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Good day Burners:

Welcome to the Wack Jabbit Speaks. 92 days until the Man burns.

This morning I attended a 9:00 am dedication of a new park in San Francisco, California. In the middle of that park is a temporary wooden sculptural piece by David Best and the Temple Crew. (Fundraising was you, the Black Rock Arts Foundation and San Francisco Arts Commission) It’s spectacular. The woman who hosted the event leads a non-profit called the Neighborhood Parks Coalition. She spoke about the value of temporary public art in San Francisco. Then David spoke about how temporary art will bring people back to a space time and time again to experience each other. Then, Mayor Gavin Newsom spoke in similar terms about green space, the art in San Francisco and how temporary public art is less likely to offend (which is why he says the city has trouble installing public art) and that more people will come out if we work together to make it happen. Too cool. Can’t wait to see what we can put up next!

Activists and humor in San Francisco: http://laughingsquid.com/2005/05/30/billboard-liberation-front-to-serve-man/

Playa humor: http://www.playazon.com/

corrected URLs for Chronicle article:

Mermen theft replacement fund via Pay Pal (see last JRS): mermen(at)earthlink(dot)net


WHAT’s HERE TODAY? (uh, Table of Contents?)

Stuff YOU can and SHOULD help with: Theme Camps and volunteerism before and in support of Black Rock City on the Playa.

Event-Free issue except for the Critical Tits fundraiser, Thursday, June 23rd in SF.

I’m sorry I can’t do better on giving you a contents list. I’m trying to kick this puppy outta here before you go home for the weekend. Just like old times. Raw, confusing, unreadable, (work with me here) and in no particular order, except the Café stuff is at the end since it’s SOoo long–but Sooo important since the Café is one BIG “scene” (the Center of the Center)–you should really step up and help them do their thing. They ARE a fun bunch to work hard and play hard with.

And there is a Borg2 post embedded in here somewhere.

Oh, and announcements about Lamplighters making robes this weekend, ESD, Exodus stuff. You could design Alien Love nest pendants, or design Burning Man stickers. Or help with the CT fundraiser or with the BRCPO. Or the Burning Man Band! Yummy info.

We do have a “resources issue” of the JRS coning up in a few weeks, but you should see this stuff before it’s too late to get one. Talk about a playa coat. MEOW! http://www.lulievision.com

Hey, get involved.



For the Nth time since ancient times (mid-90s), the Aliens create pendants and gift them to the participants of Black Rock City, Nevada. Part of the experience is the design phase of the pendants?which is now.

DESIGN! DESIGN LIKE YOU MEAN IT! We’re now sending out the call for new designs of the annual pendants. The pendant design should have elements of Burning Man, plus the year “2005.” Bonus points for incorporating this year’s theme

The winning submission will receive a fistful of monkey love (also known as a number of pendants, the number to be determined by the size of the winner?s greedy little paw), mad monkey love and adulations, as well as other types of Monkey schwag (as yet to be determined).

All the lovely details available at http://alienmonkeylove.net/pendants.shtml




The new city layout for BRC in 2005 means more lamps than ever before. MORE LAMPS mean MORE LAMPLIGHTERS mean MORE ROBES. Join us this next Sunday June 5th from 12 noon til 5 p.m. at the SF Burning Man HQ for our 2nd Annual Robe Making Party. Bring along a white sheet or some shiny material for making sashes. We’ll need sewing machines & some folks who can use ’em. Can’t sew? No problem, we can also use cutters, folders, pattern makers, and a few kids to huff spray paint! It’s a potluck so bring something to share and get ready for some of the best Bloody Mary’s your eyes have ever laid lips on. RSVP to hale(at)burningman(dot)com — See you there!



Hello fellow Burners !

The Burning Band is looking for marching (well, ambulatory) band musicians….

