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What the Social Web Can Learn from Burning Man

on December 31, 2011in ReadWriteWeb

Burning Man is, in some ways, a virtual world. It's not unlike Second Life: a flat, empty plane onto which creator/participants build a temporary society however they can, making every decision into a work of art.

The Growing Popularity of Temporary Architecture

on December 22, 2011in Planetizen

In the age of food trucks, pop-up stores, and the Burning Man city, is it time to rethink the notion of "temporary" architecture? The New York Times' design and architecture blogger, Allison Arieff, reflects on a panel discussion with Robert Kronenburg, an architect, professor at University of Live

At Burning Man, architecture is art | Geek Gestalt

on December 10, 2011in Daily Me

A beautiful example of a Burning Man shade structure, as photographed by longtime Burner Philippe Glade. (Credit: NV: The Ephemeral Architecture of Burning Man,Philippe Glade/Black Rock City) I\'ve been going to Burning Man for many years, and each time I\'ve struggled to figure out a good way to make

Burning Man attendees anxious over new ticketing system

on December 6, 2011in San Francisco Bay Guardian

Burning Man attendees are feeling anxious over a new lottery-based ticketing system set up this year to address the growing popularity of the event, so much so that an unprecedented number of them are now registering for pre-sale tickets – which were originally intended as holiday gifts – that are b

Burning Man Ticket Lottery Debuts

on November 29, 2011in KTVN Channel 2

Monday, November 28, 2011 9:26 PM EST Updated: Monday, November 28, 2011 9:35 PM EST Erin BreenChannel 2 News What do burners want for Christmas? Tickets to this year's Burning Man Festival.

The tiny houses of Burning Man

on November 20, 2011in Mother Nature Network - Blog

The Burning Man festival is known for many things- large crazy art installations, occasional blinding dust storms, and lots and lots of naked people. In the last few years it's also becoming known as a great place to see cool, small houses.

Burning Man update: Answering your burning questions

on November 19, 2011in Current TV

After dropping a bomb, and what many considered to be dropping the ball regarding the the significant changes made to ticket distribution by announcing the newly implemented lottery system for Burning Man 2012, organizers are now addressing all of the feedback received from the community.

Love on the playa: Couple meets at Burning Man in 2009, weds there two years later

on November 18, 2011in The Jewish News Weekly

The setting was Burning Man 2009 right before dawn. After a night of partying, Greg Lawrence wanted some quiet, so he made his way to the temple, a structure that is burned on Sunday night as a final ritual before the annual arts festival in the Nevada desert closes.

Burning Man's Backers Take Nonprofit Route

on November 9, 2011in The Wall Street Journal - Europe

The group behind Burning Man, the giant annual arts festival in the Nevada desert, is poised to turn itself into a nonprofit, which the famously quirky operation thinks suits its ethos.

Looking at Los Angeles | Working for The Man: Building Burning Man’s Infrastructure

on October 27, 2011in Art21 Blog

When I first found out about the Black Rock City Department of Public Works, it was like finding out that Santa Claus did not exist. I was disappointed, and a little bit embarrassed by my own naivete.

End of Empire: Tough economy closes mining town

on October 19, 2011in Free Republic

When the local mine closed the entire town of Empire, Nevada shut down too (Video by David Botti) Continue reading the main story Altered StatesForeign doctors in rural America Hispanic education in crisis Baseball from Far East Watch Mormon luau in Utah Watch Some outside observers have been quick

That's a Wrap: Burning Man 2011

on September 22, 2011in NBC Bay Area

View Comments () | Email | Print Tweet Josh Keppel / NBC Bay Area Off with her head! El Pulpo Mecanicos gets decapitated for the ride home to Humboldt County.

A Piece of Burning Man to Light Toronto Aflame at This Year’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

on September 21, 2011in Art & Artworks

TORONTO, Sept. 20, 2011 /CNW/ - Creators of the flame-throwing interactive sculpture, The Heart Machine, prepare the piece for its Canadian debut as an official exhibition at Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche 2011 Toronto.

Life on the Playa: A Guide to Burners’ Cuisine

on September 20, 2011in Poor Taste Magazine

Burning Man is a temporary community. For eight days, festival attendees create their own living spaces, supplying for themselves and giving away anything they don’t need.

Doing Jewish at 25th annual Burning Man

on September 16, 2011in Jewish Review

T00:00:00 Nestled in a large dome tent on a hot arid day in the middle of Nevada’s Black Rock desert, more than 45 people sat in the sand listening intently to author Ron Feldman of San Francisco discuss kabbalah in early September.

