People out here build whole worlds out of nothing, through cooperating. -Larry Harvey
Black Rock gives us all a chance to heal, to become ourselves. - Larry Harvey
Culture is a living breathing organism, that needs to be stimulated, disturbed and set on fire. -Crimson Rose
If you gave yourself permission to be more creative and connected, what would your story be? -Marian Goodell
In the beginning it was all about temporary artwork. Now it’s about work that may have a life far beyond the playa. -Crimson Rose
The ultimate goal of Burning Man is to encourage the culture of creativity. -Marian Goodell
Communities are not produced by sentiment. They grow out of a shared struggle.  -Larry Harvey
If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.  -Leonard Cohen
What is to give light must endure burning.  -Victor Frankl
Burning Man is a global community with citizens on six continents. You may already be a member!
Burning Man is the place to find out who you are, then take it a step further.
Burner (n): a citizen of the worldview that is Burning Man. May be encountered everywhere.
Burning Man is a laboratory. Not every experiment works, but we’ll never know if we don't try.
Life is short. Make something amazing. (Then burn it)
Burning Man is not a festival. It’s a catalyst for creative culture in the world.

Latest News

This Solstice, Leave a Positive Trace!

Did you know Burning Man started as a beach burn on the solstice? Unlike the end-of-summer Black Rock City event we now know and love, the original Man was burned on Baker Beach on Saturday, June 21, 1986. As we continue to consider how the 10 Principles can be applied to everyday life, and to […]

How to Take the Fyre Out of “Influencers” on Playa

Let’s say before Euterpe came to Burning Man she decided to do a little research. So she goes to Instagram and looks at the popular photos tagged #burningman. A picture of the event emerges. It’s dominated by a shimmering herd of sparkleponies living their best lives. There’s some art and pyrotechnics that poke through the […]

Fly Ranch: Writers of Color to Become Heroines of Own Stories

From the moment I could read, I’ve been drawn to fantasy tales starring female heroines. Each time the heroine uncovers the magical destiny awaiting her, my heart races in excitement for the adventure ahead. I never anticipated my own life following a similar path, but since finding Home at my first Burn in 2014, my […]

Burning Man Faces Existential Threat: EIS Deadline Approaching

Catching you up real quick, this is still true: the future of Black Rock City is at risk, and we need your continued support. Your insightful, articulate comments have been pouring in, and you’re making a difference. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see some examples of great comments that came through. As […]