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Playa Preparation Events


Prepare for the Playa

Connecting you to everything you need for the Burn- by Burner for Burner!

Playa specific and playa friendly products and services from BurnerPrenuers! Faux fur, playa wear, lights and blinkies, hoop, poi, hip bags, costumes, hats, bikes, sunscreen, headlights, camping gear and more!

Playa Inspired Fashion shows, Playa University How to Clinics and Demonstrations, Live Performance and Playa Artist Benefit!

Sunscreen + Beer = Art
100% of Donation Bar plus 5% of Sports Basement store sales goes to fund 3 playa artists bringing art to BRC this year!!!

Prepare for the Playa happens only 3 times a year!
Saturday August 1st      12-8pm
Saturday August 22nd   12-8pm
Sunday August 23rd      12-8pm

Artist Grotto and North Parking Lot of the Sports Basement
1590 Bryant Street San Francisco

preparefortheplaya (at) gmail (dot) com


Lights & Electronics



A ready made kit to light up your bike with a 10′ electroluminescent wire (available in 8 colors) preconnected to a AA battery power driver, attachment strap for power driver, and zip ties to secure light. We are gifting as much as we can by having burners type in the coupon code “burningman2009” and they will get the entire light kit for $15.

chris (at) bikeglow (dot) com


Live Wire Neon, LLC

 Store Location  is now at:
 16119 1/2 Sherman Way Blvd #2
   Van Nuys,CA 91604
Appointments : Store phone   (818 )621-8747
                       Phone orders:(818 )601-0189
(818) 521-8250
 Presenting Glowfur, Lulievision Faux Fur Attire, High Bright EL Wire customs and Drivers, El Wire Purses and Ties by Lenny Jones, Pod belts, Solar Led Strands and Solar Rope Lights, 12 V Rope lights, Goggles, POI, led custom microlights and full illumination!!!!

livewireneon (at) hotmail (dot) com


Extreme Glow

No lights on a dark desert night? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Come over to for a Burner-friendly experience. We offer a one-stop shop for most light-up needs. Find great prices and options on:

–        Glow necklaces and bracelets
–        Reusable LED light sticks/inexpensive LEDs
–        EL Wire in new lengths
–        Brilliant tent markers, bike accents, and so much more…

New this year we’ve got:

–        Light up Gloves (Magical Mitts)
–        GlowMan Costumes (think glow stick figures!)
–        Glow Paint
–        LED Adult-sized Tiaras
–        Great reusable shopping bags

Use our JRS exclusive Burning Man coupon code and get 10% off of all of our merchandise. Simply enter BMNEG09 in our “coupon code” field before check out and save.

You might recognize that our site has been redesigned since last summer. Check out embedded videos on many of our popular products! is proud to have served the Burning Man community since our inception in 1999!

info (at) extremeglow (dot) com


Live Wire Neon


Live Wire Neon  has been the best place to get blinkies, lasers, toys, faux fur, goggles and the latest LED novelties since 2003! You wont believe our selection!

We are passionate about the festival lifestyle, with booths at raves, carnivals and huge events each month all across the West. Fast friendly and knowledgeable service has made us the 1st choice of revelers everywhere.

Come visit our store in the San Fernando Valley!
16119 1/2 Sherman Way Suite #2 (Upstairs)
Van Nuys CA, 91406
(818) 621 – 8747

Let us light you up!

livewireneon (at) hotmail (dot) com


Rave Light Toys

Rave Light Toys has all the lights you need at WHOLESALE prices!

We know the items you want the most ~~WE want them too! ( Sometimes it’s hard to part with them…) Our buyers find treasure troves of the best quality products and buy the entire lot when we can — often we are the only ones in the world with a popular item.

We have been in the festival and rave scene for over a decade. We love the lifestyle and community; and we live it 24/7! It’s great seeing your familiar faces at the events, camping at the festivals and dancing all night along with you.

We have a large warehouse in Phoenix and a storefront in Van Nuys, California at:

16119 1/2 Sherman Way (2nd floor)
Van Nuys, CA 91604.
Call for an appointment (818) 621-8747.

Wholesale inquiries welcome!

Thank you to all our our customers for your continued patronage and for following Ravelighttoys on Twitter, and for friending Rave Light Toys on PLURlife, Facebook and My Space.
Burn Bright!

ravelighttoys (at) gmail (dot) com



Rechargeable, durable and versatile LED lights and toys for dance, performance, safety, decor and style. Lifetime warranty.


Flowtoys creates and produces innovative illuminated toys for dance, movement, martial flow, play and performance! We make light-up poi, staffs etc. and also produce a really awesome LED glowstick that is bright, durable, has 11 strobe modes and can be used for play, bike lighting, ambient lighting, porta-potty lighting and as a fashion accessory.

No more moopy disposable glowsticks and unsustainable blinky junk!

Our quality toys are designed and assembled in-house in Berkeley, CA. ALL our lights and toys are rechargeable and come with a lifetime warranty. We also offer great prices on chargers and rechargeable batteries.


BTW – Flowtoys was born out of Burning Man! Its founders first got together on the playa in 2000, were married in 2003 and the first Flowtoys prototypes were tested at BRC in 2004.

prisna (at) flowtoys (dot) com



CooLight Electroluminescent Wire
Lightning fast Burner service since ’99
Create an account, then shoot an email us and we’ll change your status to Burner getting you the year-round discount.
Fully stocked ready to ship LyTec Electroluminescent wire.
Custom Playa harnesses daily.

coolight.burner (at) gmail (dot) com


Light’N Wire Productions

We sell Lightwire (AKA electro-luminescent wire, E.L. wire, EL wire, etc).  We sell raw stock and finished goods.  We offer FREE consultation to help you design your art.

We also work with other light media from LEDs to LASERs to Lumia to incandescent forms of light.

