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JRS: Vol#10:5:10.14.05

WOW, seems my JRS yesterday caused quite a stir for some. (btw: unsub info at the very bottom)

BELOW you’ll find a response to Los Angels, and a response to the regionals, and a response in general to a few emails I received. Those not caught in the stir might want to delete. Those interested in drama, read between the lines of my answers to understand what I’ve been pounded with today….And, this SATURDAY, OCT 15th SF-Bay Area people can enjoy a Burner-produced event that’s NOT giving any more to BRAF, but who does support artists..and they’re good peeps. Attend an event in Oakland at the NIMBY warehouse (full info below) url: http://www.nimbyspace.org>.


FIRST: to Los Angeles Burning Man community:
http://www.la-burningman.com (and further response below event info)

Those wishing to rock with the folks in sunny Southern California this Saturday, Oct 15th….HERE”S your info:

HEY EVERYONE go have fun in Los Angeles. I KNOW this will be a great time, SF Decompression was. And, LA is likely to be even more off the hook. AND MANY thanks for the donation BRAF, thanks for your hard work…every single person on the planning committee including TWAN and Mark Bava. I don’t know the other names. Sorry. Street Fairs are an absolute BITCH to produce and I respect anyone and everyone taking the time, energy and sweat to make it happen.


The Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression Street Faire is upon us!

Mark your calendars


From 12:00 noon until 12:00 midnight

$10. w/ Playa Wear or Playa Dust
$15. without

This is the 3rd annual L.A. Decom, taking place at the same location as the last two fabulous Decoms, in downtown L.A. in the Artists District. Three city blocks of Playa Pavement all to ourselves (and anyone else who might want a taste of what we’re about)!

The main gate will be located in front of Little Pedro’s Blue Bongo Cafe, which is located at:

901 E. 1st Street Los Angeles, CA 90012-4007

The event continues down the block from there to Santa Fe Street, then one block to the left to Banning Street as well as one long block to the right under the bridge down to 2nd Street. That’s a lot of street space to participate in the ways we like to.

Like Burning Man in the desert, nothing happens unless we all come together and actively participate. So, as in years past, we need you to bring your art, theme camps, costumes, mutant vehicles, fire performance, music, personality and lightness of being in order to create the Playa on the Pavement that we know is all too do-able!

In order to be proactive and participate and to contribute your passions, skills, and talents, please send your requests and any questions or comments to the appropriate email address below. One way or the other, you will be taken care of.

* Performance Wolfie: perform (at) la-burningman (dot) com

* Art Athena and Dale: art (at) la-burningman (dot) com

* Volunteer Paynie & Commander Dazzel: volunteer (at) la-burningman (dot) com

* Greeter Paynie & Commander Dazzel: greeters (at) la-burningman (dot) com

* Theme Camps Athena and Dale: camps (at) la-burningman (dot) com

Very much looking forward to playing thusly with you all once again. If Burning Man 2005 was any indication of what to expect, I have a tingling sensation telling me that we’re about to outdo ourselves yet again. I love it when we blow our own minds, not to mention the minds of the unsuspecting strangers who might wander into our little universe…

~ Mark Bava


MORE response to LA Burning Man Community:

I’m sorry I didn’t post your LA Decompression FIRST in my JRS yesterday. The nature of that particular JRS was to be about the Black Rock Arts Foundation. I’m sorry that wasn’t clear. I didn’t know that LA was also donating 15% to BRAF, until Paul C. called me at 1 pm today. Had I been informed of that fact I’m certain I would have found a different way to post the JRS particularly since the cruise was leaving in 24 hours anyway and and it wasn’t very likely anyone would be able to go at such short notice. The point I was trying to make was that someone in our community was looking to give back to the community at a fairly generous level, and to make a point as to what the Project and BRAF were doing now that the desert event is finished.

And, I only posted the LA Decompression URL and basic information as that’s all I had in my personal email inbox.

I didn’t see Mark Bava’s email of Sept. 27th sent to jackrabbitspeaks@ because I typically post my own JRSs from information I have in my head or what’s been sent to me directly. I’ve had the cruise info for nearly as long in my own in box. I’ve been hoping to post it but didn’t have a chance. When I looked on the calendar to see when it was happening it became obvious it was the same weekend as LA Decompression. This was oh, about 1 day before I posted the information. It seemed impossible that there would be a “real” conflict at such a late date.

Please accept my apology. I had a specific mission and didn’t intend for hard working LA-Decom workers to believe I was snubbing them.


Everyone else that asked about that last JRS…….

1) I’m sorry I posted the cruise information so late in the game. If you all think you have a reentry process, think about us here at SF-HQ. I was in Gerlach until October 6th. I had people in my house until October 11th. I do the best I can to get information out there. I’m sure they’ll do the cruise again, AND it DID conflict with LA Decompression. And to the person who asked me to post something like that 6 months in advance I can assure you I had that info for less than a month. I’d have posted it in my first JRS of the new season/year if I’d had it at that time (and with proper context too).