A favorite playa fixture for many years, the Burning Band is HQ’ed at The ConGLOMerate Village. Attired in spiffy uniforms, we raise hell every afternoon on the Esplanade, and at two incomparable Glom evening gigs – the Weird Underwear Brigade and the Little Black Dress parade. We also lend ambiance and elan to your private parties, funerals, weddings, bar mitzvahs…. just ask for us at .

The Burning Band continually needs more wind, more brass, more drums, violins, kazoos, flugelhorns ! Even ‘alternative’ instruments are welcome, such as hose & funnelhorns, washboards, and Tupperware percussion. Were you last chair in your school band ? Have you forgotten what half those little keys and levers were for ? Perfect ! If you have an instrument of any kind and wanna bring some class to the playa, come play with us !!!

Traditionally (always in B-flat concert) we improvise on crowd-pleasers such as “Tipperary,” “Yes, We Have No Bananas,” and “Walk Right In.” We have a tune list for you online. (Your suggestions are always welcome.) We will lend you a splendid custom-designed uniform. And did we mention Free Booze for the embouchure?

If you’re interested in joining the Burning Band during any or all of its playa performances, please contact us now. Our main contact person is Carbon Buildup. You can mail him at .

Huzzah !

Carbon Buildup



The Black Rock City Post Office is looking for volunteers. If you are outgoing, or just want to pretend you are, please contact the BRCPO at brcpomanagers(at)yahoo(dot)com and ask for an application. We are looking for Delivery Specialists. As a Delivery Specialist you will be delivering mail to the citizens of Black Rock City. If you or your camp has printed material that you would like handed out at the event please feel free to bring it by the BRCPO and our Delivery Specialists will make sure these get handed out to Black Rock City. For more information, please visit our website at www.brcpo.com.



Dude says to the rabbit:

“Just the other day i heard about personalized stamps available from www.stamps.com they charge $16.99 for a sheet of twenty 37 cent stamps. so if you have a photo or photos you took (no porno or black and white photos) you can scan it to them and they will print it for you. How fun would it be to send burner and non-burner friends letters and post cards with your own personal stamp from the BRC post office?”


Speaking of things that stick on stuff:


This is the official call for designs for the 2005 Burning Man stickers that are passed out with the materials you receive at the Greeters station in Black Rock City. (and other designs that appear randomly in your hands at other points in time)

These stickers are two color and can vary in size from 2.25″ by 5.5″ to 3″ by 3″ or 3″ in diameter for a round design. Please incorporate the name Burning Man and the year 2005 into your design. These are two color stickers only so please design accordingly. If at all possible, please post your design on a web page and send the URL to Bex; otherwise send in an Adobe Illustrator file to bex(at)burningman(dot)com. Whether sending your design or questions, please put “STICKER DESIGN” in the subject header. HEY, remember there IS a theme, and we like stickers that attempt to use the theme! The Psyche!

We are also looking for designs for the 2005 car stickers. This sticker is a car window sticker that will be printed on clear vinyl and in two colors. Please make sure designs contain the Burning Man name and the year 2005. Designs should be 2″ by 2″ or 2″ diameter if round. If at all possible, please post your design on a web page and send the URL to Bex; otherwise send in an Adobe Illustrator file to bex(at)burningman(dot)com. Please put “STICKER DESIGN” in the subject header. Ditto here on the theme!

THEME: http://www.burningman.com/art_of_burningman/bm05_theme.html

The deadline for design submissions is Friday June 24th.

Thank you and Good Luck!


Speaking of body paint sticking on things:


Like I said earlier: Critical Tits fundraiser, Thursday, June 23rd in SF. The Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco is a cute spot. Buy your tickets in advance so they know you’re coming! DONATE something to their silent auction. Don’t just gawk as we ride by–and I can say “we” since I’ve ridden in it for 2 years! Kick off SF-Pride weekend in support of the goddess.




