast at CalNeva? Can’t imagine they still do that one. So, What’s my point?

Phoenix for $19.95 in 2004!

Never until this year has a casino approached Burning Man and said they wanted our Burner business, until late July when I heard from Linda Gonzales from the Golden Phoenix. The Golden Phoenix Hotel and Casino is located in downtown Reno (on Sierra St.), a short walk from the new 12-plex theater, the River Walk along the Truckee River, the vegetarian Pneumatic Café (in the Truckee River Lodge on Ralston) and Bruka Theater (closed in August but a Burner owned and run dramatic arts theater).

I took a look at the Phoenix, and Danger Ranger and Dusty stayed there recently. They report that if you join the casino’s “player’s club” you get a coupon and your membership gives you access to a $5.99 steak or prime-rib dinner and all you can eat salad bar. They both gave 2 thumbs. Danger reports the parking situation a little tight, and that the hotel is clearly going through renovations and upgrade, but that they had a lovely time and would recommend Burners on a budget stay there. There is NO cheaper room rate in Reno, and none offered exclusively to the Burning Man community. The offer is open enroute to and from Burning Man 2004. $19.95 +tax. Sunday-Thursday (excluding Sept. 5)

CALL: 1-800-648-1828. and give them this code: GBURN04.

Traveling from the east? Stop in Winnemucca or Lovelock.

Lovelock is a sweet little town in host Pershing County with a round county courthouse. Seems there are only 2 of its kind in Nevada. There is also a Safeway, Pitt Mill and Elevator Co. is an Ace Hardware Distributor, some thrift stores, and a Cache Mini Storage if you want to leave stuff on your way back east: Also, his Cache Mini Storage is a great deal: $65 per month for a 10×20, down to $20 for a 5×5. 775-273-2733. Next week we’ll have a web page and URL for Lovelock sites to see.

If you stop in Winnemucca visit the Griddle for a home cooked meal.

Gerlach Public Showers? Not this year.


URLs for fun and information:

2004 Burning Man Calendar is IN! Entirely new design for 2004. Find them NOW:
marketplace.burningman.com Find them after the 23rd: Reno – Melting Pot, Empire – Empire Store, Gerlach – Bev’s Miner’s Club bar (bring her a green frog and you’ll be friends for life she started the F.R.O.G – Friendly Retired Old Geezers club)

Funny visual on what to bring to Burning Man, thanks Lenny Jones: lennyjones.net/whattobring.html

Looking for a project to support? This community project based out of the North Bay in California brings you the Empyrean Cruiser. The North Bay regional group has been lovingly tending to this Mutant Vehicle. Do what you can to help.

Do you like demographics, statistics, fascinated by the census?
Help The Countess with this year’s census. They plan a proactive and interactive pursuit of counting YOU. census-list-subscribe Representation from each Theme Camp should come to Playa Info to get forms and pencils.

Planning on having a cigarette in a porta pottie? Consider yourself forewarned:
myway.com…D83R6J8O0.html And, don’t forget: If it wasn’t in your body, don’t put it in the pottie.

Caleb Schaber DPW and Nevada Properties spring and winter 2003 staff member pursues and finds a job to work in Iraq rather than attend Burning Man 2004. His work with the Burning Man Project help get him the job:

Caleb and Winnemucca, NV resident and beloved DPW flamethrower expert go to Iraq not Burning Man 2004:

Cory Mervis (NYC Regional Contact Committee member) in a bus traveling from New York City to San Francisco the route outlines the word VOTE. voterdrive.com The right side of the “v” is at Burning Man 2004. If you’re interested in a diverse non-partisan group working to engage in a “voter drive” registration collaboration in Center Camp, get on the list: voterdrive-list-subscribe. This is for those that want to do, not pontificate about doing. 😉

Desert Power without a lot of generators (batteries): Brad Templeton who creates the spectacular 360 degree panoramic photographs of Burning Man sent us this URL recently. templetons.com/brad/burn-power.html

Nader and Burning Man? theonion.com…issue=4031

The Starlust lounge will not be located in center camp this year. They’ve been moved to the 9:00 Plaza. “ENTERTAINERS OF ALL TYPES WANTED – THE STARLUST LOUNGE, previously your neighborhood Center Camp Alien Bar for many years, has now crash landed in the Plaza @ 9:00! This year we have been sent thru the galaxy to become the” Portal to Heaven”.



