Sol Flor

A colorful recycled mosaic series, Sol Flor was designed by artist Jennifer Alexander for the Juri Commons, located at 25th Street & Guerrero in San Francisco.  Sol Flor was created in collaboration with the Juri Commoners, a group of area residents and park enthusiasts.

Sol Flor by Jen Alexander
Juri Commons
25th and Guerrero St, San Francisco, California
Reclaimed plastic and glass

A detail of Sol Flor.

About the Project

These colorful, found-objects mosaic were inspired by flowers and the sun. The pieces were carefully patterned along the ground throughout the park and nested amidst the grass and natural settings where folks walked, sat and picnicked on the mosaics.

Alexander believes strongly, “in living consciously and working towards a healthier future where people consider the waste that we collectively create.”

The ‘Big Sun’ of Sol Flor, at Juri Commons, San Francisco, California.

About ScrapEden

ScrapEden first bloomed at the Burning Man event in 2006 when we invited citizens of Black Rock City to contribute sculptures of garden-inspired artworks made from reclaimed and recycled materials. The project yielded delightful creations, and inspired us to continue to collaborate with artists around the theme of reuse and recycling.

The ScrapEden Program evolved into a collaborative effort between the San Francisco Department of the Environment and BRAF. Together, BRAF and the DOE produce public works of art that illustrates the messages and practices of recycling and reuse. All of these collaborative ScrapEden projects serve their communities by promoting dialog and thought about the importance of recycling, reuse, and composting and about the impact of the human practices of accumulating, treating and creating waste.