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Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 11, Issue #2
November 15, 2006

Hiya! Remember us?

Today’s collaborative ActionGrl and Maid Marian missive starts NOW……:

A Quote:

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” –Mark Twain

This JRS has been a couple of weeks in the birthing process, as we try to sort through the many comments and emails and submissions and find the time to send it out to you between staff work retreats and debrief meetings and (if you can believe it) planning meetings for next year…wow, man. Off we go…

We don’t even know where to start talking, so we’re just gonna let others have the mic. Lots and lots of tasty stuff below. But hey, can anyone tell the Jack Rabbit what happened to the Cowboy Sunset Serenade at Burning Man? A rabbit and friends went looking for it after the dust storm in full cowboy/girl regalia and couldn’t find it. Someone?

See below for two film events happening TOMORROW in Queens and…CHINA….

What’s up for next year’s theme? Check out http://www.burningman.com for the 2007 theme (announced, as you may have noticed, on your way out of BRC in ’06) and a poll about last year’s event. BTW, yes, we know about the long wait with Exodus…we’re already working on the fix.

{=========================================================} ====================TABLE OF CONTENTS=================== {=========================================================}

Media Impressions from 2006 (print, photographers and video)
Job Posting at Bman HQ
Theme Camp Pix Wanted
Burning Man Image use and Trademark reminders
Material Culture Archive: reminder
Coyote Nose: Toggle Switch
BURNcast #015: A postcard from Burning Man 2006
Photo Credit in the WWW

Screen Saver participation: “Hope and Fear”
Photo Request for “Intelligent Design”…
…and maNIC project

“Temple Builder”/”Preacher With an Unknown God” screen in Queens 11/16
Beijing Burning Man Film Screenings 11/16 and 11/17!

{========================================================} ===================BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=================== {========================================================}




Current TV aka TV FREE BURNING MAN: http://currenttv.com/burningman/ seven fabulous 8-minute pods

Metro Santa Cruz (California): The local alternative paper. First and second installment by a first-time participant who certainly braves some randomness (and an ocarina) and without her water-bottle to boot! http://www.metcruz.com/metro-santa-cruz/09.20.06/burning-man-0638.html and then part 2: http://www.metcruz.com/metro-santa-cruz/09.27.06/burning-man-0639.html Rabbits have to admit that we’re always inspired by good stories for First Time Burning Man participants. And this is certainly one of them.

SF Gate: http://sfgate.com/burningman/ 5 articles, 4 audio slide shows and two photo galleries!!

Wired: http://blog.wired.com/burningman2006/index.album?i=27 where after viewing a handful of images which include comments and/or story about each image (more than any “media” outlet has ever done) We ran across not only a cheesy photo of Jack Rabbit Marian, but comments about cool hair in photo #42 led me to: http://www.nifnaks.com/

New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2006/08/28/arts/20060829_BURNING_SLIDESHOW_1.html A bit sloppy on the crediting of artists and including accurate titles. We’d expect more from the NYT. And a more recent somewhat fluffy piece from the Style section: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/12/fashion/12Burners.html

(Snide comments about burner buttocks in hot pants aside, we can’t resist a chance to comment on a few inaccuracies in this piece, ESPECIALLY about BRAF fundraising last year – BRAF’s *entire* operating budget for the year was only $140,000, NOT the $500K they claim it raised. (visit http://www.blackrockarts.org to see more and get involved!) Perhaps the author meant to refer to BURNING MAN’s *playa art* grant process in ’06? …also, the regionals have existed since around 1996 (not just for two years) and the network has more like 90 chapters, and Burning Man is now entering its 21st year …overall, hello, the year-roundification of Burning Man definitely means a LOT more than mere parties! Just ask the regional groups, or Burners Without Borders, or…. oh well. At least they spelled our name right. We did want to let you know we’re aware of the story. (Oh, and confidential to “Mr.” Doyle: ya dork, you’re officially stuck with us, 30-to-40 year olds with blinky lights and all the rest, like it or not. So nyeah…suck it up, burner kid.)

Whoops. We digress…but if you can’t digress in your own newsletter in the name of editorial accuracy, what’s the point?


