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My goodness there’s really not much time to say much here since of course you know this weekend is the pARTiciparade! and a BRAF day in the park celebrating No Spectators Day in San Francisco and there’re only two more days to order tickets online if you want them mailed to you and maybe you want to make your playa plans now to participate in what’s sure to be a HOT showing of Rocky Horror at Videogasm on Friday night or heck maybe you always wanted to learn to Monkey chant or you’d like set a time to experience a Quaker meeting for worship right there at Burning Man or you have some costumes or a tarp to share or maybe it’s just that you reallyreallyreally wanna wear the Miss BRC crown and besides if you need to send stuff from NYC your chance to get on the container is here but my goodness if there’s a first-time-ever Burning Man event in Montreal don’t you want to plan to attend or perhaps you need instruction on how to play with EL Wire but either way there’s really not much time to write because there’s just so much to do because the Man burns in…..*gasp* 36 days…


No Spectators Day! – Sunday July 31st in San Francisco
Perseids Camp Out – Black Rock Desert – 8/12-8/13
Portapotties and Periods
Reminder: Make a Plan For Your Pooch!
Spotlight on the 2005 Grant Projects: Light Art
Earth Guardians’ Leave No Trace Tips #3
Walk-In Ticket Outlets Go Online
“Folding Time and Space” Now Online
Ticket Update

“Floating Playa Brains” Need Your Voice
Fire Breathers Seek Record
Miss BRC Prelims
Piss Clear Deadline Next Wednesday
“Project Hello” in Center Camp
Rocky Horror Live on Friday Night
Quaker Meetings for Worship
Monkey Chants, On- and Pre-Playa
Camp Kostume Kult Needs 30 Foot Dome Cover
NYC Container Info
Black Rock Boutique Accepting Playa Fashions

Ignition in Montreal, August 6-7
Temple of Dreams Fundraiser August 6
Light Open House August 6

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NO SPECTATORS DAY! – Sunday July 31st in San Francisco

Since 1998, by declaration from then-Mayor Willie Brown, July 31st commemorates NO SPECTATORS DAY in San Francisco. To celebrate we’ll have two events that converge at Hayes Green in SF around David Best’s recent temple installation there:

Sunday, July 31st (pedestrian mobile art parade)
Gathers 12:30pm; departs 1:30pm SHARP and marches down Haight!
Meet at Hippy Hill (Haight & Stanyan at Golden Gate Park)
More info: http://www.burningman.com

Last year’s pARTiciPARADE! was a BLAST! This year will be even better as we bring more artful antics to the streets! Bring your mobile art creations, acoustic instruments, drums, kazoos, flower petals to throw at Haight & Ashbury as we sing “The Age of AquariUMS”, art signs and mobile canvases, and your costume creations and be a part of the pARTiciPARADE! We’ll start at Hippy Hill (Haight & Stanyan at Golden Gate Park) and make several surprise stops here and there as we travel down Haight Street. We’ll finish by joining the festivities at the Black Rock Arts Foundation Community Art Carnival at Hayes Green. (SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS!) See you at Hippy Hill. And don’t be late!!! We have art to perambulate!



The Black Rock Arts Foundation COMMUNITY ART CARNIVAL
at the Hayes Green (Octavia, between Hayes and Fell; enter at Hayes.)
Sunday, July 31st
12:00 Noon – 5PM,
FREE and Open to All!

The Black Rock Arts Foundation is thrilled to host the first annual Community Art Carnival at the Hayes Green.

This festive and family event will feature interactive art and installations, music, performances and demonstrations.

We will be holding the first-ever M.O.O.P. Olympics, where kids of all ages can participate in a ‘Leave No Trace’ training and then begin foraging for Matter Out of Place (M.O.O.P.). (Prizes will be awarded for the most trash collected, the largest piece of trash, the strangest, the most colorful and more.)

The Black Rock Roller disco will provide roller skates and skating music and the costume-clad Burning Man mobile art “pARTiciPARADE!” will join the festivities around 2:30PM. Bring a picnic and join strolling clowns, musical performers and artful people for a fun day in celebration of community-based art!

