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Happy 2005 to each and every one of you out there – hope that this new year finds you safe, healthy, and happy. Today we’ve got big news, just in time for the start of ticket sales for Burning Man 2005…the full text for this year’s Art Theme is here!

Larry Harvey Introduces 2005’s Art Theme thusly:

“A number of possible art themes were considered this year, and many contenders fell by the wayside. These include the perennial Swiss theme that we keep canned and on the shelf for use in an emergency (banking, chocolate, precision watches, obsessive tidiness, political neutrality). Another theme considered and discarded was “The Good Old Days”, a retro concept that commemorated the founding of our city. Recreation would consist of dragging folks around on tarps attached to pickup trucks. But some of us — who actually recall the good old days-remembered that there wasn’t any art at Burning Man in 1990.

Instead, our art theme in 2005 will be entitled “Psyche”. For further explanation, please go to: http://www.burningman.com/themecamps_installations/bm05_theme.html

It’s been a lot of fun conceptualizing this year’s theme. We hope that you’ll enjoy it– and find some way to participate. You now have a head start!”

and REMEMBER: TOMORROW (Wednesday January 5) TICKETS go on sale at 12 NOON Pacific Standard Time.

http://tickets.burningman.com has ALL the info, before you write with any questions, please read thoroughly.

File under “FYI”: we are aware that some in our community have concerns about this year’s early January start date for ticket sales. We do understand that, for many people, money is tight just after the holidays. However, in order to continue to afford to run the year-round operations that allow us to make Burning Man happen, we need to begin to bring in revenue right away.

As you probably already know, nearly all of the money that funds all the activities that build Black Rock City come from that year’s ticket sales. Historically, we have always begun ticket sales in January, because work on the next year’s event actually begins as soon as the previous year’s event is over. Last year’s late start to ticket sales was unusual: it happened that the increased population from the year before (2003) gave us a small financial cushion that allowed us to delay the start of 2004 ticket sales until March. This year, however, we’re back to our standard schedule.

If you’re a person who counts on being able to afford the lowest price tickets and money is tight, don’t forget to check out the “Reserved Low Income” ticket option as a possible alternative solution.

Happy new year, and we look forward to seeing you in Black Rock City ’05!

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