So will most of citizens of BRC. PLEASE read and heed the following information.

Ride Share: burningman.com…rideshare.html




Several stores in Fernley off I-80. You’ll find a store at the Wadsworth exit called the Wadsworth smoke shop. Pyramid Lake camping permits, gas, ice, smokes, foodies, etc. Usually better stocked than Nixon store. Then 17 miles to the north on 447 in Nixon is a store that’s been open and closed open and closed. It seems to be open again and under new management: Pyramid Lake camping permits, gas, ice, smokes, foodies, etc. If you’re an adventurer and looking to explore the area a little we encourage you to take a left before Nixon and head to the west side of Pyramid Lake to the Sutcliff Marina and Store. Not only do they have: Pyramid Lake camping permits, gas, ice, smokes, foodies, but there is an excellent historical, geological and photographic display of the area. MUST get use permit for day and overnight use on reservation land around Pyramid Lake.


Real adventurers with spare time who are traveling east bound on I-80 through Reno can take a different route by taking Pyramid Way north in Sparks. This will take you all the way to the west side of Pyramid Lake. When you hit the lake you’ll need to take a right and head to the south for 14 miles to then hit 447 in Nixon and then go north to Gerlach. I always take this route if I’m anywhere near sunset. I’ve seen some incredible sunsets over that lake from the Sparks approach. There is a nice overlook with shaded picnic tables before the turn towards Nixon.

Cows travel without fences throughout the Native American reservation. When you see signs for “OPEN RANGE” please be careful. They can usually be found at night on 447 between Washoe County mile-markers 25-45. I personally make it my practice to be in Gerlach before sunset for just this reason.

There is VERY little shoulder on 447. If your car is disabled PLEASE pull far off the side of the road. DO NOT pull over on the side of the road to walk a dog, stretch your legs, or have a picnic. PLEASE find a road, turnout, picnic stop for that sort of business. DO NOT stop on the roadway. BE FOREWARNED that pulling off the side of the road at Pyramid Lake will likely get your car stuck. The sand is VERY soft.


INBOUND to Burning Man we REALLY REALLY RECOMMEND you fill up with fuel rather than try to do so on the outbound. During departure/exodus Bruno’s Shell station in Gerlach and the Empire Store gas stations usually have not only a HUGE line, but the traffic causes safety problems. Please stop at the store on the way INTO Burning Man, not the way out. READ THIS: Bruno’s Shell station is 24-hour if you have a credit card. SO, that means you CAN fill up at 1 am as you slink through town.



Tips for the Upper Left Coast: gwally.com/directions.

There is some discrepancy as to whether there is an open gas station in Cedarville. Wally’s site says no, it’s closed. However, locals here say it’s open. Still checking. Visit Wally’s site for up-to-date info.



Not that you’re ready to think
about your DEPARTURE from BRC,

Please gas up on your way into the event, not the way out. We need to relieve traffic congestion.

Gerlach Car wash? When you come through Gerlach on your way south on 447 be sure to turn left in the middle of town and have your car washed. The car wash is the annual fundraiser for the Gerlach Middle/High School. Gerlach Post Office Parking Lot: Sunday 8 am – 4 pm, Monday 8 am – 4 pm. Anyone who’s been out to the event before knows the potential damage playa dust can do to a car. Please stop and support the local community that supports us so much. Cars: $6.00, Pickup Trucks $8.00, SUV $10-15, Small Motor Home $25.

Exodus? If you have the time, volunteer for exodus. Exodus


Coyote Knows “Car Flips in Nevada”

ATTENTION everyone, and heed this very simple warning!!

My Grandpappy used to say, “Ain’t no coincidences in this ol’ world!” and when there are more and more roll-overs and car flips occurring in the local Black Rock area already this summer, (over 10 around July 4th) it’s time to put out big giant caution flags everywhere, because it’s happening everywhere; on the playa and on the black top and gravel roads alike. And it’s not only our crew guys, or out of towners either. Seasoned locals who have been there for many years are getting caught in the rough, and next thing they know, it ass over tea kettle, and into the ditch they go! There’s some head scratching as to why this might be, (things are seeming to be a bit softer in general out there), but rather than bust our brains too much as to why the difference, the message is very simple:

Slow down and TAKE IT EASY, BRO!!

