2009 Media Coverage

A look back at another year of Burning Man in Black Rock Desert

on September 1, 2009by Sam Baumanin Nevada Appeal (Carson City, NV)

Blustery winds and constant whiteouts threatened the climax of the Burning Man. As late a six o'clock it was unsure if the big burn of the Man would take place... The 9 p.m. schedule was pushed to 10:48. A shower of fireworks signaled that Man was about to go. And go he did.
by the same author: Burning Man recap: Whiteouts and last-minute burn (Sept. 4, 2008)

Solar blast: Black Rock Solar Project takes it one roof at a time

on May 31, 2009by News Reviewin Kat Kerlin

BRS is the only large-scale, nonprofit solar installer in the nation. The vast majority of its work is done in Nevada. Recently, the group was instrumental in getting the Nevada Public Utilities Commission to release 6.5 megawatts of expired solar rebates that, for various reasons, weren’t used by those who’d applied for them.

Sculptor brings his alien creations to Toronto's Distillery Special

on May 23, 2009by Digital Journalin David Silverberg

Michael Christian's sculptures are straight out of a fevered nightmare. Now his unique metal creatures, best known to prowl Burning Man events, will be holding court at the Distillery District in Toronto.

Sharing love with strangers in the desert night

on April 28, 2009by Las Vegas Weekly Blogsin Jennifer Grafiada

Dark Skies, a beacon to repressed artists and the open-minded, has been attracting hundreds from Nevada and nearby states for a decade. Up until this year, it was located near Primm and the stateline, but the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decided that they wanted to start charging the organizers.

Burning Man's HQ is on the move

on March 24, 2009by San Francisco Bay Gaurdianin Steven T. Jones

Company spokesperson Marian Goodell said she’s been working with the Mayor’s Office and the vast network of local burners to find what they need: a 20,000 square foot showcase space with room for its core staff and the ancillary organizations its has spawned, such as Black Rock Arts Foundation and Burners Without Borders

A vicar at America's Burning Man festival

on January 25, 2009by The Times of London (UK)in Rev. Peter Owen Jones

Black Rock City is a mirage, a theatre of dreams, a testament to impermanence.... As breaks go, I don’t think they come any better... I needed to accept that comfort is a mental state of being, not a physical one, but that is surely a good lesson to learn.

Crit: Learning From Black Rock

on January 1, 2009by Architect Magazinein Fred A. Bernstein

People don't believe I went to Burning Man to see the architecture and urban design... as it turned out, Burning Man's layout and structures—and even its infrastructure—are among its most compelling features.