Check this out? Thanks Taz: http://rawfire.torche.com/~taz/images/burningman/2006/Pict3090.jpg

We adore the very aptly named Pixie: http://www.pixievisionproductions.com/gallery/bm06 (use slideshow to view them all quickly) some great shots of Michael Christian’s I.T.

Awesome images from someone who’s come back onto our radar, Neil K Guy: http://burningcam.com/2006/ We loved his work with a camera on a balloon in 2000: http://burningcam.com/aerial/00/

The ever-present Tristan Savatier http://www.playa-dust.com/

And long-time photographer from NYC Gabe Kirchheimer: http://www.gabekphoto.com/

Noise produced some excellent photos including the ever important artist credit.: http://www.rowdydow.com/gallery/?gid=2006-08-future

One can’t forget Brad Templeton’s Panoramics: http://pic.templetons.com/brad/pano/bman06.html

The consistently striking photos of Rick Egan: http://www.moonski.net/burningman/index.html

Scott London’s photo essay: http://www.scottlondon.com/photo/burningman2006/ plus his SF Decom shots: http://www.scottlondon.com/photo/decompression/

and John Tucker: http://www.pbase.com/jaetee/burning_man_2006

Burners Without Borders PR: About the activities in Mississippi http://news.rgj.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060905/NEWS/609050352/1002 and the wood recycling http://news.rgj.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060915/NEWS10/609150422/1002/NEWS and the camp was recognized in the SF Chronicle as “Best Camp” at Burning Man and mentioned here: http://tinyurl.com/pmq59

Art Projects:


Halcyon’s 5 minute piece: http://www.lustmonkey.com

Message out of the Future: http://www.uchronians.org/ The videos are great – watch in reverse order to see the progression of the piece. Day 18- playa de Gaia is particularly good. if you have the time the daily entries with photos are interesting.

Jean Paul from France: http://www.jardinduvent.com/jardin_du_vent.php?lang=fr&rubrique=oeuvres&voircategorie=15

nate smith’s big one, 2Bleve and other fiery stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9vYE7B1_PU

Whew! That’s a lot of reminiscing!




Anyone who’s contacted Burning Man Participant Services in the past few years might have corresponded with our beloved Rebecca Workman, aka: Bex. She’s worked for Burning Man in a variety of roles over the years and always took on the next big challenge with enthusiasm. As of the end of November Bex is going to leave our San Francisco HQ office environment and her duties as Ticket Manager and Box Office Manager to focus more on working supporting 100 regionals as the Regional Network Administrator. This means she’s passing on her ticket and box office duties to the next person interested in working in our wacky environment who’s qualified to fulfill the position described posted below. We’re looking forward to hearing from candidates by Sunday, November 19th. Send cover letter and resume to: hr (at) burningman (dot) com. Good luck!

San Francisco based. Part-Time and Seasonal. Workload varies over time. Full-time at the event the end of August with box office operations of one and one half weeks.

The Ticket Manager acts as the “owner” of the ticket process, reporting to the Finance Manager.

This position is responsible for: Coordinating with the key stakeholders and other process owners and maintaining the ticket timeline/ calendar Developing, documenting and communicating ticket policies to the public and staff Public communications via: Ticket brochure announcing ticket sales (works with Print Production Manager) various email announcement lists, website, phone hotline Processing of special program applications and staff ticketing Customer service, primarily by email, also by phone and onsite at the event Vendor coordination re on-line sales, Box Office systems, customer service, etc. Budgeting and expense control Fulfillment of the Survival Guide to ticket purchasers. Sales tracking and reporting Post event wrap-up Oversee retail outlets On-site box office: advance recruiting and training. Staff supervision and motivation, systems review and feedback to vendor. Policy and procedure enforcement. Coordination with Gate staff and other dept & vendor managers.


