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Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 11, Issue 9a – ART ART ART! edition
April 10, 2007

Unsub at the bottom….

ART ART ART!!! Do we not love art? Yes we do! This week’s JRS comes to you in two pieces – and this first half is all about ART, in all its Green Man glory. It wouldn’t be Black Rock City if there wasn’t amazing art, and all kinds of projects and plans are already well underway (and here it’s only April), so this JRS should give you a nice healthy dose of what’s ahead for ’07…to wit:

SEE ART: FLIP your LID! with an amazingly fun Black Rock Art Foundation event in San Francisco on April 19…

MAKE ART: Check out and help the DETROIT TEMPLE PROJECT, a collaboration between David Best and the Detroit Dream Team with support from BRAF….

ANTICIPATE ART: Announcing…the ART GRANTS for BURNING MAN 2007: THE GREEN MAN! (I’m STILL in awe…check them out!)

BRING ART: ART REGISTRATION is open! Register your playa art project!

READ ABOUT ART: Ladybee has written an article for RAW VISION magazine

— and finally, BE ART! This playa art project seeks a very unique crafty contribution from participants…see the story below!

We give you this special art edition so that you might soak in the art-y love…but wait, there’s more! – a regular edition JRS is comin’ right behind this one, so hold on to your hats and glasses ’cause it’s a double-dose of Jack Rabbit just for you.

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2nd Annual Flip Your Lid! A benefit for the Black Rock Arts Foundation http://www.blackrockarts.org in support of Interactive Art and Civic Participation in communities worldwide.

Thursday, April 19th supperclub san francisco 657 Harrison Street (between 2nd & 3rd)

A four course dining experience featuring one of a kind hats and a full evening of fine food, massage, art, music, dancing and performance… including a breathtaking variety of live aerial, butoh, circus, acrobatic, operatic, stiltwalking, bodypainting, fashionista, superstar VJ and DJ bootyshakin’ icing-on-the-HAT action!!!

We have a limited number of dinner seats available – get your TIX today! http://www.donatetoblackrockarts.org/2ndanflyoli4.html

* * Tiara — $250 — 6:30pm-2:00am * Hosted cocktail reception and preview, four-course dinner and entertainment. Stay for the after-party!

* * Fez — $125 — 7:30pm-2:00am * Four-course dinner, entertainment galore, and stay for after-party!

* * Tam O’Shanter — $10 with a dapper topper, $20 without — 10:30pm-2:00am * Join us for the after-party -a killer line up of rockin’ DJ’s and cameo performances.

Performances throughout the night by: Members of Xeno, aerial theatrics ++ Diva Marisa Lenhardt, soprano ++ Bad Unkle Sista, fashions and butoh ++ Von Stilt Family Circus, stilting shenanigans ++ Supergigi and friends, body painting and make-up art ++ Dizzy Hips, extreme hooper ++ Furtographer, portraits at large…and strolling acrobats, dancers, artists and freaks in a creativity saturated environment!

Music By: Laird (Get Yer Freak On) ++ Michael Anthony & The Late Night Sneaky ++ B. Smiley ++ Deep Eddy (House of Lotus) ++ ViaJay and Tamo (Angels of bASS) ++ Samira (Sister SF & Seismic) ++ Smoove (Space Cowboys & News Breaks) ++ Clark Hamon (Deep End) ++ Kepi (Kepi & Kat) ++ Breakbeat Buddha…and more!

Join us for dinner you will get to enjoy all these artists and special performers throughout the night. If you cannot make it for the full dining experience, join us for the FLIP OUT! party from 10:30 to 2am.

TIX: http://www.donatetoblackrockarts.org/2ndanflyoli4.html

See you there!

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From our friends at BRAF: Calling All Metal Heads!! The Detroit Temple Project needs your help!


The Detroit Dream Team and David Best are looking for welders and metal workers to help build the temple from discarded car parts in May 2007.