Contact: BORG2 Art Council 2005 website: a href=”http://www.borg2.org”>www.borg2.org email: info(at)borg2(dot)org

BORG2 Gets Ready To Vote For Burning Man Alternate Art

San Francisco, CA — May 21, 2005 — Five months after BORG2 rose up in an effort to re direct Burning Man toward WILDLY COLLABORATIVE ART-MAKING it is nearly time to choose the projects to be funded.

Democratic voting on art proposals will take place from Thursday, June 2 to Tuesday, June 7 by subscribers to the BORG2 Bullhorn.

The Art project proposals will be prepared and packaged by the Art Council and Guest Curators for public consideration by Friday, May 27, allowing another SIX days for Bullhorn subscribers to review them at http://www.borg2.org/artProposals.php3.

BORG2 invite Burners everywhere to join the process and help refine the projects at http://borg2.tribe.net. This will also be the FORUM for latest news, campaigning, and a good information source for those wishing to help build the projects.

In order to achieve the remaining $10,000 of the 250,000 DIMES ($25,000) target for funding the art , the fundraising team headed by Jim Mason have come up with a “ONE BURRITO AND ONE BEER” pledge program whereby ten bucks – the price of a burrito and a beer – is pledged for each of the next 4 months until the event at http://www.borg2.org/donate.php3 via Paypal or Snailmail.

Art lovers interested in collaborating creatively to making Burning Man 2005 spectacular should use the next couple weeks wisely.

For information go to http://www.borg2.org or contact:info(at)borg2(dot)org.

BORG2 a experimental project designed to demonstrate a radically collaborative community-based process to fund and curate public works of art at the Burning Man 2005 event.

Donate now http://www.borg2.org/donate.php3



Since you’ve been going to Burning Man, you may have noticed that it seems radios are everywhere. No, not the kind you listen to music on, but the kind you talk on. You see DPW, Rangers, Emergency Services, Community Services, and even the nice girl who helped place your theme camp last year? all of them carrying radios. If you’ve gotten the impression that radios are how things get done on the playa, you’re right!

Burning Man’s communications system is the vital link that keeps everything moving on the playa. Over 1000 hours are spent maintaining, cleaning, upgrading and testing Burning Man’s radio system every year. We are a small handful of volunteers, and we’re looking for a few technicians to become part of our happy collective. This is our art project, our contribution to Burning Man. But, unlike most art projects, this one is a critical part of Burning Man’s infrastructure. It?s a project that must be completed and must be running, on time, every year, without fail.

Your art is your technical contribution to this ongoing project. Ideally, you have a background in 2-way radio, Cellular, Paging, Military or Amateur Radio systems. If you don’t necessarily fit into any of the aforementioned categories, but have technical aptitude and a strong desire to learn please contact us.

Requirements: Residence in the San Francisco Bay Area and the surrounding communities or residence in the communities surrounding Reno, Nevada is strongly suggested. Ability to attend a majority of the weekend work parties (San Francisco Bay Area) is required.

If you’d like more information, send an email to: 911(at)burningman(dot)com

Thanks for reading!

Greg Stramback–Deputy Administrative Chief–Communications
Emergency Services Department



Last year’s Exodus went pretty quickly and safely, with only a couple of speedbumps. Thanks to a small crew of hardworking people, exit times have been slashed and exodus gets better every year. However, we are in desperate need for more volunteers! Specifically, we need Nevada State Certified Flaggers. I know, you’re thinking “I’d love to volunteer for Exodus, but I’m not a Certified Flagger.” Well, we have to solution to your problem. On Wednesday, during the event, you will be whisked away by official Burningman transportation to the air-conditioned coolness of Bruno’s in Gerlach for a couple of hours of training, at the end of which you too will join the elite as a card -carrying Nevada State Certified Flagger. (and have the opportunity to get fries and a milkshake.) After this honor isbestowed upon you, you can then volunteer as a Flagger, shepherding the masses, and keeping our highways and byways safe for exiting participants.