The playa is an ocean in slow motion, and this year it’s been just soft enough to snag your wheels and catapult your your whole auto world into a very bad day.

It’s also making for some pretty soft shoulders on the highways, and there have already been several broken hearts, and all the other brokens that come along with a flipped out car.

So be smart!
Be safe!
And keep your head!
Speed limit on highway 34 from Gerlach to BRC Gate: 55 mph
Speed limit on the playa: 45 mph – and there’s a new sheriff in town that loves to ticket for no seat belts.
The Nevada high desert doesn’t give a crap about you!

This message from your local Coyote’s that all know. (They’re the ones that end up as road kill now and then.)

For more info get on the Burning Man site at this local:


Coyote – City Superintendent


Speaking of desert surface:

So, this is what I’ve known, seen and experienced on the surface of our fair playa. It IS a dry year, ranchers are very distraught about the drought conditions. We have seen the playa look this way before, however. The open areas where there are no roads are granular in nature. Bikes should be mountain bikes for sure. Our roads are in GREAT condition as we have been watering them since a few days after survey began. If you have issues with dust and dust storms you should be prepared for dusty conditions.

How’s the weather?

Funny you should ask. Weird as heck, actually. Some days hot as hell. High 90’s 2 days ago, but low 80’s 4 days ago. Nights have ranged from 70 degrees at midnight to 60 at midnight. weatherunderground.com (you can actually type in Black Rock City) or intellicast.com. We had some sprinkles of rain off and on last week and an amazing lightning show on Saturday night. Today it’s just become overcast. Chance of showers through the weekend. The professionals like to pontificate about weather here:

wrh.noaa.gov… and here’s more weather jargon and lunacy:

The weather variables that effect one’s experience at Burning Man are the heat and the wind. What we hope for is a delicate balance between warm days with light breezes. Light breezes keep the air from being hot and stagnant and the dust from lingering above the surface creating a haze. Wind is often too much and results in little dust plumes and storms. Sunset and twilight give us either dead calm or big winds. Heads up.

Hey, if you’ve been a citizen of Black Rock City since 1999 you’ve experienced extreme winds, VERY cold weather, rain, and high heat. It can all come in that week before Labor Day, so be prepared. My friend Bill says he told his friends: “Bring clothing for 110 degrees and 35 degrees.” That about sums it up. Thanks to BC and Mr. Klean for weather URLs.



This post from Chris Jones, aka: Damien, who told Rivka he didn’t want to work at the DPW Depot because he wanted to “build the city”, not realizing that the Depot is on the playa and is the nerve center of DPW. We’re still giving him shit particularly since he bruised a rib wresting with Skitch and has had to spend several days on light duty in the Gerlach office building the city from there. 😉

The Temple Of Venus, a celestial sanctuary for the Goddeses of the Playa, is seeking qualified, dependable, and skillful attendants to help staff our temples.

We have 5 temples, each governed by an element and an area of transformation that we intent to awaken, inspire, and liberate. We are seeking attendants for 4 of our temples.

BODY TEMPLE > Earth > is looking for yoga teachers and massage therapists for private sessions designed to revitalize or relax the Goddesses. Contact: Jamie Luv at sparkalucious

EMOTIONAL TEMPLE > Water > Seeking coaches, NLP practitioners, and people who are comfortable taking people into their deepest places in safe and serving ways. Contact Neo: neoawareness

SPIRITUAL TEMPLE > Air > Can you lead meditation? Mantra Chanting ? Or simply hold space while the Goddesses connect to their divinity? Contact Adam: acoutts

PSYCHIC TEMPLE > Ether > Tarot readers, Reiki practitioners and other ethereal modalities welcomed here. Contact James: Jamesyunker4

We also have a Sensual Temple (Fire) which will be providing sensual massage, Sybian rides, and DO dates (Deliberate Orgasm). This temple is fully staffed (sorry boys!)

The Temple of Venus will be serving women from Wed. – Sat. 1PM – 5PM (or by appointment.) We are located on Venus near 2:00, behind the Opulent Temple — together we are The Opulent Temple of Venus.

Any other questions please contact: David Lurey at david

We look forward to serving all the Goddesses of the Playa!

This works fine with the Jack Rabbit. Burning Man has many many Goddesses deserving mucho worship.


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