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Okay, if I may, a little personal story: yours truly has been attending Burning Man since 1997. The first year, as with many I’m sure, I was pretty excited, but really I had no idea what to expect. (I packed rollerblades, for pete’s sake.) Connected with a great theme camp (Motel 666). Time of my life. My sophomore burn-year, having had such a great first experience, I was so excited to get there I thought I’d plotz. That was also the first year I volunteered, which was supremely fulfilling, so in ’99 I was jumping up and down to go…in 2000, I was hired full time by the Project, and by the time August 2001 rolled around, I was anticipating Burning Man like a sleepless kid hovering over a plate of cookies she wouldn’t DARE eat herself, waiting for Santa. Every year, the anticipation is different. Some years it’s more palpable, and other years, more matter of fact. Expectations are dangerous things, and I try not to have them, but anticipation is something you can’t really help when it wells up in you…

Well, here’s my 2005 confession: I haven’t anticipated a Burning Man like this one in nine years of attendance.

I decided the other day that all this talk about how “Burning Man was better when…” and “which Burning Man was the best one” is malarkey of the highest form. The best Burning Man? It’s the one I still have to look forward to.

This week: new stuff on the website like Personal Use Video forms, some tips on health and grey water disposal…plus photos from the BRAF day of Art in the Park here in SF. A tip on that sparkly dust in all your night photos at the event, and more art previews…and a great Jury Duty story from a fellow burner.

Participating in Black Rock City *IS* a gift – there’s no need to buy anything to give away when you can give of yourself and everyone walks away happy. PARTICIPATE has about a gazillion ways you can plug in. Plus, a handful of events for prepping for the playa…and then, back to work with us all – because, dear reader, it’s 29 days until the Man burns.


What’s New at Burningman.com
Burning Through Jury Duty
Pics: Black Rock Art Foundation Art Carnival in SF w/David Best’s Temple
Another One Lights The Dust
Spotlight on the 2005 Grant Projects: Mobile Art

Artist Assistance Program, On Playa
Participate In The Thick Of It All: The Center Camp Cafe
Wrangle Beneath The Man
Click Here To Live On The Esplanade
Burning Band Returns
48 Hour Film Project In Brc
10 Hour Film Project In Brc
Firepod Needs Music
Hydraulic Robot Needs A Lift
Playatech Update
Neck Sculpture
Make Your Own Pee Funnel

Make Masks in SF, Aug 13
Box Dog Bikes Open House August 9th
Viking Youth in Chicago Aug 6

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NEW ON BURNINGMAN.COM!! – personal use video, and more!

What’s new at Burningman.com?


The 2005 Personal Use Agreement is available now for download. ALL videocameras in BRC must be registered in one form or another – and if you’re NOT going to broadcast your footage or do anything but show it to family and a few friends, whatchoo need is a Personal Use Agreement. You can pick these up and fill them out at Greeters, Playa Info, or the two Ranger outposts in BRC – but if you’d like to get a jump, you can fill this one out to BRING IT WITH YOU to Burning Man and turn it in at Greeters all filled-out and ready to go. What that means is you should NOT mail this to us, fax it to us, or anything-else-it to us before the event. You must present it IN PERSON at the above listed locations to receive a camera tag before you have permission to film.

To repeat: don’t mail it, don’t fax it. Bring it to BRC. OK. Here be the link:



Just added to the Afterburn report at http://afterburn.burningman.com

we have the 2004 CENSUS information! Whether you filled out one of these little buddies or not, it’s interesting information to see what BRC is made of!


(Don’t forget to stop by in 2005 and fill one out – the Countess and the rest of the Census team will be Censusing in Center Camp again this year. Stand up and be counted!)


A little preplanning can do wonders for your health and safety in BRC:


…plus, people everywhere are talking about it so much, you’d think it was one of the most important parts of building your camp…because it is! So, whatcha gonna do with your greywater? Didja know that we can’t just dump it on the ground?


ALL THIS, plus new images of klowns, beautiful klowns? Be still my heart.



WE LOVE THIS STORY…”Burning through Jury Duty”

The story below comes from a soon-to-be 2nd year burner.

Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005

Well, as a law-abiding citizen of the United States and a resident of Alameda County, I was summoned to report for jury duty today.

