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2017 Archive

X Camp

X marks the spot for a visually interactive experience focused on the intersection of sound and light. Come lounge in the cool shade, learn how to transform the ambient sound and light of the structure, and meet fellow Burners in a lowkey, learning environment.

Hometown: New York City


XJoy! (xpanded, xhilarating, xcessive, xtreme, xaggerated, xhale, xceed, xquisiteness xcellence, xceptional, xpressive, xuberant, xtraordinary).
Playa Mart open 24/7 with all your needs!

Hometown: Chico

Xpat Alien

Xpat Alien and the Crop Circle Cantina. Providing the finest in terrestrial based partying.

Hometown: Denver


With the desert as an open canvas, and Burning Man as a context, XTR lab creates an immersive information and research platform as part of a physical platform and living playground, the structure itself. The roof provides a common ground of discourse, extracts what is the most absent in the Desert: Water, with a habitable scaffold of misting stations, sustaining and promoting a new ritual of exchange and life in the desert.

URL: Hometown: New York