That and you get to wear a pimpin’ orange vest, chillin and waving ‘good-bye’ while everybody else is stuck in traffic. Exodus is a fun, hard-working crew always looking to add more fun, hardworking volunteers to the ranks. We welcome anyone, and if you can’t make the flagger training, we have tons of other jobs for you! Interested? I thought so.

Email: exodus(at)burningman(dot)com for more info.

Exodus Volunteer Coordinator



Not ONLY should you bring your own MUG to the Café this year. BUT, you should help these fine folks out?..Just hanging around Spanky, Simon, Marcia and Good Times (yup, his radio name) is a good time! And that just scratches the surface.


Are you ready to Light up Lives on the playa this year? The Center Camp Cafe embodies the spirit of Burning Man as the community center providing 24 hours of performance, art and education. The Cafe Community Center will contain one stage this year for live music, spoken word, performance art, circus, and dance. How will everyone be able to see these events you ask? LIGHTS and lots of them!

The Cafe Lighting Team is involved in lighting not only the stage but the entire 38,000 sq. ft. structure (so you can see your coffee). We are looking for a team leader for the week of set-up on playa (Aug. 22-29). The ideal person would have electrical and/or lighting design experience, see the “big picture” and understand how to plan around art and performance. This person would act as the “on-playa project manager” for the team’s manager, supervising multiple tasks of the small crew in conjunction with the Café Décor team and the over all Café construction schedule.

If this sounds like your idea of FUN please contact café-vols(at)burningman(dot)com

We want, love, and need You!

Helen Hickman
Center Camp Cafe
Lighting Team Volunteer Coordinatrix

================<br />

Greetings! Spanky here, of the Café Performance Team. This year we have some great volunteers lined up to help with the huge task of coordinating all of the performances that happen in the Center Camp Café. We’re geared up to start taking submission and booking the schedules, and that’s where you come in! You’ll find detailed descriptions of what we’re looking for outlined in the sections below. If you’re a musician, aerial or circus performer, spoken word artist, or have a larger scale performance that you’d like to schedule in the Café, please take a moment to read the next few sections carefully for information on how to get in touch with us.

But first a quick overview:

On the Café Performance stage we book musicians, spoken word artists, dancers, civic talks and more. We have a sound booth, manned with qualified technicians, a PA for the stage, microphones and mic stands available 24 hours a day for our performers. We also have rigging points for aerialists and have started booking large performance gatherings in what we call the Center of the Center of the Café. We’ve even got plans to bring sound into this center space to bolster performances there. We book performers up until around the end of July, and we keep a certain percent of our schedule open for walk-up performances.

Not only do we need performers, but we also need people to run the sound booth, manage the stage, help set up and break down the equipment, and more! So, without further ado, here are details for each of the areas we need your help with…

====================<br />
CENTER of the CENTER<br />

A Call to Performers of Circus and Stuff

(poetry by whitebread the clone)

Be you in the air, on the ground, or somewhere in between,
this is the place to schedule time to show and to be seen.
The Center of the Center Camp Cafe has height and width and girth
for spectacles of rancor, sorrow, delightful fear and mirth.
From aerial acts, improv contacts, hula hoops et al,
it’s me you need to speak to first to prevent a circus brawl.
Come to teach, come to play, come to share your gift,
and if you sign the dotted line we’ll save you a shift.
So email me; I’ll see what I can do.
We just might have some space this year for you and you and you.


What I need from you:

(1) ETA – Estimated Time of Act (how long is your thing?)
(2) Space Requirements – rigging needs, overall usage of Center Space (need the whole thing or just an edge?)
(3) Sound Needs – have music? want music? want silence?
(4) Synopsis – gimme a description of who you are and what you do. Bonus points for brevity.