I drove down to Hayward Superior Court, and after waiting for quite some time, walked into the court room of Judge Harbin-Forte and sat with a bunch of my fellow citizens. I looked up at the dates posted and noted with dismay that the trial won’t start until August 8th, and jury deliberations won’t begin until August 29th. The judge intoned that it was our “duty” to serve on a jury if called upon, we were expected to “sacrifice”, and that exemptions would not be easily granted. When the court clerk asked who wanted to file for a postponement due to “hardship”, 80% of the hands in the room went up. Mine did too, but I was not holding my breath.

After all, I can’t claim economic hardship because my employer will pay my regular salary while I sit on a jury. And I didn’t think that going to Burning Man would be reason enough to relieve me of my civic responsibility.

Another wait ensued, then we were called back into the court room. The judge read each of our names out loud and told us whether we were granted an exemption or not. My name was among the group of us who all claimed to have trips scheduled during the trial dates. I was surprised that she even considered travel to be a legitimate excuse. She told us that she wanted to see “proof” of our upcoming travel – which did not mean we were to purchase some tickets tonight. We were supposed to come back to court tomorrow to show her the proof. One woman said she had her airline e-ticket with her. I thought, what the hell, I have my Burning Man ticket with me, I can show her that and see what happens! The bailiff collected our “proof” to hand to the judge. She looked at the other woman’s computer printout and promptly excused her. Then she looked at that iridescent purple and green ticket and said out loud, “Who handed this Burning Man ticket to me?” Some in the court room chuckled. I raised my hand meekly and she looked at me for a long minute. She asked for my name, turned the ticket over in her hand and examined it for another minute. She then commented “I have half a mind to not let you go to this Burning Man thing so I can go myself…” I quipped, “You should go.” She smiled and said, “You’re excused.”

My smile turned into outright laughter as I exited the court room.

Who would have thunk that the Man was going to be mightier than the Judge?!




Cameragirl’s pictures from the Black Rock Art Foundation (http://blackrockarts.org) Art Carnival on No Spectators Day in San Francisco.





Brad Templeton writes: “Here’s a handy tip about something that has confused many a night photographer at Burning Man…

You take a shot at night with a flash on the Playa. When you look at it, it’s full of giant bright speckles. What are they?

This happens when there is a fine dust in the air, which is common on the Playa. Your flash is brightly illuminating the dust particles right in front of your lens, which are also close to your flash. They are so close to the flash they overpower things. You can also get the same result in fog or rain.

Solution: Avoid flash if there’s dust. If you can rest the camera on a solid object and your subject is still, try that. Or get an off camera flash. Even a little off camera can help, if your camera has a flash shoe or flash cord jack. For most models of camera, you can get a flash shoe extension cord that lets you hold the flash 2′ away from the camera, or in some cases an infrared transmitter. This is well worth it. Aside from getting rid of the dust problem, you will no longer have red eye and your photos will have a much more interesting light. Ever wonder why those pro photographers always have the flash on a big stick? People no longer look light deer in headlights, their faces have shadow and definition. If your camera has a flash shoe on top, give this a try!”



This is the fifth in a series of six articles focusing on our funded installations. You can view all 31 projects at http://www.burningman.com/installations/05_art_grant.html.

Funded art installations are not necessarily fixed in one place; in fact, we’d like to see more examples of mobile art not powered by fossil fuels, but by people. To this end we have funded four projects that will be traveling the playa via participants’ energy, and one that stretches the boundaries of ‘mobile’ art via the use of batteries.

Star Wheel by Paul Cesewski
Wheels turn within wheels to propel us through an uncertain cosmos. Star Wheel is a mobile interactive sculpture composed of two wheels. The inner wheel represents our daily routines. The outer wheel reflects our larger life’s path. We point Star Wheel in a direction and work together to make it roll. The inner wheel is a Bicycle Ferris Wheel. People push pedals to make the inner wheel turn. Riders swing in carriages around and over a central axle. The Ferris Wheel rides in the hub of the outer wheel. The hub of the outer wheel has spokes that connect to the rim like a bicycle wheel. When the Ferris Wheel spins the whole sculpture rolls. Star Wheel will transcend themes this year and be included in the Carnival of Consciousness. Energies that move the wheel come from the participants that pedal it. The result is that the wheel takes on the personalities of the riders. For some the ride is smooth, for others jarring, and sometimes people flip over. Typically more can be learned from watching a person riding the wheel than could be learned from a half hour conversation with them. People reveal their nature unintentionally through their actions.

