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JRS of July 14, 2005

Smells like playa around here….just fifty days….

We’re very happy this week to present the fruits of nearly 11 months of labor – the 2004 After Burn Report. Every department, every team, and all the information about what it took to make Burning Man 2004, including a financial breakdown. This report represents hundreds of hours of work, all to bring you the story of building Black Rock City 2004. Some readers say they just want to know out of curiosity…others might want to know what it takes to organize people to advise their own efforts. Whatever your interest, the Burning Man Project invites you to look up its skirt at http://afterburn.burningman.com.

We’re continuing our series on this year’s art grant projects, and opening a series of Leave No Trace tips from our friends with the Earth Guardians. There will once again be a LNT tour of Black Rock City – find out below. Deadlines coming up for the remembrance plaque, Mutant Vehicles EXTENDED!, fun info on how to send mail on the playa, and more News.

In the land of getting involved in BRC, a Community Crutch Drive is underway, AND this week brings at least a half a dozen other great opportunities to get involved with a project or camp. See “Participate”.

Oh…survival guide make it to your mailbox yet? This week’s poll on Burningman.com: How do you use your survival guide? http://burningman.com/polls/polls.php

}}}}}} T A B L E of C O N T E N T S {{{{{{{

Welcome Home Page
Leave No Trace – Planning Tips Part 1
Announcing 2005 LNT Tour of City
Deadline for Remembrance Plaque July 20th
How to Get Mail on the Playa
Lighter PSA for Flying Burners
She Went Whizaway
Vault of Heaven Screen Savers
EXTENDED Mutant Vehicle Registration Deadline (TO SUNDAY 11PM)
Spotlight on the 2005 Grant Projects: Explore Your Psyche

Quixote’s Cabaret Club Needs You
Community Crutch Drive
Banjo Players – Be Picked for the Playa
Black Rock Body Art Guild Seeks Body Artists
Magic Glasses Needs Your Strands of Light
Lamplighter Giant Puppet Parade
Black Rock Beacon Lights Up
Burning Messages from the Playa

An update on the Temple of Dreams Fundraiser – Not Happening
Pancake Playhouse’s “Japancake”, July 23rd in San Francisco

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PlayaQuest and the rest of the Burning Man web team have been busy getting the site up and ready to guide you home.

Live NOW:

The 2005 Survival Guide
The 2005 Newsletter
Theme camp listings continue to be added
Afterburn Financials (where your ticket money goes, if you were curious)
The Rideshare Board

Coming Soon:

Links to driving directions and playa weather reports!



It takes thousands of people to create a disappearing city, and the how-to lore keeps growing. The Earth Guardians collect good ideas from camps and citizens, mix in Leave No Trace principles, and pass them along. Heed them. Not only will you reduce the Matter Out Of Place (“MOOP”), you’ll make your camp life easier and more pleasant. Email any other good tips you have to us at earthguardians and we’ll include them in later installments!

Bring the Right Stuff, Leave The Rest Behind. Figure that everything you bring, you have to take home. Shop smart and pack even smarter to eliminate what you don’t need. You’ll need that extra space when you come home; camping gear tends to expand when covered in playa dust. Plan Ahead with an LNT plan, like http://earthguardians.burningman.com/clean.html.

Here’s food wisdom from a decade on the playa:

Plan simple, easy-cooking, low-dishwashing meals. Bring two-thirds the food you think you’ll need. Prepare and freeze meals in ziploc bags. Experience says you won’t feel like doing much cooking. Go heavy on finger foods (go wraps, sandwiches!) that don’t need individual plates. Forget that messy watermelon. Bring sturdy, reusable cups, mugs, utensils, bowls or plates, not Styrofoam that will blow all over the playa. If you choose paper plates – food scraps go into your wet trash, plates go into your burnable trash. Ask visitors to your camp to BYOM (bring your own mug). You’ll be able to take your mugs to the Center Camp Cafe this year. A carabineer or shower hook easily secures it for transport around the City. Many fashionable bars also appreciate BYOMers!