If you can get yourself to Detroit to lend a hand with this amazing community project, please send a note to: metalheads (at) detroitdreamproject (dot) org And if you can, please bring your MIG welder with you!

If you’re not able to make it to Detroit to help, your donation can still go twice as far, as BRAF is not only a fiscal sponsor for this project, but has agreed to a matching grant!

Find out more: http://www.donatetoblackrockarts.org/detepr.html

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From the Burning Man Art Department:

We’ve just completed our biggest and most challenging grant cycle yet, with 240 proposals to review, up from 170 last year – a 35% increase. The competition was intense, and our community has generated more intriguing projects than ever before.

We’ve awarded 30 grants for playa installations. We thank everyone for your interesting ideas, your creativity and your energy – and we look forward to another year of amazing art on the playa. Grant committee members are: Larry Harvey, LadyBee, Crimson Rose, Beth “Bettie June” Scarborough, and Mark Van Proyen.

Please note that additional grants are being given for projects in the Pavilion and the ManGrove that surrounds the Man, and those will be announced in the near future.

The funded projects are:

Acavallo: Quill Hyde of Brooklyn, NY http://www.acavallo.org Note: Acavallo is a mobile venue for acoustic music and performance on the playa. If you want to perform, please contact Quill via his website.

Ant Mischief by Ben Shearn and Tim Kirwan of Colorado Springs, CO http://shearn.net/ant/ant.html

Apocalypse Stagecoach by the Ren Jinn Bao Puppet Theater of Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan and the Bay Area http://www.apocalypsestagecoach.com/

Big Rig Jig by Mike Ross of Brooklyn, NY http://www.bigrigjig.com

Black Rock Glacier by Ehron Asher of Centennial, Colorado http://www.serendipityarts.com

Burninator X by Bill Codding of San Francisco, CA http://www.4bc.org/burninator/burninator_x.html

Celtic Forest by Laura Kimpton, Bob Hofmann and Jeff Schomberg, Bay Area http://www.celticforest.net

Cone by Hans Sachs and Manuel Kretzer of Karlsruhe,Germany http://www.burning-man.eu Note: These German architecture students are looking for a few American crew members. Please contact them via their website.

Cornucopic Contraptions by Charlie Smith and Jaime Ladet of Atlanta, GA http://www.howhowhow.com/contraptionsburn07.html

Crude Awakening by Dan Das Mann, Karen Cusolito, Black Rock FX, Mark Perez, Pyrokinetics, Nate Smith and MonkeyBoy, Bay Area http://www.headlesspoint.com/crude_awakening/

Cubatron Cone by Mark Lottor of Menlo Park, CA http://nw.com/nw/projects/cone/

Dragon Smelter by Dan Macciarini of San Francisco, CA The Dragon will again turn aluminum cans into art: http://www.burningman.com/whatisburningman/2006/06_art_funded.html#dragon

Green Glass Man by Rodman Miller and Gina Karaba of Seattle, WA http://theamazingmillers.com/greenglassman2007.html

Green Shoes by Dadoc of Oakland, CA http://www.dr-seano.com/greenshoes

Guardian of Eden by Kate Raudenbush of New York, NY http://www.kateraudenbush.com/ click on New: Guardian of Eden

Fata Morgana by Orion Fredericks of Oakland, CA http://www.orionfredericks.net/newsFataMorgana.htm

Homouroboros by Peter Hudson of San Francisco, CA http://www.hudzo.com/homouroboros (NOTE: link is direct to a PDF download. While he did receive a grant, Peter still seeks help to complete the project – check out the PDF or contact peter (at) hudzo (dot) com )

Kinetic Steam Works by KSW of Oakland, CA http://www.kineticsteamworks.org/KSWBMGRANT07/

Koilos by Michael Christian of Berkeley, CA http://xianspace.com/bm2007/

Mechabolic: Cyborg Speculations in Machine Metabolism by Jim Mason, Chicken John, Dann Davis and Michael Christian http://www.whatiamupto.com/mechabolic/index.html