We teach workshops at The Crucible in Oakland.

drglowire (at) lightnwire (dot) com


Lasers and 877-265-8618
Laser and LED lighting effects for home, art cars, theme camps, tents, domes and costume/body lighting to bring soothing and exciting experiences wherever you are. We have 100’s of battery and AC powered light products. Holographic Laser Starfield Projectors capable of filling concert halls from a single projector. Handheld laser wands projecting thousands of stationary or spinning beams for hundreds of feet. All of our laser beams are FDA safety rated! Just clean, brilliant, dazzling fun.

shop (at) lasersandlights (dot) com


Michael’s Lights
(formerly Michael’s Light Toys)

This will be my 12th year to help illuminate your world!  Don’t be caught in the dark!
Let (formerly help to Light Up You (your costumes), Your Camp (your tent, your shade structure), Your Ride (your art car, your bicycle, your couch) and/or Your Art Project. 
I specialize in unusual and interesting personal lighting not found in stores.  I have a unique and colorful assortment of lights for you to choose from, including Solar Light Strings, EL Wire, LED & Fiber Optic lights. Exclusive seller of ‘Snakewire’! 
If you have a project that you want to light up, talk to me. I am sure I can help! – 925.686.2677 or 925.286.7904

mikem3535 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Wild Cherry

Lovely Glowing decorations for your body.  Flowers made from EL wire and Fiber Optic glowing barettes. FUN! Good prices on Glowbys and EL wire, too.

wildcherry (at) mindspring (dot) com


Cool Neon

EVOLVE out of the confines of glow sticks and achieve the highest light art form of the playa with Cool Neon!

Cool Neon wire can be used over and over again, unlike glow sticks or one time use blinky novelties. In fact, many of our Playa Fish have been out every year since 1999.

Funhouse Productions is conveniently located near the base of the Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA and has expanded nextdoor into a new showroom and larger workspace.  We are proud to be direct importers of Genuine Lytec Electroluminescent Wire. We also have a variety of beautiful and energy efficient LED products manufactured exclusively for us. This year we introduce 12 volt DC LED rope lights which are amazingly bright and draw very little power.

After 10 years of providing Cool Neon wire to the Burning Man community, we are the company that can be trusted with your projects. If you’ve shopped with us before, please tell your friends who to shop with; if you haven’t please ask your friends about us.

First soldering party of the season will be Friday, July 24th 6 PM – 9 PM. As always, FREE! (location and directions and more dates posted on our website).

Early bird special: 20% off the rest of JULY, and 10% off year round by simply typing ‘JRS’ in the coupon field during online check out. We ship Fed-Ex and USPS, and most orders go out the same day. We go to Burning Man every year, too, so please place your order by midnight Thursday, August 27th.

Call us anytime with questions – Benny & Josh 510-547-5878, or info (at) coolneon (dot) com.

We can’t wait to see you and your projects glowing on the playa!

info (at) coolneon (dot) com


Seattle’s source for Cool Neon EL wire:

SeattleLumin ( is Seattle’s source for Cool Neon El wire, drivers and accessories. Light up your bike, your camp, your art and your pretty pretty selves, while reducing glowstick-related moop.

We focus on the Seattle community, but we gladly ship worldwide!

EL wire is easy to work with! We’ll get you over the initial learning curve with soldering classes; within an hour or so we’ve turned a class full of beginners into EL wire pros. We offer classes & workshops, help theme camps manage bulk orders, and can deliver within the Seattle area with reasonable notice. Keep an eye on our website to keep up with workshops, classes and other events!

We’re playa-bound like the rest of you, so please please please place your orders before August 21st. The earlier, the better for all of us! Sorry, no playa deliveries.

10% discount if you use the sooper sekrit coupon code when you place your order: burningmanseattle
Order through the website, or call 206-250-4355 for info and inquiries!


Miscellaneous BRC Gear


Barsyl Bazaar

Playa Store, BarSyl Bazaar is open on 305 Main Street IN GERLACH during the event. BEER – ICE – WATER – GOGGLES – BANDANAS – COWBOY HATS – ETC. Cool hats, sexy tops, glow stuff and tons of playa goods. BURNING MAN HATS – CALENDARS – POSTERS. Support

JB (at) ArtCarSupport (dot) com


We sell a lot of military-ish clothing and accessories to the public for general use. We’ve created a bit of a supply list for Burning Man. (Please see below)  I know there are a lot of similar sites but we pride ourselves in supreme customer satisfaction and smooth transactions. Our staff is extremely helpful and our goal of making profit is secondary to pleasing our customers. Customers purchasing anything for Burning Man may enter the code “BURNINGMAN” for 15% off of their order.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Canteens – 1 qrt or 2 qrt-
Canteen Covers
Water purification tablets

Get the smoke colored for night and clear for day
Some are foldable
Light and airy foam keeps dust out
Perfect for use after Burningman as well
Sunglasses – check out all our forms of sunglasses

M.R.E (Meals Ready to Eat)
Regular and deluxe versions
Aluminum canteen cups – great for carrying around
Utensils – see chow set
P-38’s – small can opener – perfect for this event
Matches and sealed match holder (Some included in our survival knives)

Sleeping bags
Blankets (deserts get very cold at night)
Mosquito Netting for cots
Mosquito Netting jackets
Ground sheets
Duffle bags to store everything in – a great way to carry your luggage

Flashlights – Angle head – Maglites – LED lights
Head lamps
Swiss Army knives
First Aid Kits
Camo Netting to cover you all up with – to cover your “camp” with and to keep you in the shade
Insect repellent
Flasks/ wine botas/

Bandanas – to cover the mouth and eyes – it can sting! Buy more for yourself and your friends if you wish, they are inexpensive.
Boonie hats – for shade
Patrol Caps with a map case – for you to carry your id in a safe place
Cargo pants
Cargo shorts – comfortable with lots of pockets
T-shirts/Tanks/Muscle shirts –
Boots – the mud can be fierce extra boot laces
Socks and socks and more socks
rain poncho
cooling bandanna’s – just search “cooling”
bags – duffle and small over the shoulder ones – and belt pouches are great!

Ghillie suit – definitely with in the evolution theme !!
Camo netting for your “Camp”

Bandanas / hats
Small carry pouches
Lip balm
Web belts

All the best!


edden (at) unclesamsdeals (dot) com



Equipment for firedancers. Poi, staves, fire fingers, batons. In business since 2000. Custom orders available.

adam (at) fire-gear (dot) com


Wood Heat Stoves & Solar

Solar Electric Power Generator – rolls on fat tires

Self contained solar panel, battery pack and inverter for AC/DC output from 1200 to 3500 watts. Large bicycle tires allow for easy rolling on rough/sandy surfaces. Custom modifications for more panels or batteries optional. Power your camp with silent AC power next year!


info (at) woodheatstoves (dot) com



Playatech is an experiment in furniture art, and the only brand The Man can stand. This year, we proudly celebrate our 5th anniversary by introducing the Anniversaire Chair, our best evolution in playa seating since the original Playa Love Seat rocked The Psyche.

Playatech boldly goes where no logos dare by shamelessly commodifying BRC with the best places to plant your pretty parts – Wired called it “Playa Posh”. Our sales force has deeply penetrated the org from Playa Info to Burners Without Borders, and we’re out to seat all of Center Camp then build the Temple.