Repackage and prepare food in advance. Stock up on a few half-gallon food storage containers and leave the cellophane, plastic wrap, cardboard and other packaging at home! If you bring dozens of small plastic bottles, plan to take every one of them home with you! Better-bring water in big reusable plastic containers plus a few small bottles as personal canteens. Minimize use of glass bottles; those you do bring, keep ’em in camp. For walk-around drinks, use a mug, hydration pack, canteen or plastic bottle. Or a can. There are many good beers in cans! Check out http://earthguardians.burningman.com/drinks.html to find some. Remember that every little shard of accidentally broken glass must be picked up by hand, by you.

Plan to separate and sort kitchen trash. Bring recycling container and use sturdy signs to clearly label trash separation and recycling bins. Bring tethers, anchors, containers, and covers, to keep light stuff from blowing away. Make a multi-bin trash holder from buckets (with lids) and PVC pipe or wood. You’ll want separate containers for recyclables, burnables (paper and wood), and nonburnable trash. For food waste use a mesh bag, like an onion bag. The stuff will dry up, becoming light and nearly odorless. Easy!

Take aluminum cans to Recycle Camp. Burn only paper and wood in a community burn platform. Seal the small amount of trash you have left in big plastic bags, or in five-gallon buckets with lids, to take home, or… earthguardians.burningman.com/take_trash.html. In group camps, let everyone know that theyill all be taking a bag home.




Got LNT?

Each year we enjoy the fruits of a clean, beautiful, well organized City and come up with better ways to manage our trash and play, eat, and sleep in comfortable camps. We can be proud of the fact that Burning Man is the largest Leave No Trace event in the country, maybe the world. We create a temporary City in the desert, then help it disappear.

We can also share our growing expertise and experience with other camps and participants.

Now in its fourth year, the Leave No Trace Tour of the City features camp showers, kitchens, trash management, grey water systems, good neighbors, and repurposed structures. Model camps provide working examples for those of us looking for ways to camp smarter at Burning Man.

A number of camps are returning to Burning Man with the same basic structure or materials used in previous years. High traffic camps are finding ways to minimize imported trash by planning ahead. Grey water is being managed with an increasing number of solutions.

Model camps can feature any practice or technology. Camps of all sizes and types are encouraged to join and must only be a registered theme camp, subscribe to all seven principles of Leave No Trace, and be willing to show their camp to interested participants during the Burning Man event. Model camps are featured on a large informational map in the Earth Guardians Pavilion and are also eligible to win a coveted Camp of the Day award.

The Camp of the Day contest, a separate LNT opportunity open to any registered theme camp, awards 2 tickets to next year’s event. Those camps that best exemplify Leave No Trace will win. Any camp can enter the contest before or during the event.

Information on Leave No Trace at Burning Man can be found at:

And if your theme camp would like to be part of this year’s LNT Tour of the City or be nominated for our Camp of the Day contest, please contact Earth Guardians at lntcamps(at)comcast(dot)com.



Since 1996, Burning Man has created a plaque to commemorate members of our community who have passed away. We would like to carry on this tradition and honor those who have impacted our Burning experiences and participated in making Burning Man happen. This is a call out to you, our community, to please let us know of any burners lost who you feel should be added to the Remembrance Plaque. Please send their name, exactly as you would like to see it appear, to this address:

remembrance(at)burningman(dot)com (please DO NOT HIT REPLY to this JRS for this purpose)

Look for the completed plaque at the base of the Man from Monday (August 29th) through Friday (September 2nd).



Nutmeg Alfredo writes: If you’d like to send mail to friends on the playa, send mail at the appropriate time to:

Friend or Enemy Name
Camp Name
Camp Address
Burning Man
Gerlach, NV 89412

Postmistress Sylvia chimes in with: “That’s the Zip code for Gerlach. But to get a delivery onto the playa and to the BRCPO, it has to be addressed “c/o BRCPO” and have a very detailed description of the person it is intended for and suspected camp location. (You can always do a “double-wrap” with the VERY detailed specifics from being read by USPS officials on the inside. As long as it is addressed “c/o BRCPO” on the outer package, the volunteers at the BRCPO are authorized to open the outer wrap and attempt a delivery.)

