Desert Arts 3View

  • Date and Time: May 31, 2020 @ 1:00 PM (PST) - 3:30 PM (PST)
  • Format: Event
  • Location:
    Your Place, The Multiverse
  • Cost: $20 suggested ticket price
  • Tickets: Buy tickets or RSVP


Catacomb of Veils by Dan Sullivan and Crew. Photo by Keith Aeschliman

Desert Arts 3View

1 . past . 2 . present . 3 . future
of Burning Man Arts

Pack your favorite pair of multiverse goggles and join us in the Past, Present and Future for our first ever “trispectral” Desert Arts Preview!We are a culture that encourages people to stretch themselves and we are a community that is no stranger to challenge. In fact, we often thrive when there are obstacles and we make impossible visions joyfully real. This will be an online event in 3 segments that celebrates our community’s triumphant creativity, overcoming challenges via art and creative thinking, and visions for a creative future.

1View. We’ll start with a look back at some ambitious projects that overcame failure and disaster to inspire and amaze us, with a panel discussion featuring artists of Black Rock City.

2View. We’ll meet artists responding to our current pandemic reality and be inspired by how they are connecting people globally in times of social distancing. You’ll find out how YOU can ignite your own creative fires and join them and inspire others.

3View. Step behind the scenes and join beloved artists for virtual tours of their studios and creative processes, and see how people are continuing their plans and visions for bringing art to a future Black Rock City. Because, of course, Burning Man was always better NEXT year!

In between segments, visit our virtual lobbies where you can tour the artist gallery, chat with other participants, or jump in to a live, art-themed Game Show!


We’re pleased to announce our amazing lineup of artists:

1View – Past: Overcoming Adversity
Jen Lewin – “The Pool” (2008)
Jakob Lange – “The Orb” (2018)
Dan Sullivan – “Catacomb of Veils” (2016)

2View – Present: Current Stories of Hope & Action
Zoe Fry – “Hearts of Gratitude”
Shannon Riley & Meredith Winner of BUILDING 180 – “Paint The Void”
Patrick Shearn – “Change in the Air”
Christina Sporrong & Christian Ristow“Sproutling”
Peter Hazel & Gregg Adams – “Black Rock Forest Project”

3View – Future: Looking Ahead to Black Rock City
Ron Rodrigues – “No Dogs Allowed”
Jules Nelson-Gal – Unbound: A Library in the Multiverse
David Oliver – “Petaled Portal”
Alexandra Ivleva (Weld Queen) – “Airfield_2.0_Tower”
Antwane Lee – “The Solar Shrine”
Marco Cochrane & Julia Whitelaw – “GAIA”
Renzo Verbeck and Sylvia Lisse – “Empyrean Temple”


We encourage you to dress expressively, bring your favorite reusable cup with your beverage of choice for the DIY lobby bar, and pack a favorite playa art story to share should you find yourself chatting with a new friend.

See you in the Past, the Present and the Future!

<Photo by John Curley, 2009>