Support a Project Submission Process

If you’re fundraising for a Burning Man art project, and you meet our criteria (see below), we’ll be happy to include you on our Support a Project page, which we regularly promote to the Burning Man community. Please note that this should not be your only solution for fundraising. We strongly encourage you to engage your immediate community … it’s part of the collaborative process!

Create a Fundraising Campaign

Create a fundraising project on whichever crowd-funding service best meets your needs. Be sure you mention in your application that yours is a Burning Man project.

Send Us Your Widget

Once you have your campaign page up and running, fill out the form below. Our team will add your project to our Support a Project page as soon as they can (it could take up to two weeks).

About Mutant Vehicles

If yours is a Mutant Vehicle project, you can submit your fundraiser for consideration, but you must still register and obtain approval from the Department of Mutant Vehicles to bring your vehicle to Black Rock City. Learn about the DMV process here.

About Theme Camp Projects

If your project is an art installation that resides in or is part of your theme camp, your funding must only go towards that project, rather than your general camp expenses. Stating this explicitly in your Kickstarter is a good idea.

Decommodification and The Man

Burning Man permits participants to gift items that incorporate Burning Man’s trademarks or copyrights as “rewards” in their crowdfunding campaigns for Black Rock City-bound projects. You may not sell these items, however. And if you want to use the Burning Man symbol on a pledge gift, we encourage you to get creative and modify the symbol to suit your project. Read up on our approach to intellectual property. And if you still have questions, you can contact us at

Also, please be mindful of commodifying the Burning Man experience (e.g. VIP access to your Mutant Vehicle, private party events, etc.) when you’re coming up with reward ideas. Burners will be the first to let you know when you’re veering into this territory, and it may backfire on you if it seems too much like you’re trading special access for donations, or otherwise “selling off” pieces of the Burning Man experience.

Finally, per our Ticket Terms, please don’t offer Burning Man event tickets as rewards or prizes to your funders, or in any sweepstakes, auction, contest, game, or drawing. This policy is aimed at preventing tickets from being resold above face value.

Fundraiser Promotion

Burning Man will only publicize the “Support a Project” page generally, and will not promote individual fundraising efforts except in exceptional circumstances, based on our discretion. It’s your responsibility to promote your own Kickstarter to your community.

Best of luck!