The Jackrabbit Speaks

The Jackrabbit Speaks (JRS) is Burning Man’s official newsletter, sent to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. In addition to year-round information about the growing community and culture of Burning Man, it includes important up-to-date information about preparing for Black Rock City. We send posts no more than bi-weekly(ish), and a little more frequently as the event nears. See our JRS archive and our FAQ.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I ensure the Jackrabbit Speaks isn't getting stuck in my spam trap?

A. Look up and follow the instructions on how to configure your junk mail folder or spam trap for your particular email service provider. Make sure that is allowed (or white-listed).
Q. How do I change which email address I'm subscribed with?

A. Unsubscribe your old email address, and subscribe your new one.

Q. How do I get my announcement posted to the Jack Rabbit Speaks newsletter?

The Jackrabbit Speaks doesn't suck. (Photo by Michael Holden)
The Jackrabbit Speaks doesn’t suck. (Photo by Michael Holden)


A. Fill out our Post Request Submission Form, and the rabbits will consider your post for inclusion.

Q. Can I submit a post request by emailing you guys?

A. Nope. Well, technically you CAN, but it will be ignored and deleted. For real. So don’t. Use the form.

Q. What is an appropriate post for the Jack Rabbit Speaks newsletter?

A. The JRS is the primary mouthpiece for the Burning Man community. There are currently over 170,000 subscribers on the list and the last thing we want to do is waste their precious inbox space and attention span. Thus, we only include posts that are of broad enough interest, relevance and importance to that audience. We reserve the right to post or not post anything.

Q. Will you post my Kickstarter fundraiser?

A. We only publish very high-profile projects that will have a significant impact on the community (e.g. a LOT if not ALL of Burning Man participants will experience it), or ones that, in our opinion, are of special interest to the community. Alternatively, you are welcome to submit your Kickstarter for inclusion on our Support a Project page, which we promote regularly.

Q. What types of posts are appropriate for your Support a Project category?

A. We use this section to promote select fundraisers (see above), and call-outs for support through participation, material donations and volunteering for your project. Alternatively, we encourage you to post your project needs (or skills you’re offering) on our Spark system.

Q. Will you post my local event in Events & Happenings?

A. Likely not, unless your event is somehow particularly interesting, inspiring or reflective of Burning Man’s culture in the world, thus making it newsworthy to our global audience. Alternatively, we encourage you to submit your events to your local Regional Network contact for inclusion in their lists.

Q. What types of posts are appropriate for your Participate category?

A. We use this section to promote the wide variety of on-playa and off-playa participation opportunities in our community. We love seeing the rich mix of offerings, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Q. I have a kind of random question. Who can I ask?

A. You have two options. You can email and ask them (that’s your best bet, and a good first place to start). Otherwise, you can email and the Rabbits will help you out. We’re good like that.