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Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 12, Issue #18 (Resources Edition)
July 9, 2008

Welcome to the Resources Edition of your Jack Rabbit Speaks Newsletter!

OK, so apparently there are oodles of great resources out there that can help you prepare for Burning Man. In fact, it seems a full-fledged cottage industry has sprung up around the event. Big surprise, right? Well, we get emails from some readers pretty regularly, offering up wares to other attendees, and in the early days, we just passed on the ones we thought were truly relevant to preparing for Burning Man. But for the past few years, rather than mention them piecemeal, we gather ’em up into a single issue so you can refer back to it and save yourself going bonkers searching your inbox.

This year, however, we got SO MANY REQUESTS for a resource issue posting, including a few that we couldn’t really determine had much to do with Burning Man at all. And the point of this whole thing was always to share special Burner-only deals and hot tips from your fellow participants on things you might want or need to prepare for Burning Man. We never intended to turn in to a Yellow Pages, nor do we have the resources ourselves to support creating the Resource issue any more for the JRS.

So this year, we’ve put all the listings on a web page. If you don’t want to check it out, don’t click. If you do, it’s all there in one place … AND please note that we’re doing some work to update the Add-A-Link section of our website to make it a useful way to find other Burner-owned businesses for your playa preparation needs. The page of resources that were submitted for this issue is linked below; after the season they will be migrated directly onto the Add-A-Link page. Handy, one-stop shopping. Ohhhh yeah.

Now for our annual clarification ™ and history lesson on the Resource issue: Ever since the JRS began back at the dawn of time, folks have contacted the Rabbits asking us to let our readers know about playa goodies they offer that you just can’t get anywhere else, or “Burner” discounts you can only get by mentioning a secret code/handshake/whatever … well, some of our readers love to hear about this stuff, but some don’t, and many don’t want to get these offers with their regular JRS news. Et voila: we created the once-a-year RESOURCE ISSUE. Those of you that want to hear about deals, discounts, and playa goodies, read on! Those that don’t – skip the link below, hit delete, and your sensibilities shall be spared. Bingo bango.

Before we dive in: please remember that preparing for Burning Man doesn’t have to be a no-holds-barred consumer frenzy. We again must encourage you toward thoughtfulness as you prepare, with an eye to the footprint we’ll all leave on AND off the playa. THINK about what you’ll need for your playa project and your survival, and ways to get it while still making less of an impact. What do you already own? What can you repurpose, or buy used, or do without? The Green Man didn’t end with 2007 – remember: reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink, repair, refill … reflect on your consumption and think about it as you prepare. It matters.

And finally, oh you gift-anxious “What will I bring?”-ers, remember: the best gift is not a plastic trinket, but a genuine piece of YOU that speaks to who you are…and you don’t have to spend a dime to give of yourself. Don’t bring anything for a gift that you wouldn’t want to receive yourself. THINK.

Now, then … in case you were wondering, this ISN’T is a list of “Burning Man recommended” vendors, deals, or events. We basically include everyone who gets us a post by the deadline, and we present them in no particular order … we’re easy like that. We can’t say we’ve used these vendors ourselves, nor are we recommending one over the other — our job is sharing information, not endorsing particular businesses here. If you’re curious about a vendor, ask your friends or post on your local list, ePlaya or on Tribe, etc. But if we’re especially hot about something, or can provide you with a little further insight, we’ll say so in the Editor’s Notes following a post.

OK so go forth and have fun as you get ready. We’ll be back next week with our regularly scheduled update on our upcoming trip to the playa. 52 days ’til the Man burns. Check it.

The link to the Resources listing? Oh yeah, sure … here ya go: http://tinyurl.com/6s7z6y

Burn on.

(Associate Rabbit)




**/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/** {================================================} ========= RESOURCE ISSUE: PLAYA WEAR =========== {================================================} **/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/**


The folks at GlowFur are offering to the community the “BRAF GlowFur Bracelet”. All net proceeds will again be donated to the Black Rock Arts Foundation! This year, the furry glowie bracelets are far greener, lasts much longer, and fit better than ever. A great way to support our wonderful community and be seen on the Playa at the same time!

(Editor’s Note: whoa … all the proceeds donated to BRAF? Well, you can’t beat *that* with a stick, now can ya? Good on ya, guys!)



Outrageously Sexy Playa Hats … by Ms Presto

Free shipping on all orders received by July 18th!

