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COME ON DOWN TO THE DECOMPRESSION AT NOON THIS YEAR AND MAKE A F-U-L-L DAY OF THIS ONCE A YEAR SF EVENT!!! WE HAVE BEEFED UP DAYTIME ACTIVITIES by 10,000% TO PACK THE DAY CHOCK-FULL OF ART AND GOODNESS – YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS ANY OF IT!!! COME EARLY; STAY LATE!! …………………………………………………………………………. Burning Man Presents: The 6th Annual Decompression Heat The Street FaIRE! THIS SUNDAY, Oct 9th, STARTS AT NOON – SHARP!!! INDIANA ST (bet. Mariposa and 21st in SF) Main Entrance: 19th and Minnesota – Shine or Rain $10 donation in Black Rock City attire; $20 street wear All ages outdoors (kids under 12 free); 21+ inside Cocomo Esprit Park closes and outdoor sound ends 10pm (no drumming either!) Cocomo closes 1:30am PLEASE take public transit/carpool/bike or park on 3rd St. or at SBC Park; Respect the neighbors; don’t litter, disturb, or park in driveways. LEAVE NO TRACE! 21+ to drink with I.D.

This is your invitation to decompress with playa artists, theme camps and performers from Burning Man at our 6th Anniversary Heat The Street F(a)IRE! Join us at noon for a full day of MIND-boggling art and art cars; interactive theme camps; a full range of live music, cabaret, circus, puppetry, dance, DJs, and theatrical performances; processions; and other Burning Man 2005 PSYCHE theme art.

The festivities will be spread over four blocks, an art park, 3 stages, an indoor club with patio and multimedia wall of new Burning Man imagery! Bring interactive games and food for a BYO picnic. Bring your art, theme camp and Burning Man videos/imagery. Express yourself and dress your playa best! We will be creating “Black Top City” with all manner of PSYCHE pARTicipation, including and especially YOU! To share your Burning Man imagery, e-mail flambelounge@burningman and bring VHS tapes, slides in trays and CD-ROMs to the Visuals Check Point inside Cocomo or e-mail us. MORE INFO: Call 415-TO-FLAME

2005 Participants include:


Headspace by Michael Matteo, Dicky Box by Logan Mirto and Christian Davies, Alien Gesticulation by Hedley Davis, Funhouse Paintings by Jenny Bird and Hugh D’Andrade, Tea Temple by Mark Holmes, Life Size MouseTrap by Mark Perez, Twilight Anima Rising by Mardi Storm, Improbable Orchestra by Jake Zweig, Fragments of the Subconscious by Daniel James, Sense of Direction by Ake Grunditz, Sacred Spaces by Hilary Bryan, I Am of Two Minds by Stuart Sands Ghost Horse by Michael Brown, Giant Light Bulb by Kevin Byall, Magnifying Glass by Brandon Voss, If You Meet the Man on the Playa by Byron Chell, Due East by Ruth Kneass, Red Random Array by Mark Hansen, Arachnid Response by Tyson Phipps, Temporal Anomaly by Donavan Fox, Black Rock Beacon by Howard Jones, Haunted Garden by Simran Gleason, Zoetrope by Bobby Besuner, PlayaTech by Arthur Zwern, PsycheDelicatesssen and Psycherella by Sherry Tobin, Pavement Circles by Andres Amador, Cafe de la Muse by Sue Wootan, Blacklight Tapestries by Stephanie Heald, Machineluminance by Paul Greyson, Granite Skunk Power Plant by Mathew Ebert, Playa Cards by Red and Julie, Mini Man by Rex Norman, BRC Rickshaw Fleet by Jay Bain, Lawnmower Man by Kevin Walsh, Munzbot by Darren Barnes, Electric Giraffe by Lindsay Lawlor, and more more more!

FIRE ART: Ian, Morley and Crew, Angel of the Apocalypse by the Flaming Lotus Girls, Psycho BBQ by John Burton, Project Cerebro by Justin Wagner, Synapses by Daniel Watts and Crew, Calliope and Propane Piano by Lucy Hosking, Breath of Fire by Scot Croshere, Moth Trap by Bob Hofman, Wizard of Id by Jack Schroll, The Burninater by Bill Conning, Fire Pillars by Bohdi, Bunny Girl by John Mosbaugh, Fire Cauldrons by Wally Glenn, and Flaming Pig by BellBoy.


Angoraphobia, Black Rock Roller Disco, BRAF, Burning Moms, Chi Chi’s Panocharama, Deep End / Sound of Mind, Erotic Ice Bar, Floating Oasis, Gooferville / Dust Fish, Hammock Hangout, Hookadome, House of Lotus/Pink Mammoth, House of Masks, Innerwow / Virtual Playa, Love Potion, Mind Shaft Society, Nexxus, Nose Fish, Pleasure Kitten Army, Skinny Kitty Tea House, Spike’s Vampire Bar, Stoke n’ Poke’s Game-a-lot, The Fringe, The Junkyard, The Lost Penguin Cafe, The Nome / Enheightened Beings of Leisure, Illumination Village and more!


Photo Boof by Wrybread, Astro the Dragonfly by Sylvia, The Carthedral by Rebecca Caldwell, The 1964 Astroturf Corvair by Ric Kurius, Ladybug by Sherry Tobin, The Yot Tub by Dan Miller, Pig Car by Bellboy, The Mindshaft Car, Nosefish Van, Fish Amok by Mark Sippola, Cyberbus, Art Van, Queens Chariot, Emotional Baggage…and more!



