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(ERRATA: Yesterday we said LA Decom was October 15th…but we meant Saturday, October 16th – guess I’d better move my Burning Man calendar a little closer to these ol’ eyes of mine. Also, there are TWO MORE Decompressions coming up in the North Bay and San Diego that were not included, so we’ve put them in this news edition for you today in “EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS”!)

Ahhh, October. It’s been a month now since everyone got back to Reality Camp. How are you doing, readers? If you’re anything like us, chances are you’re ready to get together with other friends who shared BRC this year and do a little re-connection.or, as so many of us call it, “decompression.” There’s no better salve for the heart that you left in Black Rock City than to reconnect with others who also participated in Burning Man 2004, and October is a big month for opportunities to do just that, as you saw in yesterday’s (and today’s) JRS.

If you’re coming to SF Decompression on Sunday, you’ll definitely want to get a gander at the full, updated list of performances and schedules at Burningman.com: http://tinyurl.com/6nn35 . We’re SO excited about Sunday…we hope to see you there.

“But,” you might be saying, “I’m stuck at my desk right now, I can’t make it to a Decom, and I’m longing to go back to the playa!” Have no fear, our dears, we think we can help. To wit: participants share their ’04 photos and stories, more tips for playa dust removal for we procrastinators, plus, find out how to share your playa gifts with the Material Culture archive, or your images with the free Burning Man screen savers created by another participant.

Plus, if the reason you wish you could go back is that you lost something in BRC.well, with the site inspection this Thursday wrapping up the long, hard cleanup process, the DPW folks will be coming back home, so you might find such a trip both lonely and unfruitful. So where’s your lost item? There’s information below on how to check the resources on the ePlaya, plus links to the rolls of film we’ve had developed from Found cameras that were turned in to Playa Info.

As usual, all that and more!





===================BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS======================

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Did you lose something on the playa?! Do you know to check the lost and found discussion board on the E-Playa? We have heard many success stories from participants who were re-united with their missing treasures through the E-Playa (Gosh our community rocks!). Check it out here:

(A reminder: Burning Man has in the past attempted to reunite lost bikes with their owners, but we have had to halt this practice due to the enormous amount resources money it required, and the sad reality that very few of the bikes ever found their way back to their owners. Most bikes left after the event were beaters; unfortunately there are always very few “nice bikes” that end up being turned in. Any unclaimed bicycles left behind after the event were donated to worthy causes.)

A handful of cameras were found and turned to Playa Info. We have developed the film and posted a few photos from each roll in hopes of finding the owners of the cameras. Go here to check it out and see if it is you or your friends:

If you see your photos – send an email to: lostfound(at)burningman(dot)com and we’ll arrange to get them back to you.

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Images, images, everywhere. Ladybee’s curated hundreds of great 2004 images in the Image Gallery: http://images.burningman.com .

Want to see even more? As always, participants keep sending us their own fantastic photo links. Here, go nuts:

Margot Duane: http://www.planetmargot.com

Philip Chudy: http://www.philipchudy.com/BM/index.html

Pmatt: http://imageevent.com/pmattf/burningman/burningman2004

Marc Merlin: http://marc.merlins.org/perso/bm/ (see 2004 for this year’s pictures)

James Hickey: http://www.hickeyjames.com

Dolphin Ed: http://theenlightenedsociety.com
Click on Photo Albums, then Burning Man 2004 – Vault of Heaven

and.Brad Templeton really outdid himself this year:

“The first 2004 giant panoramic photos (some will be on display at Decompression) including my first taken from a cherry picker at the entrance to center camp. Also one of the Temple. No night shot this year, though. Plus all the old ones people saw in my installation on the Esplanade at 4:40


The regular 2004 photos:


Already popular based on my logs are the aerial shots I took from a campmate’s plane, with some close-ups of various areas of the city. Find your camp!


And finally, the remapping of the constellations that was featured on the cover of the Gazette and displayed on Mercury can be seen on the web at:


The story of the Playa Phone — the free working booth on the playa that Burners used to call 1000 locations around the world, including technical details, playa stories, photo gallery and maps of all the places they called:


The panoramas, star map and possibly the phone will be at the SF Decompression.”