You should always feel this fine and look this good in faux fur. Come check us out … and email info (at) wearwithattitude (dot) com to get on the mailing list – you’ll get special offers and be the first to know about new looks!

Order now for Burning Man ’08. (Mention the JRS in the notes section of your order and you’ll get a refund for the cost of shipping.)




Miranda Caroligne – a Living Construction Boutique
485 14th st @ Guerrero SF, CA
Open Thursday – Sunday 1-7pm
& by appointment and randomness

Miranda Caroligne creates unique clothing for everyday and special items for the playa. Commissions are available by appointment, even from faraway locations as long as you are available for a final fitting on location in San Francisco. All of Miranda’s clothing is made in her own shop or with local sewers/assistants mostly out of scrap and/or reconstructed materials. Special care is taken to make moop-free items for Burningman. Miranda presented “Costume Moop & Sustainable Alternatives” at last years Greening Day. She is the author of Reconstructing Clothes for Dummies, and encourages you all to express your own creativity by “do(ing) it yourself.” Miranda also has a co-op boutique that carries clothing & accessories for the playa as well:

544 haight st btw steiner/fillmore sf ca
open 11am – 8pm, closed tuesdays

(Editor’s Note: Miranda does some incredible work with repurposed materials, which is in itself particularly notable, and her creations are unique.)



Bunnywarez – hot clubwear for the cold outdoors. Be seriously cute in Bunnywarez.

Bunnywarez features delicious faux fur and fleece clothing and accessories. Be warm – look hot!

Based in Oakland, CA, Bunnywarez is two little bunnies who draw inspiration from over a decade of playa experience.

We offer our original shrugs, playa boas, legwarmers, kitty and bunny hats, kitty ears, tails, and paws – and more! Many pieces feature handy hidden pockets. Find your playa night ensemble!

Bonus goodies for all Burner orders – include a note telling us that you’re a Burner and where you heard of us!



Tamo strives to weave art, music, consciousness and social awareness into comfortable designs that inspire the wearer to be the person they have always wanted to be.  We are committed in action to sustainable business, freedom of expression, love and, of course, fun!  Playful elegance has been used to describe her creations that are fused with emotion.  ViaJay continues to help inspire and create with the business we started together 4 years ago.

We specialize in custom designs made out of the finest faux fur and silk fabrics … eco-fleece is another material we love to use!  Home of the original hoodie hat design and numerous other pieces such as our baroness, mini shrug, luxurious vests, men’s and women’s striped pants, capeness, gowns, halters, and party skirts, just to name a few.

Let your imagination go and call to book your appointment @ 415-786-2614.  Ask for Tamo!
10% discount given with mention of JRS!



Let your wild out! Fauxfur for your wild streak! Full length faux fur coats, fur jackets, fur vest, playa dusters … even fur kilts!! All made locally in the SF Bay Area!

Co-create the playa fur of your dreams!! Custom fur selection – make it the way you want it!



We make hand-made artistic pasties that are truly one-of-a-kind. Some are pinwheels that spin, some happy faces, others peace signs, or you can request a theme and we’ll make them for you! e-mail: info (at) tastiepasties (dot) com



Bring out your Inner Radiance!

Something magical happens when you slip on one of our bustiers. It happens every time, with women of all ages and all sizes—the excitement, the joy and the radiance.

Catch your fellow Burners and happy Sparkle Plenty Creations customers in action: http://sparkleplentycreations.com/adventures.htm

Read their testimonials and you’ll want the experience too! We’re here to help you find the perfect bustier to release your inner sparkle and be comfortable and cool on the playa!

These handmade, sexy, glamorous and unique bustiers are made by Santa Cruz Burner Sparkle Plenty, and her San Francisco Burner daughter, Princess Buttercup. All materials are securely fastened and will leave no trace on the playa.

2008 Burners Special Discount
Mention this posting for $10 off all bustiers!

Take a look at the bustiers on our web site to see what thrills and excites you. Products are ready to ship today and new styles are added every week. If you don’t see your size in a style you like, we can make it for you.

In-stock products, from petite to plus sizes:

Custom Designed:
Do you want something made especially for you? Want to match a skirt, scarf or special headdress? We can bring your images to life. http://sparkleplentycreations.com/custom.htm

Contact: Call Sparkle Plenty (jude marks) at (831) 464-8622 or email judemarks (at) mac (dot) com to schedule an appointment for a private showing.



