Jrs V12 I01


Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 12, Issue 1
September 22, 2007

This is a stop gap….  A full JRS is forthcoming


The folks at TV Free Burning Man are once again taking over the airwaves at Current TV to bring you the Burning Man After Burn Weekend – 2 and a half hours of continuous coverage form Burning Man 2007.  It all starts Saturday Sept.  22 at 7PM PST (10PM EST).  A full hour of TV Free Burning Man pods will be followed at 8PM PST by the rebroadcast of the burning of The Man.  Then, at 9PM PST, it’s the world premiere of TV Free Burning Man’s complete coverage of the Crude Awakening burn.

So pull out your playa gear, pull up a comfy chair, and settle in for a 2 and a half hour flashback to Black Rock City.  Then entire block of coverage will be rebroadcast on Sunday Sept. 23 at 7PM PST in case you miss it on Saturday or just can’t get enough.  Current TV will additionally be carrying Burning Man content throughout the entire weekend.

Current TV can viewed on the following systems:

DirecTV, channel 366; DISH Network, channel 196; Comcast Digital, channel 107 (most cities), channel 125 (Seattle & Dallas); Time Warner Digital, channel 103 (New York City), channel 142 (Los Angeles); AT&T Uverse, channel 189.

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