Prepping for the Playa in the Age of COVID-19

Last Updated 5/17/22 — There are steps each and every one of us can take to ensure a healthy and safe return to Black Rock City in 2022. BRC is a place where we all make personal choices related to our own safety, as well as interactions with fellow participants. We’ll be together again soon — working side by side, laughing, playing, and hugging after years of being apart. Contemplate ahead of time how you’ll navigate the health, safety, and social aspects of your Burn. Reacquainting ourselves with being in close proximity to so many people provides a powerful opportunity to practice patience, compassion, kindness, and strong communication. 

As we get closer to the event, we will publish up-to-date COVID-related resources and protocol for participants, including what to do should one require assistance of any sort in Black Rock City. Subscribe to the Jackrabbit Speaks and the Burning Man Journal to stay up to date on the latest Black Rock City 2022 information including COVID-19 updates.