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2019 Archive

Que Viva Camp

Que Viva! is a Burning Man camp of activists, artists and allies celebrating diversity, justice, and enlightenment through the power of interactive art and joyful action. We are dedicated to social justice and radical inclusion, bringing issues like racial justice and immigrant inclusion to the playa in a celebratory, magical, Burning Man way. Our camp leads hands on art workshops for Burners of all ages, hosts compelling art installations about human rights issues, facilitates workshops and group discussions about race and inclusion, and serves as a relaxing chill space for Burners. You can find us on:

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Queen Dick

Lost? Tired? Thirsty? Looking for some company? Step out of the desert and into our marvellous time and mind-bending new-age-old-fashioned boozer, the Queen Dick. Icy Californian ales, gin and tonics, and tequila shots all day every day. Equally delicious DJs providing an oasis of disco, house and techno in a sea of EDM every night. Wednesday night is Mariah and Friendz – an aerial circus drag show extravaganza straight out of East London. Only loose themed around our diva idol Mariah Carey.

URL: Hometown: London

Questionable Behavior?

We’re back, better, and more Questionable than ever. Hailing from Austin, Illinois, and Mexico, we will be bringing you the sunset drive-in theater, the best scaffold tower around, and new for this year, the Questionable Maze of Questionableness. Come get lost, come get weird, come any time, we’re open 24/7. Look for the yellow scaffold!

Hometown: Austin

Quick Dip

We encourage you to dip, splash, jump or crash into everything you do. Whatever you do, go all in.

Hometown: San Francisco