12:00-12:30 DJ Dave Allen 12:30-12:35 Brett Womack of Vau de Vire Society 12:35-1:15 Sour Mash Hug Band! 1:15-1:55 Dave Allen & Kashia 2:00-2:20 Emily Park – ethaerial arts 2:20-2:30 Yatta Dancers 2:30-2:45 Tully Gehan – onemancircus 2:45-2:50 Chloe Axelrod & Tracy Piper of Vau De Vire Society 2:50-3:30 Cotton Candy Cabaret 3:45-4:15 DJ Routes (Brian McCall) 4:15-5:00 The Fringe & Cirque Berzerk aerialists 5:00-5:15 DJ Routes 5:20-5:30 Lynx – aerial silks 5:45-6:30 Gooferman 6:35-7:05 Alex Theory 7:10-7:15 Summer Evert – Fire Bellydance 7:15-7:20 David Silvermand – Flaming Tuba 7:20-8:35 Alcyone 8:35-8:40 Fire Arts Collective – Fire Performance 8:40-8:50 Simon Shaban – Staff and acrobatics 8:50-8:55 Zor – Fire Performance 9:00-9:25 LSD Fuego – Fire Performance 9:30-9:45 Vau De Vire Society – acro-aerial cabaret 10:00-11:30 Burning Man Videos


12:00-1:30 DJ Vordo and Open Mic 1:30-1:45 Pumpkin (Jeffrey Peterson) – stand up comic 1:50-2:10 Mr. Breakfast – kazoo, ukulele , absurdist satire 2:15-2:35 Mark Silverman 2:40-2:55 vox vespertine – looped vocals 3:00-3:25 !1manBanjo! 3:25-3:55 DJ Diem 4:00-4:45 Pink Sabbath 4:45-5:00 DJ Diem 5:00-5:45 Bhakti Rasa 5:50-6:30 DJ Neon Bunny 6:30-7:15 Acaplaya – acapella vocal group 7:15-8:00 Laird 8:00-8:10 CaroLuna – divalicious vocals 8:15-9:00 EOTOE 9:00-9:45 Vordo 10:00-10:25 Celloboy – looped cello 10:25-10:40 Polly Wood – sacred songstress


5:00-7:30 Burning Man Videos 7:30-7:55 Tim Barsky – beatbox 7:55-8:05 Fey Fusion – dance (dance floor) 8:05-8:50 Evolution Control Committee (ECC) 8:50-9:30 DJ Doctor Booty & Marquis DuQue 9:30-9:42 Erica Candycane & Her Impish Elves in “Finding EMU” 9:45-10:30 The Mermen 10:30-11:15 DJ August III (Birds of Playadise & FnF) 11:15-12:00 DMT 12:00-12:45 Loren (Bassnectar) 12:45-1:30 Funky Beulah + NON-STOP BURNING MAN VIDEOS & IMAGERY!


12:00-1:15 DJ Jon da Bomb – disco-jazz-funk 1:15-2:00 D6 – musical eclectica 2:00-2:45 Smash Up Derby – Live Mash-Up Band 2:45-3:15 DJ Sparkle – 80s 3:15-4:00 Cuatro Caminos 4:00-4:30 DJ Mo Corleone 4:30-4:45 SF School of Samba – dance 4:45-5:00 DJ Majitope (also playing fashion show) 5:00-5:30 THE BLACK TOP CITY FASHION SHOW! 5:35-6:20 Late Night Sneaky w/Sen-Sei (SFbyDEF) 6:20-6:50 DJ Zak Darling 6:55-7:10 Controlled Burn (fire stage) – to CD 7:10-7:20 The Nekyia – dance and percussion (fire stage) 7:25-8:10 Kanal + Kanal fire performers (fire stage) 8:10-8:30 Temple of Poi (fire stage) 8:35-9:00 Pyronauts + drummers (fire stage) 9:00-9:45 oniblA (featuring members of Albino) + Fire performer at 9:15 (fire stage) + Fire performer at 9:30 (fire stage) 9:50-9:55 Closing MC Remarks & Thanks! (Note: Sound ends 10pm! NO DRUMMING, AMPLIFIED SOUND, OR LOUD NOISES ON STREET AFTER 10 PM! Respect our neighbors and be VEWY VEWY QUIET…but DO talk to one another and enjoy the theme camps and art! Shhhh…) 10:00-10:30 Butoh & Silent performances (TBD) 10:00-11:00 Burning Man Videos

21st STREET STAGE Sound graciously provided by The Fringe

2:00-2:45 Ritual 2:45-3:25 DJ Adnan 3:25-4:00 LOOP!STATION 4:00-4:30 DJ Starfire & Dandelion 4:30-5:00 Rob Brezsny 5:00-5:30 DJ Starfire & Dandelion 5:30-6:15 Blaine Lyon 6:15-6:45 DJ Dragonfly 6:45-7:30 Scratch N Sniff 7:30-8:15 DJ Ripple 8:15-9:00 Boulevard 9:00-9:45 SKIN – music & aerial+ 9:45-9:55 Marisa Lenhardt – soprano 9:55-10:00 Closing Remarks & Thanks! (Please note ALL SOUND ends 10 PM. No drumming or loud sound of any kind. But do enjoy the Burning Man videos, the art and theme camps! Shhhh….) 10:00-11:30 Burning Man videos


Burn – 4:30pm in the park Burning Band Marching Band – 6pm and 7pm in the Park and on the Street Critical Stilts – 3pm on the street Fire Fingers – 1:30 in the park Goddess of Funk – 4pm in the park Loyd Family Players, Samba – 3pm in the park One People Voice monkey chant & Gamelon Orchestra – 5pm procession in the street; then a sunset monkey chant in the park! The Funginears, beatbox puppetry – through the day The Von Stilt Family – way up high!

…and best of all–YOU !

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