* Education: BA or equivalent experience desirable * Management experience 2-3 years * Previous administrative/ office experience – min 3 years * Participant of Burning Man – 1 year min * Strong Customer Service background – min 3 years * Previous Project Management Experience – min 1 year * Bulk Mail experience desirable * MS Excel, Mac and PC experience and FileMaker Pro experience helpful

More detailed JD here: http://www.burningman.com/news/job_ticketmgr.html



Theme Campers,

Each year the burningman.com webteam works hard to post the listings of your camps before the event and then, in the fall, adds the listings to the official event archives. Please help us out by submitting one or two of the best shots of your camp into our Image Gallery. (http://www.burningman.com/galleries/) Make sure to supply the camp name in the notes field as it’s listed in on the website (http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/) so we can more easily match up photos with listings; forever immortalizing your theme camp.



Right now, post-event, we see a ton of action in the image use and trademark departments…including some violations. Some of these violations, though, are simply earnest mistakes, so we thought it might be a good time to remind everyone of some basic guidelines regarding use of images from the event and Burning Man’s registered marks.

FIRST: in order to use any image or video of the event that goes beyond just sharing with your friends and family, you must request *written permission* from Burning Man for each use. This applies to printing photos in a magazine or newspaper, a gallery show, or a documentary or TV show that wants your video footage or shots of the burn. If you didn’t register as a professional shooter at the event, that doesn’t mean you can’t request permission now if someone wants to use a photo of yours commercially, but you DO need written permission to keep yourself out of hot water and help protect the Burning Man community from future violations.

SECOND, please remember that the Burning Man symbol, the Man, and the names “Burning Man”, “Black Rock City”, and “Decompression” are protected by trademark law and may only be used for commercial purposes with written permission from Burning Man. Making GIFTS to give away with the Man symbol is absolutely FINE, as is putting the design on your camp’s informational website…but using it on an invitation to a fundraiser, or making a t-shirt design that incorporates it for your Cafe Press shop is NOT. Use of images from Burning Man for these purposes is also restricted.

If we don’t enforce these marks thoroughly and consistently, we can lose our right to protect them when truly egregious violations occur, so if you don’t want to see Burning Man used in a Nike ad, help us protect what you love by protecting these marks.

Need permission to publish a photo? Found an image used without permission? Want to know if a “Decompression” you saw is really an authorized Burning Man event? Write to us at:

press (at) burningman (dot) com

Thanks for your help, and we’re happy to answer any questions!



If you made an object to gift on the playa and would like to see it in the Burning Man Project Material Culture archives, please do one or both of the following.

Donate to the physical archives at the Burning Man office: Your gift will live in our collection which we hope to exhibit in the future.

Fill out the form found here: http://www.burningman.com/media/doc/pdf/print_forms/playa_artifacts.pdf, and send it, with at least two of the item, to: Archives, PO Box 884688, San Francisco, CA 94188.

Contribute to the online Archives: Your gift and contact information will live on our website, in a gallery searchable by year, category, name and keywords.

Go to http://pa.burningman.com/index.cgi Instructions are found on each page of the gallery in the FAQ: http://pa.burningman.com/index.cgi?action=showfaq&

This gallery is a DIY situation just like our Image Gallery. For maximum exposure please do both of the above.

If the maker of the 2006 BRC city map pendants in pewter is reading this, or if anyone knows who he/she is, please contact ladybee (at) burningman (dot) com . This special piece is a good example of what should have a place in the material culture archives.


[EDITOR’S NOTE: This was originally written and posted internally by DPW City Superintendent, Senior Staffer, Tony Perez aka: Coyote]

Coyote Nose – Toggle Switch

And God’s flashlight came shinning down on the smoldering embers of the still Burning Man exposing the sins of the city for all to see. It’s northern glare came chilling across the playa like the icy fogs of San Francisco, and with a flick of a finger, flipped off the toggle switch of summer. “Winter soon come!” was all Bruno had to say. It was all he needed to say for it had come from his corner barstool of wisdom. After eighty five winters, he should know. The next days found us getting blasted by God’s snow blower and we huddled in our trailers, and at our clubhouse, watching the flurries and waiting for the playa to clear. Let the line sweeps begin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, summer is now over, and the lovely Hormel is no longer working the line sweeps topless. I guess it’s like putting the speedboats away for the winter. (sigh!) * * * So let’s get down to brass tacks and catch ya’ll up on the goings ons out here. Indeed, the line sweeps have begun and after just five days, we’re finding all kinds of stuff. (Line sweeps are the way the playa restoration crew of the DPW rids the playa of the litter.)

