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Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
April 18, 2006

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Hmmmmm…we SWEAR this was sent out yesterday but everyone says they didn’t get it so perhaps we’re losing our little rabbit minds. Trying again!

We loved hearing from everyone last week after the Jack Rabbit Speaks mentioned the proposed ban on beach bonfires at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach (JRSV10:19). We were cc’d on letters from all across the country. Thank you! The work’s not done yet – all the park’s users must find community-based solutions to ensure that the beach is protected while still preserving the right to gather at these bonfires. If you haven’t yet, visit the website: http://www.saveoceanbeach.org to make your opinions known.

And just think, soon enough it will be time for the Fire Arts Exposition! We admit that we just can’t stop thinking about this super-bad-ass event. Held on our home turf in San Francisco for the first time this year, this three-evening exposition will create a veritable museum of flaming art at Monster Park for all to enjoy. World-class fire art in the spring? Yes please! May 18, 19, and 20th. Check out the full story below.

Meanwhile, tonight’s screenings of “Beyond Black Rock” and “The Temple Builder” (benefiting the Black Rock Arts Foundation, http://www.blackrockarts.org) at the Victoria Theater (starts at 7:00 PM, as mentioned in JRSV10:19) in San Francisco have our hearts gearing up toward the playa…136 days is sounding SO CLOSE all of a sudden. What happened to 180 days? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I had a whole six months to get ready for it all? So much to do in such a short time…this week there’s news from Ticket Land to get us on the way. And yes, it’s THAT close: the deadline for the What Where When is in July, which means now is the time to start planning your events and getting them in (see below). The sticker design contest is underway too, and our fine desert city’s Post Office and one of our daily papers are both looking for volunteers. Plus, regional events and more more more. Wahoo!

============================================================ =====================TABLE OF CONTENTS====================== ============================================================

Greetings from Ticket Land!
Fire Arts Exposition SF May 18, 19, 20
What-Where-When Deadline – July 19th
Call for Designs for Burning Man Stickers – Deadline May 5th

BRCPO and You!
Black Rock Beacon Fries Up Another Year
Video Footage Sought From BM ’95 and ’96

Apogaea 2- “Time and Space” in Colorado June 9-11
Portland/Seattle Benefit April 21
Fundraiser to Bring Puppeteers from Thailand, April 29


==================BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS======================



By now, everyone should have received the tickets you ordered in the rush of the first day of sales. If you ordered your tickets online and have a question or issue about your confirmation number, shipping address or anything else relating to your online order, please contact the online order support staff by going to this link: http://tickets.burningman.com/contact

Select your topic from the pull down menu or select “other” if you do not see your topic listed.

We are lucky enough to have our four wonderful walk-in ticket outlets back again this year! When buying tickets from a walk-in outlet, please remember that the people who run these stores are valued members of our community, and as members of our community are selling our tickets with NO ADDITIONAL FEES. That means they do not get paid for selling our tickets. Please remember this and be courteous and kind when dealing with the outlet staff.

PLEASE DO NOT BURDEN OUR OUTLETS WITH PHONE CALLS! They have tickets, and are open during their posted hours. They cannot answer any other questions for you about Burning Man. You may purchase tickets in the walk-in outlets with either cash – EXACT CHANGE- or money order (in US dollars made out to Burning Man or Black Rock City, LLC.) NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS. Outlet sales begin Saturday April 1, 2006.

1552 Haight Street (between Ashbury & Clayton)
HOURS: SUN-FRI: 11:30-6:30, SAT: 11:30-7:30

Berkeley Hat Company
2510 Telegraph Avenue (near the corner of Dwight)
HOURS: MON-THURS 11:00-5:30, FRI&SAT: 11:00-6:00, SUN: 12:30-5:00

Cheap Thrills
Located at 1209 21st St
HOURS: Mon-Sat 10:30am- 5:30 pm

The Melting Pot
888 S Virginia St
HOURS: Monday – Saturday 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM, Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 PM

See y’all on the playa!

The Ticket Team




Deadline: Wednesday, July 19th, 2006
LOCATION: http://burningman.com/calendar/playa/

Howdy! Many of you have known that the Playa Calendar is open and accepting submissions for the What Where When guide. The What Where When is the printed version of the Playa Calendar that is handed to every participant who comes through the gates of Black Rock City. This guide is a great way to publicize your participatory event. If you want to make your on-playa event known and encourage Black Rock citizens to attend, now’s the time to get your text ready and submit it. We will be taking submissions for the printed version up until Wednesday, July 19th. So far, we’ve received a good number, mostly from the early birds we hear from every year (thank you!!) but I know there are those of you out there who like to wait until the last minute! Of course, this makes the What Where When crew insane, so the earlier the better. Here are some things to think about when preparing your entry:

1. Keep the descriptive text short and to the point. (We edit the printed version for length.) There is no need to include the time and location in the descriptive text, there are fields for that. Extraneous text like “See you there” or “We’re so excited!” can be left out.