Steam Trunk presents their 2008 line of antique-street wear; men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. Feast your eyes on pinstripe fineries, hand cast brass, canvas and leather ruggedness, ruffle bustles, hats and so much more!



Professionally hand-made yoga and street wear products.

(Editor’s Note: big props to Foat for looking out for the planet by recycling, reusing and repurposing materials.)



Lovely Annie and I are Monkey Meditates… exquisite hand crafted jewelry. We can be seen @ monkeymeditates.etsy.com and sanfranblissco.etsy.com … we will also be playing around with ze yoga, acro yoga, and thai massage. So much fun…



“Play clothes for your inner child”

Fur pants, fleece-animal-tail-pants, Hottie Kilts (short girlie utility kilts), furry utility hip pouches and shorty burlesque bloomers.

We also offer made-to-order mail order service, up until July 15th. Visit our site for details.



We all love Utilikilts, y’know? but they are so … UTILITARIAN! Boys, git yer Kilt attitude on with a silly one from us. I have created unique ones — brocade, cowboys, patchwork plaid, polka dots, stripes+plaid, faux fur. Add a cargo pocket, and you can still wear your podbelt! I’m a 9-year burner, and as much as I love those khaki thingies, when I look at them I just see dots! or stripes.

These are designed just for you, and for Burningman, and each will be unique. Email me your whims!

And while you’re there, take a look at my embellished, slashed and reconstructed lingerie perfect for playa prancing at http://RunzwithScissors.etsy.com. Ask me … I do custom.

Free shipping, of, course, to Burners!



Custom Cozy Kitty Ear, Devil Horn, Horn-Hawk Hats!

Is your evening playa wear just missing that perfect something: A hot pink kitty ear hat with black wispy trim? A cozy hat with a horn-hawk running down the top? A tiger hat with black horns? Whatever your fancy, you can get it made custom for you in time for Burning Man!

All hats are crocheted from a variety of natural and synthetic blend yarns for non-scratchy wear-ability and the playa dust can just wash right out when you get back to the default world of washing machines. Lots of colors to choose from on the web site, but if you don’t see what you have in mind, just ask! Custom orders are our specialty!

Hats range from $35 – $65 and take 5 to 10 days for delivery (depending on complexity of construction).



Callibug Designs offers tailored post-apocalyptic neo-victorian wear, playa costumes and style consultations. Located in San Francisco, customers are invited into the studio to meet with the owner, Calli, and find which services best suit their needs.



Playa coats and accessories are available to order from available stock between now and August 15th. LiveWireNeon.com can fill orders from now to the start of Burning Man, and at the Harmony and High Sierra Festivals. Thank you for 6 warm and fuzzy years!




We started PlayaWear last year on the suggestions of fellow Burners, and thanks to you we’re now in our second full year of helping to clothe Black Rock City and its pre & post events across the country. We offer fun, sexy, warm and comfortable PlayaWear Fashions for both Men and Women. Our unique, one-of-a-kind designs are affordable, colorful and hand made allowing you to capture the spirit of Burning Man.

Plus, to help keep our world green, we also offer a host of gently-worn and gently-worn-restyled fashions.

Let us help dress you for Burning Man and more. Come visit our web site or Ebay store today and throughout the year, as we continue to add new and unique styles.

See you on the Playa!



“Need to add that special something to ice your costume-cake for the playa this year? Dying for a kick-arse warm-fuzzy jacket for those chilly nights? or a made-to-order pair of velvet and fur trimmed mechanic’s jumper with secret pockets for all your stuff? or just some sweet accessories like wings, tails and boot covers to make that already cool get-up even more fabulous? Then come check out tigrepoisson.com for all your custom costume needs. Local to San Francisco, I do both men’s and women’s custom work…just give me an idea what you’re looking for and I will design and construct a one of a kind, playa-conscious garment/costume to suit your wildest dreams!”

(Editor’s Note: translation: “Tiger Fish”. It’s French. Just sayin’.)



FurrPlay – For When You Want To Walk On The FurrSide! (Faux Fur Clothing and Accessories)

If you are looking to add a little furr to your “wardrobe” for this year’s Burn, I would love to help you out. I started my faux fur clothing business two years ago, just before Burning Man and it has been growing ever since, thanks to our WONDERFUL community!