If you want the best dang furniture money can’t buy you need to be a doer, and you need to hit our paypal button to benefit BRAF or you are stealing our stuff. Playatech might be a pretend company, but our products kick ass on IKEA and our mission is inviting you to participate fully in all 10 Burning Man principles. No spectators…

Playatech – The Brand More Hotties Hang On

sunshine (at) playatech (dot) com


Dr. Cory’s Party Pax

Protect your brains and bodies with high quality natural party protection and recovery nutrient pax!  I will be taking orders for Burning Man until August 17th.

I have 3 different pax this year to keep you in rockstar form.
· The Original Extreme Party Pax: helps you feel like a champ after a long “extreme” night.
· Booze Pax: minimizes hangovers
· Playa Pack o’ Pax: all you need on a daily basis to keep you rocking the playa.

To order, please go to

I am introducing a great new energy formula, and also have some recommended time-tested remedies for common playa ailments as well. (Dry throat, natural eye drops, coughs, etc..)

I created these party pax in 2003 as a helpful playa gift at the burn. The biochemical realities of a week at Burningman and the intense desert climate can be very hard on the body-despite all the love.  My friends and I were really impressed at how well they worked for us.  We felt relatively clear, energetic and happy, instead of instead of dull, lethargic and generally crappy.  Party pax are now on the list of essential playa supplies.

Order them for yourself, or be a champ and order for your friends and whole camp.  Discounts available for bulk orders.

If you care about your body, take party pax!



I am a maker and seller of Hoops – dance, excersize, and travel. I have a sweet selection of travel hoops that fit in the overhead compartment of a plane and is easy to ride your bike with.

whoopkat (at) gmail (dot) com


Advertising Magic

SWAG! burner-friendly, eco-when-possible, blank or with your groovy art imprinted on it: stickers – clothing – shot glasses – fur hats – light-up stuff – bags – notepads – underwear – playa jewelry – cups – lip balm – toys – light sabers – batteries, cheap!
please put “Betty Burns” in subject line for a treat

rebecca (at) advertisingmagic (dot) com


i am a custom bike builder and metal artist, i build pedal powered machines from the ground up.
including: pedicabs, large capacity sturdy bike trailers, grown up big wheels, a 4 person lizard bike and a 4 person double decker bike.

i have pedicabs available to rent or to buy. or we can build something custom for you.

bigkidbike (at) gmail (dot) com


Custom Contracting Services

12v Batteries and power systems.  Decommissioned batteries (swapped out during system upgrades) available for art car projects and inverter power systems.  Cabinets and wiring available in small quantities. Can be used with solar panels. Also have a few transformers for converting from 12v DC to 120v AC power. 70lb batteries are good for RV’s, boats, etc. All in good working order. Oakland, CA (Local pickup only)

pkerdash (at) hotmail (dot) com


PodBelts and Tactical Tutus

We do the original PodBelt, the modular & adaptable cargo system, with pouches and utilities to keep all your survival needs close at hand and easy to find. 

BURNER DISCOUNT: 15% to 20% off all PodBelts, sets, and add-ons!

NEW THIS YEAR: Custom handmade to order Tactical Tutus and fancy dress Pods! The Tutus have embedded hardware so all your Pods can hang directly on your skirt.  The dress Pods are beautifully detailed with funky fabrics and creative applique.  We’ll be doing a limited numbered edition of both before playa, by special order only. You’ll have a chance to preview prototypes and select your color(s) and hardware at the events we’re doing in LA, SF, and Santa Barbara, or by appointment at our LA studio– see below for details.  To reserve yours right away please use our contact page:

The PodBelt system was a designed specifically for playa. I made the first PodBelt in 2002 to carry all my survival needs on the playa without losing them, and without having to carry anything on my shoulders.  I still use it daily!  Burner prices start under $50 depending what options you choose.

** IMPORTANT WHEN ORDERING: Include your playa departure date in the comment box.  This is especially crucial if you’re departing early or if you order late.

** DEADLINE: Order by Thursday August 13th to guarantee delivery in time for Burningman and get the full discount. Orders after August 13th will not get the discount and may require rush shipping or playa pickup.  We’ll let you know in advance if we can’t get your order to you before you depart,  and provide options as applicable.

** DETAILS:  To get your burner discount just go to this page:
and click on the black rock flame at the bottom.  On the next page enter the password:  blackrockbelt.  You’ll get a page with the special burner prices.  No retroactive discounts can be given– you MUST order from this page.

** EVENTS:  You can find all our Pod gear, samples of our new designs, plus our line of SintheteX rubber jewelry, fun hats and other unique handmade costume wear at the following events this summer:
— LA: Cirque Berzerk, July 16-19 and 23-26.  You do not need to see the show to visit the bar & vending area, but you should!
— Santa Barbara: Fishnet Gallery, July 30. This will be a solo show just for us, at a new burner run art, craft & design shop.
— Bay Area: Prepare for the Playa, Aug 1 and 22-23.  A by-burners, for-burners marketplace for all your playa needs.
— If you can’t make it to the events but find yourself in the LA area, make an appointment via our contact page.

Hope to meet you on the playa!

thanks for your continued support,
isa & DEvan

bmpods (at) podbelt (dot) com


BurnerPrenuer Resource Guide

A year round resource guide listing BurnerPreneurs products and services. A by burner for burner network connecting people to playa specific, unique, creative, handmade and funky Independently owned/made products and services from the burners who make/design them!!
Support your community, buy BurnerPreneur!

burnerpreneur (at) gmail (dot) com


Playa Wear


Miranda Caroligne Designs

“Looking at fashion designer Miranda Caroligne today, it’s hard to imagine she ever did anything other than sew and sell clothing. In addition to running her namesake boutique on 14th Street, she manages the co-op Trunk, peddles her wares at events across the country, and was asked to write Reconstructing Clothes for Dummies (For Dummies, 2007). Thanks to her gorgeous, whimsical, reconstructed styles, as well as her dedication to environmentalism and artistic community, she has become a well-reputed force in the SF indie fashion scene and beyond.” excerpt from “Fashion Forward” by Meghan McCloskey for The San Francisco Bay Guardian