The day will also feature a Gun Bake. If you have a gun and would like to take it out of circulation, contact John Ricker at jricker(at)meltguns(dot)com to donate it.

Come One! COME ALL! Bring a picnic and celebrate community-based art.

SCHEDULE: Start Times For Art and Activities From Noon to 5pm

12:00 Puppet Making & Chalk Drawing
  Strolling performance by Former Ms. Accordian SF, Linda Robertson
12:45 Black Rock Arts Foundation Welcome
1:00 Big Tadoo Puppet Crew – Puppet Show
1:30 Leave No Trace Training, followed by MOOP Olympics & Prizes
1:45 One People Voice – Marching Gamelon
2:00 Origami & Paper Flower Making with Affinity
2:30 Black Rock Roller Disco – Roller Disco Session 1
  pARTiciPARADE! joins the Carnival (leaving Hippy Hill at 1:30pm)
3:45 Soprano, Marisa Lenhardt
3:50 BRAF Presentation
4:00 Gun Bake and Pour by John Ricker
4:15 Black Rock Roller Disco – Roller Disco Session 2


Sum Guns into Art! Gun Bake by John Ricker
Sum Collaborative art installation by Joe Mangrum and YOU!
Sum Glass Blowing Demonstrations by artist Adam Mostow
Sum Appearance By The Nautilus X, magical submarine bus!
Sum Blue and his Pedal Powered Can Crusher (bring out yer cans!)
Sum Fanciful Stilt Walkers, Wacky Clowns…and MORE!



August 12-13
Perseids Meteor Shower Camp Out – Black Rock Desert
Join Will Roger and the Friends of Black Rock/High Rock for a weekend campout & membership drive. Learn how you can help preserve and manage one of Nevada’s crown jewels. Telescopes, refreshments, snacks and stories will be provided.
Members: free
Non-members: $25 and become a member
Deadline to register: August 10
More information or to join:
<willroger1 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net>



Several people wrote in to chastize us for posting a URLs for the Burning Man Countdown widget that was 404. Amy Leblanc’s note was actually helpful 🙂

“fyi: the URL for the apple download is:

your link ( http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/information/burningmancountdown.html ) was a 404.




If nobody ever tells us this stuff, we don’t think of it until we get there…and though we Rabbits are rather nonplussed by such discussions, you men out there might take heed of this WARNING to skip this part if you’re squeamish about the details of feminine hygeine. We don’t want you getting all squicked out.

A burning woman writes: “Burning Bleeding Women – what to do if you have a period on the playa? If you haven’t made a plan in advance, you might just unthinkingly fling used tampons or napkins or pantiliners into the portapotties. That would be Wrong – putting anything but human waste or TP into them is a major problem and threatens the future of the event. I hang my head in shame to say that I myself did this several years ago…it literally never crossed my mind to do anything else.

Now that portapotty etiquette is a major theme, I’m considering this issue in advance. Option 1: bring a ziplock baggie into the portapotty with you, and pack your stuff out. A bit yucky, but better than incurring the horrible karma of throwing used supplies into the portapotties. Option 2: use a internal menstrual cup that doesn’t generate any waste just dump it out, wash it out with a bit of water, and reinsert. I just tried the Diva Cup, http://www.divacup.com, and I’m hooked for both on-playa and off-playa use. In addition to all the testimonials on their site, let me add a playa-specific one: it’s hard to be completely suave running around naked with that telltale tampon string hanging out. In contrast, the internal cup is totally invisible from the outside!”



We were thinking we needed to put a reminder in the JRS that DOGS are not allowed at Burning Man…then we received this note from the folks at a dog camp in Marin, and they sound like folks we’d actually trust with our own dog (Mr. Budrow James, for the curious) while we’re off in the desert. Destiny! Whether it’s camp, a kennel, or your friend’s couch, please make a plan for your pooch!