Please visit our page on the Burning Man site for our contact information: http://www.burningman.com/participate/cafe_performance.html

==========<br />
CAF&Eacute; MUSIC<br />

Hey, Musicians! There’s a community stage in the Café, and we’re signing up performers. Along with lyricists, poets, talk shows and other varieties, you’ll find instrumentalists, virtuosos and talented musicians from around the world. The stage will be open 24 hours a day during the event, and the slots are 1/2 hour or longer. We try to schedule a broad mix of offerings that will play well amongst friends in a laid back space. We are part of a neighborhood. Sometimes musicians approach the Café stage as if it were a trophy, but it isn’t, it’s a community space. Nobody headlines at Burning Man.

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting. No matter how excellent an act may be, if it doesn’t fit the guidelines, it probably won’t get scheduled.


The Café’s community stage is of one of many places people perform on the playa. We are looking for acts that people wouldn’t expect to find somewhere else. The Café is fairly large, but it’s still an intimate space. We do not tend to schedule singer/songwriters, DJ’s, or rock bands. Dance music, in particular, or anything that a DJ might usually play, is well-represented in dozens of other places at Burning Man. Things that would play well in Las Vegas or other large venues, don’t go over that well in the Café and tend to break the vibe. Instead, we are looking for original, organic, instrumental performances involving unique instruments or genres. We are looking for nonvocal music that won’t distract from the conversational and generally laid back spirit of the Café. We do schedule some “highlighted” performances that demand attention, but might not be standard fare. For example:

* unique acoustic instruments: singing bowls, didgeridoo, jew’s harp…
* acoustic instruments: cello, quartets, oboe, flute…
* world music: a Capella groups, ethnic stylings, acts performing local, native music…
* unique/funky: once in a while an act with a really unique sound, even though it’s outside the usual guidelines. This is a little subjective, but please accept that we’re doing our best to be even handed, and to give the Café a broad mix.

If you feel that your act falls within these guidelines, take a moment to visit our page on the Burning Man website for our contact information. Drop us an email and we’ll get you booked for a slot during the event: http://www.burningman.com/participate/cafe_performance.html.

Keep in mind that lots of participants would like to play in the Café, and we’re going to have to turn performers down, even some very good ones. Please don’t take it personally, we have a limited amount of space and a mission to match the atmosphere of the Café. Burning Man is a huge little world. If you’d like a stage to perform on, it might serve the community well to put together a performance space that showcases your talents. The playa is a build-your-own-reality kind of place.

Here are some links that might be useful in digging around for other places to perform on the playa or for networking with other musicians and performers who are coming to Burning Man:

* the ePlaya
* Tribe.net:
* Performance Section of the website:

================<br />
CAF&Eacute; SPOKEN WORD<br />

If your forté is poetry, comedy, or other original spoken-word style performance, we have the place for you. Take a minute to send an email to Poetry Dave, who’s booking the Spoken Word acts again this year. Look for contact information on our webpage.

===============<br />
CAF&Eacute; SOUND TEAM<br />

Sound Engineers and Technicians we need YOU! Here’s an opportunity for those interested in working with sound systems in a live performance setting to have some fun! The venue is the Café at Center Camp and the performers are as interesting and diverse as you would expect of BRC citizens. We have openings for the very experienced, the somewhat experienced, and a few positions for inexperienced burners who desire to learn audio engineering. On hand will be two veteran engineers to help you with problems and to make sure you have the tools and information you need to do the job. Some on-the-job training may also be available. The Café is open 24/7 and the sound booth will be staffed the entire time, so come along and join the Café Sound team!

We’re looking for reliable people with a great attitude and good attention span, who are willing to work with a wide variety of musical and spoken word performers. Tasks will include understanding what the performers need, setting mics and monitor speakers on stage, testing all mic and line feeds from the stage to the mixing board, balancing source levels in the house system and the stage monitors, operating the system during your shift, and solving minor problems that arise and/or contacting a supervisor in the case of difficulties.

If you enjoy music, performance, parties, people, and sound, this is your gig! Please respond as soon as possible to get on our volunteer list and to request your preferred shift times. All you need to do is visit the Café Sound page on the Burning Man site for ways to contact us:

The best way to get our attention is to fill out a volunteer questionnaire. Be sure to check “Center Camp Café” under “Volunteer Team Interests” and check “Sound Technician” under “Trades”: http://burningman.com/participate/questionnaire.html

===================<br />

Stage Managers needed to pamper and pander to Rock Stars!

