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JRS VOLUME #9; ISSUE #15: EVENTS! Flambe/Town Meeting Weekend

JRS:V9:#15:03.27.05 – Special Events Edition

Hello, dear readers. The coming week has some exciting things in store, and to invite you along, we thought to try a little experiment. We’ve been reading up all day on how to perform hypnosis, so we thought we’d practice on you, if you’d allow us to try.

Ready? Okay, get comfortable behind your computer.

(AG pulls out a pocketwatch, swinging it back and forth.) I want you to imagine the sound of my voice in the room with you, as you take some deep, calming breaths and let yourself relax. Your eyelids are getting very heavy. Er, wait, don’t close them. Skip that part. Just relax your mind…

Concentrate on the sound of my voice:
you are feeling very, very absurd…

(Hey, it’s working!) Now, I’m going to give you some instructions, and when you awaken, you will do everything I’m about to tell you.

You will make every attempt be in San Francisco next weekend, by whatever means possible. (If you cannot, there are instructions for you too, so keep reading…)

On Friday, April 1, you will clothe yourself in incredibly stupid items of outerwear. Perhaps you’ll a don a traffic cone hat. You might make a dress out of sponges and carry bubbles to blow. Maybe stick some toothbrushes in your hair. Make a protest sign decrying offshore logging or something. Whatever you choose, it must be…stupid.

You will stuff your pockets with pennies and socks and used Lottery tickets. You will meet up with us noon on the dot, at the foot of San Francisco’s Market Street, (Justin Hermann Plaza), as we all join in the 27rd annual St. Stupid’s Day Parade. http://www.saintstupid.com/event.html

Afterward, you’ll join us for the first-ever Flambe Lounge SK(b)OWLING NIGHT – and be among the first to help us figure out just how the heck ice skating and black light bowling go together, anyway. (Okay maybe not at the same time, but you have to admit it makes for an interesting visual image…)

If you are not able to be in San Francisco, you will still review the list of volunteer opportunities to help create Black Rock City in 2005 (below) and make your plans to connect with that team you’ve been meaning to check out.

If you can’t come to these events, you will still experience a gnawing desire to find a way to do something stupid wherever you will be on April 1. You will invite everyone around you to indulge in the celebration of the high holy day of absurdity, as we all strive to achieve that ultimate state of enlightenment, the Universal Gut Laugh.

Now, when I snap my fingers, you will read below for all the details and commence giggling in anticipation.



Part 1: 12-2pm: Start out at the 27th Annual St. Stupid’s Day Parade leaving 12pm SHARP from Justin Herman Plaza at Embarcadero. Dress stupid, bring socks, pennies… See http://www.saintstupid.com/event.html for how to participate. Rain and/or Shine. FREE.

Part 2: THE FIRST FLAMBE LOUNGE OF THE SEASON: an intimate gathering of the absurd, not to be missed!!! Flambe Lounge takes over Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center and presents a costumed ICESCAPADE and BLACKLIGHT BOWLING extravagargantua mixed-up mixer!!!

At Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center http://www.skatebowl.com
(Take elevator/stairs on Folsom St side between 3rd and 4th Streets up a level)
$10 in Stupid/FOOLish costume or blacklight sensitive clothing; $15 street clothes
(includes cost of ice skate rental.)
Those who come early enough can bowl and skate! This is below usual cost. A great chance to catch up with playa friends and make new ones–whether you sk(b)owl or not!

7:30-8:00 Gather with friends in playground outside skating rink
8:00 sharp-10pm Blacklight Bowling (wear blacklight clothing! Limited to 110 people/hr)
9:00-11:00 Ice Skating (can enter rink 8:30pm and accommodate 700 skaters on ice at a time and 1100 in the rink.

DESCRIPTION: Join April fools and festive tricksters as we take over BOTH the Yerba Buena Bowling alley AND Ice Skating Rink and refurbish them with costumed revelers, games, wacked-out Black Rock City djs, and all manner of burner tomfoolery!