I have faux Furr Shrugs in long and short sleeves, Hats (with EARS and without), Cuffs/Wrist Warmers, Boot Tops, Head/Hat Bands, Bracelets, Halter and Bikini Tops, Skirts, and a few one-of-a-kind items. All purchases include a FREE Furr Bracelet. And, if you purchase a hat and sleeve together, you get a set of Furr Cuffs FREE. My little Thank Yous for supporting me in my little business. I use the softest furrs I can find and I purposely do NOT line my furrs to keep the costs to you down.

Find me on line at
. Or you can call me to come to Concord (California) to see what I have – 925.300.5395.

May you walk on the FurrSide!


11054 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 478-1105

The Secret Source and Wholesaler to designers and fabrics stores nationwide, Rimmon Fabrics on Pico just east of Sepulveda in West LA has a wide selection of unusual fabrics, faux furs, new and vintage buttons.

Come on down and check out your costume source. Burners get a special gift with purchase!

Call to make sure we are in Usually in 8am-5pm weekdays, but you never know so call on the way.

(Editor’s Note: LA is like the cheap faux fur capital of the world, in case anybody’s keeping track. And while we prefer to list businesses with websites, meh, you might be near LA. People *do* live there, you know.)



Playafur is a custom design company ran by a Burner with Burners in mind. Specializing in custom playa coats and other crazy fur creations. Whatever your heart desires!

Special offer for anyone who mentions Jack Rabbit Speaks: $50 off any playa coat till July 1st, $25 off any coat order after that.

I will take orders till my calendar fills up and will make special deliveries to the playa! Order now before my calendar fills up!

Discount code: JRS08



Firefly Style fulfills a niche in a select crowd of individuals that prize clothing which allows their individuality to be enhanced. The adaptiveness of each style, such as our dance pants, offers a number of variations. Our dance pants have a hook and eye system which attaches to many of our other accessories and hipskirts for endless creative possibilities. Our customer has a personal style; we just like to help them accentuate it, a bit.



Slinky things:
http://www.onlinecostumestore.com/category/67/Costumes http://www.costumesupercenter.com/home.do

Furry things:

Goth things:

Other fun things:

(Editor’s Note: Somebody was kind enough to send these into us. Thought we’d just chuck it in here … you might find these links useful, but we’re not trying to say they’re Burner-businesses. A fellow participant just thought you might enjoy.)

**/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/** {================================================} ========= RESOURCE ISSUE: MISC BRC GEAR ======== {================================================} **/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/**



Do you need temporary but very solid housing? Welcome to Jungle House Tents! Please click on our photo gallery pages for pictures of these amazingly spacious and comfortable tents. We not only sell these tents but we actually live in one!

(Editor’s Note: these are some pretty meaty tents, and priced to match. More like homes than not, but heck, you might swing that way.)



O’Neill Rents
San Rafael – 424 Irwin Street (415) 456-3252
Oakland – Corner of 7th St. & MLK Under Freeway (510) 375-0167

20% Discount of Standard Truck Rental for all Burners (Ask for Burning Man Discount)




Use the code – BM08 – to receive a discount on the P-mate, a disposable cardboard device for women to use to stand up and pee like a guy, without baring their butts to the world.

(Editor’s Note: we kinda like the butts hangin’ out there in the wind, but this isn’t about personal preference. If it means you can stand in the potties AND not sprinkle on the seat, we vote yay.)




We are specializing in quality items, mostly from the professional safety industry, that are very applicable to extreme camping conditions like Burning Man. We started using some of this gear ourselves for Burning Man and realized other people might want easy access to this level of gear in one convenient location.

We are carrying everything from high end glow sticks, to quality flashlights and strobes, to first aid kits, welder’s burn kits, stylish safety glasses, particulate respirators (aka DUST MASKS that breathe easier), ear plugs to give away or keep the music out of your head while you try to sleep, cases to keep the playa out of your electronics, and basic work gloves — all the way up to welding gloves and safety hats. New this year are individual, sanitizing hand packets so can always carry them around with you.

If you are working on an art project for Burningman – welding, cutting, or working with hazardous materials, chemicals etc. you may have speacial safety equipment requirements (FR clothing, advanced respirator systems, fall protection, gas detection, tyvek or tychem coveralls, high temp, etc.) please let us know what you need or if you have technical safety questions or issues – we will try to help – special price and other considerations for art projects, just drop us a line. PLEASE BE SAFE.




Get 20% to 25% off all PodBelts! Plus Pod gifts for early orders!

