2005 Media Coverage

He died pushing the limits of art, and life

on December 11, 2005by Sally Jacobsin Boston Globe

Children of Prometheus

on December 8, 2005by Ali Gowansin The Daily Iowan

Open-source sprints for five days

on November 15, 2005by Melissa Fusco in Stanford Daily

Rob Miller, who masterminded Plone’s use as a collaborationtool for Burning Man

Subverting Christmas

on November 14, 2005by Clayton Neumanin Time

Around South Mississippi: Red Cross visiting neighborhoods to help.

on November 5, 2005in Sun Herald

The Red Cross has been working with the Burning Man group to get Vietnamese residents back into the community..

Sex and Drugs and Burning Man

on October 14, 2005by Keith Axlinein WIRED News

Black Rock reunion

on October 10, 2005by Daniel Terdimanin CNET

Burning Bush Meets Burning Man

on October 7, 2005by Julie Woldowin Jewish Journal

Burning Man: Sound bites

on September 16, 2005by Fabian Mohrin Mercury News

Arty cocktails toast Burning Man

on September 15, 2005by Audrey Tatein The Arizona Republic

The lingering afterglow of Burning Man

on September 15, 2005by Wallace Bainein Santa Cruz Sentinel

GREEN Burning Man Leaves No Trace

on September 14, 2005by Gregory Dicumin SF Gate

Burning Man: A giant playground for adults

on September 11, 2005by Julie Patelin Mercury News

Waiting for the End of the World

on September 9, 2005by Judith Lewisin The Eyewitnesses

Burning Man meets The Dicky Box

on September 8, 2005by Elinor Millsin CNET News.com

Burning Man, meet Drowning Man

on September 7, 2005by Andrew Orlowskiin The Register

Burning Man Mourns the Big Easy

on September 6, 2005by Daniel Terdimanin Wired News

Lamplighters Light the Way

on September 2, 2005by Carla Roccapriorein RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL

Burning Man Feeds Art Inferno

on September 1, 2005by Daniel Terdimanin Wired

Flash: A Burning Man legend

on September 1, 2005by Meredith Mayin San Francisco Chronicle

Burning Man offers something for everyone

on August 31, 2005by Carla Roccapriorein Reno Gazette Journal

Come, all ye faithful, join the giant and wise reawakening of faith

on August 26, 2005by Mark Morfordin San Francisco Chronicle

I have seen it at Burning Man (and I will see it there again, next week), where more than 30,000 glittered and cosmically dusted revelers gather every year to celebrate the rather obvious idea that 'god' is nothing more than a raw hot energy that permeates all things at all times in all places and it is meant to be shared like a long slow tongue-kiss across all genders and locations and hairstyles.

Local Artists Create Time To Burn

on August 23, 2005by Richard Brennemanin Berkeley Daily Planet

Behind the flames

on August 17, 2005by Steven T. Jonesin San Francisco Bay Guardian

Fire?: Shadow has a little spark.

on August 3, 2005by Lynn Jacobsonin Seattle Weekly

Great Balls of Fire

on August 2, 2005by Denise Andrain Salt Lake Community College Globe


on August 1, 2005by Natasha Garberin Special Events Magazine

Burner Season

on July 20, 2005by Steven T. Jonesin SF Bay Guardian

Art on Fire

on March 18, 2005by Gary C.W. Chunin Honolulu Star