Dress in blacklight reflective clothing and play Survival Bowling (instructions provided upon arrival). But who’s keeping score! Lane changing is encouraged at this two-hour mix and MIS-matched championshipwreck bowl-off! Bring your own bowling shoes or rent for $3.

Then skate on over to the Ice Skating Rink for figure skating and go round and round and round to musical skating madness and fun fun FUN! Expect random Burning Man Emergency Broadcasts, old school funk and 70s roller disco ice music by the Godfather of Skating and The Black Rock Roller Disco ON ICE!, polkas, exotica and other musical prepostera! We’ll also unveil the map with the new city layout and have other helpful playa info on hand! (If skating, wear athletic socks. They suggest long pants, sleeves and gloves, but not required. But earmuffs are always stylish!)

Beer and food may be ordered in the bowling alley; food available in ice skating rink.



This is your big opportunity to meet the behind-the-scenes superstars who make Burning Man happen, and find a way for YOU to get involved. Burning Man is a volunteer-driven event, with 3,000 people pitching in to make the event happen.

Meet the project managers and volunteer coordinators who bring it together. Ask questions, sign up to learn more, or jump right in!

From building our city with the DPW on the playa, riding the “edge of chaos” with the Rangers, greeting new arrivals, supporting art at the Artery, to SF office and technical help, lamp lighting, fielding questions at Playa Info, or erasing any trace after the event, there are many opportunities to fully participate in the Burning Man project. It’s a great way to meet people, and to feel more connected to the “burner” community. This meeting is open to the public. Check it out!

Tickets will be on sale throughout the town meeting. CASH SALES ONLY! Please come prepared – we will not be able to accept any other forms of payment at this venue.

This is an indoor event, no outside BBQ as in the past. Please bring a yummy pot-luck dish, snacks, or drinks to share.

Limited metered street parking. Please use SF Muni (and BART) access via the historic Muni F line.

Spring Volunteer Recruitment Town Meeting & Pot Luck
April 2nd from noon to 3 pm
Swedish American Hall above Café DuNord
2174 Market Street (at 15th Street)
San Francisco

<> / This is an indoor event, no outside BBQ as in the past. Please support your burner community by bringing a yummy pot-luck dish, snacks, or drinks to share. <> /

Limited metered street parking. Please use SF Muni (and BART) access via the historic Muni F line.

You’ll find opportunities like the ones below. If you can’t make it, there’s contact information here in each description…





Pre-event in San Jose: Office trailer reconstruction, decorating, painting, miscellaneous general labor
Pre-event on playa: Airport construction and setup
During event: Customs Agents to run the Airport gate and box office (prior experience with greeting, gate, or box office highly desirable); Airplane Parking Lot Attendants; performance artists.
Contact Erika, email airport-volunteers


ARTery team

The ARTery is the Burning Man Art Team. On-playa, our headquarters functions as a check-in center for artists, as well as a hub for information about their art. Off-playa, we operate all year round to make sure that artist applications get processed and art-ifacts are catalogued. We are looking for people who are excited about working in our HQ to meet, greet and register artists or help with our daily art tours as well as assist with the placement of art using GPS (we’ll teach you!). Pre playa we have monthly information and training meetings. On playa we have two shifts that you can volunteer to work, morning or afternoon, choosing to work in our HQ in center camp or out in the field placing artists. Contact, email arteryvolunteers


Black Rock Rangers

Dirt Rangers: We have fun meeting people while we roam Black Rock City and we feel a sense of fulfillment from knowing we played a part in helping others enjoy Burning Man safely. Qualifications: A great sense of humor; Patience, patience, and more patience; Generosity and sympathy; An easy-going attitude; Creative problem-solving abilities; Mediation skills; At least one year attendance at the Burning Man event.

Echelon Rangers: Description/skill set needed: Echelon is the support organization for the Rangers on the Playa. We need folks with good organizational skills, patience, computer usage skills, and the ability to drive a truck very slowly in a crowd. email rangers


Center Camp CAFE ‘Community Center’ needs YOU!