Star Wheel produces a multitude of sounds. The tubes of Star wheel have bearings, bolts, and slugs of metal inside. With each rotation the tubes ring and chatter. Riders listen to unique rhythms as they turn through space.

People are the heart of Star Wheel. No fuels are needed to make it roll. EL wire will light the wheel at night.The batteries will be charged by a solar array. Fun is a universal language. The spirit of off the grid thinking is best said without language. The best thrills are the ones we give ourselves. This message will ride on a wave of inclusion. Take a spin on Star Wheel.

Bike with 2 Brains by Jason Olshefsky
The Bike With 2 Brains is a vehicle that needs two people to ride it. If both riders can work exactly together, they can use it to ride across the playa. However, it does not forgive differences and will quickly spin out of control. The steering, while not immediately obvious, is easy to figure out, and riders need to communicate how to synchronize their actions. If they come to agreement, they are rewarded with comfortable travel, but until then, they can only go in circles.

Lawnmower Man by Kevin Walsh & Jeri Countryman
In previous years, we’d explored the limits of mobile art as transportation. The Robot Rickshaw could walk only marginally faster that we could, and thus was not as much about transportation as it was about giving the Burning Man community something to look at and think about. This year we’ve gone one step further. LawnMowerMan is an example of mobile art that has nothing to do with transportation. He is not a vehicle as much as he is a participant himself. He is no longer a mode of getting from Point A to Point B as he is a message that mobile art need not transport participants as it needs to engage them. LawnMowerMan is completely autonomous. There is no Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. He acts based on strict rules of logic, but his reactions are anything but logical. We encourage you to find LawnMowerMan roaming around and consider him as a truly alternative form of mobile art on the playa.

BRC Rickshaw Fleet by Jay Bain
The BRC Rickshaw Fleet is both a mobile, civic art project involving multiple camps and an experiential opportunity for participants to give and receive the gift of spontaneous, gracious, human-powered transport. Each of the five tandem-bike rickshaws in the fleet will be uniquely decorated by camps and artists including the Lost Penguins, Asylum Village, the Deep End and more. On the playa, rickshaws will be driven by elicensed’ drivers in shifts who will pick out walking Burners and help them get to where they’re heading! The project is meant to serve as an experimental, pedal-powered ‘virtual taxi fleet’ – a gift to the citizens of BRC. This project is also an effort to promote an explosion of art bike culture at Burning Man! Check out the fleet at the first BRC Art Bike Rally on Thursday afternoon, Center Camp, 5pm n all Burning Bikers are welcome to join this rally as it circumnavigates the city. Art bike enthusiasts can also get and share info from the Burning Bikes community at http://pedalplaya.tribe.net.

The BRC Rickshaw Fleet is also looking for volunteer drivers and collaborators! For more info on the project, visit http://brc-rickshaw-fleet.tribe.net or email Jay directly at jay (at) spiralname (dot) com. Burners with a special need for a pre-scheduled rickshaw ride should contact Jay with their request as well — persons with disabilities, elders, kids, families and special event participants are an integral part of this art project’s mission!

“Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world.” ~ Grant Petersen

Tower of Memory by David Best
This year David, who is taking a break from temple-building, will bring us a 35′ mobile tower, made of filigreed steel, which contains three fire pits. By night the Tower will be pushed around the playa by participants, its fires visible through the openings in the metal. The Tower, like David’s Temples, has a rich, complex surface, ornate and visually compelling.

Only a fraction of the art installations on the playa are funded. See other 2005 projects here:




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From the “not all gifts can fit in your pocket” files, a gift you can give on the playa:

From Monday-Friday, between 10-11:00am, folks who want to help an artist build his/her art installation can stop by the ARTery, located in Center Camp. We’ll have an ‘Artist Depot’ sign to designate where volunteers should hang out.

Artists in need of help can stop by during that hour to meet up with volunteers. Both artists and volunteers can also post notes regarding their need or availability.

This ‘Artist Assistance Program’ is being promoted by the ARTery department. However, we will not actively facilitate artists and volunteers during the event. If you want more info pre-playa, please send an email to Debbie at myidyllwild (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks!



Are you coming to Black Rock City for the first time this year?