We now have a crew of about thirty to forty walking in a line down each block, and are keeping a pace of about ten to thirteen blocks a day. We’ve been keeping close track of how the camps have been doing, and this year we got a surprise early on when we came across a camp on the Esplanade and about 5:15 that got a full on A+! There wasn’t so much as a cherry stem! Some of the crew was even a bit disappointed that there was nothing to find. With our mouths agape, we looked it up on our map of camps, (Brother beware! we have this kind of knowledge!), and found that the name of our shinning star camp was ‘Zombie Dome and Cockroach Theatre’.

What the …?!!

I dunno, I’m just imagining a pack of zombies lumbering around their camp of horrors at all hours picking up brain crumbs and body parts and moaning ‘Leeeeeave noooo traaaaace!’ – and of course this scene being made even more bizarre with about a million cockroaches scurrying about eating absolutely everything! Anyhow, good job no matter what your camp name is! The DPW gives you a grand pat on the back. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Coyote recently found out this camp spot was so clean because the camp didn’t show up to camp in that spot! Oops. Leave No Trace by failure to appear?]

* * *

Speaking of “leave no trace”, we have sort of a daily show and tell of MOOP of the day. (MOOP is our word for litter, an acronym for ‘material out of place’). Well just yesterday, line sweeper Leeway found a large silver dollar size pin that said, “leave no trace” on it. It’s ok gang; he paid homage to the mantra by – well – picking it up off the playa. It’s not the first time “Leave No Trace” has left a trace out there.

Other interesting MOOP – a lapel pin found by the bike club’s Mr. Fraiser that bares the insignia of General Romel’s “Desert Fox African Campaign.” General Romel was one of Hitler’s top guns, and the pin depicts a palm tree with a swastika on it. Makes one wonder just what the hell their camp name was! “Uh, you there, with the arm band, you dropped something!?”

Some get all the luck. The same guy that found this later found a pin that had the star of David on it! He’s got ’em pinned side by side on his MOOP bucket for the photo op. Some say that there are no coincidences ya know.

Another funny- we came across a camp that was a field of broken plates. Now how does this happen? Greek wedding maybe? It is now known as ‘Greek Wedding Camp’. Thanks guys

And of course the tear jerker story – our good buddy Lo-dog coming across star mooper Austin’s long lost earring she had lost three weeks prior. She had them since the eighth grade I am to understand. (sniff!)

* * * Line sweeps truly have a feel all their own. It will never cease to amaze me when the last of the structures and containers are hauled off, and another toggle switch gets flipped. (Whoosh!) The city is gone and the vacant winds that blow by bring only dust. But in the ears of the imagination, there still seems to be the echo of a cauldron of memories that just might have happened – and the playa returns to her self. All we have left of our brazen city is the still smoking heap of ash and twisted metal that once was the revered and sacred center of our momentary universe. Did that flash hiccup of an event actually happen, or was it a bad dream after all? It’s as if the disciples of our conscience crept into the desert night to sink our sins of merriment deep into the mud. And there we stood in the Principal’s office the next day going, “What city!?” * * *

