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Rabbit, Rabbit.

It’s been too long since my last confession. Oh, wait, wrong booth.

Just to remind you all, I don’t tend to utilize the usual format when I write a JRS. I’m speaking directly to the two of you who keep writing to complain about it. Best I can say is change is good, and I like to work outside the box?even if I created the original box! JRS is 8 years old, btw, and I know of at least one person who’s archived each and every one no matter which format they’re in!


Read on about: SFChronicle article, BRAF and David’s SF-based chapel, thank-yous, theme camp registration deadlines, the annual very cool desert back packing trip and opportunity to be trained to teach others Leave No Trace ethics, Reverend Billy, the Burner-owned/managed Harmony Festival which will include Mutator at night, and the Mermen send out a plea!

Oh, next JRS will have lots of info about how to perform or volunteer to support performance at the Caf?. ADDITIONAL tasty info about how YOU can support the Critical Tits fundraiser in San Francisco. It’s a great kick off for Pride weekend in San Francisco on Thursday June 24th save the date: Rickshaw Stop. Be there and celebrate pride in a favorite annual BRC celebration of the female.



Check this out: Good journalism, front page Sunday, 4 pages, some minor inaccuracies, one being that Burning Man raised money for David Best’s San Francisco Chapel when in fact it was the hard work of the Black Rock Arts Foundation partnered with the San Francisco Arts Commission. The piece is nearly finished. Octavia near Hayes for those in SF. It’ll be up for a few months.

BRAF and Best:

Speaking of the Black Rock Arts foundation. My last JRS on April 28 produced a nice spurt of assistance. We also had a lovely fundraiser for David’s piece specifically at a Burner’s place in SF, which helped. Most recently we had a terrific Black Rock Arts Foundation fundraising party at a SF restaurant partly owned by a local Burner and event promoter. The evening at Oola in San Francisco on Folsom. Wow, Oooh lah lah. Good food, good drink, great company, thanks to all who attended, very cool auction prizes, and we finished raising the money for David’s project with change to spare to distribute art grants. <http://www.blackrockarts.org/> We still need funding to help support the non-profit. We want to award more grants this year and we have a small skeleton crew that needs to receive well deserved compensation. DONATE now. Please. http://www.donatetoblackrockarts.org/

The Preacher:

And, a group that previously received a BRAF grant will be in San Francisco this week. They have some events lined up, and some of their “choir” could use places to stay. Direct from Rev. Billy: Join Reverend Billy on the SHOPOCALYPSE TOUR — the 35 voice Stop Shopping Gospel Choir returns to the Bay Area warning local residents that the SHOPTURE is at hand. Soon many among us will be lifted up into the ETERNITY OF UNASKED-FOR CONVENIENCE! Damn! REVBILLY.COM BUT WAIT, then need some places to stay. Reverend Billy and The Heavenly StopShopping Choir Singers arrive for Bay Area Revival and need SF beds June 1st and then again June 4th and 5th. Can you host a crazy New York singer or two? We promise you will be absolved of all your (shopping) sins. and THANK YOU. stopshoppingchoir(at)earthlink(dot)net or savitri d at : 646.299.3019, NOW, duck if you’re not in the Bay Area and don’t want to read this list of where they’ll be:

June 1st Wed.Vallejo Wal Mart parking lot 5 pm; June 2 Thurs. Laura Flanders Show KALW 91.7 FM 10:00 am; UC-Santa Cruz, Media Center 4 pm, Guerilla Drive In 8 pm; June 3, Fri. SF City Hall with Global Exchange 11:00 am, David Best’s Temple Octavio/Hayes 2 pm, Bolinas Community Center 8 pm; June 4th Sat, VICTORIA THEATRE 8 pm; June 5th Sun KRON TV 10 am, VICTORIA THEATRE 8 pm; June 7th Tues, City Light Books, reading from “What Should I do If Reverend Billy is In My Store?” 7 pm.

SF events list:

(if you live in SF and want announcements of other Bay Area events go ahead and subscribe to the Burning Man SF events announcement list so we can continue posting fewer and fewer SF-centric events to this world-wide-subscriber newsletter. Posts are intermittent and typically as closely related to Burning Man or theme camps, or crazy shit as possible: sanfrancisco-announce-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com)


While we’re on the THANK YOU’s for the arts foundation: There is no way to adequately thank all of you that step up and contribute to making Burning Man happen. There’s everything from year round administration, volunteers, theme campers, artists, and regional contacts. I specifically want to extend my appreciation to those of you that send us fun gifts and things to the office. Your packages and gifts keep us inspired through dark and difficult days. Thanks from everyone in the office, and “Meow” from me personally.