This is your chance to participate in the absolute coolest coffee shop in the world, the Center Camp Cafe. It’s perfect place to get acquainted with the city, meet its residents, and get your groove on. Whether you’ve slung coffee for years or never touched an espresso machine in your life, there’s a place for YOU behind the counters. We love cashiers, barristas, runners, beautifiers, and more. In the cafe you will get to work in the shade and serve cool drinks to the strange and wonderful citizens of Black Rock City. Come hang with us in the coffee shop! If you have any questions about what it’s like to work in the Cafe, contact witchy for more info. If you want to jump right in, you can visit our volunteer questionnaire at http://www.burningman.com/participate/questionnaire.html and tell us a bit about yourself.

Come be a part of the most amazing cafe in the world!!

AND If you’re a returning volunteer, and you’ve already filled out the questionnaire, you can contact tisha2, our lovely & inspiring volunteer tendress & schedulatrix, to sign up for your preferred shifts. Please send specific shift preferences; jobs, days, and times… We’re open 24 hours a day and we have 4 hour shifts (the perfect playa-length for a shift) that start at 7, 11, & 3–both AM & PM…

See you on the Playa!



Attention! The Burning Man Funhouse needs you! Below the the Man will be 40+ rooms in three levels, two stages, placed within an epic maze, filled with art designed to entice, provoke and confuse the citizens of Black Rock City. The funhouse wranglers will assist, goad, conscript, befuddle and amuse participants, while clarifing the art installations, providing (mis)directions and simply keeping an eye on things. Shifts needing volunteers run from Monday afternoon, ’til Friday 11pm. Email our master wrangler Dylan at funhouse-wranglers. to learn more and sign up!



The Playground, formerly conGLOMerate, makes final call for campers and for Interactive Art projects.

Last year we were The GLOM, home of the 40′ Chairway-to-heaven elevator, the gASSo full-service ass station (remember the Spank-o-matic?), the BASS (Big Ass Shade Structure) and the bar it contained, and lots of other cool stuff.

This year we’re back with the same toys, plus a couple of new surprises, as The Playground. On the Esplanade at 3:30, adjacent to and sharing resources with our sister camp, The Q. More info at http://www.PlayaPlayground.com.

CALL FOR CAMPERS: Do you want to be part of a high-intensity kick-ass camp that puts on a great show and has a hell of a lot of fun? Are you ready to contribute to that energy and excitement? If so, we’ve got room for about 6 more residents.

We have high standards for Playground residents — you must have exceptional moral standards and a 3.8 GPA, …no, not really, but you do need to be someone who wants to participate and carry your load in a high-intensity Esplanade theme camp. You need to have an outgoing personality who can work well with other people in a busy environment. It helps to be creative, or at least be able to get along with others who are very creative, and construction skills are especially welcome. You must be someone who gets immense satisfaction from seeing the fun you will bring to the thousands of guests who will visit our high-traffic camp. And YOU need to be a fun person.

CALL FOR ART: Together with The Q, we have 550 feet of registered Theme Camp frontage, and a small amount on our 3:30 and Amnesia sides can be made available for the right projects. Do you have some great interactive art that’s looking for a home and fits with what The Playground or The Q is doing? Do you want the exposure that will come as part of a high-traffic Esplanade theme camp? If so, let us know. There may still be time to get you in, and 24/7 power is available if needed.

CONTACT: Major-D (at) PlayaPlayground (dot) com



The Burning Band is the oldest marching band on the Playa, and we’re still looking for talented musicians or close facsimiles. If you’ve mastered an instrument (a kazoo or Tupperware drum qualify), or at least have thought it might be fun to learn, we probably have a place for you.

New this year, we have a self-powered traveling music box in which to play. It will carry us around on the Playa, and the gazebo it carries will turn if anyone drops a can in the slot. Less marching, more music, and free beer!

This year The Playground is our home camp, though you can be in the band and camp anywhere. Still, camping at The Playground AND being in the band — killer combination.

More info at: http://www.burningband.com



For the first time ever, the 48 Hour Film Project is coming to Black Rock City! In two wild and sleepless days, you can make a movie–write, shoot, edit, and score it–on the playa!

The films will be made between 5pm August 31st and 5pm September 1st. They will be screened at Automatic Subconscious (6:30 and Esplanade) the evening they are complete, on September 1st at 9pm.