Most items are one-of-a-kind & surprisingly affordable. All items are altered to fit YOU as a unique individual. Commissions & consultations are encouraged from both near & far. xo :)m

mirandacaroligne (at) yahoo (dot) com



Trunk is a cooperative boutique in the lower haight neighborhood of San Francisco. 15 local artists run this unique shop, with over 50 other local artist works as well. All items are designed and made locally, most by the artist themselves in the Bay area, & all within the U.S. Trunk features clothing for both men & women, jewelry, accessories, gifts & a special DIY area for Burning Man (August 2009). Artists featured in Trunk include long-time staples in the scene such as Miranda Caroligne, Kayo Anime Streetwear, Tamo Design, Silver Lucy Design, Miss Velvet Cream & Lucid Dawn alongside some prominent new talent Ghetto Goldilocks, Chakabraka, Martin & Magpie, Orbiting Eden, Rene Geneva Design, Cherry Bombin Wear & Crutch.
Come by and meet the artists who make your stuff!

trunksf (at) gmail (dot) com


Wild on the Inside

Wild on the Inside- Faux Fur Fashions for your Wild Streak!
Faux Fur Playa Coats, Cloaks, Vests, and more!
Customizable with all the features needed for a functional and very stylish Fur Outerwear!
Large double pockets, bike clips, built in hydration systems, reversible etc..
HANDMADE by ME locally here in the Bay area.
You choose your furs and customize to create a true one of kind look and feel!
The Largest selection of One of a Kinda Burner coats and Vests anywhere!!
Be the art… let your WILD out!

wild (at) wildontheinside (dot) com


Custom Crochet Wearables by Sarah Caroline Design

Custom Cozy Kitty Ear, Devil Horn, Horn-Hawk Hats AND MORE!

Is your evening Playa-wear missing just that perfect something: pining for a hot pink kitty ear hat with black wispy trim? Hot for a horn-hawk? Tempted by a tiger hat with black devil horns? Yearning for a yarn squid for your noggin? Whatever your fancy, you can get it made custom for you in time for Burning Man!

All hats are crocheted from a variety of natural and synthetic blend yarns for non-scratchy wear-ability and the playa dust can just wash right out when you get back to the default world of washing machines. Lots of colors to choose from on the web site, but if you don’t see what you have in mind, just ask! Custom orders are our specialty!

Hats range from $35 – $65 and take 5 to 10 days for delivery (depending on complexity of construction).

sarah.lenz (at) smartloftstudio (dot) com



Burner-run IlanioWear has been lovingly crafting high-quality, fun, and sexy playawear for guys & gals for five years now. Our inventive but eminently wearable designs include coats & vests, dresses & skirts, pants, jumpsuits, garter belts, and of course leggie-legs, and range in fabrics from outrageous faux furs to vinyls and vegan leathers. All locally made, all playa-tested. Order online or come play dress-up in our San Francisco showroom!

info (at) ilaniowear (dot) com


The Fur Traders

We have been supplying Burners for 14 years, with deerskin, elk and sheepskin leathers to make those exciting Playa Wear.
Mention that you are a Burner and receive a discount.
We also have a interesting line of LED lighting with sensors with special effects.
Located for 31 years in Downtown Historic Nevada City, California. Just 4 Hours to the Playa.

marjie (at) furtraders (dot) com



Treat4You specializes in tights, thigh hi stockings, sheer and fishnet pantyhose leggings, leg warmers and fishnet gloves for every occasion, outfit and mood. Treat4You offers a wide selection of colors and styles of perfect leg wear to accessorize that pink tutu or purple slinky costume that is just perfect playa wear. We have looked hard to find the best collection combined with prices that will not take a bite out of your budget.

We extend our community discount; get 10% off with Coupon code BRC

bms (at) treat4you (dot) com


Tasteful Pasties

We make beautiful, handmade, one-of-a-kind, arty pasties that will delight and thrill you.  Each pair comes with a skin-safe adhesive packet good for many wearings.  Our selection includes spinning pinwheel pasties, hula girl pasties, mermaid pasties, peace pasties, flower pasties and many more.

tthiele (at) mac (dot) com


Blue Moon Designs

Blue Moon Designs specializes in fantasy and illuminated costumes and fashionable utility accessories.  My most popular product is my fancy pocketed toolbelt for ladies and gentlemen — just the thing to accompany any playa costume with glamorous yet functional pockets!  Belts are made to order, by me in my Oakland studio, from recycled and repurposed fabric scraps.  I also make light up hair ornaments, tiaras, and headpieces, which are perfect for looking great AND being safe at night.  And even better, I do all kinds of custom and one of a kind fantasy and historical costume creations– I believe in making people’s costume dreams come true!

katherine (at) blue-moon-designs (dot) com



LulieVision is the preferred Playawear of Burners everywhere!

We wrap festival lovers in exquisite faux fur fashions and fabulous cold weather gear.  Both our custom and ready to wear fashion lines are available right up to Playa time.

10% Burner discount for orders taken before August 1st 2009. (Coats and jackets only, code: FUR in notes at checkout) After August 1st contact us about our extensive ready to wear rack!

On August 20th go to and for LulieVision ready to wear clothes~~ Ranger Sweettart/Lulie will be on Playa by then!

Thanks for 7 warm furry years in the dust !
Love Lulie

lulie (at) lulievision (dot) com


OffBeat WEAR

Playa coats anyone?? We are a family owned offbeat clothing business located in Sparks Nevada. We do it for the love of Burning Man and Burners! We make mostly faux fur coats with a ton of funky color choices, but also have some other fun playa wear available. We have great prices and are offering free shipping or a 5% discount with on playa pickup to our fellow Burners! We will be taking orders up until August 20th for items to be shipped, and August 25th for on playa pickup. Check us out!

sunkist (at) offbeatwear (dot) com


Wild Thang! Festive Apparel

Wild Thang! Festive Apparel is dedicated to creative, fun, furry and sexy apparel for the playa, dance clothes and vibrant party wear. All garments are designed and made in San Rafael in my studio. Custom Faux Fur coats, sexy dance pants, lace pants, boot covers, shrugs, elegant arms and fun furry hats are available now. Not just another clothes store. Most of what I make is one of a kind and my prices are reasonable. Come visit my studio and see for yourself.  You will be glad you came!
   1406 2nd St (between D&E)
    San Rafael, Ca. 94941
    (415) 482-7640    Call for open studio times.

creative.options (at) hotmail (dot) com


reCYCLE Jewelry

I create jewelry from used bicycle parts. I think one of my items may strongly appeal to your following. It is listed under items, then neck wear, then “chain man”. Please, take a look at it.