“Both the Camp K-9 Operations Director and I are burners and would love to provide a place for Burning Man dogs while their guardians are away playing on the playa. Our Camp provides a safe and stimulating environment where dogs play, stay and learn. We’ve been in business for a couple of years now and have built a solid and loyal following. Check us out at: http://www.campk-9ofmarin.com. We’re right over the Golden Gate Bridge and right off of 101. Before Labor Day, folks would need to come in for a “Pre-Camping Interview” to help us determine the right playgroup for their camper. So, if interested, they could call to schedule one at 415-924-2267. We’d be happy to reserve some cabins specifically for Burning Man dogs at a discount. They would just need to mention where they heard about us!”



How will you dispose of your grey water? – How do we burn responsibly and clean?

Our permit from BLM does NOT allow us to dump grey water directly on the playa. An evaporation pond is only one idea – it keeps the playa unmuddy and free of human grunge, but can get clogged with dust. Many camps now collect their grey water and take the water to an appropriate facility off playa or contract with Johnny on the Spot to let a professional handle the grey water. Some camps have even developed technologies to reuse their water.

– Small and mid-sized camps can collect your grey water and take your water to several RV dump stations along highway 80 after the event. Large camps should consider setting up a contract with Johnny on the Spot to collect grey water. With 30 days notice, they will provide a collection tank for you at the event that they will collect at the end of the event for disposal. This works well for larger camps.

– If you want to construct an evaporation pond, remember to keep it shallow (4 inches or less), use black plastic, experiment with absorbent materials hanging into the pond and be prepared to siphon what doesn’t evaporate. Do not dump water from an evaporation pond on the playa surface. Minimize shower use the last couple days of the event to reduce amount of grey water that you’ll need to collect and haul home. http://www.burningman.com/preparation/event_survival/grey_water.html tells how to make one from 2×4’s and black plastic.

– Or if you’re in a very small camp, with minimal dish and body-washing water, you might choose to pour your grey water through a filter or sieve (better, a paint sieve or even pantyhose), disinfect the water, then, since it is treated, disperse it on your street to keep down dust. Do this when it’s hot out! A watering can works nicely for sprinkling. And melted ice from frozen jugs of water in your cooler is great for use in showering, spray bottles, or squirt guns.

Burn Responsibly: Don’t Burn on the Unprotected Playa – Burning Man is all about burning; we’ve become the experts at LNT Burning. Burning directly on the alkaline playa BAKES the surface into a dark, hard brick-like material.

– Use community burn barrels or a burn platform. Burn only clean untreated wood or paper and nothing oversized that will spill ash or burning debris onto the playa. Be sure the wood you place in the burn platform is well contained. Don’t overload the burn platforms. Have tools on hand to break down and cut up larger pieces.

-Be careful to burn only clean (no paint) wood or paper! You can burn on one of the community burn platforms along the Esplanade, Just don’t burn anything that is toxic- you (or your children) will regret it later! Carpets, cushioned furniture, PVC and other plastics release dioxins, formaldehyde, and other nasty stuff. Please check out http://www.burningman.com/preparation/event_survival/toxic.html for more information on the hazards associated with toxic fumes.

-Be a Toxic Avenger, help monitor the burn platforms to protect our lungs and our playa! Let others know that only wood and paper can be burned here and nothing oversized. Tell them we do this to protect the playa and our lungs Email toxicavengers (at) burningman (dot) com for more information.

-Glass does not burn, it shatters. Please discourage anybody with a glass bottle from throwing it into a fire.

-If you’re planning on doing serious burning, be sure to check out http://www.burningman.com/preparation/event_survival/burn_scars.htmll




This is the fourth in a series of six articles focusing on our funded installations. You can view all 31 funded projects at http://www.burningman.com/installations/05_art_grant.html.

The dark playa has proven to be a dramatic setting for light installations, and each year we’ve seen more artists bringing out all forms of light art. Increasingly sophisticated digital programming has allowed for wildly inventive illusions and effects to be created. This year we’re funding four light installations.

Light Harp by Jenn Lewin of Denver. CO
http://www.blueink.com/Bman2005/index.htm The Light Harps are three separate but unified interactive light instruments. Each harp is a fully immersive instrument that uses user movement and laser light to create a complex pallet of sound. The use of light instead of physical strings plays with our perception of space and matter. What is physically not there (the virtual string), responds as if it were. Although each harp is a standalone instrument, together the three separate light harps can be reconfigured each day to create larger more complex forms: first, a walking path; second, a separation as 3 unique entities; third,a combined spiral maze. You can simply wander the Harp’s shape, playing each beam in the path, or you can navigate on your own, creating your own sound and whispered samples.

