1997 Theme Camps

 A  B  C  E  F  H  K  L  O  P  R  S  T  V  W  Y 

Coming soon.

Band Camp

Calling all wind acoustic string and percussion instruments. Band Camp will organize itself into a Burning Band and help lead the procession to the Man on Sunday evening. Be prepared to start spontaneous parades and performances.

Barbie's Chill-Out Lizard Dome

Mistress Barbie and her reptilian cohorts will be chillin’ with consummate style in this fully-carpeted desert-optimized geodesic structure. Soak up the sounds of their primal tribal trance ambiance while you beat the heat and wait for the mirage to kick in. Hosted by Mistress Barbie and the Lizard Man.

Blue Light District

Beneath the shade of blue mushrooms you will find: SPACE COWGIRLS CAMP — fashion sheriffs of the desert; MONA MANGOOSE SAILOR PARLOR — Mona entertains sailors; LAZY CAMP — improve your inner laziness; ABSINTHE DEN — the preferred drink of Van Gogh; THE TEMPLE OF IDLE WORSHIP — it doesn’t matter if your prayers aren’t answered, no one is listening; CAMP CAMPUS — study small nibbly cheese sandwiches, join the Frat-Boy Hunt; PLAYAVISION– a shining wall of billowing silhouettes, music by Here Are The Facts You Requested; LOW-TECH ARCADE — daily bingo games and tasteless prizes; LAKE LAHONTAN YACHT CLUB — native girls in grass skirts, margaritas on the pier at sunset; OASIS CAMP — tropical mist, savage rituals; CIVILIZED EXPLORER — bicycles freely available; POSTMAN OF THE PLAYA — find the postman, your letter will be sent, maybe; SUESSVILLE — Green Eggs and Haminator; BARBIE VILLAGE — realm of the Plastic Princess; ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER CAMP — the green clouds you see emanating from the Big White Dome are nothing to worry about; CHILL DOME — a 7 foot geodesic dome made of recycled refrigerator boxes; MYSTERY DOME — view this at night; CHEZ NEWT’S SLOW TOXIC AMPHIBIAN LOUNGE — sip drinks with shady characters; COUNTRY CLUB CAMP — Bermudas, ascots, sparkling white shirts and leisure sports. Look for daily events on the BLUE LIGHT DISTRICT community bulletin board!