russell (at) recyclejewelrynow (dot) com


Cinder Garden Designs

Play clothes for your inner-child. We design and lovingly hand-make playa wear for kids and adults;  fur pants, vests, jumpsuits, uber-short utility kilts, bloomers, fleece animal pants, furry him pouches, furry poi,  hats, tails and face wraps.  Many items are made to order.  As Burners, we value unique style and utility so our styles twix whimsy with comfort and functionality, designed to perform and blend in with the harsh environment of Black Rock City. Proceeds benefit our theme camp, Hot Monkey Sox, a sock-monkey workshop in Kidsville. “It’s never too late to have a good childhood.”

jmoralesgibson (at) yahoo (dot) com


Fire Dog Designs

We specialize in funky, leather stash belts that look great on and are super functional…..AND the best fire poi on the planet.  We hand craft our poi out of stainless steel and solid brass and each pair includes durable leather covers.  Tell us you heard about us via Jack Rabbit Speaks and receive 10% of all belts.

jennifer (at) firedogdesigns (dot) com


Atelier Satori

Costumes & fantastical clothing & headdresses of all sorts, but no faux fur!
See my examples of my work at  Thanks, and have a great burn!

anishamn35 (at) yahoo (dot) com



We create gorgeous hoops.  Our most popular are E-Z Flow weighted water hoops for everyone to use. We also make advanced hoopdance trick hoops and most important for the playa….Collapsible Hoops!!!! 

You choose the colors, size and weight and we will make the hoop.  Or just call/email (619.808.8292) us and we can help you choose.  Our website is not up just yet but we will be more than happy to send you pictures of what we do!!

We are very flexible for delivery and payment…paypal is preferred but checks are also accepted.  For delivery, we can either ship via fedex for $15 or have it for pickup inside the gates (of course payment in advance). We will register under HottieHoops so everyone can come find us at our camp and learn how to have fun with their hoops.  We will also have some hoops at our camp for everyone to use.
Jem & Drew
“Love ur Hoop, Spread the Love”

Info (at) HottieHoops (dot) com


Velvet Mechanism

Velvet Mechanism is a boutique featuring steampunk jewelry and accessories for men and women. Steampunk corsets, harnesses, cufflinks, necklaces, goggles, and more!

The items are hand-crafted from non-working vintage materials. I love giving these beautiful materials the chance to be seen and appreciated again!

velvetmechanism (at) gmail (dot) com



Bunnywarez has been rockin’ it for four years, and this year ain’t no different. we have full-body animal jammies that will keep you warm and cute at night time and any time you feel like getting a little “furry.” We also have adjustable wrist cuffs with huge stash pockets, floppy-ear furry hats, legwarmers and kitty years so you can look hot and stay warm!

Check us out online and be sure to order early enough to get your goodies sent to you! pick-up is also available with advanced notice.

Rock on!

info (at) bunnywarez (dot) com


While we understand and utilize the healing benefits of playa dust, we also acknowledge its harm when one is exposed to it in excess. We are here to help you on your journey by providing you with the best lung protection for your earthly endeavors. Specifically aimed at the elements of the Black Rock desert (not only playa dust, but also Actively Burning Toxic Material Smoke! Yuk!), the masks we carry are the best choice in filtration effectiveness, breathing ease, and appearance.

Big thanks to everyone who supported in 2008!

info (at) playalung (dot) com


Someone Else’s

Largest selection of Eclectic Vintage Clothing, Costumes (everything from Bunny Costumes to Belly dance Costumes), Sequence International Garb, Flowy lightweight stuff, insane one of a kind peices for women and men.
Western, Disco, Fetish, Pirate, middle-eastern, Retro, Fuzzy stuff, all decades and much much more
Fun Fun Fun!
11024 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA

someoneelsesclothing (at) gmail (dot) com


Faabrika Creations

Custom Costumes for Burn and Beyond…
If you can Hallucinate it, I can create it!
or I can do the Hallucinatin’ for ya too…

BM is almost upon us!
Let me help you get spectacularly
duded up for the the playa…

Faux Fur Coats and Garments,
One of a Kind Costumes,
Wedding Apparel on and off Playa ( Weddings and Ceremonies of all kinds as well…)
and everything in between…

The psychedelic cape and blinking neon mitre of an Eight Armed “Popedopus”
or a Furry Hollographic Starfish on a Bike
and his Neon Fabric and Fur-lined Fuzzy Bus
to a Mobius Twist Reversable Faux Fur and Satin Brocade Coat,
or a light-up Neon Blue Rose Bride and her Glowing Black and Green Groom,
just to name a few creations.

Stay warm,
stay cool,
look faabulous,
look funky
or all of the above…
whatever is quintessentially you!

Costumerrily Yours,

I’m based in LA, but create for anywhere…

faabrikacreations (at) yahoo (dot) com



GlowFur “brings Light, Love, and Fun-fur together to create an amazing  playa experience. When you slip on any Glowing Fur, you become the glowing, fuzzy, cuddlelicious  attraction in the night! 
Must haves are the GlowFur wristbands. A portion of the profits go to the Black Rocks Art Foundation.
This year we have Leg warmers, Boas, Wings, Vests, and Skirts. Check them out at:

glowfur (at) gmail (dot) com


Martian Wear Clothing

Velvet Garden presents Furry Glow Leggings by Martian Wear Clothing

These soft black faux-fur leggings have bright red LED’s that glow from inside the bottom cuff. This glow strip is Velcro attached, making it removable for washing and the glow location adjustable. An inner Lycra sock and elastic keep the Furry Glow Leggings in place and on your legs – even during marathon dancing sessions. Two nine volt batteries not included. One size fits you and everyone you know. Brand new, unisex, one size fits all. Black fur with red lights. Selling for $65 (plus $10 Priority US shipping, Delivery Confirmation & insurance)

alison (at) velvetgarden (dot) net


Enlighted Designs

We make custom illuminated clothing, costumes, and accessories with integrated lighting – including LEDs and EL wire.  (and we would have checked “lights & electronics” if we could could be listed in two categories)
Most of our clients are professional entertainers, but we’ve also created a variety of lighted garments for citizens of BRC.  We have more than 12 years of experience making light-up clothing, and Janet is a long-time burner herself (this year will be her 11th on the playa).

info (at) enlighted (dot) com


Wear With Attitude

Unique Faux Fur hats to keep your head warm while you dance and revel the night away in Black Rock City and beyond.
You choose the style, the fur, and the lining, and I make you a custom faux fur fez that will have you fetching compliments left and right!

mspresto (at) wearwithattitude (dot) com


Shiva Moon Design

Furry and fun glowing coats, vests, hoodies, and accessories. Both functional and fashionable for day and night wear.

matt (at) shivamoondesign (dot) com


Piedmont Boutique

On Haight & Ashbury (note large legs with big red high heels out the window), we supply burner clothing for men and women that is black light reactive, hologrammed and sure to get attention.  We do hats, vests, boot covers, and arm cuffs in faux fur, dust masks, goggles, e-wire, pasties, jewelry, hats, and headdress of all types, wigs, masks, press on bindis, colorful tutus, bustiers, and waist cinchers. We do custom made to fit in two days, as we do all sewing and creating within our own company here in San Francisco.
We are 37 years in business (an institution) and long known as the Burner Store on Haight.

piedmontboutique (at) gmail (dot) com


Rimmon Fabrics


The Secret Source and Wholesaler to designers and fabrics stores nationwide,

S Rimmon & Co. Fabrics on Pico just east of Sepulveda in West LA has a wide selection of  unusual fabrics, faux furs, new and vintage buttons.