And we will have more photos for you next week…(see, October ain’t so bad!)

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Many thanks to those of you who dropped off your playa gift items at the Artery for inclusion in our Material Culture archives! If you produced a gift item for 2004 and would like to see it in our online gallery: http://pa.burningman.com/index.cgi and in our permanent collection at our offices, please download this form: http://www.burningman.com/media/doc/pdf/print_forms/playa_artifacts.pdf , fill it out and send at least two of your items and the form to: Archives, PO Box 884688, San Francisco, CA 94188. If you have extra items left over and you’d care to send them, they will find a happy home with our office staff members.

Another way to get your items to us is to bring them to our Decompresssion event on October 10. We will have a Material Culture collection box at Playa Information Services and you are welcome to drop them off. We will have forms available there as well.

For those of you with digital cameras and Photoshop skills, we have set up our online Playa Gifts gallery so that you may upload your own gift item images and information, in the same manner as our Image Gallery. And speaking of the image gallery, please check out the first 2004 images to come in at http://images.burningman.com .

Finally, I want to remind you all that if you’re searching for the identity of an art installation you loved, you can refer to our Theme and Playa Art listings for a title, description and contact information.
Theme art is here (you’ll have to check all the categories) http://www.burningman.com/installations/ 04_art_theme.html

Playa art is here: http://www.burningman.com/installations/ 04_art_playa.html

. The artists love to hear your feedback – so let them know what you liked about their art.

A great big thank you to all of the artists who contributed their time, effort and sweat to bring their art to Black Rock City. As always we were delighted to see all of the inventiveness and creativity in our community come to flower in the desert. From large scale to tiny, the art was wonderful and diverse. Thank you all for your gifts!!!

Christine Kristen aka LadyBee

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If you still haven’t cleaned off the dust from your stuff (some of us never actually bother), Mesmerelda has a tip: “Did you know that a dilute solution of Borax (laundry additive) is really terrific at neutralizing the alkaline residue of playa dust? (It’s better than vinegar). It has been safe with my electronic equipment and radios as well.”

“We’ve discovered that better than vinegar and water to remove that ungainly playa scum (on those things that you *want* to remove playa dust) is…..dilute solution of Borax laundry additive!!! 1/4 to 1/5 cup per gallon or two of water (with an aliquot of your favorite non-foaming detergent such as Spic and Span, Lysol, etc) will form that needed weak buffered boric-acid solution that will instantly neutralize the alkaline playa dust but without the nasty smell of vinegar. Our laboratories have found that it is safe to wipe onto electronic equipment with a damp cloth if wiped off immediately.”

(we lost track of the email where we got this quote, but thanks!)

Of course many of us prefer to leave the magic dust on our belongings, but for those that don’t.there you have it.

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Greetings Cleu people and everyone. For the last 3 years, many of you got your very own Cleu pendants at Burning Man from the Cleu lady or the Cleu camp. This year, some of you made it all the way out to the Cleu camp to pick up a pendant or pin, and the Cleu lady did her best to distribute lots of Cleu cards so that you can get a Cleu all year round. If you got a Cleu card at this year’s Burning Man, remember to come to our site to request a Cleu pendant or lapel pin. If you didn’t get a Cleu card, go to our site anyway, and we’d be delighted to give you a Cleu.


Gimme a C…… Gimme an L……. Gimme an E……….. Gimme a U……..
What’s that spell?
It’s who you are.
You are the Cleu!

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Starting October 17th, Macroscopic Microcosm, a site specific, ceramic environment originally created for Burning Man 2004 will be finding it’s way to the campus of Citrus Community College in Glendora, California.

Thanks to the generous people at Citrus College (and Burning Man!) this installation of small pod-like forms will be installed in an entirely different setting and in a new format. We invite everyone to take a trip to this beautiful campus and experience the art of Burning Man in new places. An opening reception will be held on the evening of Sunday October 17th between 6 and 9pm — All are invited! The experimental ambient sounds that were originally created for this project will be heard again and refreshments will be served (sorry no alcoholic beverages allowed…). At dusk each pod will be lit on fire for the one and only time while in this location. Please join us and escape your daily life while experiencing a little bit of the playa in a beautiful new setting!