Alien Semaphore and Alien Gesticulation by Hedley Davis of San Jose, CA http://www.burningman.com/installations/05_art_grant.html#alien_sem Alien Semaphore is an abstract white light kinetic interactive array art puzzle.Twelve white lines of light move over the playa under user control. The visual elements alone are simple and unworthy of attention, however the interaction of the elements together provide a nice example of array art. Semaphore, a captured alien artifact, supposedly provides a means of sending encoded messages over long distances. Deciphering the language is unlikely.

Alien Gesticulation is here because we thought it would be really cool to have this giant white flourescent hand waving and making other gestures over the playa. Not realizing the insane amount of work involved, we were dumb enough to sign up to actually build the thing. So there it is. Damn that was hard. But we were right. It is really cool to have this giant white flourescent hand waving and making gestures over the playa. Oh yeah, you can control it too, in case you feel a need to ‘communicate’ and semaphore isn’t getting it done for you…

SOLA by by Sage Kochavi, Cris Wagner & Ryan Wartena of Boston, MA
The Seed of Life Activation
Part signal to the stars, part key to unlocking the dream world that exists intertwined with waking reality, the Seed of Life Activation forms a sacred symbol of seven interlocking circles planted into the playa’s floor. It is implemented as an 80-foot diameter installation of 462 light pods each with a microcontroller and 14 LED’s. The geometric light patterns are activated by those who interact with it. The triggered light patterns can be seen from the high skies and with frequencies that can illuminate the fabrics of reality observed internally and existing externally. SoLA has been designed to engage many observers’ fields of vision when they are present within its bounds, and to serve as a wide area dream machine. Disoriented dancing will occasionally occur and ritual areas will dawn as the sky grows dark. SoLA’s signaling, communication, conception, and melting of realities will occur from dusk to daybreak beyond the Temple and inline with the Man.

Only a fraction of the art installations on the playa are funded. See other 2005 projects here:

http://www.burningman.com/installations/05_art_playa.html .



“It’s Eric at The Melting Pot in Reno. After nine years in business we finally have our web site up and running at:

The site is very Burner friendly and also has useful information concerning the cut off point for walk up ticket sales (through Aug. 28th).”

(FYI: The Melting Pot has been a walk-in ticket outlet for Burning Man for many years and we’re happy to share their website with you! That said, they’re not conducting ticket sales on the internet – your source for online ticket purchases remains http://tickets.burningman.com)

Check it out!



NEW DVD: Folding Time and Space at Burning Man 2. Now on Burningman.com Marketplace.

Travel through portals of time and space to this festival of community and self-expression, with 14 movies from Burning Man 2004, 2003, 2002, including edited folding time-lapse video of the rise and fall of Black Rock City (http://www.folding-time.com), and two years inside a theme camp community at Burning Man.

This new dvd folds space and time into:
8 Burning Man Movies:
Return of Otter Clan 04, Otter Clan Does Burning Man 03, In Search of the New Man 04, Promenade at Esplanade 04, The Burning Man 04, The Burning Man 03, Temple of Honor Burn 03, Burning Man Panoramas.
6 Folding-Time Movies:
Center Camp Close Up 04, Man and Dome 04, Black Rock City 04, Man and Pyramid 03, Man and Lighthouse 02, Making Folding-Time 02. 5 Panorama Slide Shows: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2000, 1999.




Burning Man is upon us, it is almost August, do you have your ticket yet?

You can order tickets online here:

The deadline to order your ticket online and have it mailed to you is July 31, 2005 – that’s TWO days from now. ALL tickets ordered AFTER that date must be held at WILL CALL and can be picked up when you arrive in BRC. If you want to have your ticket in hand, you better order now!

Tickets can also be purchased through our Walk In Outlets.

