Camp Development & Support Team

This new team is serving the camp community in Black Rock City and camps throughout the Regional Network. Our objectives are: 1) To support and advise camps to reach their goals and 2) To help camp leaders be their best selves. We will amplify and connect the people, resources, and experience that already exist throughout our community. Modeling after the Community Development discipline, we do not have all the answers. This team is a new central hub for the internal workings of camps so we can develop together on a wider scale. This team is separate from the BRC Placement Team. Camp Leads will still communicate with their Placers for everything they already do, including their camp questionnaire, camp placement decisions, Directed Group Sale, and on playa during build week.

Email Us at

Anyone can email us questions, challenges you’re facing, ideas you have, etc. Our experienced team will help however they can. We may directly answer your question, link you to a resource, connect you (consensually) with someone from another camp who went through a similar challenge, or direct you to a distributed social network so you can get multiple answers to your question. Think of this as a help desk for the inner workings of camps - build, food, acculturation, logistics, interactivity, frontage, leave no trace, camp finances, camper participation, leadership, and the list goes on!

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Sign up for our email newsletter for updates from the CDS Team. We’ll also be creating content focused on the inner workings of camps for the Burning Man Journal. We will share inspiring learnings, resources, and stories coming from camps in Black Rock City and Regional Events around the world. So much wisdom exists within our decentralized community, we’re excited to share this with a wider audience. If you’re intrigued, sign up here.

The Team:

Chemical Ali took his maiden voyage to Burning Man in 2011 and like so many others was immediately inspired the creativity and community. He co-founded a sound-camp called The Kazbah in 2013 along with two of his best friends. The unique mixture of design, music, community, hospitality, and problem solving has motivated their team to who has been dedicated to a mission of elevating the project ever since its inception.

A computer geek in the Default World, Mark first ventured into TTITD in 2004 and later helped found The Paradise Motel in 2008. Designed to resemble the most garish of '60s roadside motels, it has grown to over 50 people from SF, LA and NY. Along the way, he's managed to make every mistake possible, short of blowing it up, so is a veritable fount of knowledge of what NOT to do. As part of the new Camp Development & Support (CDS) Team, he's here to help folks deal with their camp dilemmas.

Candice has been part of the Black Rock Community since 1997 and an active member of multiple Theme Camps over the years; Fandango, Funk Camp & Acid Cabaret. She’s been mayor of the Blissfits Retirement Village since 2008. Her passion is to help foster a nurturing environment that helps people spread their wings to become better versions of themselves, enabling dreamers to dream big. She is a big believer in the Black Rock City community and its ability to change the world.

Pele’s favorite thing to do at the Burn is nourish hard-working builders that sweat and toil behind the scenes. She spent her virgin Burn helping organize registration at Red Lightning, also its first year on the Playa. She joined the leadership team and officially took the helm in 2012. Pele got her BA from Smith College and a Masters of Not-for-Profit Leadership from Seattle U. When she’s not planning her next dusty adventure she can be found riding her horse and traveling the world.

Miranda enjoys using her talents to support the people and causes she believes in, and sits on the BOD’s of two nonprofit organizations. She is an activist in the Sharing Economy, practices gifting and radical acts of kindness.
She has volunteered for Burning Man continuously since 2003, spending 12 years at Gate, Perimeter & Exodus leading the Volunteer Coordinator’s team and managing the Gate Office. The last three years were on the Placement team, and now it is her honor to serve on the CDS Team.

Burning Man found Yeti in 2004. Upon arrival he thought "Oh, this is where you all are." Yeti and friends (no one does this alone) formed their first Theme Camp in 2005 and have continued to do so every year since. In 2014, in a fit of delusion, Yeti became mayor (for lack of a better title) of the BRC HOA. Yeti's wrangling and planning of the village continues and as camps come and go the village remains active and a very nice place to visit in Black Rock City.

Trippi Longstocking manages the CDS Team and the Placement Team. Trippi came to Black Rock City in 2011 and spent her springs, summers, and Burns living, breathing, and leading her Theme Camp. She also contributed to an art installation and several times spontaneously biked out to greet incoming Burners. She was previously an operations leader in the food industry. She loves facilitating and speaking about culture, city planning, and communication. Also adores spreadsheets and guinea pigs.