Creating Art for the Central Plaza

This artist paid tribute to her deceased father by employing his paint brushes

Center Camp hosts many of Black Rock City’s diverse artists. We are one of the most visited locations on playa and it’s a great place for YOU to display your art for the community to interact with and enjoy throughout the event.

Starting the Process

  1. Please read ALL the guidelines CAREFULLY. Only submissions adhering to the guidelines will be accepted. Any submissions that fall outside the guidelines or are incomplete cannot be considered.
  2. Please use the following format for submitting your concepts and visual material:
    • Attach as many JPG format photos or sketches and/or digital renderings of your proposal as needed.
    • Specify the type of art you submit: 2D wall Art, 3D art, Mural, or Interactive Experience.
    • Specify the material, dimensions, and installation items required.
    • Specify your date of installation and removal.
    • Answer all additionally required questions to the best of your ability
  3. Submit your details here.

Center Camp Art Guidelines 

General Information

General Information

  • We’re particularly interested in Artists with bodies of work. If you have a collection you’d like to bring to Center Camp, we are excited to see your proposal.

  • Artists whose work is accepted to the 2023 Center Camp galleries will be notified via email by July 17th . All necessary information for arrival, checking in and installation will be sent at that time. Sadly, not all proposals that we receive can be accepted; however, every entry will receive a response email from a team member. Please know that the Center Camp Art team takes great care in curating what we display at Center Camp each and every year.

  • No artwork may be attached or hung from any of the Center Camp structures including beams, posts, cables, lighting or wiring using any sort of invasive or restrictive fasteners.

  • MOOP-free Art: Center Camp takes great pride in being green on the MOOP Map and creating a leave-no-trace community space. We ask that all artists take the time to consider how their art may create MOOP and address these concerns prior to submitting a proposal. It is every artist’ personal responsibility to ensure that their art can stand up to the environment and interaction with the participants who come to the Center Camp 24/7 throughout the event.

  • Size Matters! Work that requires more space or power than Center Camp can offer can not be accepted. See below for more specific information on size and power.

  • Interactive Elements: If your proposal involves consumable supplies for participants to use, you must include an action plan for replenishing these materials (materials can “disappear”) as well as for keeping those same materials from being used on other nearby art. Please bear this in mind when proposing your project.

  • Damage and Theft: This can happen and we must be real about it. If this concerns you, please consider installing a copy/print of your original.

  • Theme: Your project doesn’t have to align with this year’s theme, but it’s swell if it does and may give it preference in acceptance.

  • Checking In: All artists MUST check in with the Center Camp Art team prior to installing their art; the team is there to support and guide you upon arrival. NO artwork may be installed in Center Camp without checking in with the Art team.

  • Blacklight Reactive Art: We are developing a plan to display blacklight reactive art in 2023, but have not yet finalized the details. If you are interested in fluorescing with us, email with “blacklight” in the subject line, and we will add you to our mailing list and let you know details as we work them out.

  • NOTE: The entirety of Center Camp is a busy construction/work zone the week leading up to the start of the event. We therefore require that your project be designed, constructed, and prepared for installation prior to your arrival. Please finalize your project at home or in your camp before transporting it to Center Camp.

Sculptural/Interactive or Free-standing — 3D Center Camp Art Installation

Free-standing pieces must fit within Center Camp installation specifications to be considered for display. Nothing may be attached or hung from Center Camp’s structural elements.

  • Size: Free-standing artwork must not exceed 10’ in height with a footprint no larger than 6’ x 6’. If submitting smaller work, please consider display methods, i.e. pedestal or stand.

  • Placement Restrictions: Installations with sound elements will be placed away from the two Center Camp stages and the Art team will consider overall volume on a case-by-case basis.

  • Hardware and Tools: Artists supply all hardware, tools, ladder/step stool and volunteers for installation of their artwork. Exceptions may apply if your piece requires heavy equipment (e.g. forklift). We cannot guarantee the availability of larger tools/equipment, but we will do our best to assist you.

  • Power: Pieces requiring power are allocated a single point to plug in. If you require more than one outlet, you must supply your own power strip and extension cord. Two amps (=250 watts) are allocated to each art piece. We cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate needs exceeding 2 amps.

  • Securing Art: All pieces must be stable and staked into the ground with appropriate hardware. (e.g. rebar or cement stakes attached to an eye bolt or bracket or T-stakes to prevent tripping). Artists are responsible for providing all materials and tools. Additionally, while we do not expect art to be stolen from Center Camp, we cannot guarantee the safety of your artwork. It cannot be supervised. If you are concerned about the safety of your piece, please consider adding securing hardware as a deterrent from theft. Additional securing hardware will also help keep your art in place in the event of strong winds.

  • Participant Safety: Make sure your free-standing structure is not a tripping hazard once installed. If your free-standing artwork is “climbable,” and you do not want it to be climbed upon, you must affix clear and visible signage on or near your piece stating, “Please Do Not Climb.” Keep in mind that there is no guarantee people will respect your wishes. Burners like to climb stuff.

  • De-Installation: You are responsible for removing all art and hardware from your installation space. Please consider the tools you will need to properly de-install your piece and remove all securing methods and/or fasteners. All art must be removed no later than Monday at Noon post event or it will be considered moop and disposed of.

3D Sculptural/Interactive Artist Check-in Hours 

  • Wednesday, August 23: 10am – 6pm
  • Thursday, August 24: 10am – 6pm
  • Friday, August 25: 10am – 6pm
  • Saturday, August 26: 10am – 6pm

3D Sculptural/Interactive Artist De-Installation Hours

  • Sunday, September 3: 11am – 6pm
  • Monday, September 4: 10am – 1pm

Center Camp begins our breakdown promptly on Monday, September 4. Any art left at that time is MOOP. Please don’t abandon your art. Make prior arrangements if you need to remove your art earlier or later.

Mural: Center Camp Back Fence and Wall Painting Artists

Mural panels exist on the long wall surrounding Center Camp on the 6 o’clock side. Each panel measures 8’ x 8’ and is primed a light color. We’re looking for up to 4 teams of people who will take on 1 of 4 walls. The wall measurements are as follows: 2 walls are 84’, one wall is 100’ and another wall is 140’. We’d like muralist to bring a team in order to create a cohesive thematic design on these walls.

Center Camp has some paint and brushes for use on murals, (we do not have ANY spray paint) but that selection is limited and is also used for many other Center Camp projects. We encourage muralists to bring their own supplies, especially if specific colors are desired. ALL LIQUID PAINTS MUST BE WATER-BASED. We also recommend all artists bring whatever brushes/tools needed, as well as fabric drop-cloths.

Please note that all mural paintings must be flush with the panel. If your concept involves elements to be installed on the wood panels, please include that in your response to the questionnaire. If we deem your proposal unsuitable for the Fence Wall, we may be able to accommodate it in a different area of Center Camp.

Mural Artist Check-in Hours

  • Tuesday, August 22: 10am – 6pm
  • Wednesday, August 23: 10am – 6pm
  • Thursday, August 24: 10am – 6pm
  • Friday, August 25: 10am – 6pm