Citrus Community College
1000 West Foothill Blvd.
Glendora, Ca 91740

from LA: 10E to 605N to 210E
from OC: 5N to 57N to 210W
from IE: 10W to 15N to 210W
from SD: either follow OC directions or go 15N to 210W
all: from 210, exit Citrus Avenue and head north (toward the mountains; eastbound people go left/westbound people go left off freeway then right onto Citrus). Past Route 66 & past Azuza Pacific University (on Right) will be Citrus Community College on the right side of street (east side). Make right into campus and follow big arrows with “M.M.” written on them,

If you have any questions about the opening or anything else regarding this project please email erik_poulson (at) yahoo (dot) com. If anyone has any images of this work while on the playa the artist is interested to see them.


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Do you want to be the coolest photographer in your camp? Then get your photos into the Vault of Heaven screen savers. Go to http://www.bmscreensavers.com/id12.html to get the skinny on submitting your work in this year’s project. Last year we had 41 photographers submit material, and the big screen saver had over 900 phenomenal photos! This year’s screen savers will be even better. Don’t hold back. It’s so damn simple, you can do it between Decompressions!!!

Also, as if you didn’t know, screen savers from Beyond Belief and The Floating World are available for download. Click on the site above and then just navigate your way around.

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I work backstage for a public radio show, West Coast Live http://www.wcl.org and I am planning on pitching to This American Life http://www.thisamericanlife.org/ interviews with Burners on their unique playa experiences/art/community/etc. related to Burning Man. Curious to know if a blurb can be put in the next JRS for Burners who would like to contact me about an audio retelling. I live in San Francisco, so the greater Bay Area Burners would be main resource.

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MONKEY CHANT/MARCHING GAMELAN (metallophonic Balinese-inspired marching troupe) of One People Voice–SEEKS VIDEO, STILL IMAGERY, AND AUDIO from BM04:

Even with our efforts to deliver focused performances and workshops this year at Burning Man, we have ended up a bit shy regarding the documentation of our work.

Please contact our group if you have ANY Photo’s, Video, and/or Audio Recordings from any of the performances LISTED BELOW. We are compiling all media and authoring a DVD. This DVD is Not To Be Sold, but merely for inclusion in a promotional package for future festivals, shows, and workshops. All media used will be properly credited.

Performances at Burning Man 04:

8am, Monday Morning Gamelan March into Center Camp, opening day of festival.
8pm, Wednesday evening on Esplanade in front of Earth Guardians Theme Camp.
2pm Friday, participatory Monkey Chant in Center Camp.
10pm Friday, celebrating the burning cauldrons of Charlie Smith on the Playa.
4-5pm Saturday, Gamelan in Center Camp right before the Burning Man Fashion Show.
11pm Saturday, Post-Burning of the Man, Gamelan in Center Camp.
9pm Sunday, Temple Burn.
(all times “ish”)

We can be reached at:
*opvc (at) onepeople (dot) com

Thank you much,
One People Voice

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BUBBLEBOY WRITES: “I’m the creator of the Ufo installation during this BMan 04. The Ufo was an inflatable tent where you could go inside and chill. It was located out in the playa, between the end of the city on 3 o clock and Jadu Beta – the huge pile of bubbles. It was the thingy that would glow in the night in changing colors.

Due to unlucky circumstances my photos got lost in the mail…. and I don’t have good photos from the Ufo. Help – anybody that took photos from the Ufo installation – please send me an email. I’m looking for photos from day and night, photos from the inside and the outside.

Do you think you could add this post onto the burning man mailing list? I’ve put in a lot of time, energy (and cash…) into this project – and got rewarded by the love and appreciation of all the visitors. But I’d love to have some photos too 🙂

I will be back next year – with more lights, more interactivity!”

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==================EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS=====================

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Saturday, October 23, 2004
4 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Santa Rosa, CA


Welcome back! Are you back? …Or is some part of your spirit still
blowing in the winds of the Black Rock Desert? You’re not alone! You are
invited to decompress with the artists, theme camps, performers and Black
Rock citizens from the Northern California Bay Area at an art event from
heaven’s vault.

