In conjunction with Mayor Gavin Newsom’s office, BRAF worked to bring Michael Christian’s Flock to Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco.

Flock by Michael Christian
Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco, California
November 2005 – February 2006
40’H x 30’W x 20’D

Flock at Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco, California.

About the Project

This 42-foot tall sculpture of welded-steel conjures both plant and animal shapes. The form of an otherworldly creature seems to grow from its long, meandering limbs. Installing the work in such a prominent, public setting further punctuated its surreal character, creating new context for the piece. The piece was originally created for exhibition at the Burning Man event in 2001.

“Flock’s installation has been a great success. The Black Rock Arts Foundation, Michael Christian and his team of volunteers have helped activate Civic Center with their public art project. People have been drawn in by the presence of ‘Flock’. It’s piqued their curiosity, sparked their imagination, and engaged them in meaningful dialogue.”
Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco

To see photos of the dedication, visit Flock Dedication Photos/Laughing Squid.

Flock at Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco, California. Photo by Scott Beale.

About the Artist

East Bay resident and artist Michael Christian has over 20 years of experience creating large-scale metal works of art (some reaching as high as 65 feet, and some weighing several tons) and an extensive catalog of past work of varying forms, techniques and intricacy. Christian often exhibits his large-scale works at the Burning Man event and other outdoor festivals, and has contributed a number of public works of art to the San Francisco and East Bay communities. www.michaelchristian.com