Borg2 will be having art elections later this week. You have to be on their list which pre-register’s you. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a JRS out in time to help you register. However, those that are registered?.VOTE! check out the art up for grants: <http://www.borg2.org/artProposals.php3>

City Plan/Layout:

And, have you seen the new plan to map (place) registered theme camps into BRC? Tired of a suburb and urban layout that makes the outer streets feel like Siberia? You’ll like this: http://www.burningman.com/preparation/maps/05_maps/index.html

Speaking of theme camps: this from Harley and Terry in Community Services:

Theme Camp registration:

– The deadline for THEME CAMP submissions is rapidly approaching!

NOW is the time! – fill out your questionnaire and get your map and cleanup plan in to us by June 30th, 2005 11:59 PM for placement in Black Rock City 2005.

You can go here: http://forms.burningman.com/tcq2k5/ and access the theme camp form. It will take you approximately 30 minutes to fill it out, so be patient and prepared to answer tons of questions! This is your camp’s key to placement, being mapped, and other goodies, so be sure to register NOW! (Many participants have found it useful to print a copy of this questionnaire to fill out while off-line. We have provided a PDF version of the Theme Camp questionnaire for this purpose).

Don’t miss the deadline!!


Leave No Trace training and hiking oh my:

AND, speaking of Community Services?.the Earth Guardians are having their annual awesome uber-hike and Leave No Trace training event in the Black Rock Desert. The hike can only take a limited number of people, but there are still spots available. So, JUMP on it! Weather in the Black Rock Desert Area has been very mild this year. Should be a beautiful trip this year. So, here’s the pitch:

Don’t let winter in May get you down, announcing the 2005 Earth Guardian LNT Backpacking trip! – June 12 and 13, Black Rock Desert! This is our annual in-depth training focused on the LNT principles and how they apply to Burning Man. We encourage any interested people to attend, it’s also a great chance to meet other Burners and swap ideas for this year’s event.

June 12/13 Leave No Trace Train the Trainer Backpacking Trip

We’ll explore one of the Wilderness Areas in the Black Rock Desert/High Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. You will be given a topic and help teach the class. You’re also required to have fun. On completion you will be certified as a LNT trainer and handed a frothy and refreshing beverage. Your mission will be to spread the Leave No Trace word to groups in Burning Man communities.

There will be a very limited number of spots for attendees. Please sign up for the course only if you are sure that you will participate. There is no charge for this training – it is sponsored by Burning Man. More details about what’s expected?: <http://earthguardians.burningman.com/egtrain.html>

This year we’re planning to explore Fly Canyon. To get you excited, here are a few pictures from a recent Sierra Club LNT class held in Fly Canyon which was lead by one of the trainers we trained in last year’s trip, Kurt! <http://nevada.sierraclub.org/gbgroup/images/flyCanyon_4-9-05/index.htm>

The LNT backing trip is limited in size. Email karina(at)burningman(dot)com with LNT trip in your subject line to bypass the human eye scan for SPAM.


Harmony Festival and Mutaytor?.(woo hoo)

If you don’t go on the camping trip, and you’re in the Bay Area (actually the North Bay) AND you’re a fan of Mutaytor?.you’re in luck. They’ll be performing at the Harmony Festival at the Sonoma County Fair Grounds. There’s the fun of the day festival (Sat and Sun June 11-12), craft booths, organo groovy this and that, food, clothing (I always buy a Burning Man outfit or two here each year) and all kinds of stuff for the environmentally conscious individual. The Saturday NIGHTfestivites are always a blast with Burning Man favorite Mutaytor performing in one of 3 venues Sat. June 11. Check it out: http://www.harmonyfestival.com

Mermen’s Gear Stolen in Las Vegas! HELP!!

The Mermen suffered a disastrous tragedy (5/26/05) in Las Vegas after their show at the Hard Rock Cafe. The UHaul trailer that they had all of their gear stored in was stolen from the oversize parking lot at The Flamingo Hotel/Casino. The lost all of their amps, Jim’s guitars, Jennifer’s bass, Martyn’s drums, cables, Jaime’s video projection equipment. They are all devastated, and need help getting their gear back.

$$$ They are willing to pay a reward for the return of their gear.

The UHaul trailer that was stolen had a Chicago travel ad on the side, and the license plate # is: Arkansas PT103498. The UHaul number is : AU34671C. If you see this trailer or any of their equipment, please contact them at: (650)455-5111: Martyn — (415)830-0755: Jaime — (415)200-5493: Jim

Jack Rabbit seeking new bunnies:

Action Girl and I have a little help from Cabe, and Edub helps with the tech back end of the JRS, but we could use some more help answering inquiries AND compiling the JRS and if you have the skills to compose intros and MORE. If you’re interested we must see previous writing. And you must have attended the event for at least a year, the longer the better. Previous experience in our volunteer infrastructure is helpful, but not mandatory. email: jackrabbitspeaks(at)burningman(dot)com and put “New Rabbits?” or something clever but related in the Subject line. And, thanks.


okay?..that’s all for now folks.

Get out and do something. It’s a nice day somewhere, and if it’s not?pretend.

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