Come on down and check out your costume source.
Burners get a special gift with purchase !

S. Rimmon & CO Fabrics
11054 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

(310) 478-1105

Call to make sure we are in. Usually in 8am-5pm weekdays, but you never know so call on the way.

danrimmon (at) aol (dot) com


Furr Play

FurrPlay – Clothing and Accessories
For When You Want To Walk On The FurrSide!

I started my faux furr clothing business 3 years ago, just before Burning Man, and it has been growing ever since, thanks to our WONDERFUL community!  I make everything myself. I have furr Shrugs/Sleeves and Hats with EARS; Hoodies; tops for men and women; and skirts.  New this year, loin cloths and loin cloths with tails!  All purchases include a FREE furr Bracelet. If you purchase a hat and sleeve in the same order, you get a set of furr cuffs FREE!  Please visit my web site at

I will be participating in the Prepare for the Playa events again this year. They are August 1st, 22nd and 23rd at the Sports Basement on 1590 Bryant Street in San Francisco.  If you are in the Bay Area, I hope you will drop by, see my furs and say HI!

May you walk on the FurrSide – Gwen, aka JustGwen (Burning since 2000)

furrplay123 (at) yahoo (dot) com



I am a provider and designer of all things fuzzy! Made by a burner for burners with all the love. I specialize in custom playa coats and other fuzzies. Leggings, pants, whatever you’re mind can come up with (and all with pockets galore!)

mercedes (at) playafur (dot) com


Sparkle Plenty Creations (aka Pretty Titties)

PRETTY TITTIES on the Playa!

You’ve got ‘em! Why not decorate ‘em?

But we have to warn you. Don’t wear one of these Sparkle Plenty Creations bustiers if you are in a hurry to get somewhere fast on the playa! You are NOT invisible in these unique and colorful items. You will get responses from everyone you meet. Not lecherous, but friendly, appreciative responses. When I first wore my bustier, men and women of all ages stopped me to talk or hollered compliments as I rode by on my bike. “Ab-so-f—ing-beautiful!” was my favorite from a teenage boy. (I’m a woman over 50). We’d love to share that experience with you.

Check out our entire stock of bustiers online (more than 90 from sizes 32A to 44D), beaded shawls, belly dancing coin hip scarves, and skirts. And you can see tons of pictures and read stories and testimonials on the Adventures page.

We are offering a Burner special: Free USPS Priority Mail shipping and $10 off bustiers. PayPal or credit cards accepted. The bustiers are hand washable.

jude (at) sparkleplentycreations (dot) com



We are a costume store in Sacramento (we also sell novelties and gifts).  We have two floors of costumes, makeup, wigs, and accessories.  We are also nicely located – a quick 5 mile detour off I-80!

info (at) evangelines (dot) com


Miss Giggle Monster

Fun funky fabulous fashion.  We use new and recycled fun fabrics and luscious faux fur to make one-of-a-kind costumes, clothing and unique accessories.

missgigglemonster (at) gmail (dot) com




We all love Utilikilts, y’know?  but they are so…UTILITARIAN!  Boys, git yer Kilt attitude on with a silly one from  I have created unique ones — brocade, cowboys, patchwork plaid, polka dots, stripes+plaid, little fruits…  Add a cargo pocket, and you can still wear your podbelt!  I’m a 10 -year burner, and as much as I love those Khaki thingies, when I look at them I just see dots! or stripes.

These are designed just for you, and for Burningman, and each will be unique. But it takes 3 weeks, so get your request in early!

And while you’re there, take a look at my embellished, slashed &
reconstructed lingerie perfect for playa prancing at  Ask me…I do custom.

Free shipping, of, course, to Burners!

Hope to recognize you on the playa,

asstrid (at) cox (dot) net


Tamo Design

Perfect for wearing both on and off the playa, we emphasize comfort, warmth, quality, and design.  We specialize in ready to wear & custom designs made out of the finest faux fur and silk fabrics available.  We are committed to sustainable, environmentally-friendly production methods and materials (and moop-free!) 

Check back often to our website as new creations are added weekly.  You can also get your hands on Silver Lucy’s infamous Stonehenge Jacket and other hot numbers on our site!

10% discount given with mention of JRS!

tamo (at) tamodesign (dot) com


Playa Wear

At Playa Wear, we offer fun, sexy, warm, and comfortable PlayaWear Fashions for women, men, and children.  Monster fur coats, vests, fun outfits and more…Our creative, hand-made designs are unique, colorful, affordable, and one-of-a-kind fashions that will allow you to capture the spirit of Burning Man. Playa Wear enjoys helping to clothe Black Rock City and its pre & post events across the country.

Plus, to help keep our world green, we also offer a host of gently-worn and gently-worn-restyled fashions.

Let us help dress you for Burning Man and more. Come visit our web site or Ebay store today and throughout the year, as we continue to add new and unique styles.

Burning Man is around the corner…Don’t Wait. Come and visit us Today!

See you on the Playa!

jammie (at) playawear (dot) com


PodBelts and Tactical Tutus

We do the original PodBelt, the modular & adaptable cargo system, with pouches and utilities to keep all your survival needs close at hand and easy to find. 

BURNER DISCOUNT: 15% to 20% off all PodBelts, sets, and add-ons!

NEW THIS YEAR: Custom handmade to order Tactical Tutus and fancy dress Pods! The Tutus have embedded hardware so all your Pods can hang directly on your skirt.  The dress Pods are beautifully detailed with funky fabrics and creative applique.  We’ll be doing a limited numbered edition of both before playa, by special order only. You’ll have a chance to preview prototypes and select your color(s) and hardware at the events we’re doing in LA, SF, and Santa Barbara, or by appointment at our LA studio– see below for details.  To reserve yours right away please use our contact page:

The PodBelt system was a designed specifically for playa. I made the first PodBelt in 2002 to carry all my survival needs on the playa without losing them, and without having to carry anything on my shoulders.  I still use it daily!  Burner prices start under $50 depending what options you choose.