We are psyched to announce our WALK IN OUTLETS for 2005. They won’t come as a surprise – we have been working with these fantastic folks for years now. They have offered to donate their time and their stores to help our community have a different way to purchase tickets. Please remember these businesses are owned and run by members of our community, we should treat them with understanding and respect for opening their doors and helping out.

The Melting Pot 888 Virginia St Reno, NV Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM, Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 PM

Cheap Thrills 1217 21st St Sacramento, CA Hours: Monday-Thursday 10 :00 AM – 6:00 PM, Friday & Saturday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Distractions 1552 Haight Street (Upper Haight) San Francisco, CA Hours: Monday-Saturday 11:30 AM – 7:30 PM, Sunday 11:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Berkeley Hat Company 2510 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley, CA Hours: Monday-Thursday 10:30 AM -6:00 PM, Friday and Saturday 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM, Sunday 12:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Outlets are selling $250 tickets. Outlet sales are CASH or MONEY ORDER/ CASHIER’S CHECK ONLY – no other forms of payment are accepted.

Need to buy tickets online? Go here: http://tickets.burningman.com/

Questions about an Online order? Go here and use the pull down menu:

See y’all on the playa! The Ticket Team

**/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/** {============================================================} ========================PARTICIPATE!======================== {============================================================} **/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/**


Out in the deep playa, two brains will float with their spinal cords dangling. They will light up! And they will speak! But what will they say??? That is where your participation in needed. “I Am of Two Minds” needs voices, most particularly yours! The brains need:

Your dreams, To know the real reason you did something, To know how you really feel.

How can you give a voice to these brains? Speak into your computer and send me the recordings! Don’t script what you are going to say…just speak in a stream of consciousness (that’s what we are trying to grab!). Most computers have built-in microphones (even if you didn’t realize it), especially if they are laptops. Send your recordings to: stu.sands (at) gmail (dot) com

Speak for as long or as short as you like and you really should say anything you want. After all, the brains want to know what you really think and feel. Send as many recordings as you want. The more the better! ( I think that applies to exclamation points too!!!) I will let all respondents know where to find the installation via email once that is known. Information will also be at our theme camp.

You can send your audio file(s) in whatever format works for you. If you are uncertain about any options, just use the defaults. If you are more comfortable with your recording software, the MP3 format is preferred.

Please note that any files you send me can be used in the project, and thus heard by others, your name will not be used or linked to the audio in any way. For questions on how to record or how to send in a statement for someone else to record, write stu.sands (at) gmail (dot) com.

Rev. Dusty Sportswood
“Without dust, life would be a mistake” ~ Nietzsche



Ocean of Fire, 5:30 and Esplanade, Thursday 7-8 pm

The Ocean Of Fire project is an attempt to shatter the Guinness world record for the most number of fire breathers in a single act of fire breathing (currently 70). All Black Rock fire breathers are welcomed to join in. Bring your own gear and fuel (“paraffin” only), your own spotter, and a hug. We’ll meet up in front of Fire Conclave Convergence as the sun hits the mountains on Thursday.



Announcing The Miss Black Rock City 2005 Preliminaries and Main Event! Since 2004 the MBRC project has rocked out regionals in Texas, New York, and Deleware in addition to the playa… come show us why YOUR town should be next!

The Preliminaries, Thursday 4-6pm @ Disorient: You must participate in the Prelims on Thursday to be in the main event on Friday! The Miss Black Rock City Project challenges participants, spectators, and the world at large to take a closer look at the individual communities that make up our fair city and the unique beauty therein. Participation is open to all humans, regardless of size, shape, color or sex. All you need to enter is a title starting with the prefix “Miss” and a sash that states this title. 10 finalists and 5 alternates move on to the main event by showing us their groove while performing a few random tasks.

The Main Event, Friday 4-5:30pm @ New Day’s Eve: You must participate in the prelims on Thursday to be in this event! 10 finalists and 5 alternates from the preliminaries participate in a pageant of self-proclaimed beauty queens, in these three segments: “Psyche Wear: Show us your Id!”, the “Talent Exhibition”, and the classic “Interview”.

Check out http://www.missblackrockcity.com/ or http://mbrc.tribe.net/ for more info, photos, and stories from our past events!