– Suggestion: Send mail to everyone you know on the playa
– I’d recommend mailing it within the US on 8/26 or 8/27
– Send mail to the playa with funny instructions
– like mail that should be sent back to you with a BRC cancellation stamp, with schwag within, etc.
– Send us junk mail
– Send mail for random strangers
– We are still looking for quality employees/volunteers
– get in touch if you’re looking for a good time/able to work overtime/bringing more than one case of beer to the playa/are wearing red today.

PS Sample Postcard for this year’s event:




Those of you flying into airports other than the Black Rock Airport, and planning on bringing fire with, should be conscious of new US airline safety regs. This writeup comes courtesy of Blinky Guy aka Henri Carnal:

“The folks that keep you from setting your shoes on fire while traveling have determined that lighters are too great a risk for airplanes. You are no longer allowed to have any type on your person, in your carry-on or in your checked luggage. You are allowed to have up to 4 books of matches on your person or in your carry-on – except for the strike anywhere type. You are not allowed to have any matches in your checked luggage. Lighters can only be mailed via surface mail. Couriers such as FedEx and UPS will get lighters home for a price. Some airlines are reportedly making arrangements to handle lighters for you – check with your carrier but I have yet to hear of it actually happening.”

Regs may change between now and August – to minimize hassle, call your airline or check their website before you go.




Liz Writes: “For women fed up with sitting in dirty portapotties you might want to check out this web site.


Pee Funnel Camp tried this a few years ago. Their idea was great but not very durable. Now for about $15 you can get something that works really well and has been tried and tested at some of the big festivals in the UK.”



We thought they’d never get done but THE NEW SCREEN SAVERS ARE HERE!!! 51 photographers submitted material for this year’s project. Head off to http://www.bmscreensavers.com to get your fix of last year’s bliss. The Burning Man Journal that came in the mail recently has some fantastic photos, but this year’s screen savers have some of the same ones, plus 1200 more! Where else can you walk so far down memory lane without going more than 20 feet from your beer ‘fridge?

Screen savers can be downloaded in the conventional manner, or if you’re tech-oriented you can use Bit-Torrent. Lee Sonko has kindly hooked us up with this. If you experience a big delay via the conventional method, revisit the site in a few days. The onslaught will have subsided. Archive screen savers for Beyond Belief and Floating World will be remade available in a few weeks. So come back and get those, too.

We are in desperate need of someone to take over the web-master work for the screen savers project. Please help.

Finally, on behalf of the entire Burning Man community, we send our thanks to each and every one of the photographers who sent material in for this year’s effort. Without you this couldn’t have been done.



This is a reminder that NOW is the time to register your Mutant Vehicles, or for your disabled license, if you plan to have either at Burning Man 2005.

As we all know, the preferred modes of transportation in Black Rock City are walking and biking. It’s the best way to navigate Burning Man’s busy streets and to best interact with people and the city everywhere you go. Go to http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/playa_vehicles/dmv_2004.html to read about the DMV and to read about vehicles at Burning Man.

Mutant Vehicles
If you are one of those ambitious freaks with way too much time on your hands and you are planning on creating a Mutant Vehicle to share with your fellow burners, this is a reminder that all Mutant Vehicles must be preregistered in order to operate at Burning Man. The deadline HAS BEEN EXTENDED to July 17th at 11:59 PM. Go to http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/playa_vehicles/index.html to find out more information about Mutant Vehicles and how to register.

Disabled License to Drive
If you have a disabled placard in the default world and wish to use it on a vehicle at Burning Man, you must also preregister this with us. You must have a state-issued placard and the accompanying identification card to qualify. The deadline is also July 17th. Go to http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/playa_vehicles/no_driving.html and scroll down to number 4 to find out more information about disabled licenses and about how to register.

If you have questions, or if you think you have what it takes to be a DMV Hottie, please contact dmv(at)burningman(dot)com.



This is the second in a series of six articles focusing on our funded installations. You can view all 31 funded projects at http://www.burningman.com/installations/05_art_grant.html.


Several of the funded artists have based their projects on our 2005 theme, the Psyche:

Laser maestro Gary Stadler of San Diego is bringing us an enormous version of the human brain in which we’ll experience the synapses firing, and more. Inner Mind is a completely air supported structure housing an inner air-inflated dome, with thousands of color LED’s representing nerves and ganglia- the inside of a giant brain. Over 2,500 microprocessors hooked into a 3 dimensional neural network display the thoughts, sounds, and sights that the brain encounters… and you’re right in the middle of it! The source for the brain’s activity will be the same as yours and mine… visuals, audio, and thought itself via an interactive human interface.