Museum de Materiel Retrouve by Trieops Treyfid of Los Angeles, CA http://treiops.com/bm2007

NeverWas Haul by Shannon O’Hare and Kathy Tucker of Orinda, CA http://www.xlounge.com/neverwas/neverwas_proposal.html

Samhein: Into Her Dreaming by Paul Bagley of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma http://web.mac.com/paulbagley/iWeb/site/Welcome.html

Steampunk TreeHouse by Sean Orlando of Oakland, CA http://www.infinityeight.net/TREEHOUSE07

Swarm by Michael Prados of San Francisco, CA http://www.orbswarm.com

Tall Grass by Glenn Easley of Vashon, Washington http://tall.grass.spire.googlepages.com/

Tasseograph: The Trash TeaHouse Temple by Shrine and TukTuk of Pasadena CA and Portland, Oregon http://pdxdiversion.org/tasseograph.html

Temple of Forgiveness by David Best & Tim Dawson, Petaluma and Stinson Beach, CA http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thetemplecrew

U-ME by Rex Norman and Damian Janssen of Carson City and Sparks, Nevada http://www.MutantVehicle.com/u-me.htm


Many budgets were unrealistically high this year. We have a limited budget of around $400,000 for the playa art grants, and typically, we give around 30 grants. Asking for $100,000 effectively prices a project out of consideration. We do not assume that if we fund a small part of such a huge amount, the artist will fund the rest, or even reduce the scale of the project…if a project’s budget is significant but you’re not expecting the whole amount to come from Burning Man, be specific about how much you’re hoping to cover and how much you’re prepared to fundraise yourself. In addition, if you wait until the day of the deadline, we are busy looking at hundreds of proposals and we cannot sit down with you to discuss partial funding. The time to consult with us about that is long before the deadline. Please see our freshly updated Grants Guidelines for more information on this process. http://www.burningman.com/installations/art_guidelines.html

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If you’re bringing a physical art installation to be installed on the playa in Black Rock City this year, you’ll need to register it via our online Art Questionnaire, found here: http://www.burningman.com/installations/new_guidelines.html .

Please take the time to read through the material and then go to the questionnaire. You must submit it digitally; please do not email copies to us. NOTE: This is not the place to register art vehicles – that’s the Mutant Vehicle application: http://forms.burningman.com/ .

The Art questionnaire is for installations that will be mapped and placed on the open playa or Esplanade; art inside your camp does not need to be registered, unless it contains flame effects or open fire.

Please register art with flame effects early (same place: http://forms.burningman.com/ ) as it takes a bit of time for our fire safety personnel to review your project and to get back to you. After you register your installation someone from the Art Department will contact you.

Bring on the art!

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AND speaking of Ladybee and Burning Man art….


Recently an article, “Reconnecting Art and Life at Burning Man”, by Burning Man art curator LadyBee, was published in the winter issue of Raw Vision magazine.

The article is now up on our website. You can read it here: http://www.burningman.com/art_of_burningman/raw_vision1.html .

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CROWNING GLORY will be constructed entirely of hair or other hair-like symbols (wigs, synthetic hair extensions, fabric, etc.) and hair ornamentation (jewelry, beads, colored yarns, etc.). The final achievement will be a virtual hair tapestry of all who participate interwoven into a multi-colored, endlessly varied, organic, tactile and mobile creation named Crowning Glory. Please join our hair-raising drive by donating real hair, fake hairpieces or coiffure embellishments to help create our living and naturally evolving coat of many colors.


Please email your questions, photos and stories to: hair (at) crowningglory (dot) org

Please send your real hair/wigs/hair decorations to:

Crowning Glory 484 Lake Park Avenue #269 Oakland, CA 94610

Donate, Collaborate, Participate, Immolate then Regenerate …and Remember: YOU ARE NOT YOUR HAIR

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Stand by…JRS part B coming up next…

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