Mike Wilson of Gone Off Deep, our fine feathered filmmaking friends from Texas who brought us Beyond Black Rock are bringing a wonderful new project to the playa this year called Project Hello! And like all our favorite art projects, this is one that the entire community can participate in creating, whether or not you are able to make it to the playa this year.

All the details of the exciting and important photographic and philantropic project, which will be an integral part of the Center Camp fence gallery, as well as instructions on how to participate, can be found at http://www.projecthello.org Deadline for participating in the Black Rock City installation is Aug 15, but the project is ongoing, so check it out!

Don’t forget: http://www.burningmanmovie.com to keep up with info about Beyond Black Rock – including those upcoming screenings in Portland (8/5!) and Seattle (8/6)!! See you there!



Just a quick reminder here that the deadline for advance submissions to PISS CLEAR is in just a few days! If you’re planning to write something, please let me know, so I can reserve editorial space. And if you want to contribute just a little something, don’t forget things like the “Out/In List,” or “I Remember When,” or any of our other regular features.

Also, we’re seeking contributions about sex on the playa! Please take a minute to tell us about your best (or worse) sexual experience at Burning Man. These will all be compiled into a “Sex Guide for the Playa.” Do it now!

Get your submissions in by Wednesday, August 3rd. I have a new printer this year, and their press schedule is a bit different than previous years, hence, the earlier deadline. I’m looking forward to reading your submissions. Thank you!

Adrian Roberts, Editor
Black Rock City’s favorite alternative newspaper
Burning Man’s snarky reality check since 1995
pissclear (at) pissclear (dot) org



The Rocky Horror Picture Show on the playa this year !!!

Thats right we are going to be out en masse Friday night. We are doing the show with cast Friday night at midnight at Videogasm and Snowflake village located at Esplanade & 9:30 . They will be showing the movie on all 3 screens at midnight. There will be a devirginizing ceremony and everything.

So make sure when you are packing you include your corsets and fish nets, wether you want to be in the audience or on stage. Because just like at BM there are no spectators everybody will do the Time Warp again!!!

We are still looking for a few cast members and as many Trannies (extras that do the time warp and generally get the audience up and going) as want to join. So if you are interested here are a few ways to contact us. email me directly at Westernmass (at) burningman (dot) com or join our mailing list by emailing to : Rockyhorror_burningman-subscribe (at) yahoogroups (dot) com or join via the web at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Rockyhorror_burningman/ . Or if you decide to help once on the playa stop by Videogasm and ask were the Rocky Horror people are, we are not part of their camp but they will know were we are camped.

See you all on the playa

Bob Adam



Come join an unprogrammed Quaker Meeting on the playa! You are welcome regardless of your affiliation with the Religious Society of Friends.

– On Sunday at dawn at the remains of the Man. (9/4 from 5:30 to 6:30am.) – On Sunday at the Temple Burn. (9/4 from 9pm to 10pm.)

These are real times, not playa times.

For more information, to ask questions about Quakerism or to discuss, visit: http://www.bluesock.org/~ben/bm/qm.php




One People Voice will be performing for the fifth time this year at Burning Man. We will be performing with the Marching Gamelan numerous times throughout the week and looking forward to it. As in the past we will be doing Monkey Chant Workshops as well. Starting on Monday at 2pm at BRC we will do one hour Kecak (monkey chant) workshops, these will happen everyday of the week culminating in a large performance in Center camp at 2pm on Friday. Each year our numbers keep growing and this year it is our intention to fill the circle in center camp. Our workshops will be listed in the who where and when daily and we should be easy to locate.

Leading up to Burning Man, One People Voice is producing a 18 day event at the Project Theater Artaud in San Francisco called CONNECT. Besides performances, there will be many workshops. One of these is a Kecak (monkey chant) workshop. These workshops run from July 29th through August 21st. Each day we will be opening with a Kecak (monkey Chant) workshop, they happen Wednesdays – Saturdays at 7.30pm, and Sundays at 4pm. I would like to invite burners in the bay to get involved in these so that our workshops in BRC could be more powerful and the performance in Center camp overpowering. If we get all participants well trained here we’ll have a very strong community built around chant before we even leave for the playa. For the workshops in Sand Francisco we are requesting a donation of $5-infinity to cover our costs to make all of this happen.