The Center Camp Cafe embodies the spirit of the Burning Man event as the community center providing 24hrs of education and performance. In 2005 the Cafe Community Center will contain one stage for participants to express themselves through spoken word, live music, lectures, performance art, circus and dance. We furnish it, light it at night and present interactive art.

The Cafe Sound Team is involved in everything from building the stage to wiring it for sound, working the sound board during the event and even managing the performers on stage. We offer all levels of participation from a series of 4 hour shifts during the event to year round involvement of planning and working at Burning Man related events in the Bay Area. The Cafe Sound Team is composed of members with diverse levels of experience and we welcome responses from all who are interested. Come participate in the most FUN ‘theme camp ’at Burning Man! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator marie(at)burningman(dot)com with any questions you may have.

The Cafe Lighting Team is involved in wiring and lighting the 38,000 sq. ft. structure for evening enjoyment. We are seeking all levels of electrical expertise and participation. Planning starts in May at bi-monthly meetings or you can just come out for the week of set up to create the magic! Please contact our Lighting Team Volunteer Coordinator helen(at)burningman(dot)com with any questions you may have.

The Cafe Decor team is seeking artists, builders, seamstress/seamsters, and crafty folks alike to help create the beautiful oasis we all enjoy on the playa. Craft Parties will take place in San Francisco at Burning Man headquarters where participants can work on every thing from glue gunning to sewing to constructing lighting implements. The Craft Party dates for 2005 are 4/9, 5/8, 6/11, 7/9, 7/31 1pm-6pm (subject to change, check JRS for updates).



The Lamplighters are charged with lighting the major boulevards of BRC every night, without fail. It begins EVERY EVENING of the event in our Center Camp Chapel at 5pm. The ceremony begins around 6, and soon the work is done. No experience is required. We welcome virgin and seasoned burners alike. You don’t have to camp in our village to Lamplight. One thing is certain though. We can’t do it without YOU. email lamplighters



The Greeters are looking for fun-loving, energetic, creative, ready to welcome home the family sort of people. Remember that the party starts at Greeters!!! We are the First Contact between participants and the denizens of Black Rock City. Armed with wit, wisdom and infectious exuberance, the Greeters take advantage of this opportunity by becoming skilled information providers conducting helpful, on-the-fly workshops to carloads of people. email greeters


Department of Public Works (DPW)

The Black Rock City Dept. of Public Works needs hardy volunteers of all skill levels and famous attitudes. Clean Up MOOPers, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Riggers, Welders, Certified propane and liquid fuel transporters and handlers, 2-way Radio Operators/Dispatch Operators and anybody with a strong back, strong sense of adventure or a strong sense of spirit. Email: email dpwvolunteers for more info and or come by our table at the Town Hall.


Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians use various methods and media to communicate Leave No Trace (LNT) principles and practices to the Burning Man community. We also visit the Black Rock desert outside of the Burning Man event both to introduce participants to the beauty of the area and to participate in restoration and education activities. Our volunteer teams include groups focused on theme camp and art LNT, restoration of sensitive areas around the playa, outdoor education and monitors for hot springs and burn platforms. We also have communication specialists who work on LNT messages that go out to the larger Burning Man community via email, web, PSA and video (LNTV). If you love the environment, would like to help spread your enthusiasm and like to talk, write, perform, video, animate, restore or just pick up MOOP — come visit us at the town hall meeting. email earthguardians


Emergency Services Department (ESD)

Fire Fighters, Medical Professionals, EMS Professionals, Mental Health Professionals, Dispatchers, Communications Technicians, Experienced Logistics Managers, Experienced Emergency Managers. Write email 911


Gate Staff and Perimeter

We are the first playa covered faces people see before entering black rock city, making this often thought of thankless job very rewarding. As our departments run 24hrs many short 6 hour shifts are available around the clock. Volunteer’s activities range from directing traffic, tearing tickets, participating in vehicle searches, to riding along with the perimeter team and thwarting fence crashers outside our city. email gate


Media Team

You may not know it, but Burning Man’s Media Team don’t actually seek out attention from the press. We don’t send out press releases to promote the event, nor issue free passes to cover it. That said, hundreds of photographers, journalists, and film crews still come to the playa — from the Reno Journal Gazette to the Times of London, CNN, NPR, and PhDs — because we’re so darn interesting. The Media Team’s goal is to try to acculturate these reporters into participation, the best way to help them show the world the *real* Black Rock City (and show them why we love our event so much!)