** IMPORTANT WHEN ORDERING: Include your playa departure date in the comment box.  This is especially crucial if you’re departing early or if you order late.

** DEADLINE: Order by Thursday August 13th to guarantee delivery in time for Burningman and get the full discount. Orders after August 13th will not get the discount and may require rush shipping or playa pickup.  We’ll let you know in advance if we can’t get your order to you before you depart,  and provide options as applicable.

** DETAILS:  To get your burner discount just go to this page:
and click on the black rock flame at the bottom.  On the next page enter the password:  blackrockbelt.  You’ll get a page with the special burner prices.  No retroactive discounts can be given– you MUST order from this page.

** EVENTS:  You can find all our Pod gear, samples of our new designs, plus our line of SintheteX rubber jewelry, fun hats and other unique handmade costume wear at the following events this summer:
— LA: Cirque Berzerk, July 16-19 and 23-26.  You do not need to see the show to visit the bar & vending area, but you should!
— Santa Barbara: Fishnet Gallery, July 30. This will be a solo show just for us, at a new burner run art, craft & design shop.
— Bay Area: Prepare for the Playa, Aug 1 and 22-23.  A by-burners, for-burners marketplace for all your playa needs.
— If you can’t make it to the events but find yourself in the LA area, make an appointment via our contact page.

Hope to meet you on the playa!

thanks for your continued support,
isa & DEvan

bmpods (at) podbelt (dot) com



ColorSMACK! Long time Burners making sexy, colorful UV reactive wear that’s seriously danceable! Black Light Reactive Sub Culture Gear and Accessories. UV Garterbelts, Tops, Bottoms, Armlettes and Leggings plus Hand Painted UV Reactive Spinning Flags. We are “Gear Artists” who are committed to one idea: when you go out to play, heads turn…

info (at) colorsmack (dot) com



Deviant is the premiere manufacturer & innovator of quality Liquid Latex (body paints) since 1997. Deviant is proud to present the 10th anniversary of the Liquid Latex Lounge at BRC in 2009! Please support us by buying directly from Deviant, and avoid questionable knock-off brands Order online at or call “Six” at 1.888.DEVIANT or 408.971.6366 San Jose, CA


King Koitus

I create faux fur clothing, mostly coats or as I call them Royal Robes. Specifically for the playa’s cold nights.


Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear

My name is Linda Telge and I was at last year’s burn for my first time. I own Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear 8803 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa , Ca. 91942. My website is I own a franchise. If there ever was a shoe to be endorsed by burners. It’s got a built-in orthotic, replaceable coil, and all I can tell you is they held up better than any shoe out there. Plus, I don’t have my debilitating plantar fasciitis pain as when I worked as an O.R. Nurse. They actually do correct posture and take 50% of the impact….and protect the foot. I want to keep a photo journal of my shoes, they are now 6 yrs. old, one coil replacement.




JnR Hotel

Clean comfortable rooms
Coffee Served in Lobby at 7am
Refrigerator on every floor
Water for guests

jim (at) jnrhotel (dot) com



2009 marks the fifth successful year of Advantage Flight air service to Black Rock International Spaceport. Our Reno Air Shuttle offers up to six flights daily between Reno-Tahoe International Airport and the playa before, during, and after the event in Turbo Stationair aircraft.

Advantage Flight offers more than safe, dependable passenger service. For the past four years, the Shuttle transported crews and construction materials as the City was built. During the event, the Shuttle also accommodated supply requests, bringing in everything from airline-delayed baggage to tools to aircraft tires. We’re ongoing contributing participants in the event community, and we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Contact information:
Advantage Flight
info (at) advantageflight (dot) com

Advantage Flight Solutions LLC is an FAA Part 135 air service based at Reno-Tahoe International Airport.


Slinky Productions

Exotic and Pole Dance Instruction in San Francisco and Oakland CA.

Learn fun, flashy, super~cool pole tricks & sultry, seductive lapdance techniques to share on the playa. Classes open women of all ages (18+) and body types.

Centrally located studios. Professional experienced instructors.
Group Classes – Private Lessons – Private Groups
Classes are COED in August in preparation for Burning Man.

Owner Catherine Rose has been teaching exotic/pole dance since 2000 and offers free classes/lessons on the playa if you can find her.

info (at) slinkyproductions (dot) com


Playa Hair

The Itinerant hairdresser. I sell Synthetic Hair Dread Extensions.  I make dread extensions that can be attached for one day or I provide a service that requires an appointment to attach extensions by a braided in method.




Our friend JB, who runs Art Car Support out of Gerlach, NV (our favorite town-next-door), has been successful supporting well-organized theme camps and art cars store and service their infrastructure and materials between burns.  Says JB, “Our vision is to support the event, the longevity of the event, and to do our part in making positive change to our home in the Black Rock Desert.”  And hey, you can’t beat THAT with a stick.

They even donate a portion of their proceeds to the Friends of Black Rock / High Rock organization.

They’re planning to build a year-round store in downtown Gerlach in 2010 called Barsyl Bazaar, which will employ locals and keep your money in the Gerlach community, where they say: “burning is our favorite pastime!”

JB (at) ArtCarSupport (dot) com



Cleverwerx, located in Waltham, MA, offers year round educational workshops on the following: Jewelry Making (we make great playa pendants) Soldering EL Wire, “Point of View” (How to take a better photo), Making Your Own Mandalas (Explore and create your own natal mandala), Ride On (Learn about how your bicycle works).

karen (at) cleverwerx (dot) com


Sew Smooth

Custom built clothing, specializing in playa wear and costumes. Full studio space with ability to help people create their own designs for a small studio fee. Love to help people create the outfits of their imaginations.

sophie (at) sewsmooth (dot) net


Party RV Rentals

Burning Man friendly Motorhome and Trailer rentals with delivery set up and take down service available. Includes Pre-filled Propane tanks and Gas for Generators.

PartyRvRents (at) yahoo (dot) com


A Unique Ceremony

Ceremonies, Sacred Garments and Ritual Items lovingly created and celebrated.
“Draw upon past,
Speak your present,
Create your future,
Your gift of light,
of love…”

Rituals, Blessings, Legal Marriages, Marriages of the Heart,
Civil, Spiritual, Non-Denominational, ULC Ordained Minister.