2. There is a “Hosted by/Camp Name” field. Put in the name of your camp (or the camp where your event is hosted). If the name of your camp matches the name we have in our Theme Camp database, it makes putting your physical location (city street address) in MUCH easier. We will know your address from the theme camp mapping team and will put your address in alongside your entry. If your camp is NOT mapped (not a registered theme camp), please include the location you plan on camping.
If you don’t camp there, there’s really nothing we can do about it once the guide is printed, so please be sure to check this year’s map taking note of the new areas that are reserved for theme camps. If the place you’re used to camping falls into one of these reserved areas, you will need to consider an alternate location. See the 2005 map below for reference since the 2006 map isn’t posted yet:


3. If your event happens on several days at the same time and location, it can be entered as a repeating event. If your event has the same description, but its time and/or location varies, you will need to enter a separate event for each.

4. If you have a problem with your event and you need something changed, feel free to send a note to the email address listed on every page of the playa calendar. We’ll be happy to correct something.

5. Oh, and finally, be sure to take special note of the AM/PM buttons. That is the most often requested change. People just forget it’s there and need it changed from AM to PM all the time.

6. The WWW does get handed out at the gate in a printed version, it’s true. However, because of print deadlines, it only holds items submitted (of course) before the July 19th deadline. Thus, some folks choose to print out the most up-to-the-minute version and staple the pages right before they hop in the car. Up to you!

OK, so now that you know all about WHAT to do, you need to know WHERE to go:


and you’ll need to know WHEN to submit your event by: Wednesday, July 19th is the last date for submission for the printed guide. We will still accept events for the online calendar up until the day the event begins, but events submitted after the deadline will not be included in the What Where When guide. Thank you for your submissions and we look forward to proofreading them!

*Spanky, Bex, and the Playa Calendar crew


Burning Man, in support of The Black Rock Arts Foundation, presents:

ART ON FIRE! The 2006 San Francisco Fire Arts Exposition
May 18, 19 & 20, 2006
Monster Park (formerly Candlestick Park), LOT C (FREE parking)
602 Jamestown Ave, SF 94124
Take BART to Balboa, then #29 Sunset bus to Gilman Ave & Giants Drive See http://tinyurl.com/fs8rm for driving directions Advance tickets: http://www.inticketing.com/evinfo.php?eventid=11341 For info: 415-To-Flame and www.burningman.com. Children under 18 must be accompanied by adult

Thurs: Opening BRAF Benefit Reception & Premier Night: Includes 7-8:30pm hosted bar, intimate artist led tours + general admission till 11pm – $50

Thurs: 8:30-11pm: $20 general admission; includes Pyro Spectaculars fireworks finale!

Fri & Sat: 7:30pm-12am: $20 in fiery attire (no actual fire, please!); $25 street clothes. Fire Angel All Event Pass: $125 – includes opening reception and express entry 3 nights. 3 Night General Admission Ticket: $50 advanced sale – avail till 5/17.

Experience this quintessentially San Francisco art event, an exciting and incendiary exhibition of innovative and inspiring fire art! Ranging in nature from meditative and quietly interactive to spectacular, high-tech and utterly indefinable; these featured works of art and choreographed fire performances are pushing the boundaries of art internationally. Please join us for this landmark event as the City of San Francisco provides a forum to recognize artists working in this exciting and unique medium!

Artists Scheduled To Appear: Xeno, Vau De Vire Society, Therm, The Flaming Lotus Girls, Nate Smith, Jack Schroll, SaDa Fuego, Pyro Spectaculars!, Pyronauts, Primal Fire, Meghan Pike, Nocturnal Sunshine, The Nekyia, Los Sue&radic del Fuego, Roger Lai, Laird, Marisa Lenhardt, Karl Nettmann, mN8Fx, Alan Macy, Loyd Family Players, Robert Kilpatrick, Scot Jenerik, InterKonnected, Hunter, Bob Hofmann, Flame Gypsy & Sexy Bitch, Justin Gray, Wally Glenn, Gamelan X, Charlie Gadeken, Orion Fredericks, Liquid Fire, Richard Friedberg, Fire Arts Collective, The Crucible, Coven Fire Troupe, Marque Cornblatt, Controlled Burn, Bill Codding, Paul Cesewski, BomTribe, Bad Kitties, members of the Burning Man Fire Conclave, and more!

See: http://www.burningman.com in coming weeks for schedule and details

For info on The Black Rock Arts Foundation, see: http://www.blackrockarts.org

Also upcoming: April 27th Flip Your Lid BRAF benefit, June 3rd Flambe Lounge, June 17th Community Picnic, July 12th Desert Art Preview, July 29th pARTiciPARADE! and August 28th Burning Man begins!