What do we do?

* Interact with the media: year-round and at the event.
* Facilitate contracts: the legal documents that outline the rights of participants and Burning Man, and the responsibilities of media and film crews.
* Protect the Intellectual Property rights of the organization and artists.
* Mediate violations of Burning Man’s anti-commodification policy.
* Coordinate Media Mecca logistics and hospitality.
* Help educate our population on the community’s ethos and the Project’s media and trademark policies.

Media Team members live all over the world and tend to have press and journalism backgrounds, or experience in film, communications, or the arts. We can also use your skills if you’ve got a background in PR, politics, or law, or you just like helping to support people who do. We like for people to have attended a year since they’ll be answering questions and helping others understand the goals of the Project and the realities of the event. Of course we also need hands-on tool-belt-fun help building and dismantling Media Mecca, and keeping it maintained throughout the week.

Visit the Media Team booth at this year’s Town Meeting, or email Polly Harrold, Volunteer Coordinator, email polly.


Playa Info

Oracles: Do you like helping people? Does answering questions while relaxing in the shade appeal to you? If you’ve been to Burning Man at least once and have a sense of humor, then the Oracles need you! It’s a great way to meet participants from around the world.

Directory: The Directory is a database listing theme camps and individual camps and their placement on the playa. Volunteering with the Directory includes:
* Helping people to register – a great way to find out about theme camps and meet people.
* Inputting data to update the new arrivals and locations of personal campsites. This is also a great way to familiarize yourself to find all the cool theme camps.
* Helping people find their friends, family, lovers or theme camps – this is the coolest part of the job and the most rewarding. email playainfo


Recycle Camp

Recycle Camp set up pre event:
* Carpentry
* Experience with Domes
Roaming the city, telling people about Recycle Camp, Collecting cans throughout the City and at Recycle Camp, Crushing and bagging the cans at Recycle Camp. Recycle Camp is always looking for volunteers to help out on the Playa. Come by our Town Meeting table and introduce yourself and we’ll tell you all about our camp. Ask for Blue email blue


Special Events / Flambé Lounges (Bay Area)

On a SF local level, we need:
* Artists to create unique environments and share works of art bound for the
* playa. Also original art that supports changing Flambé themes. (NOTE: Artists in search of assistance with playa projects may also wish to set-up informational tables to find creative collaborators.)
* Original performers and deejays.
* Theme camps to set-up environments and/or info “booths” to share their playa plans and needs.
* Volunteers to help with set-up, break-down, building, decor, etc.
* Burning Man videos to share and preview in screening rooms.
* People with original ideas and unique abilities of all kinds.

NOTE: Special Events will not have a table at Town Meeting. Email email flambelounge with ideas and questions and fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire. http://www.burningman.com/participate/questionnaire.html Indicate your interest in Special Events on question #14.


Technology and Web Teams

We welcome network engineers, system administrators, python programmers, Zope/Plone developers, HTML coders, CSS wizards, database jockeys, webscripters, graphic designers, information architects, project managers, writers, content editors, and image jockeys. These days we are particularly looking for Plone developers, project managers, writers, and user experience gurus. email techie-volunteers.


Hey, this hypnosis thing is kinda fun! Maybe we’ll try it with more stuff. Hmmm…

(swings pocketwatch again)…you are feeling very, very prepared to Leave No Trace at Burning Man 2005…

See you next time!

Andie Grace, Actiongrl
Office of the Jack Rabbit

[Soundtrack to the JRS: Jesus Lizard “Shot” – you know, for Easter.]