The PodBelt is a Burner designed, Burner built utility belt, with a variety of pouches and accessories that attach with quick snap clips or retractable reels. I made the 1st PodBelt in 2002 to carry all my survival needs on the playa without losing them, and without having to carry anything on my shoulders. I still use it daily! Burner prices start under $40 depending what accessories you choose.

** GIFTS: Early bird special– order by Friday July 18th and choose a free gift! To get your gift you must select it and add it to your cart at the bottom of the Burner discount page.

** IMPORTANT WHEN ORDERING: Include your playa departure date in the comment box. This is especially crucial if you’re departing early or if you order late.

** DEADLINE: Order by Friday August 1st to guarantee delivery in time for Burningman and get the full discount. Orders after August 1st will be subject to a reduced discount, and may or may not be able to ship in time. We’ll let you know in advance if we can’t get your order to you before you depart, and give you the option to cancel or to take advantage of playa pick up.

** DETAILS: To get your Burner discount just go to this page: http://podbelt.com/buypod.html

and click on the black rock flame at the bottom of the page. On the next page enter the password: blackrockbelt. You’ll get a page with the special Burner prices. You must order from this page to get the discount, and no retroactive discounts can be given otherwise.

(Editor’s Note: this Rabbit has personally used these Pod Belts for years now. While we risk you biting our style, it’s worth it to see more people enjoying the benefits of this great gear.)




With all due elation, Playatech presents its new “Bike Jack”, the rack that saves your back.

In years past, the noble knight Dragi manifested a comely bike rack in the manner of the House of Playatech. Yet the Dark Ages following The Psyche left no trace, with the achievement lost to civilization but for a sole rendering.

For the Renaissance of the American Dream, Her Excellency Harley K. Dubois, Commissioner of the Kingdom, sent word to Knight Sunshine of the need for a simple plywood bike rack design, to be ordained for use by all Noblepersons’ camps. And thus in eternal service of our King, Playatech endeavored to improve upon the lost art.

By consequence of slave labor, parchments scribed in the official seal of Playatech were rendered, duly delivered to Her Excellency in all formality, and presented to all common folk upon the Playatech web site http://www.playatech.com. To avail you of one, merely render the required royalty of five doubloons to Black Rock Arts Foundation, and seek ye an artisan to execute it.

Presently, Her Excellency proffers the finest rack in the Kingdom, and it dispatches exactly one sheet of precious wood. The plywood rebellion is proceeding – what has your palace done in revolt against the reign of IKEA lately?

Playatech – Servicing Peasants and Royalty with Equality since the Golden Ages

(Editor’s Note: big ups to Playatech for continuing the plywood reuse revolution with very cool, creative ideas. We heart ingenuity.)



Looking for those special gifts to show your love & appreciation to all of your hard-working volunteers & camp-mates . . . not to mention all those special new friends you meet along the way? If you’re looking for the pins, patches, flags, water bottles, matches, stickers, bags, hats, T-shirts, token coins, or any one of another 750,000 other ideas emblazoned with your custom artwork or sentiment – and you don’t have time to make it yourself – we’re here to help!

Call us – we’ve produced some of those fabulous little Burner tokens & gifts that you may have already been gifted or that have found a sacred spot on your dashboard or in your special Burner memento box. We produce custom screen-printed and embroidered apparel and (using the default-world term) *promotional products*. We’re located in Indiana but ship nationwide – yes, even worldwide, and will offer you the best prices that we can find for whatever you need or want to create.

Please call JoAnn at 1-800-467-1355 or 812-339-3355 – and visit us at
. She’s counting the days until once-again returning to her playa tribe and will make sure you’ve got everything you need!! You may also e-mail her at joannlatadg (at) yahoo (dot) com with inquiries & requests.

We’re excited to hear from you!

(JRS Note: A question we hear all the time is, “Is it okay for me to order a batch of lighters/t-shirts/bags/stickers/other gift items to gift at Burning Man with the logo or Burning Man name on it?”

The answer: yes, so long as the item is for gifts ONLY and not for sale anywhere – meaning not a publicly sold Cafe Press shirt, nor something you vend “just to cover the cost of my trip,” and not something you try to sell off your leftovers later on eBay. Part of the reason we protect the Burning Man symbol from commercial exploitation is so that it will retain its meaning to our community and can be used to create gifts we share with one another freely. If you’re ever in doubt about whether your use of a trademark or copyrighted photo of the event is appropriate, just hit us up at press (at) burningman (dot) com. We’re here to help!)



