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Burning Man happens Aug 25 - Sept 1, 2014
  Updated August 14, 2014


Burning Man 2014 Happenings

Burning Man is around the corner! Check out the honorarium art installations, art of Black Rock City and Caravansary Souk installations you'll find on playa, as well as our art tours. Then discover the events and activities participants have planned on the Playa Events Calendar ... add yours to the list!

2014 Art Theme: Caravansary

For centuries, Silk Route travelers crossed paths in caravansaries, bustling caravan stops offering more than just shelter from the desert wilderness; they were vital centers of cultural exchange, bringing together traders, pilgrims, monks, nomads, traveling entertainers, and wild-eyed adventurers from all points of the compass to share their stories around a common fire.

The Man 2014

What Is Burning Man?

Once a year, tens of thousands of participants gather in Nevada's Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They depart one week later, having left no trace whatsoever. Burning Man is also an ever-expanding year-round culture based on the Ten Principles.

What Isn't Burning Man?

Burning Man isn't your usual festival, with big acts booked to play on massive stages. In fact, it's more of a city than a festival, wherein almost everything that happens is created entirely by its citizens, who are active participants in the event.

The 10 Principles Blog Series

Representing the cornerstone of Burning Man Project's Philosophical Center, the 10 Principles blog series is an ongoing exploration of the values that have grown out of the Burning Man community. You are invited to join the conversation.

The 10 Princples Blog Series

Want to Volunteer?

Give the gift of your time to the Burning Man community -- on playa or year-round. Volunteer! Please note that first-time volunteers do not receive a ticket to the event.

Live Gerlach Webcam

See a live shot of Main Street in Gerlach, NV, from the camera mounted atop Burning Man's Gerlach office.

Burning Man Hotline: 415-TO-FLAME


Latest News Updated August 24, 2014

Burning Man Live Webcast

Couldn't make it to the playa? Camping at Camp Envy this year? The live webcast from Black Rock City is here to give you a little taste of home. Tune in!

Burning Man Event Stipulations

Here are the BLM event permit, closure order and event stipulations for Burning Man 2014.

Burning Man Survival Guide

Mandatory reading for all participants, the Survival Guide will help you survive and thrive at Burning Man 2014. Check it out.

Family Survival Guide

Bringing your kids to Burning Man? Great! Get all the best tips and tricks to making it a great experience for all of you in our Family Survival Guide.

Support a Project

Whether it's gifting your skills, resources or funding, there are plenty of ways you can help Burning Man art get to the playa. Learn more.

Traffic Mitigation Plan

As part of a multi-pronged effort to mitigate Burning Man's traffic issues, a vehicle pass will be required for every vehicle entering Black Rock City in 2014. Learn more.

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Important Dates Updated August 13, 2014

August 16, 2014
Burner Express ticket sales end

August 24, 2014 (10am)
Black Rock City Gate Opens

October 12, 2014
SF Decompression


Stay Connected in Black Rock City Year Round Updated November 30, 2012

Regional Network

Get involved and stay connected to Burning Man culture year round via your local Regional Contact.

The Jack Rabbit Speaks

Sign up for the weekly, informative JRS email newsletter.

Burner Social Networking

Connect with Burners on Facebook and the ePlaya, and tune in to our @burningman and @blackrockcity Twitter feeds.


Spark is an online system connecting people with Burning Man projects, facilitating creative collaborations.

Burning Man YouTube Channel

Our official YouTube channel features videos about the event and Burning Man's year-round culture.

Tales from the Playa

Our collection of participants' stories from Burning Man over the years. We welcome your submissions!

Related Groups Updated September 26, 2011

Burning Man Project

The Burning Man Project's mission is to facilitate and extend the culture that has issued from the Burning Man event into a larger world by providing infrastructural tools and frameworks that will allow people to apply the Ten Principles in many communities and spheres of endeavor.

Black Rock Arts Foundation

Our sister non-profit brings the art and spirit of Burning Man into our daily lives through public art, community and civic participation. Donate now!

Black Rock Solar

Black Rock Solar builds low- or no-cost solar power in underserved communities, while teaching people how to install renewable energy.

Burners Without Borders

BWB facilitates volunteers interested in manifesting Burning Man principles in the world by gifting their time and talents to help others.