Come! Participate! Make a movie!

More info at: http://www.48hourfilm.com/brc

Some ways to be involved:

1. FORM A TEAM. If you want to lead a bunch of people in creating a movie, great! Send an email to ben (at) 48hourfilm (dot) com with your name, address, phone number, a description of your film experience, and a description of your Burning Man experience. If we don’t have enough interested teams, the project won’t happen, so let us know soon! Registration fees will be waived for the Black Rock City 48 Hour Film Project.

2. JOIN A TEAM. We will need many folks other than team leaders to make these movies happen. If you want to participate but do not want to lead a team, then join our yahoo group (http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/48hourfilm-blackrockcity) and post an ad. Or just show up at the kickoff and find a team there.

3. WATCH THE MOVIES. The movies will be showing a scant four hours after their completion at Automatic Subconscious, the big cube at 6:30 and Esplanade. The show will begin at 9pm. Come and check out what playa filmmakers have made!

If you have any questions, visit http://www.48hourfilm.com/brc or send an email to ben (at) 48hourfilm (dot) com.



Cinemasports is the Iron Chef of Filmmaking. Teams have 10 hours to complete a movie with a list of ingredients. Screening starts the 11th hour – that very night. Everyone is invited to participate in Cinemasports at Burning Man on Thurs, Sept 1.

For example, can teams finish a movie before sundown that includes a flower petal, a bubble, and extra-terrestrial life? Three-time Oscar winner Walter Murch says about Cinemasports, “Something emerges that’s not contained in any of the films…”

Cinemasports treats the audience to a unique cinematic experience. Art exploded from a creative pressure cooker. A simultaneous world premiere and wrap-up party. Check out the samples online from cities around the world. www.cinemasports.com

Cinemasports Burning Man – Thursday, Sept 1, 2005. 8PM SCREENING OPEN TO PUBLIC Camp Videogasm in Snowflake Village (8:40 @ Esplanade)

9AM (Earlier that day) Filmmakers kickoff and ingredients are announced @ Message board at Center Camp. Ingredients will be posted on the message board throughout the day for late starters.

* Both 48 Hour Film Fest and Cinemasports will conform to rules for personal use of video cameras at Burning Man.



Firepod, an interactive steel fire sculpture, is looking for music to score its nightly performances. Each evening soon after sunset fire performers and the public are invited to perform, interact, and feel the heat from 12 giant propane fire cannons. Firepod needs:

-Mobile DJs!

Your music will score a fire show, fire dancers, and an interactive fire experience. Continuous, danceable music is preferred. Firepod will be active Monday – Saturday on the playa. Direct questions to juicebox (at) monozygotic (dot) com.





Camp-pain is in need of a large truck hauler to tow up our giant hydraulic robot to Black Rock City. It is a heavily modified Chevy Suburban. We will be getting a 26′ truck and we are willing to help haul another camp’s loot up to the city. Email me and we can talk about cost. Please contact us if you or anyone you know could help us out. We are in San Jose. Contact jadeassasin (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks a bunch.



Urgent Factory Recall Information!

Playatech regrets to announce that it is taking the unprecedented step of announcing an urgent safety recall of all Playatech ploducts. Please return your Playatech creation to your nearest Playatech factory immediately to perform necessary safety modifications.

According to Federal Aviation Administration officials, all Playatech ploducts were appropriately designed to resist catastrophic disintegration under normal burner loads, but high winds may cause unsecured Playatech furniture to become airborne. The FAA is now concerned that rapidly increasing numbers of Playa Love Seats and other Playatech ploducts may interfere with near-term Black Rock City Airport flight operations.

To prevent unintended pyrotechnic population control impacts, Playatech recommends all factories drill a large hole near the bottom of one or both side supports on all ploducts intended for outdoor use. A carabiner may then be used to secure your Playa Love Seat or other fine furniture item to a hooked rebar sunk into the playa.

Thank you for sitting safely, and don’t miss our giant once-in-a-lifetime 100%-off Labor Day Desert Snuggle Sale at Burning Silicon Collective, right behind Center Camp at 6PM and Ego. For more information about Playatech, visit http://www.playatech.comA little participation makes the magic happen, so if you like our stuff enough to build it, please support art no one can imagine yet by paying it forward through our radically unique shareware royalty program. And do leave no trace by throwing your Playatech furniture on the Man’s embers at midnight, which will make room for our unconceived 2006 ploduct line.

