“Walk the Talk” Art Grant for GLC 2017

What is this grant?

A democratic grant process aimed at funding innovative community art projects within the Burning Man Global Network.  We are interested in projects that create collaborations, break down the distinction between audience and artist, are directly interactive and/or enhance the public, civic sphere.

Participants in a session at the annual Burning Man Global Leadership Conference will award a total of $1,500 however they wish among any qualified projects. This is meant to both serve as an exercise in structuring and judging a grant opportunity as well as a way to provide a small amount of support and encouragement to worthy projects.


–  Deadline for grant submissions is March 24th. (Midnight U.S. Pacific Time)
–  Judges will review the grants at the 2017 Global Leadership Conference (March 30th- April 2nd)
–  Winner(s) will be announced Sunday afternoon at the GLC.  (April 2nd)

Apply Here

Who is eligible to apply?

Individuals, Groups, and Not-for-Profits are all eligible to apply.  All projects *must* be endorsed by a local Burning Man Regional Contact.   The RC does not need to be heavily involved with the process, but rather they will serve as a point of communication between the granters and the grantees.

To find out who your Regional Contact might be, see  http://regionals.burningman.org/

How much can I request?

The total amount of grants given will be $1,500. This amount could go to one project or be split among two or more, so it might be helpful to explain what you would do with the full amount as well as how you would use a smaller amount.

Who shouldn’t apply?

If you are working on a civic community-benefit project without an art component, please consider applying for the “Civic” version of this grant, offered through Burners Without Borders, instead (Walk the Talk Civic Grant 2017 – Call For Proposals).

Any art project is eligible to apply, but the focus is on interactive projects, projects that create, enhance, or generally engage with public or civic spaces, and/or projects that bring a community together to create something. Static displays in more traditional art contexts are less likely to be awarded.

Projects that have no connection to the Burning Man Regional Network and are unable to contact and work with a Regional Contact near them should instead apply to the Global Art Grants program when we next accept applications in the fall.

What follow-up will be expected from grant recipients?

All recipients will be expected to submit written reports on what they have accomplished and learned in the course of their projects, along with accompanying visual media (these may be published on our blog).