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What are YOU doing this weekend?

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MORE Burning Man art in San Francisco? Black Rock Arts Foundation rules Take a Cruise to Baja from San Diego LA Decompression; and The WORLD Festival Premier of “Burning Man:Beyond Black Rock” in LA. (Nov. 4, I’ll be there!) Note to JRS Bunnies in waiting.

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I’m not gonna shut up about the Black Rock Arts Foundation until we have 10,000 members, and then I’ll just crow about it every now and then and not every single JRS. Get off yer duff, dude. Burning Man changed your life? Help the Black Rock Arts Foundation go beyond the Burning Man event and change lives elsewhere.


Leslie Pritchett, our overworked, whirling dervish, non-stop Executive Director, Kristen Hale (our Administrative Kung Fu Mistress) and the 13 Black Rock Arts Foundation Board members are busting hump to spread interactive art around the world. We’re in the process of creating an Advisory Board to help with this massive undertaking. Wanna see what we have up our sleeve next? (after the 6.05 David Best temple installation in SF and the 2005 artist grants? )

Michael Christian’s “Flock” <http://images.burningman.com/index.cgi? image=4781> will be installed in San Francisco Civic Center. Check out the BRAF web site, URL above. If you were at Burning Man in 2001 you’d remember this: <http://images.burningman.com/index.cgi? image=4728> and this <http://images.burningman.com/index.cgi? image=4943> and maybe even this <http://images.burningman.com/index.cgi? image=4014>

In 2005 he made this: <http://images.burningman.com/index.cgi? image=23411> and in 2004 he made this: <http://images.burningman.com/index.cgi? image=18417> and uh in 2003 this: <http://images.burningman.com/index.cgi? image=15205>

Yes, he’s talented. Help install this work, and support Burning Man artists as we rock this world with interactive art:

We’ll be installing the second full week of November (14-16) and celebrating on the 17th! DONATE and help install this piece. It’s TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!! <http://www.donatetoblackrockarts.org/>

When you’ve finished looking at all the pretty pictures and making your donation, please feel free to visit Michael’s work in progress web site <http://www.michaelchristian.com/> Wait till you see the NEXT Burning Man art piece one under consideration for a stunning location. Shh, can’t tell yet.

OR, here’s another way to contribute!

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Yup, sorry for the late notice, but I was in Gerlach with the DPW crew as we finished pulling the last fence stake from the ground and picked up some very cool ground scores. MAN, what’s with you all throwing away wedding rings? Playa restoration rocked, as did San Francisco Decompression. Last of my house-guests left on Tuesday morning, what fun.

Anyway, book on the cruise this weekend from San Diego, and $150 will be donated for each room booked to the Black Rock Arts Foundation. HEY, have fun, and help BRAF. InTicketing has been Burning Man’s online ticketing vendor since 2002. I remember visiting them when they were in a garage. They were our first “vendor” to give back to the community with a donation to the Black Rock Arts Foundation. More are doing so. This event that they’re throwing in southern California should be off the hook, and I know of some very cool people partying and playing at/with it. So, hope you all can make it.

From InTicketing! :::

$150 donation to the Black Rock Arts Foundation in your honor when you join Xingolati! Carnival Cruise Lines will transform their fun ship Paradise into the hottest festival on the high seas! Making its way from Long Beach, CA to Baja, Mexico and back, Xingolati, the Groove Cruise of the Pacific, is California’s luxury cruise experience with an all star concert lineup not to be missed! Sip mojitos poolside and reminisce about this year’s burn while you enjoy featured performances by The Flaming Lips, G. Love, Slightly Stoopid, Stephen Perkins of Jane’s addiction, Medeski Martin Wood, DJ Logic, Delta Nove, Lorin, the Mutaytor, Particle, DJ Laird, Hamsa Lila, Mystic Family Circus, Lowpro Lounge, DJ Motion Potion, Yard Dogís Traveling Road Show, Vau de Vire Society and many others! Rituals and roaming performers, goddess sun deck, hookah den, late nite disco, 6 venues, multiple pools and hot tubs, gourmet and casual dining, 150 ft water slide, yoga and more!!! Everything is included in your ticket except alcohol & spa treatments. This is a participitary theatrical event so grab your playa gear and get onboard!

Reserve your spot with the code “BRAF” and Black Rock City’s own In Ticketing will donate $150 to BRAF in your honor. Book now and get $500 off your room.

To make your reservation, go to http://www.xingolati.com or call In Ticketing at 415-256-8499. Be sure to use the discount code “BRAF” when placing your reservation for the $150 off and $150 donation to BRAF.

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A number of Burning Man participant-owned businesses are beginning to give back to the community after experiencing Burner business in 2005. I’ll send you more info from time to time about who so you can support those businesses. If your business has benefited from Burners, why not give back to BRAF and get a TAX DEDUCTION? Contact Leslie, myself or any of the board members: info@blackrockarts.org or marian@blackrockarts.org.

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Okay, if you can’t make the cruise, I KNOW it’s last minute, but I swear if it weren’t my down time I’d have let you know sooner. And, I know they’ll do it again¬Ã–I have this feeling it’ll be a big success.

LA Decompression:

http://www.la-burningman.com/ October 15 noon-midnight Steet Faire!

Some of the Decompression groups make a donation to the Black Rock Arts Foundation. I know San Diego is planning to. So, check out your local Decompression. <http://regionals.burningman.com>

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BURNING MAN: BEYOND BLACK ROCK <http://www.burningmanmovie.com>

Friday, Nov 4, 10 pm : ArcLight Hollywood Cinema on Sunset World Festival Premiere at AFI Fest 2005! <http://www.afifest.com/afifest>

YUP, I’ll be there, as will most of the rest of the Burning Man Board members. Some kick ass staff involved in and interviewed in the film like: Action Girl, Coyote and others will also be there to support this excellent piece of art. The Producer Mike Wilson and his amazing crew (at least one of which is now working on a film about Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping) will also be in attendance.

The tickets to Friday’s show are likely to sell out, so buy NOW. However, if it’s sold out, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t come and celebrate with all of us. We’d love to see a VERY colorful line up at the VERY SPECIAL preshow (and at the post-party) starting at 9pm in ArcLight Courtyard featuring The Mutaytor and other very special guests!

PLEASE Participate in the Playa Formal Fashion show for fabulous prizes!! Afterparty location:TBA

Additional screening Sat, Nov 5, 3:30 PM also at the ArcLight SEATING IS LIMITED … buy tix now 1.866.AFI-Fest

I can NOT WAIT! I’ve seen unfinished versions of this film, and it kept getting better each time. I am so looking forward to this premier. We are all going to be in our very playa finest, so we can all celebrate together.

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Hey all who first replied back around June 1st to my call for JRS assistance. I’m finally able to read your writing samples and organize who would fit where. Please standby.

Cheers and have a great weekend all! And, thanks for the photos of the cat car. Keep them coming in!


Maid Marian Jack Rabbit Speaks jackrabbitspeaks(at)burningman(dot)com

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