We Want YOUR Black Rock City 2023 Stories — Share Them HERE!

There are more wild tales than there are Burners who participated in Black Rock City 2023. 

Remember how blissful those first few days on playa were, before the rain? Did you stumble upon random art in deep playa that moved you? Find a camp that changed your Burn? Once the rain and mud landed, did you shelter soggy humanimals in your camp? Invent a new game involving bacon? Create something with friends you could never have built on your own? Build a community you never would have thought possible?

We want to read your stories, see your photos and watch your videos! And yes, we will share some of them back out to the community in the near future.

Want to be included? Drop them in this form. We are especially looking for links to your already-shared social media posts so we can capture both visuals and fun captions at the same time.

Submit your stories (150 words or less), photos or links to social media posts of Burner resilience and “mirth amidst the mud” for consideration in future Burning Man Project publications such as the Burning Man Journal, social channels, the Jackrabbit Speaks newsletter, and more.


Rainbow over Camp Question Mark in BRC, 2023 (Photo by Chayna Girling)