2012 Media Coverage

From scrap to sculpture: Recycled Reno Star is city's latest public art

on December 30, 2012in RGJ.com(AP)

Reno?s newest piece of public art has a new home at one of the city?s busiest intersections. Twenty-four bright red steel spines, each 36 feet high, extend above a 10-foot-high black base at the northwest corner of South Virginia Street and McCarran Boulevard in south Reno.

Ode To Black Rock City

on December 29, 2012in Fubiz

Voici cette vidéo réalisée par Anders Christian Rasmussen pour un projet de documentaire sur le Burning Man Festival qu’il dirige avec Bo Storm Madsen.

The Church of Burning Man: Counterculture spirituality

on December 29, 2012in The Salt Lake Tribune

Burning Man Festival » Spirituality exists amid the flames of the counterculture and harks back to early Christianity.

Planning for global future, Burning Man festival embraces Silicon Valley millennials

on December 19, 2012in SFGate Blogs

By Xandra Clark, Peninsula Press An excerpt from this article is below. Read the full story on the Peninsula Press. The annual Burning Man festival, long associated with a week of art, anarchy and communal living in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, is on the verge of change.

Beyond Domes: 36 Photos of Burning Man Building Types

on December 11, 2012in Web Urbanist

It would be a mistake to characterize Burning Man as merely a festival in the desert. For one week a year, an entire built environment (dubbed Black Rock City) for tens of thousands of residents emerges out of the flat cracked-sand landscape, only to disappear again at the end.

Burning Man's new Cargo Cult art theme intrigues

on December 4, 2012in San Francisco Bay Guardian

Burning Man founder Larry Harvey sent burners scrambling to Wikipedia on Friday when he announced the art theme for the 2013 event, “Cargo Cult,” and posed the intriguing question, “Who is John Frum?” It was perhaps the most esoteric and obscure theme ever, but one that I heard only positive reactio

Burning Man-themed event brings costume party indoors

on November 29, 2012in The Asheville Citizen-Times (AP)

Turnout for a Western North Carolina Burning Man meet-and-greet in the River Arts District last month was a little light, organizers said. So they rallied the arts-minded troops again and drew a much bigger crowd for a Burning Man ?Decompression? event Nov.

Karen Cusolito Lights Her Artwork on Fire

on November 20, 2012in Smithsonian Magazine

Meet the artist who burns her creations to amazing effect

First ever Shanghai Burning Man Decompression @ INFERNO, November 11th

on November 5, 2012in Shanghaiist

Image credit: @meganpru. Metal bar Inferno is to host Shanghai's inaugural Burning Man Decompression event on November 11th from 12-8pm, with an afternoon of film, food, poetry and performances by DJs and artists giving the uninitiated a taste of the Burning Man spirit.

Las Vegas Burners Play With Fire

on October 30, 2012in News 88.9 KNPR

Burning Man, the annual celebration of radical self expression, is famous for the ritual use of fire. Sometimes the burnings make a political statement, like this year’s Burning Wall Street event.

Burn 2 opens Saturday

on October 19, 2012in Examiner.com

Burn 2 opens tomorrow in Second Life®. From what this writer has seen so far, it will be the best yet in the three years since the old Burning Life festival was discontinued.

Contemplative Figurative Sculpture Humbly Bows Down

on October 18, 2012in My Modern Metropolis

We've seen some stunning sculptures from Burning Man over the years and this one titled Achmed by mixed media artist Karen Cusolito is no exception. The figurative sculpture, weighing in at approximately 6 tons, depicts a man down on his knees and elbows in a state of humility.

Burning Man census reveals surprising demographics at the desert festival

on October 15, 2012in SFGate Blogs

By Xandra Clark, Peninsula Press An excerpt from this article is below. Read the full story on the Peninsula Press. A week in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada at the end of summer may not sound like fun to many people.

Partying for the Planet and Dancing with God (at Burning Man)

on October 11, 2012in Leah Lamb

(Photo by Scott London) It was Burning Man 2012. We had prepared for the worst, and hoped for the best as reports of epic sandstorms streamed in via texts from friends who were already out on the playa.

What is Behind Burning Man?

on October 11, 2012by Sopjie Lamparterin Swissnex SF

It’s not exactly the ideal place to build a city: no water, little vegetation, limited animal life, and temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, dropping close to freezing at night. High winds kick up powder-fine dust into blinding storms.

Burning Man culture spreads

on September 24, 2012in Las Vegas Review-Journal (AP)

If you love radical self-expression and huge, outlandish sculptures but hate getting dirty in hard-to-reach places, you're in luck. The Downtown Project, brainchild of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, recently signed a deal to bring elaborate sculptures and other artwork from Northern Nevada's Burning Man fe

Leo Villareal's computer-driven imagery on view at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

on September 11, 2012in Artdaily.org

MADISON, WI.- A pioneer in the use of LEDs and computer-driven imagery, Leo Villareal is increasingly renowned for his sculptural and architectural works that use light to engage audiences in immersive, highly sensory experiences.