Playatech – supporting asses and the arts since a few weeks ago



More glory for the Ladies’ Playa Hygeine department. (By the way, y’all fellas who get bothered by this kind of talk always make me smile, knowing you’re destined for reincarnation as a woman next time ’round.)

Zoe writes: “No more Pee Funnel Camp, or how to make your own PFC pee funnel:

After four years of glory the members of Pee Funnel Camp have chosen to move on to other projects. We’d like to thank all of our loyal customers for the last four years of putting the fun in pee funnel. We’ll be back on the playa under a different name and purpose this year, but there are other options for ladies that enjoy peeing easy in the potties:

1. Learn stand ‘n’ pee – women don’t need any (wo)manmade devices to pee while standing, there are plenty of websites that will teach you how. Practice makes perfect.

2. There are also many brands (1 was printed here in the resources issue) of commercial pee funnels that work and run from $15.00-$30.00.

3. How to make your own Pee Funnel Camp pee funnel or Zoe’s Secret Recipe:

Materials: 1 9 oz. or larger plastic cup (sturdy but flexible polyethylene works best), 8 inches 7/16″ vinyl tubing, 3/8″ metal bolt, silicone glue (get the kind that’s rated best for plastics), gas stove or blowtorch, wrench.

Use the wrench to hold the bolt while you heat it over the blowtorch or gas stove. Melt a hole in the bottom of the cup. Carefully squeeze the tube through the hole (should fit very snug, not too pinched or the cup will crack, but it should hold itself, the glue is just for backup). Coat both sides of the hole with generous amounts of silicone glue. Let dry 24 hours.

I’ve had these last a day, I’ve had them last three years, it’s all in how much glue and how carefully you make it and how much you respect the seal while using it. They’re not environmentally friendly in any way, but they are as easy to use as the professional models, and much cheaper. Stand Free and Pee!”

JRS Note: Can we at least recommend not inhaling the fumes from melting that hole?

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From : The House of Masks
Location: David Dworman’s house
642 5th Avenue (2 blocks north of Golden Gate Park), San Francisco, CA When: Saturday, August 13, 1:00 PM – 7:00
Contact: 614-638-7774 (cell)

Details: The House of Masks is have an PRE – Burning Man MASK making Party/BBQ. We need help creating MASKS OF OUR ID to decorate the Funhouse — a crazy maze of rooms below the Man.

These masks will be hung at the Funhouse during the event and returned to you on the playa in time for the Mask Parade on Friday evening before the burn. We will supply all the arts & craft needs for making, creating, masks that represent your Id!! There will be plaster of paris for customized masks, paper mache mask, plastic masks, paints, fabric and a whole lot more.

This will also be an afternoon BBQ. We will supply the basics – burger, dogs, drinks. Bring what ever you like to add to our buffet/grill. For additional information contact: jeff (at) carn (dot) org.



Box Dog Bikes is San Francisco’s favorite worker-owned used bike shop. Stop by Tuesday, August 9th from 5-9 for a special Burning Man BYOB Get Together.

  • plan for pre- and post-playa bike maintenance
  • enjoy fun music & snacks
  • talk with other burners about on-playa bike issues
  • check out our great selection of baskets and racks
  • accessorize with streamers, seat covers, horns, and more
  • reserve one of our playa-apprpriate bikes for as low as $60
  • order a bike built to your specifications

Box Dog Bikes is located at 494 14th Street at Guerrero. We’re open everyday and can also be reached at 415-431-9627.



The Viking Youth Power Hour -live recording and fundraiser

9:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Viking Youth Power Hour live recording/Burning Man discussion (great place for newbies to have questions answered and to meet theme campers from Chicago area!)

11 PM- ?? Dj’s, blowout, fun

Free before 10 – $5 donation after funds Radio Free Valhalla at BMan 2005- recording podcasts daily and offering workshops on how to create your own podcast. If you’re on the playa come by and see us at 4:30 and Bipolar, knock a few back and speak your mind on the podospheres best looking show.

This Saturday, August 6 @ 657 W. Lake

More info email vikingyouth (at) thefeedlot (dot) org http://www.thefeedlot.org/vikingyouth/index.php

Quit Dreaming Like a Pussy!


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