2) To the Regionals on the regional-list (at) burningman (dot) com who seem to have a lot to say about this one. I’m sorry the post was “fuzzy” I did use and to indicate what verbiage was not mine, and was from InTicketing. The cruise is NOT a Burning Man “sanctioned” event, it’s not owned by Burning Man and the logo is not being used to promote it,, it’s not produced by Burning Man, Burning Man is assuming no liability for the event, nor are we telling you it’s a safe boat that won’t sink, AND Burning Man is not receiving any proceeds from the event what so ever. Not even a free ticket to watch the boat pull away.

3) It is TRUE I was more than motivated to post the information because they were donating some money to BRAF. And, I’m afraid you’ll see more cross over between BRAF and the Project in the years to come. It’s a no-brainer. BRAF was created to perpetuate interactive art and community. The JRS is a vehicle for communication about the Burning Man culture. BRAF is tasked with keeping the Burning Man culture alive.

4) I am thinking about adding new “rabbits” to the JRS posting process. I’m considering the concept that some “voices” would have regional event information, some voices would have resources/businesses information, some would have BRAF information, some would have general information, and mine might tell stories that incorporate all of the above. I’ve not figured it out yet. And, I want to make the JRS a useful tool. If anyone has ideas on how to structure the JRS so that the information is most valuable and read, please feel free to send us an email to: jackrabbitspeaks (at) burningman (dot) com and put: JRS SUGGESTIONS in the subject line. There are over 30,000 people on this list, and hitting reply with the BManUpdate header isn’t the fastest way to receive a response from us. Subject lines are most helpful.

5) To those that don’t see how the things I post in a JRS all relate to one another: My personal preferred JRS style is to not just post a straight forward list of this or that. The JRS was started by me 10 seasons ago. I prefer to tell stories and give context to the information. I have found it to be the more effective and enjoyable way for me to communicate. I’m more than bored with the variety of newsletters I’m on that have no personality or “voice”. This last JRS was NOT about cruises, decompressions or southern california. It was about the Black Rock Arts Foundation. I just thought it was fun to get your attention by saying “What are you doing this weekend?”

6) Giving me shit, and tossing a bunch of tone at me is hardly the way to endear yourself to me. Thoughtful emails are more likely to receive thoughtful replies….when my bandwidth provides for such time.

7) Lastly, there is no sellout here. I appreciate the passion and concern of everyone who I’ve heard from today. I’m not promoting that un-named cruise line, however I would encourage anyone to use our ticketing outlet as they’ve been very good to us and they are smart, talented Burners dedicated to the Burning Man ethic. They were Burners before they were our ticketing outlet. I think it’s helpful to inform JRS readers as to which businesses are Burner-owned and burner friendly. I’ve done that for years, and will continue to do that. There’s also no “sell out” going on with regard to any television shows, movies or other media outlets. The media process we’ve had in place for years is strengthened and tightened each year.

8) My mission, and that of most of my compatriots here with the Burning Man Project is to continue to change lives by spreading the Burning Man culture throughout the world. The Black Rock Arts Foundation and the Burning Man Regional Network are the entities in play to help make that happen. Please participate.


ALSO, re: a geographically challenged rabbit who’s not spent much time south of Monterey, California has been corrected on the location for the departure of the cruise. Though I guess this is moot now:

The cruise doesn’t leave from San Diego. It leaves from Long Beach. Long Beach is not, nor has ever been, San Diego, nor a suburb thereof. It is in fact closer to Los Angeles (next to the port of LA, actually), and a large expanse of the entirety of Orange County (2+ hours of driving time) sits between Long Beach and San Diego.

Maybe it doesn’t mean squat to most JRS readers, but I for one was very confused and thought there two entirely different cruises taking place this weekend: the Xingolati one I was aware of leaving from Long beach, and now some new and different one leaving from San Diego.



Sat, Oct 15 * 9:00 pm * $10

The World Famous NIMBY Warehouse presents the Original NIMBY Circus.

Featuring: Will Scarlet, HOBO Goblins, One Man Banjo, Circus Freaks, Laughing Sal, Therm, a Two headed cow, Sour Mash Hug Band, The Disgusting Spectacle, Cranky, Rockstars, The Odeon Bar’s Circo De Solame Featuring Dammit the amazing wonder dog, Knee & Elbow, Funky Beulah, Esmeralda Strange, David Apocalypse, Rocky Rulet. Ethan Bixbee, Photo Boof, and special surprise guests.

Starts at Dark. Donations are $10. NIMBY Warehouse is at 28th St. and Mandela Parkway in West Oakland. For more info call 510-433-0506.

1649 28th Street

Over the Bay Bridge
Take the I-880 S
exit on the West Grand/Maritime Exit
Merge unto W Grand Ave
Turn Left unto Mandela PKWY
Turn Right unto 28th St.

The Bay Bridge will be closed eastbound AFTER 1:00 AM so getting here is not a problem and getting back is completely open.


Curtis says: “give the girl a break, she just threw a party for 35,000 people”

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