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Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 10, Issue 19
(Special Sub Edition)

April 13, 2006


Attention! This a special call-to-arms sub-edition of the Jack Rabbit Speaks. We need your help with an issue that’s near and dear to our hearts, namely a proposed ban on Beach Burns on our beloved Ocean Beach here in San Francisco. Take just five minutes to read and act, and you’ll help preserve a vital part of our community’s heritage.

Burning Man began on a San Francisco beach back in 1986, with a small group of friends, a crude wooden man, and a fire. And this rabbit has a nagging sense that we may not have been emphatic enough about what it would mean to lose the right to burn on the beaches of San Francisco — to us, it is in fact symbolic of the freedom to gather as we do in the desert, no matter where we happen to live. Indeed, that type of freedom is at the core of all that we are, and in that way the beach burn ban has implications to all of our readers. That’s why we’d like to once again invite each of you to participate in this public comment period, which closes in just two days (April 15th). So you need to act today!

The Burning Man Project believes in the freedom to gather with friends around the warm flames of a bonfire. We think it would be a shame for us as burners to sit idly by and watch that freedom disappear here in the very city that gave birth to Burning Man. Fire is at the heart of all we do – not just fire, but the connection that happens in its glow. It is a kind of communion that created much of what Burning Man has come to be. This moment of public comment seems a perfect opportunity to encourage our readers to engage in and contribute to the creation of the kind of world in which they wish to live.

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area (which includes Ocean Beach) is federally operated by the National Park Service. That means that you, no matter who you are or where you live, can contribute to the public comment period and make your feelings known. Comments close on April 14th, and unless we act together, beach burns will be outlawed on Ocean Beach beginning on May 1st. Please help us protect the right to burn!

So, here’s what you can do in five minutes or less.

Visit http://saveoceanbeach.org/ to find out more, and to leave your comment via their handy automated comment form.

Alternatively, send your comment email to Rudy_Evenson-at-nps-dot-gov, or call 415 561-4723 to leave a recorded message

Not sure what to say? Here’s a really simple example–feel free to copy it just the way it is, but remember to add in a few words of your own:

Dear Rudy Evenson,

I am writing to voice my concern over the proposed ban on beach burns on Ocean Beach.

I am opposed to any such ban, and feel that allowing fires is critical to preserving a vital park of San Francisco’s cultural heritage.

I urge you to find solutions to the problems related to fires that stop short of an outright ban, and I look forward to hearing back from you about this matter.

Sincerely, etc etc.

We encourage you to be reasoned and calm in your approach; we are very grateful that the NPS has opened up this opportunity for public comment, and we wish only to encourage them to find community solutions that will allow beach burns to continue on Ocean Beach.

Once again, we realize that a fire on the beach in San Francisco may sound very far away from where you live, but remember, back in 1986 you might have said the same thing, and look what *that* bonfire came to mean for all of us.

Don’t delay, the comment period closes this Friday!!

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Also on our minds: two reminders about upcoming events to benefit the Black Rock Arts Foundation, which is working to bring interactive art to the world beyond the playa.



Victoria Theater, 2961 16th Street, San Francisco
Wednesday, April 19th
“Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock” screening at 7 PM
Special Sneak Preview of “The Temple Builder” at 9:30 PM

The Santa Cruz Film Festival, the Film Arts Foundation, and the Black Rock Arts Foundation will co-present a screening of “The Temple Builder” (a film about David Best) and “Beyond Black Rock” on April 19th. For those who haven’t had a chance to check out “Beyond Black Rock”, this is a great opportunity to catch it in a fully immersive theatrical venue…plus, be the very first to check out Gone Off Deep/Purple Productions’ “The Temple Builder”. Producer Mike Wilson will be in attendance.

Keep tabs on the progress of both films at http://www.goneoffdeep.com and http://www.burningmanmovie.com.

And if that’s not enough…


Let Art Go to Your Head!
A Benefit for the Black Rock Arts Foundation
Thursday, April 27
supperclub san francisco

If you’re close enough to get here, grab your CRAZIEST! cap and come to supperclub san francisco Thursday, April 27.

The Black Rock Arts Foundation is hosting a fantastical fundraiser for BRAF’s 2006 National Grant Cycle and to help bring Dan DasMann and Karen Cusolito’s ‘Passage’ (the monumental mother and child piece from Burning Man 2005) to Pier 14 on the SF Embarcadero.

Entertainment hosted by $teven Ra$pa and featuring Janine Fondiller of Xeno, Soprano Marisa Lenhardt, Ouchy the Clown of the Porn Clown Posse, and an extraordinary array of amazing aerialists, thrilling performers, magnificent musicians, and your favorite Black Rock City DJs, including Laird (Get Yer Freak On!) and Smoove (Space Cowboys & News Breaks) to keep you dancing well into the night!

Hat creations galore! including an auction of fantabulous art hats crafted by some of our favorite community artists and a chance to climb in bed (supperclub style) with a great cast of Burning Man characters, including Larry Harvey, Maid Marian, Dicky from the Dicky Box, David Best, Lady Bee, Crimson Rose, Will Roger, Harley DuBois, Andie Grace aka Actiongrl, and Chicken John!

Tickets from $30 – $250 are available online now:

If you can’t join us, please lend your support – become a BRAF member or make a donation to help inspire art, community and civic participation in the default world year-round! http://www.donatetoblackrockarts.org

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