Center Camp

In 2022, we’re trying something new: there will be no sales of coffee (or anything else!) at the Center Camp Café. Center Camp will remain a vibrant hub of engagement and participation with performance and art. There will still be nearly an acre of beautifully designed, shaded and welcoming space for members of the community to enjoy and activate. We’re excited for the reimagining of the space, and hope you are too. You can learn more about these changes, as well as the history of the Center Camp Coffee Shop, in this post. To learn more about how to be involved in activating this space, read below and complete the Volunteer Questionnaire.


Ever wonder how something as huge and magnificent as the Center Camp becomes a reality? Is it magic? A mysterious gift from beyond? A shared waking dream we co-create with our imaginations? Well, yes, a bit of all of these — but the true answer lies in the teamwork of many dedicated volunteers. From planning, creating and installing of our décor, to the building and running of our stages, the heart of Center Camp is its volunteer community.

Volunteering at Center Camp is a uniquely gratifying way to participate at Burning Man, and an incredible opportunity to see how it all happens. You’ll be helping put together the social center of Black Rock City, and you’ll get to enjoy watching the entire city come together and appreciate your hard work.

Construction: At 38,000 square feet, Center Camp offers .65 of an acre or 2/3 of a football field worth of shade in the blistering sun. The structure is held up by two concentric wooden rings and secured to the earth by high-tension cable, capable of withstanding 120mph winds and drastic temperature and weather changes. We need plenty of help to put this sucker up.

Art & Décor: Calling all sculptors, seamstresses, furniture builders, painters, artists, designers, and multi-talented can-do creative people. We’re on the lookout for collaborators to help us bring Center Camp to life. No experience required — just a willingness to work hard and have fun! Enjoy the satisfaction of transforming an enormous shaded circle of bare playa into the beautiful, warm heart of Black Rock City. You’ll get filthy with us on carpet day, and cheer with us as we turn on the lights for the first time, so we can see how gorgeous we’ve made everything look. For specific questions about décor, contact, and for opportunities to have your art be part of Center Camp, can help you help us.

Production: Center Camp is as much a performance space as a social space, and the Production Team makes sure the show goes on as it must. From building, lighting, and amplifying the Performance and Spoken Word Stages before the gates open, to booking acts, MCing sets, mixing sound, and herding cats (stage managing). Production is the reason you can spend an entire night on a polka dot couch in Center Camp, and feel like you haven’t missed a moment of the Burn. Reach out to to get in on the backstage hijinx, or if you want to perform on the best stages in town.

Center Camp is the social core of BRC, the living room of the city. Come, meet, play, and be inspired. Then, if you’re inspired enough, contact and get in on this good Communal Effort!

If any of these opportunities interest you, sign up from the Volunteer Questionnaire.