And, of course, the biggest toggle flip of all is when that Man falls into a blazing heap and the rush of hell breaks loose. One can almost feel the hand of yet another God pulling the main pin on the city’s axle, and things start flinging into the ozone. Then it takes a few days for the people to go out and collect the tops of their heads, and then the mass exodus ensues. The rush slowly dwindles to a trickle, and like the growing shores of a shrinking lake, the city opens. Eventually, all that’s left are the lizards of the DPW, and the warriors of the other departments that are taking care of their loose ends. It’s a special feeling when a grand city of many thousands slowly returns to a gaggle of a few hundred. It’s almost like the county fair has closed its gates, but there’s still a shit load of corn dogs, and beer, and none of the rides have lines. Our hearts and minds open once again to the welcome silence and the to the massive command of the playa, for we are the desert carnies after all. This also affords unique opportunities for play, and gives us some wiggle room to pull out some of the “toys” that would be too dangerous in the close quarters of a heavily populated Black Rock City. One of these toys would be a trebuchet that Mr. Johnny America some how finagled out of that Volkswagen commercial where they fling the competitor’s car into a smashed heap. (A trebuchet being a sort of medieval catapult machine of war.) Did I mention that this trebuchet was able to fling a car? Well with lots of help from his good friend Doyle and the efforts of the DPW, he was able to bring this monster contraption to the playa, and in the moonlit splendor of a beautifully still post event warm playa night, succeeded in flinging a flaming upright piano into oblivion! Truly something you don’t see every god damn day!! Any excuse to drink beer, says the DPW. The only slight disappointment is that it made only a fat thud when it hit, instead of the hoped for resounding cord like in the cartoons. And I’m here to tell you that the splintered flaming mess that was left behind was cleaned in a matter of minuets. Post event magic, my friends. Only in Black Rock City.

* * *

Playa Restoration Manager, DA says – Number one MOOP of the year, and every year, by about 70% says he:


We’re telling you now, and will be telling you over and again through the year – this will be the year of TARPS TARPS TARPS! It can happen! We’ll make it happen.

* * * The other day our plumber Torch was stepping through the internet cafe area of our clubhouse, and happened to mention that someone in the room really needed to wash their pits cause it was grossing him out. Wow! DPW crew can even gross out a plumber! Not sure if I feel pride our shame?

PRIDE, baby!

* * *

Feels good to be writing about all this again. Back in the groove and will be putting out more in the near future. So, here’s a good one to leave you by –

Toward the middle of the event, our watchful eye on the growing population prompted the powers that be to take preparatory steps, and I was summoned to survey out an extra road just in case. Turns out that the extra road was never needed, so that was that. Before I laid it out though, I asked Larry, “So, what’s the name of this new road?” Being that it was an ‘I’ road, he said, ‘Name it Inevitable.’

Well, Inevitable never happened.


Coyote Nose

[comments, feedback: coyote (at) burningman (dot) com ]


BURNcast #015 Hope, Not Fear – A podcard from Burning Man 2006

http://nospectators.com/index.php?page=burncast http://nospectators.com/burncasts/Burncast_015.m4a

Length: 13:14 Size: 6.7 mb

This episode of BURNcast is intended as a soundscape for friends who were unable to attend this year_s Burning Man. It_s like a postcard — or rather a podcard — featuring the sounds of the playa on Friday night before the burn. It_s simply a bike ride from 7:00 and Esplanade to 3:00 and Esplanade across the playa.

You will hear Megavolt_s electric presence, the Neverwas Haul_s whistle, blasts from Burninator II and El Diablo thundering in the night. You also will hear the squeak of bicycles and overhear conversations as things begin to literally heat up on the playa that night.

A very special thanks to Lecter of _NoSpectators.com_ (http://www.nospectators.com) for hosting these podcasts.

Embedded podcast photos courtesy of: _The Man At Night’ by OhTony _El Diablo’ and _Megavolt’ by Jessica Hobbs _Jack Schroll & El Diablo by Caitlin Xantha Von Graf _The Neverwas Haul’ by Phat Man Dee _The Flower & The Fly Trap’ by StarFox



On page 20 of the 2006 “What Where When” booklet which was handed out at the front gate there is a picture from the Dark Skies event which was missing a credit. THe photo is by Anthony Peterson, of “The Alien” by Nightmare Nevada. See it again here: http://tinyurl.com/gbxee

**/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/** {============================================================} ========================PARTICIPATE!========================== {============================================================}



Get your photos included in this year’s screen savers! HOW? Check out http://www.bmscreensavers.com/id12.html . It’s got all the dirt on how to get your best stuff included. Last year’s screen savers had over 1100 great pictures included that were submitted by more than 50 of you glorious burners.

What’s in it for you? Just for submitting your best material, when we produce the screen savers, you’ll get a CD in return that has higher resolution screen savers than will be available for downloading. You’ll also get to tell people just how coool you are because your photo’s in there!

