Creating Playa Art

All participants are welcome to create art for the playa! This section will tell you everything you need to know to create art for Burning Man, register it with us, place it on playa, and remove it at the end of the event – all without leaving a trace.

Thank you for wanting to create art for Burning Man! If you want to bring art to the playa:

  • Read our Art Installation Guidelines.
  • If you’ll be incorporating fire in your project, read our detailed Fire Art Guidelines.
  • Read our guide to Building Safe Structures.
  • Every year Burning Man issues a number of grants for the purpose of partially funding specific art projects in BRC. Learn about applying to the Black Rock City Honorarium Program if you need financial assistance with your project. The 2020 grant cycle is closed. Submissions were due in November 2019.
  • Fill out and submit our registration questionnaire (open from late February through late May; if you miss the submission deadline you may submit a late registration or register on-playa at the ARTery). If you are interested in creating art for the Center Camp Café see their guidelines.
  • In Black Rock City, volunteers at The ARTery will assist you in placing your art on playa.
  • If you need help with your project check out Spark, where you can connect with the Burning Man community and post a listing about what you’re looking for to make your creative dream a reality.
  • Learn about art installations from past years in The Art of Burning Man.

It’s worth noting that most installations contain an interactive element, which allows participants to fully engage with the piece instead of viewing it from a safe distance as we are used to in our museum- and gallery-oriented world. Participants are encouraged to explore and interact with the art, and may well find themselves helping an artist to build a structure or performing some task to activate an art object. Touching, climbing, entering, spinning, engaging and exploring are encouraged.