Burning Down the Temple: Religion and Irony in Black Rock City

on September 12, 2011in Religion Dispatches

A report from Burning Man 2011

Burning Man’s Green Complexion

on September 10, 2011in Triple Pundit

Tweet By Heather King A week ago, the renowned Burning Man festival raged in the Black Rock desert of Nevada. More than 50,000 people from all over the world gathered as a community and built a city for a week.

Burning Man: Counterculture experiment goes mainstream

on September 10, 2011in The Bulletin (AP)

BLACK ROCK CITY, Nev. — If this were anywhere else in the world, the naked man wearing only blue body paint and piercings in unmentionable places would be the freak.

Burning Man 2011: The Desert was Alive with Mindful Disinhibition

on September 10, 2011in Psychology Today Blog

Under certain conditions large scale hedonic expression can safely occur.

Burning Man enters a deliberative new phase

on September 8, 2011in San Francisco Bay Guardian

I didn't see SF Sups. David Chiu and Jane Kim on their brief tour of Black Rock City last week, but I did get the chance to participate in a more authentic political awakening at Burning Man this year, one marked by an increasing number of well-attended public discussions about where this strange an

Gallery: Art, Cars, and Blazes at Burning Man

on September 8, 2011in Wired.com

| Next The man of the hour stands surrounded by his loyal counterparts. | Next View all Story and photos by Frank Rodriguez BLACK ROCK CITY, Nev. — A quarter-century after the first Man was burned, a record-breaking crowd gathered here for the annual art, music, and social experiment festival t

Why We Burn: Reflections on 25 Years of Burning Man and 13 of Personal Participatory Culture

on September 8, 2011in The Huffington Post

I drove out of Black Rock City at 11 p.m. last night, during a dazzling, dancing fireworks display that was the best I'd ever seen in my life. As I left this physical place, which is a manifestation of shared dreaming, I watched each burst of color, and a sustained white trail that banked and curved

That's a Wrap: Burning Man 2011

on September 5, 2011in NBC Bay Area

View Comments () | Email | Print Tweet Josh Keppel / NBC Bay Area Off with her head! El Pulpo Mecanicos gets decapitated for the ride home to Humboldt County.

The homes at Burning Man

on September 2, 2011in SFGate: Blogs

The annual migration to the sun scorched Nevada desert is in full swing. With roots in the Bay Area, the Burning Man festival is celebrating its 25th year.

Burning Man in the Age of Rick Perry: Revelation, Pluralism, and Moral Imperative

on September 2, 2011in Religion Dispatches

We cannot know his legendary head with eyes like ripening fruit. And yet his torso is still suffused with brilliance from inside, like a lamp, in which his gaze, now turned to low, gleams in all its power… You must change your life.

Burning Man at 25 is more grown up, but keeps its spark

on September 1, 2011in San Francisco Examiner

Burning Man started 25 years ago as a gathering of friends and strangers on San Francisco's Baker Beach. It was a random act of public art, including an 8-foot-tall wooden man burning against the Northern California sunset, 20 people clasping hands around it.

Rod Garrett, Black Rock City Designer, Dies

on August 31, 2011in NBC Bay Area

View Comments () | Email | Print Tweet Josh Keppel Here is a good view of Black Rock City on Saturday afternoon, when white-outs were whipping through the open playa.

Burning Man where even the finances are odd

on August 30, 2011in The Bulletin (AP)

Arts festival in Nevada desert prepares to transition to a nonprofit

The Urban Planning of Burning Man

on August 30, 2011in Planetizen

The annual Burning Man festival is underway in Nevada, and this piece from The New York Times looks at the urban plan that undergirds the event. The urban form of the event has taken shape over the years mainly at the hands of designer Rod Garrett.

Burning Man Festival opens with Temple of Transition

on August 29, 2011in Examiner.com

Burning Man is a weeklong arts festival in Nevada, some call a spiritual experience. This year, the event opens August 29, 2011. It draws thousands of people to the Black Rock desert each year.

Rod Garrett, the Urban Planner Behind ‘Burning Man’ Passes Away

on August 29, 2011in The New York Times

GERLACH, Nev. — How many city planners get to see their ideas take shape all around them? The short list includes Georges-Eugène Haussmann, who bulldozed much of Paris in the mid-19th century, and Robert Moses, who remade New York during the 20th.