After exploring the Inner Mind, you can experience the outer surface of the brain at Michael Matteo’s Headspace. Michael works as a production designer for events, televison, and music videos in LA, and will give us an opportunity to project our faces and voices onto a 15′ head which will broadcast our spoken thoughts in real time.

Michael writes: “The installation is intended to act as a human ‘thought amplifier’. The masses don’t enjoy the freedom of having their thoughts heard by thousands through the television or print media as do celebrities or others in the news. Headspace gives the user the unique and uncensored opportunity to share their most personal thoughts and feelings on any subject they choose, with a large captive audience. I believe this emotional experience will challenge each individual to focus on what they truly want to share with their fellow humans and thus encourage, stimulate and provoke positive conversation and thought with others based on their statements. HeadSpace literally connects you to others with whom you share the planet and does so in a powerful and visually appealing way.”

Moving your focus from the head to the entire body, you can place yourself inside of Kate Raudenbush’s Stadium of the Self. Kate is a photographer/artist from New York who built White Noise, the white house surrounded by a white picket fence, in the deep playa in 2004.

“In creating Stadium of the Self, I wanted to create a paradox. Historically, a coliseum was a place where you found yourself captive in a violent arena surrounded by an audience of strangers and where oneis fate rested on the whims of a powerful and capricious Caesar. Here I seek to replace this arena of powerlessness with a place of enveloping empowerment: the audience reflected in the 70 arching stadium steps is the multiplicity of oneself. The stadium, glowing and gold, forms a protective cocoon around its sole participant. It is here that you challenge yourself as your only judge and arbiter of your fate. It is a place of confrontation and accountability for your own ego: is it intimidating or empowering to look oneself in the eye seventy times simultaneously? And, if it is uncomfortable or intimidating, what can you learn about yourself from that reaction? How do you identify with yourself? Are your actions in the arena of life done to please or impress others, or are they true to your nature? How far can you see past your own ego? Confronting oneis ego as one looks in the mirror is normal, yet when faced with an inescapable multiplicity of oneself, my hope is that the ego falls away and one is left with a curious, centering space of meditation and energizing self-reflection. Stadium of the Self is designed to be a place of empowerment: a place to bear witness to the potential in ourselves and channel it up and out into the world.”

When you’ve explored your inner and outer mind and seen yourself reflected in multiples, take a break and experience another person’s psyche, after being isolated in a small enclosure for all the world to observe. Meet Dicky, the brave soul who will live in a small plexiglass box on the playa for the week of our event. Logan Mirto, DPW worker and builder, says, “The Dicky Box explores the idea of isolation within community. We’ve all felt, at one time or another, that feeling of being present, but still removed… of standing in a crowded room, but still being alone. At his first Burn in 2002, our volunteer Dicky Davies had an amazing experience, but still had a deep feeling of isolation out on the playa, and none of the connection which he had hoped for. With the Dicky Box, our goal is to create a literal expression of those barriers we set up around ourselves. A physical manifestation of our internal boundaries. Dicky has volunteered to be our man in the box, and will be enclosed in a 10 x 10 clear plexiglass room for the duration of this year’s Burning Man event, present but removed; isolated in his own bubble; missing out while being there. His experience will be unique. Come say hello.”

And finally, when your psyche is full to the breaking point, get some rest! Lie down in a large comfortable bed and view videos of people just awakened from dreams at The Bed in your Head, by Karen Lewis and Max Allstadt, a mouth art-bed surrounded by free standing neuron monsters.

“The Bed is an exploration of the unconscious mind and the conscious mindis attempt at recalling and understanding information from the unconscious state. Each night after sundown we invite you to enter a large dream inspired cartoon mouth bed. Look into the seven neurons to watch various individuals’ recollections of their own dreams. Much in the way that the mind jumps from one subject to another in the dream state, so will the viewer experience the subjectsi retelling of dreams as each neuron simultaneously shows a different dreamer. All of the dreams are unique and utilize symbols to comment on individual’s lives, as well as the larger cultural and worldwide issues that may be constellated within the psyche of our entire community.”