Our product comes with the quality Disc (aka) Frisbee, 14 various colored glow lights, 14 couplers for only $9.95 ea.

This will be a lot of fun and make great recreation for any Burning Man event. Check out the video of the discs in action: http://tinyurl.com/5wbe4q

Interested folks can call us direct at: (209) 367-0402

(Editor’s Note: this is pretty cool. While you can make them yourself if you’re so inclined crafty-wise, they’ve got what we think is a pretty good price on the pre-fab kit. Either way, it would be fun to see these flying around the playa.)



While we understand and utilize the healing benefits of playa dust, we also acknowledge its harm when one is exposed to it in excess. We are here to help you on your journey by providing you with the best lung protection for your earthly endeavors. Specifically aimed at the elements of the Black Rock desert (not only playa dust, but also Actively Burning Toxic Material SMoke! Yuk!), the masks we carry are the best choice in filtration effectiveness, breathing ease, and appearance.

(Editor’s Note: them’s some seriously high-tech masks, presented in the all time finest mask website we’ve ever seen ever. Though they need to work on their letter kerning in particular key instances. You’ll see what we mean.)



Hello Burners,
Here are some resources that you may need for power sources, connectors, AGM batteries, wire, etc. Anyone that puts “Burning Man” in the comments section of the order form will receive a 5% discount from their order. Wish I could be there again this year, but I can’t. 🙁

Have a good burn.

**/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/** {================================================} =========== RESOURCE ISSUE: LIGHTS ============= {================================================} **/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/**

(Editor’s Note: please please please we beg you: LIGHT YOURSELF!!! Light your bike, light your body, make sure your friends are lit. And not weak-kneed piddly-ass lights either … get strong, bright ones, folks. It can be super dangerous out there if people are inadequately lit, and this year is a new moon, which means? Super dark. For reals. Now, go get lights.)



Live Wire Neon has EL Wire custom lengths and drivers. We’ve got playa coats and all faux fur outfits, glowfur clothing, and of course goggles. Light your camp or bike with solar rope lights, and for play time we have all sorts of light and fire poi.

LA Burners — Our 4th annual LA store will open in late July-August 2008. Please call 818 521-8250 or 818 621-8747 for store location.

AZ Burners — Come visit us in our new location in Phoenix, AZ.



NEW MOON ALERT: The Man burns in total darkness. BE SAFE! Light your bicycles, costumes, and artwork as we all navigate through the darkest playa we’ve seen in years.

Cool Neon EL wire is your Green Alternative to glow sticks. Funhouse Productions would like to encourage everyone to wake up from the American Dream and, for at least one week, practice kicking our addiction to fossil fuels and the convenience of a disposable lifestyle.

Cool Neon wire can be used over and over again, unlike glow sticks or one time use blinky novelties. In fact, many of our Playa Fish have been out every year since 1999.

We are conveniently located near the base of the Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA and proud to be direct importers of Genuine Lytec Electroluminescent Wire. We also have a variety of beautiful and energy efficient LED products manufactured exclusively for us.

Be sure to check our website, www.coolneon.com, for free soldering party dates.

Early bird special: 20% off all of JULY, and 10% off year round by simply typing ‘JRS’ in the coupon field during online check out. We ship Fed-Ex and USPS, and most orders go out the same day. We go to Burning Man every year, too, so please place your order by midnight Thursday, August 21th. Sorry: no playa deliveries!

Call us anytime with questions – Benny & Josh 510-547-5878, or info (at) coolneon (dot) com.

We can’t wait to see you and your projects glowing on the playa!



This will be my 11th year to go to Burning Man and I have been helping to light up the community for over 10 years. I can light up you, your costumes, your camp, your ride and your art. Just let me know what you have in mind and I will work with you to create your vision.

I specialize in lights for costumes, bikes, and art cars. New this year will be mini 1 watt LED flashlights (3 AAA batteries) and also a bike handlebar holder for your flashlight. I will have solar lights strings in 4 colors, el wire in all colors including rainbow wire, Snakewire (high bright EL wire inside), fiber optic wands, black lights and some new lights not yet on my website. Let me help you with your art project or theme camp lighting. I am in the East Bay Area (CA), so bring your bike or costume along with you.



