1998 Theme Camps

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Dancing with Lights Photography

Dancing with light photography is a free-form expression which involves the conscious participation of the curious and expressive people it encounters.

Deadly Dante's Sin-o-Plex and Family Funstop

Picking up where the Soul Emporium left off, Deadly Dante’s Sin-o-Plex and Family Funstop assures all customers a fiery and eternal damnation in the deepest crock-pot in Hell. Come by for the Eight Deadly Sins, but stay for the Sulphurous Slurpee Machine!

Deadly Sunshine Cleaning Service


Delightful Paint Brush

Delightful pleasures of a wet brush on a hot day. Come have your body painted the right way!

Desert Planet Surf Safari

Deuce of Clubs

Deuce of Clubs: Foolishness of Wagnerian Proportions; a Demonstrated Aptitude for Reasonable Mayhem.

Devil's Dozen Recycle Camp

The Devil’s Dozen Recyclers will ride around atop giant insects collecting aluminum cans from you for the city. At their camp they willl inform, process, create, destroy, recycle and host the Garbage Theater presenting the Aluminum Communion and Mega Can stomp.

Dionysian Grotto

A small, moist area of relaxation and story telling.

Disco Headhunters

The Disco Headhunters are an extended family of musicians, writers, artists, food service professionals, and other creative free spirits who are committed to a better world through; expansion of the psychic web, building a stronger and saner community for the future, exploring and expanding our minds to reach total self-realization and fulfillment, and boogie-ing to a good groove! Our family comes from the whole country, and we believe in equality and fairness for everyone.

Distributed Interactive Republic of Texas (Di3500RT)

Distributed Republic of Texas, passport photo’s passports issued, and tourist visa’s stamped. Additionaly,we will burn the Holy Fire at the Temple of the Midnight sun.


Denver Cacophony Society in association with CaTaClYsMiC MeGaShEaR RaNcH brings you the Village of Disturbia, where ancient astronauts have prophesied the establishment of an advanced culture capable of satisfying your need for critical overstimulation wh ile maintaining Order and protecting the Status Quo.

Divided by Zero [A Visionary Village]

Dorian Trance


Dr. Gaetan Trebill's Mind Travel Agency

Dr. Gaetan Trebill’s Mind Travel Agency wishes to embody the interactive, mind-expanding spirit of the Burning Man Festival by providing participants with an opportunity to tap into the vast power of their own imaginations. Dr. Gaetan Trebill, M.D., will conduct sessions in which individual Travelers will journey to a destination of their choosing, whether it be physical (e.g. Piazza San Marco in Venice), temporal (e.g. early childhood), or mental (e.g. a state of confidence and relaxation).


The Biggest Little Shitty in the World
Our mini village is a parody of life in our fair city of Reno, NV. As visitors pass thru town, they will have the opportunity. to partake of all of the sins that Nevada has to offer, and expose themselves to the risks (pawnshops, impromptu marriages and divorce, jail when you least expect it) that are the price we pay for living here.