Lesson From Burning Man: The Social Network Is All Around You

on September 10, 2012by Jon Mitchellin readwriteweb

Every year at Burning Man, I have the same argument. Someone plays the role of the starry-eyed futurist, someone else is the grizzly survivalist. The futurist says, “If only we had map and chat apps out here, we could meet everyone and see everything! It would be a utopia!” The survivalist says “Hell no. We come out here to get away from all that.” At Burning Man, as in everyday urban life, the answer lies somewhere in between.

Burning Man 2012 in pictures – Rough Cuts (2:07)

on September 6, 2012in Reuters Video News

Reuters photographer Jim Urquhart shares his spectacular images and personal reflections from this year's Burning Man festival, a week-long annual event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

9 Ways Burning Man Is a Model for Involving Volunteers

on September 5, 2012in The Huffington Post - Blog

Far more than a modern day bacchanal, Burning Man has grown to become one of the most vibrant cultural events in the United States, spinning off art, music, urban planning, and industrial design ideas year round.

Rad Days at Black Rock: Keeping It Clean at Burning Man

on September 1, 2012in The Wall Street Journal

Inspectors at Nevada Fest Monitor Kitchens, Try to Ignore Nudity and Pot

5 Burning Man Projects Changing the Real World

on August 27, 2012in Shareable: Sharing by Design

In its 26 years, the Burning Man arts festival has done more than just throw a big party in the desert: It has spawned a culture that extends far beyond the event's perimeter fence.

Reno is build site for several Burning Man art projects

on August 19, 2012in RGJ.com(AP)

When the Burning Man festival begins Aug. 27 at the Black Rock Desert, there will be plenty of art that was made in Reno. Whether in warehouses or someone?s garage, teams or volunteers have been busy pounding away on art projects.

7 Ways To Reinvent Your City, Burning Man Style

on August 15, 2012in Shareable: Sharing by Design

Every August for one week, the Burning Man festival takes place in a temporary city of its own creation, called Black Rock City after Nevada’s Black Rock Desert where it is located.

Giant king cake baby made to burn at Burning Man art fest - Video

on August 14, 2012in NOLA.com

Watch as New Orleans artists describe a 14-foot-tall king cake baby sculpture atop an eight-foot wooden king cake, built to burn at the Burning Man art fest in Nevada in late August.

Little Burners program at Nevada Museum of Art

on August 9, 2012in RGJ.com(AP)

The Nevada Museum of Art Hands/ON! free family program for Saturday focuses on the artistic ideas of the upcoming Burning Man festival with Little Burners: Collective Art and Performance.

There Goes the Neighborhood: Mobile Victorian House Sets Sail for Desert

on August 8, 2012in Collectors Weekly

By Hunter Oatman-Stanford Burning Man is flipping weird. The annual pilgrimage draws tens of thousands of attendees into the middle of an inhospitable desert where they enjoy a week of delusional mayhem, often in a haze of physical and spiritual intoxication (not to mention the dust clouds which fr

Six Earth Cities That Will Provide Blueprints for Martian Settlers

on August 7, 2012in Io9

If humans follow Curiosity to Mars later this century, we'll need cities modeled on ones that already exist in extreme climates on Earth. Here are six high-tech (and a few low-tech) cities that would have a passing shot at survival in the Martian climate.

City receives Black Rock Arts Foundation grant

on July 25, 2012in RGJ.com(AP)

FERNLEY — The Black Rock Arts Foundation, working in collaboration with the City of Fernley and the Burning Man Project, is one of the 80 Our Town grantees and will receive $75,000 to develop and install art in Fernley to promote arts-led economic and civic development.

Fernley to get sculpture, thanks to Burning Man nonprofit

on July 22, 2012in RGJ.com(AP)

The city of Fernley is a small town that is getting a piece of big art. The Black Rock Arts Foundation, the nonprofit art organization of Burning Man, has been awarded a $75,000 National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant to work with Fernley and install a piece of art.

Element 11, Utah’s ‘Burning Man,’ brings a colorful element

on July 13, 2012in The Salt Lake Tribune

Event west of Grantsville celebrates art, freedom and fun this weekend.

Nowhere festival in Spain- Burning Man for Europeans

on July 3, 2012in Travelettes

You’ve probably heard about Burning Man, a week-long festival in the middle of the desert in Nevada, USA, during which an entire city is created from scratch.

Passing the Torch of Burning Man | Inc.com

on June 28, 2012in Inc.

Passing the Torch of Burning Man At the end of every summer, Burning Man brings 50,000 celebrants to the desert. It's become an institution and a valuable business.