The Burning Season

on August 27, 2011in The New York Times

Burning Man, the arts festival and experimental community that blooms once a year for a week on a dry desert lakebed outside Gerlach, Nev., starts Monday.

Growing Pains for Burning Man Festival

on August 27, 2011in The New York Times

TENS of thousands of volunteers are gathering to build a city in a Nevada desert that is notorious for triple-digit temperatures, high winds and blinding plumes of dust.

Why, how Burning Man has surpassed cult status

on August 27, 2011in RGJ.com(AP)

For the first time, Burning Man's Temple was built in Reno, a process, headed by Chris "Kiwi" Hankins (above), that began May 5 in a Reno warehouse. RGJ reporter Geralda Miller and photographer Liz Margerum followed the temple's progress.

Leadership Lessons From Burning Man

on August 25, 2011in Fast Company

Think the annual arts fest in the Nevada desert is nothing more than a week-long bacchanal? Think again. It's a a master class in how to create awesomeness.

Beyond the playa

on August 9, 2011in San Francisco Bay Guardian

Burning Man launches nonprofit aimed at spreading its culture and art

Burning Man's Big Plan To Reshape A Depressed San Francisco Neighborhood

on August 8, 2011in Fast Company

Burning Man isn't just about getting crazy on the Playa anymore. The organization is now taking on urban revitalization, aiming to fix up the area around its new HQ.

World's Biggest Clock on Time for Burning Man

on August 2, 2011in NBC Bay Area

View Comments () | Leave A Comment | Email | Print Tweet Josh Keppel At one point, the leg shot some fireworks out as the flames were raging around the Man.

Burning Man tickets sell out for the first time

on July 25, 2011in San Francisco Bay Guardian

For the first time in the event's 25-year history, tickets to Burning Man have sold out. With more than a month left to go before the gates to Black Rock City open at midnight on Aug.

Burner artists go bigger and wider

on June 29, 2011in San Francisco Bay Guardian

I've been covering Burning Man for many years, both for the Guardian and my book, so it's easy to feel a little jaded about another year of preparing for that annual pilgrimage to the playa.

First Art on T.I. Since the World's Fair

on May 7, 2011in NBC Bay Area

One of the most talked about art pieces at last year's Burning Man has found a new home on Treasure Island. The 40-foot-tall sculpture of a naked woman dancing on one leg is titled Bliss Dance.

Burning Man to Move Headquarters to Mid-Market; Audio: Larry Harvey, Ed Lee

on April 6, 2011in KQED Public Media for Northern CA

Burning Man LLC is moving its headquarters to the mid-Market area.

Man on the move

on April 6, 2011in San Francisco Bay Guardian

Burning Man moves to mid-Market and begins conversion to nonprofit status

Burning Man temple takes shape in Reno

on April 3, 2011in RGJ.com(AP)

Most developed communities have a place of worship, and Black Rock City, the town of approximately 50,000 that is built for one week during the Burning Man festival, is no exception.

Lady Gaga, Burning Man, Medical Justice: Copyright Cops

on March 19, 2011in Law.com

What do the following have in common: Grammy-winning pop singer and \"fame monster\" Lady Gaga, the annual avant-garde Burning Man festival, and a group of physician advocates called Medical Justice?

The voice of one crying in the desert

on March 3, 2011in New Times

A new book on Burning Man by author Steven T. Jones.

Burning Man wants a mid-Market HQ, tax break or not

on February 25, 2011in San Francisco Bay Guardian

The controversial mid-Market tax break proposal was proposed to keep Twitter from making good on threats to leave San Francisco, but city officials have also touted how it would help another iconic cultural institution: Burning Man.

Huge demand as Burning Man tickets go on sale

on January 21, 2011in SFBG

Burning Man 2011 got off to a big start yesterday as tickets went on sale, demonstrating that the 25-year-old event is more popular than ever.

Burning Man Makes Nearly $100,000 In Donations

on January 15, 2011in Foxreno.com

RENO -- The organization that stages the annual Burning Man festival has donated nearly $100,000 to various charitable, art and service organizations in northern Nevada.

Soundscapes: Burning Man

on January 13, 2011in Design Observer

Author Nick Sowers discusses sound in Black Rock City.

Burning Man and the Metropolis

on January 10, 2011in Design Observer

Author Nate Berg investigates Black Rock City\'s architecture.