Live Webcast

For those who can’t join us on the playa in person, we’re pleased to offer the Livestream straight from Burning Man. 

For 2023 the Webcast will be broadcasting the wonders of Burning Man to the world, starting on Thursday, August 31 through Tuesday night, September 5

All are invited to tune in for remote playa tingles, scintillating conversation, Burn Night and Temple Burn coverage AND mind-blowing BRC sunrises and sunsets. See you there!

For more announcements, feedback, and other news follow the #BMwebcast hashtag on the social channel of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I submit a message to the Temple?
  • What is the link to the webcast video?
  • When will the link go live?
    • LIVE: Thursday, August 31 at sunrise
    • ENDS: Tuesday, September 5, after the Temple burn
  • Where is the live chat?
    The Slack, Discord and Facebook communities below are managed by participants — not by the BMwebcast team.

  • Is there audio with the webcast?
    • Yes, Friday to Sunday during the late morning and into the afternoon (Pacific Time)
    • There will also be live commentary during the Man Burn and Temple Burn.
  • When and where is the Playa Postcard happening?
    • Playa Postcard is happening on Saturday, September 2 at 11am PT (playa time)  / 2 pm ET / 8 pm CET If you’re going to be on playa, send the link to your friends now: and invite them to the 2023 Facebook Event. We’ll meet at 6 and Esplanade at 11am sharp and dance within view of the camera where you can watch your friends shake your tail feathers!
  • Can I follow the Webcast on social media?
    • We won’t be streaming on these channels, but we will be sharing updates from the Webcast crew via @bmwebcast on Instagram and @BMwebcast on X (formerly Twitter).
  • Why do you not stream BMIR on the audio channel?
  • Can I record and share the video?
    • Absolutely not.
      • Burning Man Project LLC claims copyright and we do not authorize recording or re-streaming the live webcast
      • Uploading content to most video hosting sites requires that you have rights to that content. If you don’t you’re violating their Terms of Service
  • Can I take and share a screencap of the webcast?
    • Generally, we permit this as long as it does not violate the privacy of any participants.
    • Please post and share on your favorite social media with #BMwebcast!
  • Can I set up my own livestream at Burning Man?