Only a fraction of the art installations on the playa are funded. See other 2005 projects here:

**/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/** {============================================================} ========================PARTICIPATE!======================== {============================================================} **/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/**


Are you a comely cabaret performer, a bawdy burlesque or a riotous goodtime gal/guy with an act to impress the lads and lasses of Black Rock? If so Quixote’s needs you. We’re a collective from Europe and our gift to the desert this year is a cabaret club, complete with a bar, a stage and a shiny red windmill. Now we’re looking for performers. From stand-up comics to sword-juggling strippers, we want your help to produce three evenings of Playa chaos. We’ve got the staging, we’ve got the sounds, we’ve got the cutest Irish Nurse on the Playa… and now we need you.

If you’d like to be part of the Quixote’s experience, drop us an email at curvychameleon(at)aol(dot)com.

From the folk who bought you Alice Camp (2003) and the Interplanetary Dance Commandos (2004).



One day an unlucky participant cut their leg and had to hobble around the playa for several days while she got better. Unfortunately there were no crutches at medical where she was treated. First she was really unhappy about it but after the event she contacted us and suggested a brilliant idea. A crutch drive! A lot of people have crutches laying around that they don’t want or need. Donate them to the community and we’ll be able to recycle them to other participants in need.

This is how it will work… Bring your crutches to the playa and donate them at any of our three medical stations. There we’ll give them to folks who are in need after they get hurt. If you are a lucky recipient of a pair of our donated crutches you can simply return them when you are better. Then once again they can be donated to another participant who has “fallen down” on their luck 🙂 and gotten injured at Burning Man.

Questions? Email 911(at)burningman(dot)com
Crutches? Bring ’em to the playa and donate ’em!

Joseph Pred
Emergency Services Department



Aimee writes the most succinct post ever. We are intrigued.

“LA Burner in search of any Banjo players planning to be on the playa this year. Please contact me at abrawright(at)hotmail(dot)com.”

{JRS note: Aimee, whatever comes of this, this banjo-loving Rabbit would like to hear about it…bet more than one burner out there would, too.}



For the 3rd year, the Body Art Guild will be decorating the skin of BRC’s citizens. Airbrush, Paint brush, Henna, Latex & whatever else. As always, we’d like to invite visiting artists to join us to gift to the citizens of BRC. We provide a sheltered space, and a place to store your equipment, and lots of waiting skin canvas. You provide your own equipment and supplies. (We can supply air if you have a regulator, or power, if you have a compressor.) Clean up your mess, and gift away. We are especially looking for folks to help us on Friday. Friday is Critical Tits day, and we run a “Two for One” special all day. Very busy that day, and just plain busy most days.

If you feel like joining us to decorate the skin canvas of BRC citizens, please contact us.

Bert – Black Rock Body Art Guild



After an absence of way too long, the beloved Magic Glasses tunnel is rising from the ashes of the man to be reborn in Trancendance camp! For veteran burners no explanation is required but for those playa virgins out there no explanation is sufficient to describe the wonder that greets you as you don the Magic Glasses and transcend into a thousand points of light!

To make this happen we need Christmas lights…lots and lots and lots of Christmas lights! So please delve into the depths of your closets, into the dank recesses of your storage spaces and donate your lights to Magic Glasses. We need lights of all shapes and sizes white ones, purple ones, red ones, flashing ones, netting lights, strings of novelty glowing flower lights with knobs on! If it works and it twinkles we want it! But that’s not all we want your participation too! Personalize your strands with a special message to your fellow citizens of BRC! Have hours of playa fun trying to find your strand amongst the many! You can help, and we know you can! Please contact Raphael at: neologic(at)wonderland(dot)com.

If you live in San Francisco we will even come to your house and pry them out of your hot sweaty hands! If you live else where contact us and weill give you an address where you can send them.

Or even better bring them to our fundraiser: Dreamtime: A Burning man lingerie/pajama fundraiser & Magic Glasses light drive! Friday July 29th 10 p.m. ’til Late; Studio Z, 1515 Folsom St. @ 11th, San Francisco – $20 at the door, $15 in lingerie/pajamas OR with a working string of lights, $10 in lingerie/pajamas AND with a working string of lights. (as seen on the SF-Announce list!)