Lasers and Lights for your art cars, camps and costumes! We offer a wide variety of battery and ac powered energy saving lights using plasma, LEDs and Lasers. Check out our tiny new battery powered handheld “Laser Wand” that projects hundreds of beams up to 200′. Our Bliss Light Laser Starfield Projectors create a moving starry night sky onto any surface. Turn your dome or shade structure into a journey to outer space with a single projector! You probably saw these in 2007 at Cirque Beserk after hours, Root Society’s big Domes or WOW camp. We also have rental options to save you money but get the maximum impact for your playa experience. Find us at www.lasersandlights.com or call 530-265-8618



I have a small company that makes solar-powered products – mainly small LED light systems. We have one, the LightCap (
), that has proven enormously popular with burners for the past couple years. Basically, it’s a water bottle with a solar-powered LED light system in the cap… so it lights up at night, turning your water bottle into a lantern. We’ve sold hundreds to burners, and we receive rave reviews from them.



Light ‘n Wire Productions is involved in electro-luminescent wire as an art and technology resource for illuminated fashions for evening wear, tent decor, theme camp beacons, art cars, props, bicycle lighting and night toys.

We offer Plug & Play kits, DIY kits and will custom design your Lightwire project to your specifications.

We teach Lightwire workshops at The Crucible, including how to connect it, how to work with it: beginner & intermediate workshops. See: http://store.thecrucible.org under the Neon & Light class section.

Have questions? We offer free consulting in Lightwire designing for costumes, theme camp or other projects.



EL Wire, Camp Signs, and Burner Lighting

We have finally made the switch from our old Coolightwest name to WorldAglow, and we are still hard at work creating lighting for Burners! We have a great line of EL Wire, LEDs, and other low voltage lighting for the playa, and we create beautiful EL Wire and LED signs. Use our reusable glowsticks and cut out the waste of disposables. Run your camp sign and lighting off your car battery and save the fuel! Please visit us at our new website, http://worldaglow.com for all of your Burning Man lighting needs. When checking out, enter the coupon code burner for your discount. Thanks for your business!




CooLight Electroluminescent Wire has been serving the Burner community since 1999, its founders have been burning since ’97. We have our ’08 tickets in hand!

CooLight gives Burner discounts year round. If you need EL-Wire, please first register at www.CooLight.com and then send us an email to burner-reg (at) CooLight.com, we’ll then change your account to Burner status and the store will reflect the Burner discount in your shopping cart.

Please do this first as we cannot apply the discount after an order is made. CooLight only carries the original high quality and longest lifetime LyTec EL-Wire and maintains a large inventory ready to ship. Most orders make it out that same day. CooLightdoes custom connections as well, to assist you in your playa project.

Burn Bright! 407-654-2660



No lights on a dark desert night? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We offer a one-stop shop for most light-up needs. Find great prices and options on:

– Glow necklaces and bracelets
– Reusable LED light sticks
– EL Wire in new lengths
– Brilliant tent markers, bike accents, and more …

Use our JRS exclusive Burning Man coupon code and get 10% off of all of our merchandise. Simply enter BMNEG08 in our “coupon code” field before check out and save.

Extremeglow.com is proud to have served the Burning Man community since our inception in 1999!



Durable andrechargeable light-toys and LED lightsticks for dance, safety, style and decoration, including poi, staffs, flowlights, rechargeable batteries, chargers and other instruments of illuminated expression!

Great for performance, play, bike lighting, ambient lighting, porta-potty lighting and as a fashion accessory. Quality toys designed and assembled in-house in Berkeley, CA that are durable and rechargeable. No more disposable/unsustainable glowsticks and blinky junk! Super-low prices on rechargeable AAAs and chargers that take all AC voltages, USB, and 12V car power, so you have no excuse not to go rechargeable!

BTW – Flowtoys was born out of Burning Man! Its founders first got together on the playa in 2000, married in 2003 and the first Flowtoys prototypes were tested at BRC in 2004, so thanks for all the inspiration!

best! – Sean and Prisna

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Hey!! Go to Burning Man in style and ease!! Restored vintage travel trailers for sale. Located in southern Oregon, 3 hrs from Black Rock City. Playa ready and fun!!



2008 marks the fourth successful year of Advantage Flight air service to Black Rock International Spaceport. Our Reno Air Shuttle offers up to six flights daily between Reno-Tahoe International Airport and the playa before, during, and after the event in Turbo Stationair aircraft.