This is the official call for designs for the 2006 Burning Man stickers that are passed out with the materials you receive at the Greeters station in Black Rock City. (and other designs that appear randomly in your hands at other points in time)

These stickers are two color and can vary in size from 2.25″ by 5.5″ to 3″ by 3″ or 3″ in diameter for a round design. Please incorporate the name Burning Man and the year 2006 into your design. These are two color stickers only so please design accordingly. If at all possible, please post your design on a web page and send the URL to Bex; otherwise send in an Adobe Illustrator file to bex@burningman.com. Whether sending your design or questions, please put “STICKER DESIGN” in the subject header. HEY, remember there IS a theme, and we like stickers that attempt to use the theme! Hope and Fear: The Future!

We are also looking for designs for the 2006 car stickers. This sticker is a car window sticker that will be printed on clear vinyl and in two colors. Please make sure designs contain the Burning Man name and the year 2006. Designs should be 2″ by 2″ or 2″ diameter if round. If at all possible, please post your design on a web page and send the URL to Bex; otherwise send in an Adobe Illustrator file to bex-at-burningman-dot-com. Please put “STICKER DESIGN” in the subject header. Ditto here on the theme!


The deadline for design submissions is Friday May 5th.

Thank you and Good Luck!





From the BRCPO: “Over the past months the Black Rock City Post Office you have come to know and love (perhaps in a love/hate sort of way) has, like many corporations of late, experienced a re-organization during which we “lost” our former employee email addresses.

WE DESPERATELY WANT YOU BACK! You are entitled to back pay, health benefits, worker’s comp, transit passes – the works, if you’ll just re-fill your cubicles and put your uniforms back on.

If you are interested in melding your gluestick with our stamps, making postcards, delivering mail, camping in center camp, building, sorting, licking, stamping, being stamped and becoming an inspiration for the BRCPO with performance art, longer lines, and of course paperwork. Please contact us by emailing brcpost-at-yahoo-dot-com or subscribe directly to our discussion list by sending an email to BRCPO-subscribe-at-topica-dot-com

Postal Employment Application and camp photos from the past: http://www.brcpo.com



…and the BR Beacon: “The Black Rock Beacon is gearing up for its sophomore year, and we’re looking for a few good Burners to help us bring news, views, and random information about processed pork products to Black Rock City in 2006. We’re especially looking for paginators who are familiar with InDesign for Macs, and we also have key openings for a Managing Editor and an editor for our year-round website. See our volunteer page at http://bitethe.com/brb/volunteer.htm for more information or join our discussion group at http://theblackrockbeacon.tribe.net.”



Jon Alloway writes: “I’ve been embarking on an epic video doc about the history of The Cacophony Society. There are a couple of loose ends that I still need footage for. Wondering if you can put it out to the JRS universe that I’m seeking video/film footage of the pyro performances of both LA Cacophony’s Toyland (BM 95) and The Damnation of Tinsel Town (BM96). Any responses can come to my e-mail directly, Dreamlan11-at-aol-dot-com.”


==================EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS=====================



Sure, you’ve done the regional circuit – hit San Francisco and LA, got your Toast on a time or two, maybe even joined the circus in Seattle, but can you really say you’re an “experienced burner” until you’ve spun and slithered on the face of the Rocky Mountains?

Apogaea, Colorado’s official regional burn, will be held for the second year in a row at the Happy Ass Ranch, near Colorado Springs, CO June 9th – 11th. This year’s theme is “Time and Space”, and we’re providing both – you provide the creativity and beautiful spirit. Tickets on sale soon. Prices will be $40 in advance and $50 at the gate. There will be a limited number of discounted tickets available for the truly needy. And those of you with burning babies can plant yourselves at our homegrown Freak-Farm. Find out more here:


Colorado burners: hit up denver-at-burningman-dot-com, westernslope-at-burningman-dot-com, or boulder-at-burningman-dot-com to plug into your local Burning Man community and find out more about Apogaea.



From friends in the Northwest: “Recently there was a shooting in Seattle that affected many in the local Portland and Seattle Burner communities. Several people have been displaced and have no funds to move into a new home and are still left dealing with what they saw that day. Here in Portland we have decided to organize a fund-raiser to help those displaced get their lives back on track. Below are the details of this event. I greatly appreciate the help. And for those unable to attend that would like to help in any way please send them to http://burn.neurotoxin.net

Friday April 21st Friends of Friends presents a 2112 Fund-raiser to benefit those affected by the Seattle shooting

With performances by-

Freaky Chakra-
Dale the Nail-
Chickenhed will be running the downstairs so be very afraid.

$5-$5000 Any donation is gladly accepted. All profits from this event will go into assisting the survivors of the 2112 shooting in getting moved into a new residence. It will also assist with simple needs such as toiletries and food items.

18+ / 9p-4a. Located at the Village Ballroom 700 NE Dekum

If interested in volunteering please contact us through dafamdamily-at-comcast-dot-net



Chicken John is at it again, this time with a fundraiser to bring amazing puppeteers from Thailand to Burning Man.

Cafe Du Nord, SF, Sat April 29th

More info at



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