Local Artists Gearing Up for Burning Man

on June 20, 2012in Petaluma Patch

Photographer Michael Garlington and installation artist Jonny Hirschmugl are working on an elaborate gilded structure that will be shown to the world, then promptly destroyed.

'Singularity Transmissions' Brings Art, Science, And Fertility To Burning Man (VIDEO)

on June 4, 2012in The Huffington Post

Each year around 50,000 people come together at Burning Man, the now-infamous outdoor event in the northern Nevadan desert. Needless to say, the artwork produced is radically innovative, complex and a little wacky.

Ex-Menudo Star Addresses Burning Man Crisis

on May 22, 2012in Hollywood Industry

(May 22, 2012) Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 22, 2012 May 2012 -- Ash Ruiz, ex-member of Latin-sensation band, Menudo, formally launches his solo music career Tuesday, June 12, 2012, with a controversial music video after 14 years touring with conscious pop band, Here II Here.

Krug Champagne's Big Burning Man Mistake (PHOTOS)

on May 22, 2012in The Huffington Post

As any Burning Man regular knows, those who violate the festival's sacred ten principles face serious consequences. The folks at Krug Champagne recently learned that lesson the hard way.

Cardiac Patient Receives Miraculous Treatment at Burning Man

on May 3, 2012in Journal of Emergency Medical Services

EMS team responds to challenging case at desert festival.

The Main Street Republican values of ... Burning Man?

on May 3, 2012in Ezra Klein - Washington Post Blog

TheWashingtonPost Go to Burning Man, and you’ll find everything from a thunderdome battle between a couple in tiger-striped bodypaint to a man dressed as a gigantic blueberry muffin on wheels.

The Culture of Burning Man

on April 25, 2012in News 88.9 KNPR

The Burning Man Festival began with a mere handful of people in 1986 on a beach in California. Now it's an annual event that attracts 50,000 people to the high desert outside Gerlach, Nevada.

A Tour of the Burning Man Headquarters in San Francisco

on April 25, 2012in Laughing Squid

Last week while I was in San Francisco I stopped by to see my old friends at Burning Man. I was really involved with the organization years ago, as one of their first employees, working on the original Web Team as well as helping out with Media Mecca.

Action Girl leaves Black Rock City LLC

on April 21, 2012in San Francisco Bay Guardian

This week's resignation of Andie Grace (aka Action Girl) – who has been the face and voice of Burning Man and its Jack Rabbit Speaks newsletter for most of her 13 years working for Black Rock City LLC (aka the Borg) – is the latest blow to an organization and culture going through a difficult transi

Family, friends plan memorial for 'Tuna Guy'

on April 19, 2012in The World Link (AP)

CHARLESTON -- Friends and family of the late Capt. Jim Peterson, who died when his crab boat capsized in early December, will hold a memorial for him on Bastendorff Beach County Park on Saturday around 2 p.

Kosher Sutra: Burning Man (Vayikra)

on March 23, 2012in Jewish Journal

There is a pilgrimage that takes place every summer in the Nevada Desert. 50,000 people head to the sandy wasteland and participate in a week-long festival which culminates with the night time burning of a massive effigy of a human being.

Burning Man Project builds idyllic city

on March 8, 2012in Iowa State Daily

In the deserts of Nevada, there is a mirage-like city that appears and disappears annually, leaving no trace that it ever existed when it goes. The Burning Man Project, started in 1986 and named for the annual bonfire of the Burning Man — an effigy — is a pilgrimage and rite of passage for artists w

Hayes Valley Statue: Giant Illuminated Work To Tower Over Trendy San Francisco Neighborhood (PHOTOS)

on February 13, 2012in The Huffington Post

Sometime in the next few weeks, residents of San Francisco's Hayes Valley will get a brand new neighbor--a huge, glowing, tree-topped temple straight from the parched sands of The Playa.

Burning Man Battles Ticket Scalpers

on February 1, 2012in NBC Bay Area

Organizers hope the ticket exchange program will deter scalping

Burning Man ticket requests far exceed supply

on January 28, 2012in San Francisco Bay Guardian

Burners' worst fears are about to come true: they'll be denied tickets to Burning Man when the results of the new lottery-based system are announced on Wednesday.

Basshenge Brings World Wonder to Burning Man

on January 17, 2012in San Diego Reader

Burning Man is all about building rad things in the middle of nowhere, partying in them, and then deconstructing or igniting them at the end of the festival.

Jon Sarriugarte: Blacksmith And Burning Man Legend On The Playa And The Future Of Oakland (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

on January 10, 2012in The Huffington Post

Who: Metalworker, fire master and Burning Man legend, Jon Sarriugarte. Current Gig: Sarriugarte owns Form & Reform, a blacksmithing company where he builds gorgeous custom metal pieces.