Interactive Art Installations – Live Music – Theme Camps – Black Rock DJs –
Art Cars – Fire Art Installations – Fire Performers – Burning Man Slide &
Video Showroom – Playa-wear Fashion Show – Food & Bar – Outdoor Art Park –
3 Performance Stages – Magicians – Costume Swap – And YOU!

Confirmed Acts so far: Adam Ohana – Freddy Clark – Magically Inclined –
Swami Beyondananda – Virtual Playa – Phoenix Rising – The Cohorts
Zack Darling – & Many more to come!

Bring your art, decor from your camp, digital photos & videos, and of course
your most amazing playa costumes.

$10 with Black Rock City attire – $20 with Street wear
Outdoor Interactive Art Park FREE!
All ages (kids under 12 free), 21+ to drink

Terry’s BBQ Restaurant & Lounge
3345 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa (next to Days Inn)

Want to volunteer, bring your theme camp, playa art, or perform? Email:
northbay (at) burningman (dot) com. Deadline for artist check-in: Wednesday, October
20th. Final performer line-up to be announced on the North Bay Burning Man
Announce email list. To join, send a blank email to
northbay-announce-subscribe (at) burningman (dot) com.

Contact the Days Inn to stay on site at 707-568-1011. Park free on site or
take the Airport Express shuttle directly to the event with pickup sites in
Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, SFO, or Oakland Airports
( http://www.airportexpressinc.com ).

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Fuego de los Muertos 2004

A Decompression Presented by San Diego and Orange Counties

Halloween Weekend, Starting on Friday, October 29th at 4:00 PM
and concluding Sunday, October 31st at 4:00 PM

All ages are invited!

Ticket pricing based on a tiered system:

$35 – September 30th through October 8th

$45 – October 9th through October 28th

$55 – At the door

Volunteers for the event (4 hours minimum) will receive considerable discount based on “at cost” pricing. Please see http://www.fuegodiego.com/events/fuego.php for details.

Purchase tickets on-line at http://www.fuegodiego.com/events/fuego.php or send checks, or money orders to Brian Davis, P.O. Box 81412 San Diego, CA 92138.

Location to be announced, keep posted as it will be released one week before the event.

Celebrate the end of autumn with us! This is the harvest season, a time of remembering and reviving past loved ones and renewing your own spirit! Bring your best costumes and performances out and Burn Halloween style. Express yourself and dress your Playa best! There will be many spectacles to behold. Many of your favorite Burning Man theme camps, art, musical acts, performance art, art cars, and art making workshops will abound in this outdoor forest paradise. Plan on traveling about an hour East of San Diego to a grove of oaks, filled with faeries, goblins, and other magical fantasy creatures! Please see http://www.fuegodiego.com/events/fuego.php for continuously updated details.

This is an official, interactive Burning Man event and will be upholding the ethos of the Burning Man Festival. Please respect this beautiful property and Leave No Trace! See
http://www.burningman.com/whatisburningman/about_burningman/ faq_what_is.html for further details. Please bring everything you will need to keep you alive, healthy, and interactive for three days. Pack your trash out with you and leave the area cleaner than when you came. Porta-potties and areas to keep you warm and sheltered will be available. Bring clothing to keep you warm and active for chilly Fall nights.

This is not a rave, it is a festival of self -expression and a multi disciplinary art event. We welcome all as we are a radically inclusive community. Share this magical event with your loved ones, but please keep this announcement off of non-Burning Man related lists. Minors are invited to share this event, but must be accompanied by an adult that will be responsible for their actions.

This is community participation based. Bring something to help participate and be a part of this magnificent festival of the arts. Please see http://www.burningman.com/participate/ . If you are an artist, musician, performance artist, or you just want to lend a helping hand, please visit our website www.fuegodiego.com/events for details, or write to decominfo (at) gmail (dot) com. We will need participants for art, music, performances, greeting, rangering, and infrastructure set-up and control. Fire art will be allowed only with proper approval, with conditions permitting, as it is a very fire sensitive area. Propane heaters and burn barrels will be allowed only in approved locations. Please bring any lights to add to the splendor of light shows already planned.

If you plan on bringing an RV, please RSVP to decominfo (at) gmail (dot) com with your name, contact info and size of vehicle.

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to celebrating this holiday with you.

The Fuego de los Muertos 2004 Organization Committee

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