For more information please visit http://www.onepeople.com

Paul Jorgensen



We are an Esplanade frontage camp that freely gifts a ton of costumes and accessories to all comers, every year.

This year we have been generously lent a 30′ geodesic dome by some friends, but as the dome cover that they have is a specialized one created for a specific art project last year (it’s very delicate and a bitch to assemble!), we are seeking to borrow/buy a standard dome cover for such a dome.

Looking for helpful souls who want to help us with our mission while we also have some budget and/or many costumes to barter.

Please help.

Costume Jim 718-499-0040 jim (at) costumenetwork (dot) com http://www.KostumeKult.com



The NYC container is happening again…if you want to reserve space, you must do so by Wednesday August 3rd. For all the details please go to http://www.thesticknyc.org.



The Black Rock Boutique needs your help! We will be rolling into Black Rock City with over 5000 fabulous and funky fashion items to gift to the community. But we all know what fashion whores burners can be, so we are hoping you all can dig into your closets and be a part of The Black Rock Boutiques OPERATION “MAKE A BURNER’S DAY”– Your mission is to bring some quality playawear to donate to the boutique…We will be accepting donations Monday thru Saturday on the Playa…Stay fabulous! BRB

**/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/** {============================================================} ==================EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS===================== {============================================================} **/**/**/**/**/**/**/***/**/**/**/**


Montreal’s Burning Man community will be hosting the area’s first EVER regional event on 6-7 August. Ignition 2005 will be held ~2hrs east of Montreal on private land in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec. We think it’s a great place and time for people heading to the desert to fine-tune their schtick, and for those of us who can’t make the trip to get a little of that Playa flavor here at home.

Details and ticket info are at http://bruleurs.net/ignition2005/ . Organizational meeting on Tue 2 Aug at L’Intrus in Montreal (1341 rue Rachel Est). Contact montreal (at) burningman (dot) com.



Temple of Dreams, Temple Bus Fundraiser & Party

The Temple of Dreams Crew invites you to a Temple Bus Fundraiser & Party. The Crew needs your support to help us get the lovely Temple Bus** to the playa.

**See Burning Man Image Gallery, Mobile Art-Bus-All years- for fantastic images of the bus.

Where: 300 North Water Street, Petaluma, CA When: August 6, 2005 Time: 8:00 PM until ? Admission: $10.00 for all

$1.00 drink, food and booth tickets will be sold on site. Please bring changeOe

Scheduled Events: Fantastic Silent Art Auction (featuring work by David Best, Mark Grieve, master pipe maker Patrick, black light marbled papers by Maureen, incredible metallic Temple of Stars prints, and more), Best Art Cars, Exquisite Belly Dancers, Delicious Food, DJ, Fire Performers, Kissing Booth, Live Music by the Aphids Blues Band, Indian Music by Brian Wallace, Dire, and others, Stick Your Hand Into the Mystery Raffle Box (every ticket is a winner), Peep Show, Playa Ware Barter Town (bring stuff to trade or give away), Preview Temple Mini Burn, iTake a Trip Back in Timei Photo Shoot with iMistyi a sexy 1960 Powder Blue Seneca, Temple Bus Tour and moreOe..

Event is outside under the stars, so dress accordingly. Playa ware and costumes especially welcome.

Come and meet the Crew. Come early to help paint the Temple and the town red! Volunteers are needed during the day and evening.

ID may be required to be served alcoholic beverages. Donations to bar gladly accepted and appreciated. Please no four-legged pets.

For more information or directions contact Maureen at 415-459-5334 or send an email to maureen_garrett (at) yahoo (dot) com



You are invited to the 6th Annual

Michaels Light Toys Open House Saturday, August 6th, 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday, August 7th, 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. 285 9th Street @ Folsom, San Francisco 925/286-7904


We specialize in unusual and interesting personal lighting not found in stores. We have a unique and colorful assortment of lights for you to choose from including LED & Fiber Optic Lights and EL Wire.

Let us help illuminate
You, Your Camp and Your Ride


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