In addition to the Reno Shuttle, Advantage Flight Regional Service offers fast Super King Air 200 service to Reno to connect with the Shuttle. This aircraft carries up to eight passengers and gear from most airports in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Denver, and throughout the West. Yes, this aircraft can carry bicycles!

Advantage Flight offers more than safe, dependable passenger service. In 2006 and 2007, the Shuttle transported crews and construction materials as the City was built. During the event, the Shuttle also accommodated supply requests, bringing in everything from airline-delayed baggage to tools to aircraft tires. We’re ongoing contributing participants in the event community, and we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Contact information:

Advantage Flight
info (at) advantageflight (dot) com

Advantage Flight Solutions LLC is an FAA Part 135 air service based at Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

(Editor’s Note: we think the only possible complaint to be made here is the lack of in-flight foot massage service. Pft. But other than that? This looks like hella fun.)


(775) 476-1156

Hi, my name is Maria and I’m with High Desert Recreation, Inc. We have an R.V. Park (full hook-ups), gas station, dump station and convenience store at Pyramid Lake. We are located in the town of Sutcliffe just 3 miles from the intersection of HWY 445 & 446. For more information and / or reservations call (775) 476-1156.

High Desert Recreation, Inc
2500 Lakeview Drive
Sutcliffe, NV 89510

(Editor’s Note: we love our playa neighbors … please show them all the respect they deserve: be considerate, polite, and of course Leave No Trace, as you would anywhere you go, right? Werd.)



E-mail lists are great for setting up work parties for your camp, but when it comes to coordinating on the fly, it’s too late. And when you’re caravaning down to the Burn, it’s useless.

Swaggle is an absolutely free, Burner-created/operated text messaging service that lets Burning Man camps (or any group) send SMS text messages to whole groups. Once you’ve set up your camp’s Swaggle group, you can send a single text message, and it will go to everyone in the group. When someone in the group replies, their reply will go to everyone in the group, as well.

Use it to make your work parties work better (“Park closed, moving to John’s house instead”, “bring more propane!”) and keep your caravan together (“stopping for gas at exit 34”, “blew a tire, please return and help!”). Works great for post-work events, too (“happy hour at the Twilight now!”).

Visit http://swaggle.mobi/ to get started.



Why live in a tent, when you can have me deliver a trailer or RV to your campsite? I have several sizes of vintage trailers and a couple of mid-size RV’s. Call FLASH at 415-337-1947. I am a twenty-two year veteran of the event.


(Editor’s Note: Flash is one of the true originals. You should do this just so you get to meet him. He’s that cool.)



We are Art Car Support. We do SUPPORT for art projects. We receive truck loads or shipments of equipment and supplies prior to your arrival. We help build the projects, procure parts and supplies, feed the crew, and transport all that equipment and supplies down to your BRC address on the playa. Then, we can bring all that stuff back up here after the Burn. We are a 100-year old Homestead …. meaning we have an incredible on site supply of tools, supplies, equipment and know-how. We are away from the dust! (Everybody gets plenty of that after the gates open). We have potty, shower, outdoor kitchen. We know where and we have the relationships to get our hands on about anything available in this area. We know the bone yards, the ranches, and the supplies everyone has. So, we are an awesome team member when ‘crunch time’ arrives. We assist and support well organized MAJOR ART PROJECTS.

We have recently cleared new space for 10 new projects. With the high price of fuel, major playa projects will save effort, time and money by storage and working near-playa in August.

Jeff Barker
Gerlach, NV
775-557-2804 (ranch)
775-220-9061 (cell)
sturgeon1 (at) hughes (dot) net

(Editor’s Note: sounds pretty sweet, huh? Almost too good to be true? Right. They *do* charge for their services … so before you get too excited, call for a quote. But? Awesome idea. Big props.)

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Everything you need to prep for your journey to the desert! Funky fashions and faux fur, Lights & LED’s, Domes, Hair accessories, – all playa friendly and playa specific!

Live entertainment hourly, Playa ‘U’ how to clinics and demonstrations, far out and sexy fashion shows, art benefit and playa DJs mixing it up at the after party until 1am!!

Come spend your Sunday with your local Burner-preneurs – Outdoor BBQ going all day, happy hour drink specials and much more!! Go to the website to sign up for updates on all the happenings!

June 22nd, July 20th and August 17th 1pm-1am Cafe Cocomo – 650 Indiana Street, San Francisco