If you want to participate, but need a reminder that the deadline for submitting is looming, send an e-mail to brcbound (at) earthlink (dot) net . We’ll send you a reminder sometime in December.

If you don’t know what the screen saver project is all about, check out the site anyways and download some screen savers. You’ll see more stuff than you ever thought was even on the playa! They’re free!

The screen savers are a product of hard work by everyone that takes the time to participate. Thanks, in advance, for all the pleasure you bring to us in being able to bring them to you!



Wizzard writes: “If you took photos of my 2006 art piece ‘Intelligent Design’ either on the playa or at Decompression, I’d love to post them to my web site (http://wizzard.com/bm2006/IDothers.html). I will be more than happy to add any you’d care to include. (Please tell me what you’d like me to post with it.) Send the highest resolution shot you are willing to share-I like giving people size options.

Also, since 2004, several friends and I have passed out over 1500 ‘burner’ bumper stickers. If you would like to shoot a photo of yours in an interesting place (on a police car, in front of the grand canyon, etc.) send it along with your story about the photo (along with any credit info) as well. It will be added to the page here: http://wizzard.com/bm2004/burnerphotos.html

Send photos to wizzard (at) gmail (dot) com



(Your Girl of Action came across this piece on one of her most magical playa nights and LOVED IT!!! Did you see it? They need some help, read on:)

“Did you see the set of 13 lamp-posts lit up red and blue (and green and more) located between uchronia, Connexus Cathedral, the Temple of Hope, and the Opulent Temple? Each lamp-post had a blue button and a red button and was capped by a globe. Pressing the buttons produced lights and sounds. To jog your memory, a daylight picture is at http://www.flickr.com/photos/analogian/232856453/

One of our crew had to leave the playa due to a burst appendix and missed its operation. We are looking for any pictures, video, or impressions of this project (manIC) as we and he would love to know how you experienced it.

If you know which night you saw it or can describe the sounds you heard, that’d be appreciated, too. And in particular, if you saw it on Friday or Saturday nights when we were experimenting with new behaviors, we’d be even more interested hearing your impressions.

Please send videos, pictures, impressions, or links to:

Mark and/or Stoph of the manIC team

mark (at) BulletTrainMedia (dot) com
stophlong (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk


**/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/** {============================================================} ==================EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS===================== {============================================================}



The Queens International Film Festival will screen TWO films by people we love….TOMORROW NIGHT!

First, “Preacher With an Unknown God”, a short about Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir on their “Stop Big Boxes” tour, by Rob Van Alkemade (whose name you’ll want to remember later when he’s super-famous, trust us)…followed by…

The David Best documentary, “The Temple Builder”, produced by Purple Productions (the lovely Irish women that brought you “Dust Devils”) and Gone Off Deep (the adorable Texan creators of “Beyond Black Rock”).

PS166 Auditorium 33-09 35th Av & 34th Street Astoria, NY 11106

5pm Preacher With An Unknown God – Rob Van Alkemade The Temple Builder – Purple Productions/Gone Off Deep


Worth noting: “Dust Devils”, “The Temple Builder” and “Beyond Black Rock” can still be found at Burningman.com: http://marketplace.burningman.com/catalog.php?act=view_prod&id_categ=26&i=&l=&sid=3411BQA6LE3F2SN



Talk about cool! To anyone who is in or anyone who knows anyone who will be in Beijing this weekend Nov 16/17, come on by or spread the word about this interesting little event. Confessions of a Burning Man and Beyond Black Rock…with Chinese Subtitles!

Follow the link below for event description and location.


Write to china (at) burningman (dot) com for more information, and don’t forget to dress in your best playa gear!

Whoa. Beijing, you know? Even if you can’t be there, that’s worth reading about.


{Soundtrack to the JRS: The Herms, “Volleyball”}

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SEND TO jackrabbitspeaks (at) burningman (dot) com. HITTING REPLY WILL CAUSE YOUR REQUEST TO DISAPPEAR INTO A DEEP, DARK HOLE.’ Please type “POST REQUEST” in your subject line to make it past the SPAM.

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