Well, not really; everybody’s a Rock Star in Black Rock and if you don’t believe me, well, you’re just plain wrong 😉 What the Café Performance Team needs help with is coordinating performers arrivals and departures from the Café. We have sound technicians running the equipment in the booth, but at the same time, we need to have someone to meet-n-greet the new performers as they arrive, take down information after they’re done performing, helping them with information on where they can put their stuff, etc. Basically, Stage Managing. If you have this wonderful skill, some stage presence (introducing new acts) and would like to volunteer for the Café, drop us a note. But first, check out our webpage which has all of the info you need: http://www.burningman.com/participate/cafe_performance.html#stagemanagers

Here’s a quick overview of what this volunteer position entails:

– helping performers arrive and get oriented
– help performers with technical questions at the stage and in the loading area
– working with the sound technician with on-stage adjustments
– introducing new performers
– thanking exiting performers
– schedule new on-playa walk-up performers
– help document who played what when

This position is really fun and can be as laid-back or fun and exciting you want it to be. Great opportunity to get to know Black Rock musicians, interact with the Café community and see some great performances.

Please let us know right away if you’re interested, or know someone who’s coming to Black Rock City and fits the bill of Stage Manager. To let us know you’re interested in helping, fill out the volunteer questionnaire and be sure to check “Center Camp Café” under “Volunteer Team Interests” and then check “Stage Manager” on the second form.

================<br />

Thanks for reading. Please don’t hesitate to email us with questions or to fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire to let us know you’re interested. We’re looking forward to an exciting year in the Café, but none of it is possible without your participation. Take care and I’ll see you on the playa.

~Spanky & the Café Performance Team




Feeling the need to be part of something or do something creative but aren’t sure what to do?

Help us make the Center Camp Cafe Community Center into the fabulous oasis of splendor that does so much more than quench thirsts each year – anyone who likes to have fun, get crafty, and won’t run with scissors is invited to come on down. What better way to explore your psyche than through making stuff! Bring your own sewing machine for added pleasure! We will provide food and beverages.

We always love donations such as extra hot glue sticks/glue guns, scissors, fabric, etc., but we also have a few specific requests:

*Fabric in solid colors: maroon,raspberry, red or orange.
*Enamel paint (it’s playa proof) in gallons: mis-tints are our friends!
*4 foot Florescent light tubes and fixtures.

What:Cafe Craft Party
When: Sat. June 11th 1-6pm
Where: Burning Man Headquarters
1900 3rd St @16th St (second floor)
San Francisco, CA 94107-2502

Craft Party dates for 2005 (subject to change): 6/11, 7/9, 7/31

Directions to the office:

We have the parking lot between our building (1900 3rd St) and Sno Drift. Questions? Email cafe-decor-vols(at)burningman(dot)com

(sound track? Street noise since that’s about all I could handle today trying to get this done lickity-split)

{============================================================}<br />
==================ADMIN ON AND OFF THE JRS====================<br />

Email us or questions(at)burningman(dot)com any time with questions. Email jackrabbitspeaks(at)burningman(dot)com by 2 PM PST on Tuesday for post requests. (We don’t post all requests, however.) Please type “POST REQUEST” in your subject line to make it past the SPAM.

For questions: questions(at)burningman(dot)com

Old rabbits: www.burningman.com/blackrockcity_yearround/jrs/

On and off this ride – DIY:
SUBSCRIBE: bman-announce-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com
UNSUBSCRIBE: bman-announce-unsubscribe(at)burningman(dot)com

If you are trying to unsub and it doesn’t work, please send us an email and give us as much information as possible. Are you sending from a different address?

You’ll get an email to which you must respond to complete the request.