Magic Glasses loves you! B-)



Citizens of Black Rock City! Make way for the Lamplighters!! Over the years the Lamplighters have transformed a small solemn processional to a magnificent parade. This year we will also be inviting Any and All Giant Puppets from the Black Rock Community at large to participate. Join us as we illuminate our city’s thoroughfares at dusk. This year’s inspiration for the Lamplighter Giant Puppet Parade comes from the characters in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Giant Puppets, Stilt Walkers, and Pole Puppets of all types and styles are welcome to accompany us in illuminating the Main Processional to the Man. Drummers welcome too! We meet nightly in Center Camp at the Lamplighter Chapel, 6 PM. Come one night or every night! For further information contact DAYZee(at)burningman(dot)com



From the dust of playa papers past comes the Black Rock Beacon, a new daily publication for Black Rock City and a year-’round website for the Burning Man community. Why does Black Rock City need another newspaper? As you may know, the playa editions of the Black Rock Gazette have been discontinued. So many of its former staffers have banded together to replace it with an independent source of news and information meant to brighten your Playa mornings. We’re looking for volunteers to help us before, during and after Burning Man, so if you’re a writer, editor, illustrator, photographer graphics person or newspaper groupie, please visit our website at http://www.blackrockbeacon.org or our discussion group at http://theblackrockbeacon.tribe.net. And please, please, please consider a tiny donation to help us print enough papers so that everybody who wants one can get one. If you pony up $5, we’ll guarantee you a copy every day, and if you have $20 to spare, we’ll enter you in our Breakfast in Bed with a Playa Hottie contest. It’s tax-deductible, PayPal-able, and good for your aura. Details are on our website.



You may know Brad Templeton from his panoramic pictures at Burning Man…(URL to images)

Brad is usually found on the Esplanade in or around the Oregon Country Fair Embassy, and brings his panos to Decompression in San Francisco too. But did you see his phone booth project last year? Check out the results:

“Last year, as some may recall, we built a free phone booth on the Playa which was enjoyed by many. We also announced a phone number for folks outside to call, and some did. (I talked to some myself.) Some left voice mails, but due to technical overwork, we didn’t manage to set up any system to process them. We’ll do better this year.

However, I did collect the voice mails and recently listened to them, and they’re quite fun to hear. Since the callers all knew they were leaving messages for random pickup, I think it’s not a problem to put them on the web for people to enjoy. They are a real slice of burn memories, most of them heartwarming, several funny, some sad that they weren’t delivered.

There are calls of love from moms, little kids, dads, lovers and friends. There’s a joke (I hope) firing from a boss and a proposal of marriage. There’s a hurricane warning and many descriptions that could never have found their target in our giant city (“She’s a blonde camped along 4:30 I think.”) Also fun are the offered bribes to deliver the messages.

Get a taste of what people who could not yet be (or were not yet) in BRC had to say for their loved ones and the people of the Playa in general at:


(I have notes about the general content of each, or you can hear them all as a single stream without knowing in advance, as I did. The best are highlighted.)

**/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/** {============================================================} ==================EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS===================== {============================================================} **/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/**

An update on the Temple of Dreams Fundraiser – NOT HAPPENING

Barbara writes: “With the departure of the temple crew only weeks away,it has been decided that all available resources and time need to be concentrated on the building of the temple and the creation of the camp – so there will not be an event July 30th at Epic Arts.

Sorry to disappoint – we will see you on the playa!”



Pancake Playhouse Presents…JAPANCAKE!!!

Pancake Playhouse are gearing up for our 5th year serving the short stacks to all you hungry burners, but we need your support to make it happen again!

Saturday, July 23rd, 10 pm-4am

Gingerbread Warehouse, Connecticut @ Cesar Chavez, San Francisco

Only $10! Free parking!

Go to http://www.pancakeplayhouse.com/events.html

See you there!


{Soundtrack to the JRS: Uncle Tupelo, “Anodyne” – Belleville in the house?)

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Andie Grace, Actiongrl
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