Ceremonially Yours,
Teresa Shea
aka: Pastor Prime (Playa altar ego)
aka: Faabrika       (Playa alter ego)


alternate web address:

unique_ceremony (at) yahoo (dot) com


The Roll Up Bike Shop

Got a bike? Does it need a tune-up or additional parts? Need to pressure wash off the dust from last year? We can help you get rolling in time for the playa!

The Roll Up is a bike shop in East Oakland where we can provide tune-ups (or do it yourself with guidance), used parts, extra wheels, etc at a low low price. Come browse through our parts bins and get your hands dirty fixin up your bike…

Used parts are affordable and practical, and the shop/guidance/tools are available by donation on a sliding scale.

ALSO AVAILABLE: wheel decoration. “Scraper bike” style wheels provided by our neighborhood experts!

Come see us during business hours: THURS – SUN   11-7pm (closed Fri/Sat)

The Roll Up Bike Shop
4401 San Leandro St  @  High St.
Oakland, CA 94601

5 minute ride / 10 minutes walk from the Fruitvale BART station

rollupbikes (at) gmail (dot) com


DKG Promotions

Hi, Spicey of the BRCPO here.  My brother, Dan, he can make the t-shirt, he can make the baseball cap, the guitar pick, the funky as schwag idea you haven’t even thought of yet, for a great price.  he also can help somewhat with the design, and the turnaround will be quick, see?

Mention Burning Man in your message for best so happy results.

We be seeing your smiling face, soon!

dan (at) dkgpromotions (dot) com


Simple Fuels Biodiesel

Simple Fuels Biodiesel makes and distributes ASTM certified B100 biodiesel from recycled vegetable oil we collect in the greater Reno area. Burner owned and operated, Simple Fuels will support all your biodiesel needs for Burning Man and beyond. Prearrange retail, wholesale, and off-road biodiesel accounts by visiting our website and signing up on our “biodiesel users group”. Delivery is available…even to the Playa!
Located at 93232 Highway 70 in Chilcoot, Ca. we are the closest biodiesel production facility to Black Rock City. Come by to see us and fill up on your way to and from Burning Man. We will also collect any waste oil from the playa, and refine it into a special batch of biodiesel for next year’s burn!

For more information please visit our web site or call Scott Free, our Marketing Director at (805) 704-3733. Burn Baby Burn!

scott (at) simplefuels (dot) com


Great Basin Community Food Cooperative

As you prepare to join the Black Rock Community, keep the environmental and social good of Northern Nevada in mind. 

Why make the Great Basin Community Food Co-op a part of your Playa experience?
The Black Rock community extends further than the sandy limits of the Playa. It has a lot to do with the monumental behind-the-scenes effort that it takes to contribute to the Black Rock community- including our nourishment. Outfitting 50,000 people for a rich experience in the desert requires a great deal, so make your food choices healthy and environmentally responsible ones.

As part of our mission, the GBCFC maintains a commitment to local, organic and sustainable products to the fullest extent possible. Organizations such as the GBCFC create win-win situations for everyone involved. For us, the consumer, we have access to as much locally-sourced, healthy food as possible. This includes fresh organic or natural produce, special diet needs, and economical bulk options. For local farmers, including those in transition to becoming organic-certified, have the means of selling their produce to a local retail outfit providing fair prices. For local ecology, organically grown products support environmentally responsible farming practices, such as lower levels of contamination from fertilizers and pesticides, increased biodiversity because farms tend not to be large mono-cultures, at times selection of heirloom varieties, and crops that tend to be more suited to local climate and therefore less energy intensive to grow. Additionally, buying locally is socially responsible because it supports jobs in our vibrant Northern Nevada community. Local sources of products are also beneficial because of transportation and shipping costs to the environment are reduced.

The Great Basin Community Food Co-op is Reno’s community-owned grocery store!  We are excited to be open to the public and provide local produce, bulk food and health & beauty items, and special bulk orders. 

***Special for the Burning Man event, we are offering non-members access to special ordering. Check out our website for product listings and link to our PayPal Account, where you can place special bulk orders and pick them up on your way to the Playa.***

Our new site boasts a 30+ space parking lot and is very centrally at 542 ½ Plumas St. Reno, NV 89509.  Check out our convenient perks such as Playa Survival Items and BULK SPECIAL ORDERING.  We are open to the public, but our yearly membership fee is only $15 and it also saves you 10% on all in-store purchases.

For more information about the co-op email info (at) greatbasinfood (dot) coop or call (775) 324-6133.  For more information about BULK SPECIAL ORDERING please contact summerspecialorders (at) greatbasinfood (dot) coop

Great Basin Community Food Co-op
    542 ½ Plumas St.
    Reno, NV 89509
    (775) 324-6133

meghan (at) greatbasinfood (dot) coop


I am an independent business owner / burner (this will be my 3rd yr to the Playa) and I can’t say I started my business as a result of BM, but have definitely modified accordingly it ever since…..

So I am doing the shirts for Kidsville Camp again this year, only in a little more involved manner. Basically hosting their ordering system so they can have many more color / style / size options. Comes down to me donating my time and puterskills in exchange for the burner exposure to my burner friendly custom services. (I don’t advertise much – 99% word-of-mouth based on my quality product/service) It is working out in a beautiful way! As most things burning man related most often do! To get a better idea of what I put together for Kidsville, best to just visit this page I built:

I think this could be a valuable service – and I would gladly and honorably perform it to my capacity for other large or small BM camps / projects. Just a matter of getting the word out there…. Please let me know what you think.

I have also been inspired to design 2 BM theme tees as a fundraiser for my Playa Art project “ACCUMULO SAPIEN” that I’m bringing with me this year!!! 100% of the proceeds are going to Him and his much needed lighting effects. Also just a matter of getting the word out there…. Please spread it however you can. My gratitude is running wild!!


Oniell Rentals

Oniell Rentals in Downtown Oakland is offering BUDGET rental trucks at a discount price to those who state they are going to Burning Man. His rates are as follows and have been lowered from last years’ discounted Burner rates even further.

10′ $43/ day .20 per mile
15′ 53/day .20 per mile
24′ 73/day .20 per mile
24′ Liftgate 83/day .20 per mile

You must pay tax & the CA state mandated VLF of $3.00 and the CA state mandated minimum liability insurance of $11.95 per day on any truck rental.

His cleaning policy is simple: You may pay a flat fee of $99 and he will do the cleaning or bring it back clean.

In 2008 he supplied over 75 trucks to attendees going to the desert. He will make certain you have the truck you need, when you need it.

Oniell Rentals
651 7th Street STE A
Oakland, CA